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Pineapple: The Tastiest Way to Improve Your Semen

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Better tasting semen with pineapple?! Fact or fiction?

Ever since the beginning of time, people have been looking for ways to make their semen taste better. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy the taste of their own semen? While there are many different methods out there, one of the most popular is to eat pineapple. But does pineapple actually make your semen taste better?

The answer is a resounding yes! Pineapple contains a compound called bromelain, which has been shown to improve the taste of semen. Bromelain is a natural enzyme that breaks down proteins, and it just so happens to work wonders on the proteins in semen.

Not only does pineapple make your semen taste better, but it also makes it smell better. Semen is naturally quite pungent, but the bromelain in pineapple can help to mask the smell.

So if you’re looking for a way to make your semen taste better, pineapple is the way to go. Just make sure to eat it in moderation, as eating too much pineapple can lead to gastrointestinal issues.

Ever wondered how and why semen tastes the way it is? Kind of like bitter but slightly sweet and also slightly metallic? Well, turns out there’s a lot more that’s going on in the semen itself! Be sure to watch until the end to learn all about semen taste and if you are able to do something about it!

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Video transcription:

Have you ever wondered why semen tastes the way
it does, or can you make it taste better? Well, I’ve got a lot of questions about this and I’m
Dr. Rena, Malik,, Urologist and Pelvic Surgeon,, and today I’m going to answer exactly why semen
tastes the way it does and is it possible to actually change its taste and if you’re new here
I make urologic content on sexual health, bladder health and much much more so make sure you
subscribe and tell your friends to do so, too!, so the semen or ejaculate that comes out most
people think it’s just made up of sperm, but that’s not actually true. Sperm only makes up about
five to ten percent of the entire volume of the semen, and if you check out my last video, I talk
about exactly the process by which semen is made and semen is made up of a lot of different things:
fructose, which is a sugar. A number of minerals like sodi, zinc, calci, citric acid phosphorus
and, it’s naturally alkaline. What does alkaline mean well on an acid-base scale, where seven
is, normal or neutral? The ph of semen ranges anywhere from 7.2 to 8.2, so why would semen need
to, be alkaline well, for reproductive purposes, the vagina is normally acidic in order for the sperm
to stay healthy in an acidic environment. The fluid around the sperm is alkaline to help protect the
sperm and because of the alkaline nature, the semen is actually a little bit bitter. Also it can be
slightly sweet because of the fructose contents and slightly metallic tasting because of all
the vitamins and minerals that are in the semen itself, so can eating things.
Like, pineapple or fruits actually make semen taste sweeter. Well, that’s a big thing that
people say, but does it actually hold true? Well, unfortunately, no one’s ever done. A real study
on this particular topic. No one’s ever said: hey we’re gonna, have you eat pineapple and you not eat
it and let’s see how that changes, the taste of the semen. So I can’t tell you, based on evidence that
we’ve studied that this is true, but it makes sense that if you’re eating a lot of high sugar content
fruit like pineapple kiwis, papaya, peaches, oranges, those sorts of things with a lot of fruit can
actually increase the fructose content of the semen and make it taste a little bit sweeter. It’s
not going to be super sweet. It’s just going to be slightly sweeter. The reason pineapple is always
talked about is because pineapple is acidic, and so it helps kind of bring down that ph of the semen
so, it’s less alkaline and hence a little bit less bitter. Similar fruits are lemons and cranberries.
That also have some of that ph balancing property or because of their acidic content.
Certain spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and wheatgrass have been thought to also sweeten the taste and
then celery, because it’s really high in vitamin c can help kind of flush out some of the salty
taste and also make it a little bit less salty. Also if you’re drinking more water, that’s
going to dilute some of the semen and make it less strong tasting. So, ultimately, what should you
just eat a bunch of pineapple right before you’re about to have intercourse or oral sex? Not exactly
it doesn’t work right away. So if you enjoy eating fruit and you enjoy eating things like cinnamon,
and, nutmeg and celery certainly add them to your diet, of course, be careful because some of
these fruits can have really high sugar content, which in large quantities, can be bad for your
health overall, also be careful. There are certain things that can actually make your semen taste a
little, less nice, and so those can include things just like we talked about before, with what makes
your urine smell funny things like asparagus that we’ve talked about in a video before
similarly asparagus can make your semen smell and taste a little bit unappetizing or things like
coffee marijuana, alcohol, all those things and even sometimes red meat can give it more of a strong
salty taste bottom line for a variety of reasons, guys for your sexual health, for your semen, for
your testosterone levels and for your heart, make sure you’re eating a very healthy diet. This is
going to keep you having stronger erections having better tasting semen, higher testosterone levels,
and so much more. So what that includes is eating lots of fruits and vegetables, avoiding processed
things. Anything out of a package is really high in salt and usually not good for you and trying to
really avoid those fried fatty foods and red meats that can really clog up your arteries. Alright
I hope that answers your question and I’ll look forward to seeing you next time. As always, remember
to take care of yourself because you’re worth it.

What users commented:

@Dr. Malik, aside from man juice becoming sweeter, how true is this? I’ve heard & read that spicy foods, spices & hot peppers not only increases sperm count per ejaculation but also the volume of semen release as well! Can you weigh in if this is fact or myth. In my experience, I consume spicy foods daily & my volume release has always been a flood!

I now have an immense craving for pineapple

Making semen less alkaline by eating sweet stuff will defeat the main purpose of semen to survive the acidic environment inside Vagina ,thus procreation will be delayed or hindered ;- Right Or Wrong ???

So doc. You named a lot of things that it contains that’s healthy. So do you swallow

Semen is good for chronic gastric problems….. women suffering from acidity and heart burn … drinking semen yould releif ….2 months practice must give better results

Love these topics! How do you become an expert in this? Do you learn what semen tastes like in med school ?

This is just click bait, they have had no studies done on the taste of semen. I just don’t understand why they can’t find volunteers for their scientific study to determine the taste! REMARKABLE

I’m not nearly flexible enough for it to matter what my semen tastes like.

I eat peppers and that really gives my semen a POP

Let’s be honest – you’d never find the flavour of semen among Baskin Robbins 31 flavours, but that’s beside the point – it’s the context. And different diets do result in different flavour semen. Indian guys’ c does typically taste more of curry, no joke. And having lived in Luton, I’m fairly confident that my sample size is statistically significant.

I knew there was a reason latin men taste the best


I love Pus

how many litres she drunk?

I’m thinking about holding a controlled test. Looking for 5 to 10 girls to sign up as taste testing subjects for a good base line. Will be needing the subjects to participate each once a week for a year lol. But seriously do these same things apply to women’s taste?

Te encanta la leche jajaja

love your channel and your videos. your delivery is great and i the honesty of your content is awesome .. thank you

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Its not a thing to eat psychos..