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Phoenix: Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Welcome to our latest article, 10 - Unboxing the Phoenix: Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction. In this article, we'll be discussing a new treatment for erectile dysfunction, shockwave therapy. We'll explain how shockwave therapy works and how it can help to improve erectile function. We hope you find this article helpful and we invite you to learn more about shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction.

10 – Unboxing the Phoenix: Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Shockwave therapy is a new, non-invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) that is showing great promise. Using low-intensity sound waves, shockwave therapy breaks up plaque that has built up in the blood vessels of the penis, improving blood flow and restoring normal erectile function.

ED affects an estimated 30 million men in the United States. While there are several effective treatments available, many men are reluctant to seek help due to the stigma attached to the condition. Shockwave therapy offers a safe and effective alternative to medications or surgery, with minimal side effects.

During shockwave therapy, a gel is applied to the penis and a hand-held device is used to deliver the sound waves. The treatment is typically done in a series of three sessions, each lasting about 20 minutes. Most men see significant improvement after just one session, but some may need two or three.

Shockwave therapy is painless and has no known side effects. There is a small risk of bruising or temporary numbness, but this is typically short-lived and resolves on its own.

If you are struggling with ED, shockwave therapy may be a good option for you. Talk to your doctor about whether shockwave therapy is right for you.

The Phoenix is the first device designed specifically for shockwave therapy for ED, at home! We “unbox” the Phoenix and show you what is included with this revolutionary device.

Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (LI-ESWT), commonly called shockwave therapy, is used to treat ED caused by vascular problems. Administering low-intensity sound waves has been found to encourage the development of new blood vessels (angiogenesis), and improve the function of smooth muscle and endothelial cells. Shockwaves may also break up and reduce blockages in arteries in the penis.

The Phoenix makes shockwave therapy available at home, at an affordable price.

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Video transcription:

Hi, I’m robert nicholson, president of the ed treatment information center and today we’re going to be unboxing the phoenix now the phoenix which was formerly called the rocket is a device for performing shockwave therapy for ed at home. There’s a lot of clinical evidence that says: shockwave therapy is an effective treatment for vascular ed. It works two ways. First, it actually damages your tissue at a microscopic level and when your body heals that damage it creates new blood vessels in a process called angiogenesis. Second, it breaks down the plaque that blocks blood vessels and improves circulation of the penis. The problem with shock wave therapy is that until recently you had to go to a clinic and it was an expensive process. Several thousand dollars for a series of treatments plus you may not live near a clinic so with the phoenix you can now order a device for seven hundred and fifty dollars that allows you to perform shock wave therapy at home and this device is designed to deliver the same frequency and energy signature as the clinical devices. So we ordered a phoenix, so we could show it to you. First thing is: the box is pretty unobtrusive, it doesn’t say, penis, repair, kit or anything on the box on the shipping label. It does say, launch medical, so somebody could conceivably see the shipping label figure out what you’re buying, but that’s a pretty small problem. Now, let’s open up the box lots of tape here, okay, so when we open the box, there are several things: this is a vacu pump or penis pump and they advise that you use this as part of the treatment protocol along with the phoenix itself, so I’m just going to set that aside. For the moment, this is the box that the phoenix comes in and it’s a really nice attractive package and when you open it up, you’ve got disclaimers here. You’ve got the user manual and here’s the device itself. Now there are several parts to the device. This is the phoenix unit and it’s pretty heavy. It’s a very hefty well-made piece of equipment here, there’s also a power supply. Now you do need to plug in the phoenix when you’re using it. It is not a rechargeable device. It takes a lot of energy to operate. This thing, and finally this is the cone. This little part actually comes in contact with your penis during the treatment you need to remove it and clean it after every treatment and that’s why it’s a separate part. The way you install it is by loosening the nose cone here, I’m having a little difficulty with this. So I’m here we go unscrew this you put the cone in you, screw it back together. So it’s just that simple, but remember you need to remove this and clean this after every use and you can clean it with alcohol or any disinfectant. Okay, other things in the box. This is lidocaine cream, which is a numbing agent. They only give you three packets of this cream, but let me tell you: I’ve talked to dozens of people. Online who’ve used the phoenix and everybody says it’s not painful. You don’t need the numbing cream if you’ve ever gotten a tattoo. This is way easier than getting a tattoo, the other thing and they give you about half a dozen packets. Here, it’s what they call heat shield, and actually this is a misnomer. It’s not a heat shield. It’s a lubricant and what it does is makes it a little easier to move the tip of the rocket up and down your penis and it also transmits the sound waves or shock waves. They only give you six packets of this. You can use any water-based or water-soluble soluble lubricant that you buy online. So if you want to use ky or whatever your favorite lubricant is, you can buy a big bottle of it and that’s all you need. Okay, when you’re ready to start using the phoenix. Don’t worry, there are a lot of instructions. Online they’ve got a great how-to video about 10-minute video. That tells you everything you need to know and the url is on the card. That’s included in the packaging. One thing I do want to comment on is that a lot of guys have said the phoenix is very noisy and they’re they’re right, it’s not quite jackhammer, but it’s definitely more than vacu cleaner. So, let’s turn it on. So you can hear for yourselves, I’m speaking here and a fairly loud tone of voice or project. Let’s see how this compares okay, so maybe it is kind of jackhammer noisy just something to be aware of you’re going to want to find a quiet room where you can close the door with access to an electrical outlet because you do have to plug in the phoenix in order to use it. Let’s take a look at one more thing: let’s take a look at this pump that is included now. This is an optional add-on item. If you already have a pump, you don’t need to buy another one, although they do recommend that you use a pump as part of the treatment plan. The pump that they’ve sent here is really very nice. The great thing about this particular pump is that it has a pressure gauge and that’s really important, because you want to be able to regulate the amount of vacu, how much you are pumping and be consistent and follow a treatment plan. So if you do buy a pump on your own look for one that has a vacu gauge or pressure gauge. Okay, that’s it! For today, I’m going to be working with the phoenix over the next few weeks and I will definitely be posting a follow-up again. This is robert nicholson from the ed treatment information center. Our website is ed treatment. Dot info you’ll find all sorts of information on shockwave therapy, as well as a lot a lot of other treatment. Information for erectile dysfunction till next time. Thanks.

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Good luck. You got a better pump than me (mines doesn’t have that PSI gauge at the top). The pump I got is actually defective anyways. Returning just the pump for a replacement. They provided a return shipping label.