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The Best Infertility Treatment, Erectile Dysfunction Treatment, and Energy Medicine Treatment in Illinois

If you're struggling with infertility or erectile dysfunction, consider energy medicine treatment. It may be able to help you solve your problem and improve your life.

Infertility Treatment

Infertility treatment is the process of diagnosing and managing fertility problems. It may involve medical, surgical, and lifestyle interventions.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction treatment is the process of diagnosing and managing erectile dysfunction. It may involve medical, surgical, and lifestyle interventions.

Energy Medicine Treatment

Energy medicine is the process of diagnosing and managing disorders of the energy body. It may involve medical, surgical, and lifestyle interventions.

Infertility Treatment, Erectile Dysfunction Treatment, Energy Medicine Treatment Illinois


• Healing of cancer, tumors, entity

• Healing of the paralyzed people

• Healing of unusual and interesting

• Healing of the genitourinary system

• Healing infertility pregnant

• Healing the musculoskeletal system

• Healing of skin diseases and problems

• Healing of the heart-vascular system

• Healing of respiratory system

• Healing of vision and hearing

• Healing of the digestive system


• Miracles of creation of new bodies

• The beautiful appearance of finance and multiplication

• The wonders of unusual and technical

• Miracles of weight loss, weight loss


• The water and anointed with things

• Casting out demons, freedom from slavery

• Financial breakthrough and blessing

Cure infertility, pregnancy

Healing of cystic ovaries and baby girl

My name is Maria. I had Polycystic ovaries, testes are rested, they were constantly sore and formed cysts. This is very serious and I was told that this would be a problem with the children. Also in the same side of the affected cells formed of epitheli that lead to cancer. I already had the final frontier. We prayed for healing, I visited a school of faith, and it has helped me stay in the faith. And here recently did an ULTRASOUND, which showed that all is normal, there are no gains have disappeared these cells. I am fully healed and became pregnant. Addition: Maria safely gave birth to a baby girl. Glory To God!

Twenty years she could not become pregnant, but now is pregnant

My friend could not become pregnant 20 years. Because of this, her husband cheated on her and didn’t want to live. We prayed, I passed her shawl anointed with service to the fruit of the womb. Her husband left her, we prayed and he returned. Now they are 2 months pregnant. (Irina, 40)

Five years we could not get pregnant, but we now have a child

My name is Alena. We had a problem getting pregnant. Five years we couldn’t get pregnant, and we have tried and worked, was in the sanatorium, were there mud. But then we started going to church and prayed. The first step was the Conference with anointed with water, and then we have a special service was held in the Church “Conference: the fruit of the womb”, where were the prayers against any problems in childbirth and that couples could have children. And then after a month and a half, we went to the doctor and I was told that I was pregnant. Addition: Alain safely gave birth to a baby girl. Glory To God!

Timely cure for impotence, violation of potency by Dr. wills to avoid problems with your health and personal life. These disorders is not only the gap health and makes mental discomfort, tension, driven to a self-evaluation. This diagnosis is established if more than 25% of sexual acts of a man is not able to support the desired level of subject matter for an erection. Now erectile nefunkcional′nost′ successfully is healing.

The concept of “impotence” comes from the Latin words in (negation) and potentia (ability, strength) and refers to sexual impotence, which is expressed in the impossibility of the present intercourse. Healing the impotency and weak potency you guys want when they notice a decrease in your own personal sexual opportunities.

With all this should take into account the peculiarity of an organism, as in potency in different men very differently.

For the 1 St men sexual power is sufficient, and another with such level of sexy activity can read the healing potency disorders. Because we all care about personal health and Physiology characteristics of patients and offer a very effective healing of urological diseases in men, including healing lower potency.

Organic for emergence problems with potency

In men of any age may seem difficult to erection problems. Usually, they are justified by the concomitant diseases.

In comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of erectile 1 you guys make these assumptions of violations:

Vascular (missing the inflow of arterial blood to the penis or the excess of its flow through veins); endocrine (missing function of sexual glands, low levels of testosterone, pituitary tumor); medication (receiving antiandrogen drugs and ladies of sex hormones, substances, oppressive work brain); Neurological (confused sclerosis, brain and spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, trauma to the pelvic and perineum); mental (make up the bulk of the circumstances of impotence, often after healing organic disorders causing the violation remains the need for psychological adjustment of the patient).

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Video transcription:

And the pregnancy pregnancy I doubted here is room in fulfill yeah, but just long process. It takes some time. It’s not quick fix I. What you feel when you do, for example, woman, has input yogi what you do, what you feel I, don’t feel anything just I just say you have a problem. I just know what to do, which means I have to make the stomach the ones who want a lot of. Ladies, don’t get pregnant because the wound is very cold. It’s very cold! You mean the energy is not flowing through. The energy is not flow. Energy warms it up. Yes, and then you want it up. When I do this for months, then she does starting with her husband. Then then, maybe I do this again after that I’d again again and then people are pregnant. So well, then you can work with erectile dysfunctions. Oh me, oh, oh, yes, I done them few times, but how it works. I use chakra! Oh, it’s a second chakra before yeah I opened their chakra I opened their sex chakra basic chakra basics root chakra, they color I call a sex chakra, but they call a root. Chakra I used a basic chakra in the back yeah I use their child I use chakra. To do this, Oh. What you mean you use charcoal. You use your charger. No, no I turned their chakra, just kind of clock. Watcher yeah, see, I, have ability I. I do have ability like a few people’s chalk. Now I could feel their wheel when I’m conscious I could feel where the wheel is I grab the way I turn them like this I could feel good. Turning like I do this. That I could feel them. 20, counterclockwise and clockwise. Then I bro color into the chakra magic color comes now a green color purple color, whatever color they need I, imagine colors and how this how it works. Then he gets how what color they? What does a book? Chuck and I see the book and there’s a chakra color and because chakra has a color, then the color represents certain part of your body. So certain color helps certainly a disease or illnesses, so I used to color project the color into a chakra.

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