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Weird and Wonderful Facts About the Male Body

Welcome to our site! We are excited to offer our latest article, "Even Weirder Facts About Male Body"! This article covers some of the most bizarre and interesting facts about the male body that you may not know! We hope you enjoy and please share with your friends!

7 Even Weirder Facts About Male Body

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+We all know that guys are weird. No matter how much they try to hide it, there are just some things that they do that make them stand out from the rest. But did you know that there are some weird facts about their bodies as well? Here are 7 of the weirdest facts that you probably didn’t know about guys and their bodies. +

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1. They sweat more than girls

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+You might think that girls sweat more because they always seem to be the ones with the wet hair and makeup running down their face. But the truth is, guys actually sweat more than girls. On average, they sweat about 20% more than girls do. So the next time you see a guy with a sweaty forehead, don’t be too quick to judge. +

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2. They have more bones than girls

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+Boys have more bones than girls. They have about 206 bones, while girls have about 200. The difference is mainly due to the fact that boys have more bones in their legs. +

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3. Their muscles are different

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+Not only do guys have more muscles than girls, but their muscles are also different. Boys have more fast-twitch muscles, which are the type of muscles that are used for quick, explosive movements. Girls have more slow-twitch muscles, which are used for endurance activities. +

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4. They have a higher pain tolerance

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+Studies have shown that boys have a higher pain tolerance than girls. This is likely due to the fact that boys have more testosterone, which has been linked to a higher pain tolerance. +

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5. They have a higher risk of color blindness

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+Approximately 8% of all guys are colorblind, while only 0.5% of girls are colorblind. The most common type of color blindness in guys is red-green color blindness. +

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6. They have more taste buds than girls

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+Guys have more taste buds than girls. They have about 10,000 taste buds, while girls have about 9,500. The difference is most pronounced on the tongue, where guys have about 2,500 taste buds, while girls have only about 2,000. +

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7. They lose their hair sooner

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+Guys start to lose their hair sooner than girls. The average age for guys to start losing their hair is around 35, while the average age for girls to start losing their hair is around 45. +

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We’ve covered some strange facts about the male body before, but that’s nothing compared to what we reveal today! Don’t miss our new video that has even weirder facts about the male body, like when does a man get his first erection? The answer is shocking!



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Video transcription:

You already know the male body has its quirks. You’ve, probably even learned some weird
facts about it from The, Infographics, Show, and now you’re back for more! So,. We did a little more digging, and found
even weirder facts about the male body. We are about to take things to a whole new
level. Obviously, some of the weirdest facts. About
The male anatomy have to do with the penis,, but we are going to steer clear of that area
of the body for a little bit. If that’s what you were. Looking forward
to,, no worries, it’ll come later. Let’s, look at some really weird facts: that
have to do with the rest of the male body. We’re, going to start with the eyes. Males are better at tracking moving objects
at a distance than females,, but did that males are not as good at seeing shades
of colors as women are? And? The reason why is pretty crazy. Men’s eyes evolved to be able to hunt animals
and make quick decisions in high stakes? Situations. This means that their ability to track at
both a distance and short range needed to be as good as possible. However,. Seeing different shades of those
colors was not quite as important. It didn’t matter, what the animal’s color
was, just that a male hunter could track it and kill. It. Females, on the other hand, had a very different
set of skills they needed to be proficient at in early human history.. One of these tasks was locating and gathering
plants and berries. Yes. There were most likely some women, who
also hunted, and, yes, there were most likely men who also foraged for food. But from what we can see in the archaeological
record. It seems. Hunting of big prey was normally done by males, and gathering of plants was
normally done by females. So,. It was much more important for females
to be able to differentiate between various shades of the same color. Especially when identifying an edible, berry
bush, or one that was poisonous and would kill. You. The slight difference in shades of color between
the leaves, and the berries literally could mean life or death.. Therefore, females evolved to have more sensitive
eyes when it came to seeing colors. The biological reason why males can not see
as many shades of color as females most likely has to do with the number, and arrangement,
of cones in the eyes of men. Cones are the receptors that capture light
waves and send signals to the brain, so you can see in color.. There also might be parts of the brain that
developed differently between men and women that contribute to this. In. Particular men have trouble discerning
shades of blue, yellow, and green.. It is interesting to note that these are mostly
colors found in plants, and rarely found on animals that humans hunted earlier in our
history. In fact, mammals, which include woolly mammoths,
deer, and saber-toothed tigers, cannot produce green pigment, and therefore,. These animals
that human males hunted would never have been green.. The eyes of males tend to react more to slightly
longer wavelengths of light than females. Orange may appear more red to men than it
does to a woman and green can seem a bit more yellow to males. It’s crazy. To think that a male and female
eye could actually see things differently,, but that’s just one interesting difference
between, the two sexes. And sticking with the male face, there is
another weird thing about it. When. We think of men like Nick, Offerman, who
plays, Ron, Swanson on Parks and Recreation, or Tom Selleck, and his glorious mustache,
it is easy to forget that facial hair is a pretty unique. Feature.. It is rare that females have facial hair,
and, even those who do, tend to get rid of it. But, not men. Instead, they embrace facial, hair. And. The crazy part is that there are around
15,000 hair follicles on the male face: alone. That’s, not even counting the ones on top
of, a man’s head! Even, the most baby faced of men still have
no less than 7,000 hair follicles on their face. According to Gillette Razors. And, all those follicles mean that the razor
industry generated around $18 billion dollars in 2019. As. We go down the male body. We are going to
quickly skip over that oh-so-fascinating area just below the waistline, and continue on
to. The male’s feet. We know that feet probably aren’t as exciting
as the penis for most of you,, but for others it can be a real fetish.. Jokes aside, men tend to have bigger feet
than females. Even men and women, who are the same height
have different sized feet. Male feet are on average longer and wider
than. Female feet. Men also have lower arches and longer ankles. This allows them to be slightly more stable
at. The base of their body. The larger feet allow for more surface area
to, be in contact with the ground,, which in turn provides more stability.. Now I know you’re wondering if foot size
has any correlation to penis size. The answer is absolutely not.. A study was conducted by two urologists—that
is, a medical professional that specializes in the urinary system—which measured, the
feet and penis length of 104 men. They found. There was no correlation, between
shoe size and penis size. For, some of you. This is good. News, for others
it might be a little disappointing. Our. Next stop on this tour of the male body
is. The gums. It is here that we may find a surprising connection
between g disease and the genitalia of men. In, both males and females The American Academy
of Periodontology has found that the inflammation from g disease might be linked to heart
disease,, diabetes, and even rheumatoid. Arthritis. It is important to distinguish between correlation
and causation,, but there does seem to be some kind of connection between g health, and
health of the rest of the body. In males things go a step. Further. There have been studies that have connected
chronic g disease and erectile dysfunction in males. So, for males it is extra important to maintain
healthy gums,, especially if you want your penis to work. Properly. In, a national study in Taiwan. It was found
that men with periodontitis,, which is a severe g. Infection, were more likely to have erectile
dysfunction. Again,, more studies and research needs to
be done,, but just to be on the safe side, males should definitely start taking better
care of their gums and teeth. Another. Weird fact about the male body: is
its susceptibility to hernias. We are now getting really close to the penis. We aren’t. Quite there yet,. But after this
crazy fact you might not even care anymore. Hernias occur when an internal organ such
as part of the intestines or stomach pushes through a weak spot in the abdominal muscles
of. The body. Male’s tend to be more susceptible to one
type of hernia called the inguinal hernia than women. Are. Why is this. You may ask?. It is because males have more weak spots, near
the inguinal ring,, which is where nerves and arteries connect to the testes. These weak spots unfortunately allow the intestines
and fats in the area to slip through from time to time,. Creating a hernia. Women also have an inguinal ring,, but the
weak spots are not as large as in males.. Therefore,. Men tend to be more susceptible
to, hernias. We’ve. Finally, gotten to the moment, you’ve
been waiting, for. It is about to get real, weird and crazy. In
This video, so get ready. First the good news. If. You have a penis. It is about twice as long
as. You think it is! That’s, probably really exciting. For many
of you. Now let’s be clear, about half of the muscles
that make up the penis are inside the body.. This is because the sex organ needs to be
connected to the rest of your body systems, so it can, you know, work. If. You were to dissect a human male and take
out the entire reproductive system. You would see that about half of the penis is within
the body, and when measuring it,, the male’s entire penis is twice as long as what can
be seen just on the outside. Now. The bad news. There is a disease that can actually curve
a man’s penis into the shape of a boomerang.. The disease is called Peyronie’s Disease
and. It happens when scar tissue develops on the penis. This causes it to curve, and as a result,
erections can be incredibly painful.. Some males that have Peyronie’s Disease
only have a slight curve,, which means getting an erection is bearable. But, as the penis becomes more and more bent,
things can get bad. So bad, in fact that Peyronie’s Disease can
curve the penis to an angle where the male can no longer have sex. And. If that wasn’t unpleasant enough, the
disease can also cause the penis to shorten in length.. It is a really terrible illness for the males
of, the human species. Most of the time men need to have their penis
operated on in order to reverse the condition.. The sooner treatment begins the better in
this case. Now let’s get real weird. Take a guess when a male can achieve his first
erection. And now buckle in,, because what we are about
to tell you will blow your mind.. A male can get his first erection before he
is, even born., That’s right, human males have been recorded
to, have an erection while still developing in their mother’s uterus. This seems to occur when the fetus is experiencing
REM. Sleep. It is also not totally uncommon for the baby
to be born with an erection. Imagine being the proud parent of a baby boy,
and as he is born,, he has a full on erection. That would make for an embarrassing first
picture. When welcoming your baby into the world. No, one is entirely sure why a developing fetus
or newborn needs to have an erection. But. It may just be the body’s way of testing
out the equipment to make sure everything is in working, order. And if male babies having erections didn’t
weird. You out, this next fact. Definitely will. We know that males can get an erection, as
a, fetus, baby, and when they are fully grown. But. What about when a man dies? Well, you probably guess by now where this
is going. The death erection,, also known as angel lust,
happens after a man passes. Away. This may just be an involuntary response. In
Some males,, but it gets weirder.. Death erections have been recorded in the
past as most commonly occurring to men who were killed by hanging. Now. We know that guys are into some pretty
kinky stuff, and perhaps choking is a turn on for some,, but scientists think a death
erection by hanging probably has more to do with the noose pressing on the cerebellum
at. The back of the head than being into BDSM. However, death erections have also been recorded
in men who have been killed by gunshot and poisoning. So. It may be that human males are just horny
even in death., Our final, weird fact about the male body. May
Tickle you, a little…, literally. There, is a part of the genitalia in males
called. The Cremaster muscles. These are muscles wrapped around the male’s
testicles.. They are fairly sensitive, and have a reflexive
reaction similar to when a doctor hits the area just below your kneecap. Normally. These muscles are used to pull the
testes closer to the body. When things get cold. However, there is another way to get these
muscles to react. If. The side of a man’s upper thigh is stroked
in, just the right way. The Cremaster muscles engage and contract on the same side, that
is being stroked. This can cause the male’s body to unintentionally
pull the testes up towards the abdomen until the muscles relax once again. So. If you want to see a male body, do something
pretty weird, try experimenting with the upper part of their thigh. The. Male anatomy is full of wonders. From large feet to eyes that don’t see certain
shades of color,, a man’s body, is quite the enigma. Just. Remember there is more to men than just
their weird genitalia., Now watch, “Weird Facts About Female Body.” Or check out. “What is Persistent Genital
Arousal Disorder?, Sex, Disorder Explained.”.

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