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Reduce Erectile Dysfunction with P5P vs. Cabergoline

If you're struggling with high prolactin levels, you may be wondering if P5P or cabergoline is the better option. Both have been shown to be effective in reducing prolactin levels, but cabergoline may be more effective in reducing erectile dysfunction.

How to Lower Prolactin | P5P vs Cabergoline | Reduce Erectile Dysfunction

Prolactin is a hormone that is secreted by the pituitary gland. It is important for various functions in the body, including milk production, fertility, and stress response. However, high levels of prolactin can cause problems such as infertility, decreased sex drive, and erectile dysfunction.

There are several ways to lower prolactin levels. One is to take medications such as cabergoline or bromocriptine. These drugs work by inhibiting the release of prolactin from the pituitary gland. Another way to lower prolactin levels is to take supplements such as vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) or vitamin B12 (cobalamin). These vitamins help to reduce the levels of prolactin in the blood.

In addition to taking medications or supplements, there are lifestyle changes that can help to lower prolactin levels. One is to avoid triggers that can cause the release of prolactin, such as stress, lack of sleep, and certain foods. Another is to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. These lifestyle changes can help to reduce the levels of prolactin in the blood and improve overall health.

What is Prolactin?

Prolactin is a hormone that is secreted by the pituitary gland. It is important for various functions in the body, including milk production, fertility, and stress response.

High levels of prolactin can cause problems such as infertility, decreased sex drive, and erectile dysfunction. In men, high prolactin levels can also lead to gynecomastia (enlargement of the breasts).

What are the Symptoms of High Prolactin Levels?

The symptoms of high prolactin levels vary depending on the individual. They can include:

  • Infertility
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Gynecomastia
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Visual problems

What Causes High Prolactin Levels?

High prolactin levels can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Pituitary tumors
  • Certain medications, such as antipsychotics
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Kidney failure
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep

How are High Prolactin Levels Diagnosed?

High prolactin levels are diagnosed with a blood test. The doctor will order a prolactin level test if the patient is experiencing symptoms of high prolactin levels, such as infertility or erectile dysfunction.

How are High Prolactin Levels Treated?

High prolactin levels can be treated with medications, supplements, or lifestyle changes. The treatment method depends on the underlying cause of the high prolactin levels.


Elevated prolactin is something women have after giving birth, to help them produce breast milk. But men can have elevated prolactin also. High prolactin can cause low libido and erectile dysfunction in men. Causes of high prolactin include: having sex before the lab test, pituitary tumor, hypothyroid, or some medications like testosterone or nandrolone decanoate. Some treatments include ashwagandha, vitamin e, L-dopa, P5P which is vitamin B6, and the prescription medication Cabergoline. When your prolactin level is low, you will have improved libido, increased erectile function, increased sexual satisfaction, and a reduced refractory period.

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Video transcription:

Do you have elevated prolactin levels? Let’s talk about some ways to reduce that welcome back to trt veteran before we get started, go ahead and hit that subscribe button, I’m not a doctor. This is just my experience and what I’ve learned through my own research, elevated prolactin, is something that women have after giving birth to produce milk. However, men can also have elevated prolactin as well. You’re, probably already aware, if you have high prolactin, because you should be seeing it in your blood work. However, if you’re not having it consistently checked, you need to make sure that’s added onto your lab work. Now, let’s discuss some symptoms of an elevated, prolactin level, low libido. According to the study, it can decrease sexual desire. The most common issue that men encounter with high prolactin is erectile dysfunction. Here’s one study that shows that now, what are some causes of elevated prolactin having sex within a few days of your lab work will result in your prolactin being high. If your prolactin is constantly high, you almost always have that feeling of never needing to have sex, which is that refractory period. If your prolactin level is too high, make sure you get it checked out by a doctor, your doctor may want to do an mri to check for a pituitary tumor pituitary tumors are well known to cause high prolactin hypothyroidism can cause prolactin. Here’s a study that shows hypothyroidism can cause elevated prolactin or even some medications could be causing hyperlactin many medications like antidepressants and antipsychotics can cause hyperlactic. Personally, my high prolactin was caused by my testosterone treatment and using deca. Now what are some ways you can treat high prolactin we’re going to break this up into the natural ways and the prescription ways here are a couple studies that show that ashwagandha ashokwanda- how do you say it? Wanda ashwagandha there take the hat, here’s a couple, studies that show the use of ashwagandha and vitamin e to help lower prolactin levels boom. There’s another supplement called l-dopa. That is a precursor to dopamine that has studies that link it to help lower prolactin levels. Now the supplement I used is known as p5p. It is a bioavailable form of vitamin b6. Studies show that p5p helps lower prolactin. When I was taking p5p. I was taking 300 milligrams a day and it did lower my prolactin a little bit. However, I was still at the high end of normal, so that is when my doctor started talking to me about cabergoline. So if you don’t want to take those handful and handfuls of vitamins every single day, you could go that cabergoline route. Cabergoline is a prescription. Medication used to lower prolactin cabergoline is a dopamine agonist. It elevates your dopamine and reduces prolactin by telling your brain to stop releasing prolactin. It also reduces the refractory period with sex, so my doctor started me out on 0.5 milligrams twice a week, so I was taking one milligram of cabergoline a week. When I first started, I was having some pretty severe nausea and I even threw up a couple of times. However, a couple weeks after taking it, my body got used to it and I wasn’t having those symptoms anymore. I was on that dose for a couple months until my next lab work, I loved the effects of being on cable goaling that my doctor allowed me to stay on it at a much lower dose. So some of the positive effects that I experienced was things like improved libido. My erectile function was significantly increased. My overall sexual satisfaction was amazing. Cabergoline is even known to decrease the sexual refractory period, which means you can go multiple rounds. Scientists have studied cambrigoline up to a cumulative dose of 308 milligrams. According to these studies, none of the patients had abnormalities such as thickening, calcification or restricted mobility of any cardiac valves. To put that in perspective, I take 0.25 milligrams a week, adding that to the higher dose I started out on it. Take me 23 years to reach that cumulative dose. I don’t expect to stay on it that long. However, once I do stop I’ll still continue to check my labs there’s a lot of warnings that come with cabergoline. I find it hilarious that it says talk to your doctor. If you experience an increase in sex drive, that’s kind of the point of this medication. It helps lower your prolactin, so you can have a higher sex drive and have better performance. We’ve been seeing a lot of people in facebook groups talking about having erectile dysfunction and one of the most common questions is: what is your prolactin level at least half the people or more don’t know what their prolactin level was, and it’s not even getting tested by their doctors. If you’re not having your prolactin checked, you need to make sure that test is added on to your next labs. If you need a doctor, that’s well versed in these issues and can get you back on the right track. Make sure you check out matrix hormones, that’s who my wife and I go through use that discount code trt veteran to help save you money on your treatment. If you haven’t already go ahead and hit that subscribe, button down below and then jump on over to facebook and join our trt veteran facebook, page I’ll, see you guys in the next video you.

What users commented:

I did a cycle of mk677 and lost most sexual desire I quit mk677 and not much has gotten better if I choose to stay natty and take caber will it permanently clear up or do I always have to take it now?

Thanks TRT Veteran. Mine has been hovering above 20 for a few weeks and I just got prescribed 0.25mg weekly caber for it. How long did it take you to notice the improvement with ED and sex drive?

“having sex a few days before blood work can increase prolactin
” and you have all these sex experts and doctors saying porn/ excessive masturbation is not harmful. saying boxers who withhold sex before a fight is just superstition, or NoFap is stupid. I think the fact that after one orgasm it can effect your prolactin so much is enough to consider there might be something there to regulating ejaculations/sex for health.

What was your prolactin level before and what’s was it after you took Caber. How long was it in between this

Is cabergoline permanent bro? I thought that you can stop once your prolactin is in range.

not trying to be funny, but if i masturbate too much, like 3 to 5 times per day (yes i know i need to stop) could that cause high prolactin or ED? for the past year i have had SEVERE ED since i ran a cycle of Deca and Tren. now i am on 250mg per week Test-Cyp, 2 IU per day HGH and it has not helped the ED at all. i have to use porn and Cialis and even a cock ring or else i cant even masturbate and i have been unable to have sex with a partner since the Deca and Tren

Ashewcuanwaa cured my prolactin

How high was your prolactin? Mines down to 225. Taking cabergoline. Bpa’s cause prolactinomas. Do a few google searches. Ex (“Bpa’s” “prolactinoma”). Seen a study where cabergoline wouldn’t shrink a prolactinoma tumor. They used an AI. Cabergoline seems to be working for me (lowering prolactin and shrinking tumor). I think it’s the bpa’s messing with the thyroid too. The prolactinoma is just another symptom of too much estradiol.