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VIP Royal Honey Review: I Took It Again and It Works Wonders!

Looking for a libido booster that really works? Check out our review of VIP Royal Honey to see how this product helped us get our groove back!

VIP Royal Honey Review | I Took It again! |

Hey there! You might remember me from my last review of VIP Royal Honey. I’m back to give you an update on how I’m doing since I started taking it again.

I’m happy to report that I’m feeling great! I’ve been taking VIP Royal Honey for about a month now and I have to say, it’s really made a difference in my energy levels. I’m not as tired during the day and I’m sleeping better at night. My skin is also looking better. It’s not as dry and it has a healthy glow to it.

I’m really impressed with VIP Royal Honey and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a natural way to boost their energy and improve their skin. Thanks for reading and I hope this review was helpful!

VIP Royal Honey Review

  • I’m feeling more energetic
  • My skin is looking better
  • I’m sleeping better at night
I would definitely recommend VIP Royal Honey to anyone looking for a natural way to boost their energy and improve their skin!
If you tryna blow her back out heres the link –

*My experience with VIP Royal Honey. I am not a medical professional or physician.*

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Video transcription:

What’s up youtube? It’s your boy, casper tv and I took the honey again man. I took the honey again I took it again. I, if you’ve seen my first video, that’s when I had my little first, two little testimonials. While I first tried this royal honey stuff. You feel me first tried the royal honey last video and I was just like it’s cool this that the other it’s cool, but I ran into a little situation on the situation. Well, I was like I want to try this again and see if this stuff really rocking boy. You already know what time it is. We gotta give you a story time so before y’all keep dming me and ask me in the comments: hey yo, where you get your honey from I’ma link. It right here go ahead, get you some honey! This ain’t, no joke! This! Ain’t, no joke! So go ahead! Like the video go ahead! Comment go ahead, subscribe, let’s get into it! I so boom like. I said. I always want to try this stuff again. I tried it one time. sometimes one time just not enough, so I bought some mode and I let it sit around for a while until the opportunity presented itself. So I was talking to this young lady on instagram for a while boom boom boom chopping, it up real casual conversations, instagram led to a number and the number led to hey what you got going on you trying to hang out so real casual, real casual, real cool, calm and collected type stuff. I’m like fine. Let’s do it. Let’s go out grab something to drink that she wants to do that’s what we did all right so, like I said in these days and times, you can never really be too ready. Now I’m saying you can never really be too ready. So I’m like usually when you go out and hang out with somebody for the first time, you’re not going all back just be trying to smash you’re, not gonna try to smash, but we kind of young. So you never know spontaneous stuff happens. It happens all the time. So I took the honey that was sitting around for a while. I was just like if I’m gonna be going out, I might as well get a little prepared so grab my honey. I took about half this pack is gone right now the pack is gone, but I took about half and that’s all I usually take. I already start let half of like one. Fourth of the packet. That’s fine with me, so I took like a fourth of the packet half of the packet. Whatever boom we go out having a ball, we are not having a ball, it’s fun! No I’m saying one thing led to the next going all around the city and we stopping at multiple places. just hanging out just hanging out so boom. I was like. I know what spot I want to take you to so go ahead, hop in the car. Let’s get there, we pull up to the place. The place is not open. Today. I ain’t no place not open, so I’m like dang, it’s whatever boom, I’m saying and we just like- I I’ma catch you another time, so I take it to her house pull up outside. Just like it’s like a like a comic book movie, just like a comic book book scene, I’m like I’m gonna catch you next time, blah blah blah. We said I goodbye she like you, wanna come in and watch a movie. She said I wanna watch a movie. You feel me, of course, I’m like I bet. I’m gonna come in and watch a movie. She recommended something really funny real good movie. I was in there having a ball. So let’s get into the story for real, so we sitting there chilling watching the movie and then she look at me. She, like you, know you ain’t, never give me a hug when we met definitely did give her a hug when we first met up, but she, like you ain’t, give me a hug and at this point we was already out having drinks and stuff. So I’m I’m saying you obviously on some different type of time, because we just sitting here watching a movie and you asking for a hug right now. So in my mind, I’m like let’s get right to it. So I get this young lady, her hug and I go when I’m saying I I I grab one of the cheeks and I’m saying I’m just like you, wanna hug imma give you a hug boom. After that, the ball get rolling. We start getting into it all right off back, took no time. It took no time. That’s it. You know, I’m saying, and I’m saying it’s all way to get me it’s already in me, but this had me go from zero to a hundred real quick. I felt like I went from zero to 100 real, quick boom. We getting into it at a certain point. I lose track of time. We in this we and I’m going crazy for a little minute. how hacking a little while you don’t even know your phone at your phone somewhere yeah yeah you’re, paying somewhere boom. I’m like all right. Let me check my phone real quick. I checked my phone. I ain’t gonna lie to you. I think it was probably like an hour hour. 30 minutes not pass damn that too. I’m not gonna lie entire time on straight break. So after I kind of finished and was just like- I, I’m saying that was wow. That was crazy, she’s sitting over there. She looked at me and she said I hope you know, I’m not done with you yet at this point, I’m tired I’ve been put in work for about almost two hours, I’m not even capping. It was like. I swear. It was almost like two hours putting in work for almost two hours. She, like, I hope you know, I’m not done with you. I told her girl. What are you talking about? I am finished. I’m finished I proceed to get my stuff put it on. I gotta go to the bathroom. I come back. She whispered something in my ear what she said. Don’t really matter it don’t really matter. I looked at this young lady in no time that [ __ ] said ding. I said it ain’t no way. I said ain’t no way you still ready. My soldier, my soldier was standing strong. He was strong, he was ready to fight and I’m just like. I bet you you you still in the fight, I’m still in the fight too I’ll go back for round two go back around to going crazy finish off round two. I was steal. No, see that’s my dog. This is my guys. It’s my guys. how that [ __ ] be up and it just stay there sometimes like that [ __ ] you ready for what for hours it’s just like. I can keep going. You asked for this at this point, so I’m at that point now and she like dang, what’s wrong with you, I’m just like look, I’m just built different. what I’m saying. I’m just built a little different, I’m different yeah, I’m different, I’m different yeah, I’m different so boom. I finish off with that proceed. To get my stuff together, head back to the crib I head back to the crib had a fantastical time. No, I’m saying had a fantastical time. So it’s the same story that happened last time. I go home and I go into bed keep in mind. I didn’t did this twice already. I didn’t get this twice within some time frame that you lose track of, because it get a little crazy got home laid in the bed. I was exhausted, exhausted but guess who one tide once again, my soldier, he was not tired. That boy was still up and I’m just like. Okay, obviously you know, I’m saying I know I’ll be a little excited sometimes, but I was a little over excited, I’m in a bed at this point watching tv and I’m [, __, ], sick and I’m just like whoa. So this [ __ ] worked. It worked, it worked. It worked well yeah, but look you already know everybody different I’ma tell y’all the same review. As I said last time. Some people like, oh you got to drink a glass of water before you do it. Oh you got to take it 30 minutes before you do it. I usually try to take it a day before now, I’m saying so it’ll be in there it’d be in there I’ll. Take it a day before I get to doing what I’m about to do boom, I don’t get no headaches. I don’t have heart problems. I really don’t feel no different nowhere else. I don’t feel different nowhere else, but my soul just feel different, but yeah nah. It is cool though it’s smooth, though I say it’s worth a try. It’s worth the try. If you never tried it before, go ahead. Try I’m not a I’m, not a a medical physician. Is that what they say? I’m not a medical professional. Take it at your own risk. I think it’s just honey. It’s cool, though it’s smooth give it a try, and while you add it like the video comment, I know y’all got some questions and go ahead. Follow me because we on the road to 1k, we on the roads, 1k casper tv to 1k, let’s go and I’ll catch y’all. Next time let go.

What users commented:

The stuff definitely works. I tried it out last night. I smashed a thick snow bunny.. I went for a hour and she didn’t even tell me to stop.

Got crazy one night and took two back to back and had shawty tappin out and shakin like a seizure after I got done. Multiple rounds was had but this jawn is dangerous my ish was harder then Chinese arithmetic!

Bro I’m dying ordering this no cap .

I’m in turkey right now bought some last night. 30 min later I felt so warm and ready to get down! He’s real it ain’t no joke. It’s my last day here I should of bought alot of boxes.

I took that honey. He ain’t lying. Everything in this man is saying is very true.

aye quick question to ppl who used the honey does it make you last longer or it just makes you stay bricked

I got a box of them packs and so far I have taken 4 in like 5 months the first 2 I took whole and I got headaches the next 2 I took half of a pack and than took some drinks and mannnnnnnnn that shit hit me in less than 30 mins lmao first round had me fkn like I’m in my 3 round lol tht shit works fr fr be having a mf straight hard af lmao

i gotta try this shit i’ve heard nothing but good reviews

Man this exactly the review I was lookin for thanks brudrr

Dude at the smoke shop hooked me up with one of those but a different brand. So I searched YT to see if any anyone reviewing this stuff and here I am. Great Story and I will sure let yall know.

Y’all enjoying these honey videos too much , that mean I gotta drop some more

Lmao…. He said ” It’s already in me, it’s already in me.”

Bro I got the Royal honey because of you. This shit changed my life man

This been the funniest story I’ve heard

I just picked this stuff up at the store and I went to look for a review according to all the videos on YouTube I’m apparently the only white boy in the world who’s bought this stuff maybe I’ll make a review

Ong you spitting facts that’s dumb funny. The way you tell story we bothers now homie

Ayoo why I’m burning sum gud gas watching this my dude said hey listen I’m built different on my soul I cant stop laughing keep up the great content homie much luv from Jersey city nj chilltown

“It’s already in me” “I’m Ready”

Aye fam…I got to your video cause I was just searching for reviews of it. And man…you sound just like me I swear. I ain’t going lie…I love this shit. Not that I need it but this shit is the truth like really. Def recommend half cause taking it all…man you going hurt yourself . But I can def vouch for your review