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Do you have an enlarged prostate? Are you looking for a natural way to shrink it? Check out our article on the #1 important nutrient for shrinking your prostate.

The #1 Important Nutrient to Shrink Your Prostate

There are many nutrients that are important for prostate health, but there is one that is especially important for shrinking an enlarged prostate. That nutrient is beta sitosterol.

Beta sitosterol is a plant sterol that is structurally similar to cholesterol. It is found in a variety of plant foods, including pumpkin seeds, avocados, and wheat germ. In humans, beta sitosterol has a number of beneficial effects on health, including lowering cholesterol levels and reducing inflammation.

Beta sitosterol has also been shown to be effective in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or an enlarged prostate. In one study, men with BPH who took beta sitosterol for three months had a significant decrease in prostate size and an improvement in urinary symptoms.

Another study found that beta sitosterol was just as effective as the drug finasteride in treating BPH. Finasteride is a drug that is commonly prescribed for BPH, but it can have serious side effects, including sexual dysfunction and depression.

Beta sitosterol is a safe and effective treatment for BPH. It can be taken in supplement form or obtained from foods that contain it.

Foods That Contain Beta Sitosterol

Beta sitosterol is found in a variety of plant foods. Here are some good sources of beta sitosterol:

  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Avocados
  • Wheat germ
  • Nuts
  • Vegetable oils

You can also find beta sitosterol in supplement form. Look for a supplement that contains at least 50 milligrams of beta sitosterol per day.

The Bottom Line

Beta sitosterol is a plant sterol that is structurally similar to cholesterol. It is found in a variety of plant foods, including pumpkin seeds, avocados, and wheat germ. Beta sitosterol has been shown to be effective in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or an enlarged prostate.

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0:00 Introduction: How to support your prostate 

0:40 What is the prostate? 

2:13 What does the prostate do?

3:45 The relation between zinc and the prostate 

6:06 The most important nutrient for the prostate 

6:20 What causes a zinc deficiency? 

8:22 What is the best source of zinc? 

8:55 Check out my video on zinc! 

Let’s talk about the most important nutrient to support a healthy prostate. 

An enlarged prostate can affect urination and libido. The more the prostate enlarges, the higher your risk is for prostate cancer. But, just because the prostate enlarges doesn’t mean you have cancer. 

There is a powerful form of testosterone in the body called DHT. Testosterone can convert to DHT with a specific enzyme. Certain medications inhibit this enzyme to reduce DHT and help with male pattern baldness, prostate hypertrophy, and erectile dysfunction. But, zinc is actually a natural inhibitor of this enzyme. 

Zinc is the most important nutrient to support a high testosterone level, sperm fertility, and a healthy prostate. 

A zinc deficiency could lead to an enlarged prostate gland, inflammation of the prostate gland, and an increased risk of prostate cancer. A zinc deficiency can also affect your libido, testosterone, sperm count, and urine flow. 

Causes of a zinc deficiency:

• Not consuming enough red meat 

• Low stomach acid 

• Certain medications (antacids, diuretics, statins)

• Alcohol 

• Sugar consumption 

• Frequent meals 

Foods high in zinc:

1. Shellfish 

2. Red meat 

You could also take a zinc supplement. I have a great product called Trace Minerals Enhanced, that’s loaded with zinc and the other trace minerals you need. 

However, zinc alone will not act as a cure for an enlarged prostate or other medical conditions because there are many other factors involved. One of these factors is your diet. To learn more about the diet you should be on, check out my videos on Healthy Keto and intermittent fasting. 



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Thanks for watching! Try adding more zinc to your diet to help support a healthy prostate. I’ll see you in the next video.

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Video transcription:

Well, today, I have a very interesting video on the prostate and the most important nutrient to maintain prostate health. Now this topic was inspired by my new favorite book called soil grass and cancer. Okay. This is a book that I found it was very expensive. It’s basically 250 dollars. I couldn’t find any used books, but it’s filled with nutritional information. That’s just fascinating and each chapter is very, very different, so the last chapter was on insulin, which I did a video on that and then this one was on the relationship between zinc and the prostate gland. There’s some great data I want to share with you. I think the first thing to talk about is this big confusion of what the prostate gland is. Very few people know what the prostate gland does. All they know is that as you get older and enlarges, and then it affects your urination 50 of men over the age of 60 start to get an enlargement of the prostate gland. So what we do know is, as you age, the prostate gets larger and that can affect urination stream flow, libido retention of urine and your bladder backup of urine in the kidney, and so I think it’s important to understand a little bit about the prostate in identifying why this occurs. I mean it’s kind of weird that as men age, a high high percentage of them start developing prostate problems and then, as it gets, bigger, you’re more at risk of getting prostate cancer. But just because the prostate enlarges doesn’t mean that’s cancer. So let’s first start with where the prostate is located. There’s a little bone in the front part of your pelvis called the symphysis pubis and the prostate is right behind that bone. Okay and then the prostate also is just underneath the bladder and there’s a little tube that comes down from the bladder that this prostate wraps around and the size of the prostate would be about equivalent to a walnut size. So it’s not that big, but it can get quite big and then you have the rect, which is right behind that. So that’s where it’s located. But what does it do? The prostate is about 70, gland and 30 muscle, so it does two things. It helps you secrete a certain fluid which I’m going to talk about, and it also acts as a pump during ejaculation. So it helps push this fluid through the tube, which is the same tube, is where your urine goes through and then out of the body now sperm is created in the testicles, okay, and it takes roughly about 60 to 70 days for sperm to develop. So the sperm travels through this little tube up into the area of the prostate, where you have additional glands that produce fluid with the fluids of the prostate gland. All mixing together into what’s called semen, and so the purpose of semen is to fertilize sperm and sperm is basically just the genetics from a male body which is then going to join with the genetics of the ovary to form a human body. So to do that, you need something to feed the sperm, which is fructose from the semen. You need certain enzymes to help penetrate into the uterus lining, because there’s mucus there and a lot of other factors to keep this sperm fertile and the sperm outside the body can last roughly about five days. So, on the other end in the female, you have this egg, which is inactive and it becomes active once the sperm penetrates. So that’s a summary of what the prostate does in relationship to these other factors. Now what’s interesting about the prostate gland in relationship to nutrition, is that it is the gland that has the highest concentration of zinc, so the prostate has a hundred times more concentration of zinc than your blood, because if you test your blood and it’s normal with zinc, it might not tell you what’s going on inside the prostate gland. So in this book I want to mention a couple. Little points he’s talking about the relationship between a zinc deficiency and what happens with the prostate gland it actually enlarges. There is a study done and I will put some links down below that shows a normal, prostate, okay and the level of zinc. That’s in it. It’s like 744 micrograms, and then you have a mild, hypertrophy or enlarged, prostate gland that had a lesser amount of zinc which is 486 micrograms. Then they tested people with chronic prostatitis and that was at 470 micrograms. Now remember. This is all compared to a normal, prostate gland which has 744 micrograms, and then he talks about prostate and the cancer related to zinc. Apparently, that level was actually on average 273 micrograms of zinc. So we have this relationship between a zinc deficiency and inflammation in the prostate gland, enlargement of the prostate gland and susceptibility to getting prostate cancer very, very interesting. The other point I want to bring up about this is that you have a very powerful form of testosterone. Okay, called dht, so testosterone can convert to dht with a certain enzyme. Okay and that’s called 5-alpha reductase, and so there are certain medications that inhibit that enzyme to help reduce dht. Four now pattern: baldness, prostate hypertrophy, erectile dysfunction because too much of that hormone dht can create bad effects. But what’s interesting about that is zinc is a natural inhibitor of that enzyme fascinating, and we also know that people with low testosterone are usually zinc deficient. So zinc is the most important trace mineral to make sure your testosterone is high, make sure that the fertility of sperm is there and to make sure that the size of the prostate is maintained. Now it’s going to get more interesting, why would someone be deficient in zinc? That’s the big question. Okay, I’m going to go through the reasons they don’t consume enough red meat now think about this. What is the big push now with especially men as they get over the age of 50.? Don’t consume red meat. Red meat is bad. Well, they never differentiate the quality of red meat. Okay, they lump red meat into one group. They don’t differentiate between processed meats and grass-fed organic. They just lump it into one big concept and tell you to get off red meat, and they tell you to lower your cholesterol foods which happen to be the building block of testosterone and then what do they tell you to eat, eat plant-based, make sure you’re eating enough whole grains, which is loaded with phytic acid, probably the biggest thing that blocks your ability to absorb zinc. In fact, two billion people on this planet are deficient in zinc, probably because they’re consuming too much cereal and too many grains. Okay. Now the other interesting thing about aging is that when you age, you lose the concentration of stomach acids and we need stomach acid to be able to absorb this zinc. If you have low stomach acids, you’re not going to absorb zinc, not to mention if you’re taking an antacid you’re going to be deficient in zinc if you’re, taking a diuretic that medication will deplete you of zinc. If you’re, taking statins you’ll have significant zinc deficiencies. Alcohol is another common thing that will cause a zinc deficiency. Consuming a lot of sugar will cause a zinc deficiency. Eating frequent meals like in snacking lid at night, while you’re watching the tv creates insulin resistance which can also deplete zinc, and so I’m trying to prove a point here. If you’re not consuming enough zinc, that’s going to affect your libido. Your testosterone, sperm count the size of your prostate and eventually your urine flow. One of the best sources of zinc is shellfish as in oysters, but the second best source is red meat and to be totally transparent. I do have a zinc product. It’s my trace minerals product, but I’m going to tell you right now. Taking zinc is not going to guarantee any type of cure for enlarged, prostate, lower testosterone, reducing your risk of prostate cancer or anything related to any medical condition, because there are a lot of other factors involved. Your diet, how much alcohol you drink? How much stress you go through and a lot of other factors related to your medications, etc, etc. All right so now that a little bit more about the relationship between zinc and your prostate. I wanted you to watch this next video on zinc, which is quite interesting check it out. You.

What users commented:

I keep hearing that Dark chocolate is helpful in keeping the prostate
in ‘Check. Is this well founded?
I also take a supplement that, along with Saw Palmetto, contains,
Stinging Nettle, Phygeum, Pumpkin Seed, and one or two other
elements; Seems to work for me.

Red meat is the most dangerous food a man can eat, processed or not. Their is no doubt about that. Dr. Berg is wrong about promoting it. I noticed clearly that he likes to stir controversy with radical views to attract viewers on You Tube. So be careful about what you believe or do according to his advice.

Is PE link to enlarged prostate?

doctor also is needed a substance to relax the smooth muscle of the prostate like antcholinergic and benzodiazepines because the prostate is contracted sildenafil too or taladaphil

“50% of men over 60 get an enlarged prostate, so what we do know, as we age the prostate gets larger.” LOL…..but you just SAID this happens to “50% of men.” So what we DO know, is that there ISN’T an enlargement of the prostate in 50% of men……

Have sex every day, your body immediately goes to work to make sure everything is going well; keep in mind two things, an organ that is not used atrophies, and the other; Why the hell does nature want an organism that cannot or does not want to reproduce? ; oh! and take Zinc

I had no idea zinc had an effect on prostrate. At age 74, I have symptoms of zinc deficiency. I have type 2 diabetes and think I caused it by my earlier ADA diet. You know, lots of grains and sugars. I am now taking 100 mg of zinc supplement to reverse or mitigate further prostate damage. I have no idea what amount I should consume.

Great info Dr. Bera,Sink and copper will help work the inflammation Sir?

Anyone with chronic prostatitis in here? If so, did you cure it? How ? Any answer and advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

If you smoke pot, quit, you’ll thank me!

Was waiting for him to say
“A wank a day, keeps the doctor away

It is very hard to do, but 1 Lemon every day,, will shrinks your Prostate, stop Gout, & reverse Diabetes. (Please goggle this)

Does taking stats cause zink deficiency in women to?

This is great information as I have had prostate issues for several years. My question is there any kind of test to measure your levels of zinc? I know there is a balance in the body when it comes to supplementation. Currently I have been taking a prostate formula that has 22 mg of Zinc Oxide. Is this the most bio available
form to take and is the dosage high enough?

You sure post a lot of vids that are outside your scope of practice. I’m surprised your College (or whoever you report to) does not do something. If I posted something or gave advice on something outside my scope of practice I would be sanctioned.




Did the Doc say semens get nuritioned with fructose?

Hello Dr. Berg, I noticed you’re recording your videos over zoom and it’s obvious that the quality is greatly diminished for us. I’d recommend you recording your videos via a better software and publish them. We appreciate your help on every topic but these videos needs to be protected for generations so it’s crucial them to be recorded best possible way. Thank you