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New treatment for erectile dysfunction - The Priapus Shot - P-Shot (PART 1)

If you're suffering from erectile dysfunction, there's a new treatment that may help. It's called the P-Shot, and it's showing promise in improving sexual function. So if you're looking for a way to improve your sex life, read on to learn more about this new treatment.

New treatment for erectile dysfunction – The Priapus Shot – P-Shot) – PART 1

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition that affects a man’s ability to get or maintain an erection. The Priapus Shot, also known as the P-Shot, is a new treatment for ED that is showing promise.

The P-Shot is a type of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. PRP is a concentration of platelets that are derived from your own blood. Platelets are rich in growth factors and proteins that help to heal and repair tissues.

PRP therapy has been used to treat a variety of conditions, including arthritis, tendinitis, and wound healing. The P-Shot is a newer application of PRP therapy that is being used to treat ED.

The P-Shot is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed in a doctor’s office. First, a small amount of blood is drawn from your arm. The blood is then placed in a centrifuge, which spins the blood and separates the platelets from the other blood cells.

The platelets are then injected into the penis using a very fine needle. The injection is usually painless because the needles used are so thin. The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes.

One of the benefits of the P-Shot is that it can be done in a single office visit. There is no surgery or down time required.

Another benefit of the P-Shot is that it is a long-lasting treatment. The effects of the P-Shot can last for up to 18 months.

The P-Shot is a promising new treatment for ED. However, more research is needed to determine its long-term effectiveness.

Today we’re joining Dr Shirin Lakhani, Director at Elite Aesthetics to discuss the P-Shot (Priapus Shot), a Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy treatment which is used for intimate and sexual rejuvenation. Watch this video to find out – The 3 Most Import Things You Need To Know about the P-Shot:

1. Know your injector, are they officially registered on P-Shot Website (

2. Not all P-Shots are the same! Do they use the best equipment to give you the best results?

3. Does the Doctor have experience and can then tell you about their patients? Dr Shirin is the UK Trainer for the P-Shot, O-Shot and Vampire Facial as well as recognised in the Global Top 100 Aesesthetics Leaders by MyFace MYBody. She specialises in Intimate Health and has considerable experience in treating patients with erectile dysfunction and other intimate issues such as Lichen Sclerosus and Peronies Disease.

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Video transcription:

Hi I’m Dr, Shirin, Lakhani and I’m going
to, be speaking to you about one of our most popular treatments in clinic
the P-Shot or the Priapus Shot. The Priapus Shot
involves, taking platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP
and, injecting it into the penis to regenerate the tissue.
PRP is essentially the platelets from your blood. So. What we do is we take
blood from a patient spin it in our centrifuge to concentrate
the platelets and then re-inject it into the penis to regenerate the tissues
there. What the platelets actually do once
they’re injected. Is they release their growth? Factors
And that attracts stem cells to the area causing the tissues, to
regenerate and rejuvenate. So? You can get an improvement. In
Sensitivity. You get an increase in the nerve tissues to the area,. You get an
increase in blood supply and thickening of the tissue. So with the
p shot. We can treat conditions like erectile dysfunction. Peyronie’s Disease
which is a disease where you get bend in the
penis, which can cause a problem with function
and. Also a skin condition called Lichen. Sclerosis.
You can also get an improvement in the girth and the length of the penis with
the treatment, but you would need to use a penis pump
in conjunction to achieve that. Some of the
questions I, get asked about the P Shot are
things like,. How do I choose my practitioner?
So? It’s very important. The P Shot is a particular way
of, injecting platelets into the penis. It was invented by Dr Charles Runnels
and. All the practitioners that are licensed to perform the treatment are
actually listed on website. So. It is important for you to check. That
Your practitioner is actually registered with the
00:01:49,360 –> 00:01:52,079
website, which shows that they adhere to the
protocols taught by Dr Runnels and they agree to use a decent quality
medical grade. Centrifuge the centrifuge that is used does make a difference to
the treatment, because it will have an impact on the quality of the PRP
and. Therefore, your results as well, so it’s important that
the practitioner who you go to is using a medical grade
centrifuge, not just one that is used to separate blood
in, a laboratory. The machine. We use in clinic
is the Magellan True PRP, which is a top of the range dual spin medical
growth centrifuge. So. We know that the quality of the platelets we obtain
is of the top grade and other questions that tend to get
commonly asked is: does it hurt? That’s one of the
most frequent questions? I get asked. When, we perform the P Shot I use, topical
numbing cream and an injectable anaesthetic so the
only slightly discomfort that the patient
feels is in the injection of the local
anaesthetic. Once that’s done, there is no pain
whatsoever. So, it’s an incredibly comfortable treatment.
Other question. Is it safe? Well? Yes, PRP has been around
for decades, it’s using the patient’s own blood.
The. Only things we add to it are anticoagulant so that we can spin the
blood in the centrifuge without it clotting and
calci to trick the platelets into thinking. There’s been an injury, so that
they release their both factors and the entire procedure from start to
finish takes less than an hour. Most of that
time is spinning the blood, the actual injections themselves, take
between five and ten minutes. There’s no downtime from the procedure
you can resume your normal activity straight away, which includes going to
work and even having intercourse once the anesthetic’s
worn off. There’s, very minimal side effects with the treatment, there
may be some minor bruising, but other than that. The side effects
are negligible. Now I also tend to get asked how many treatments a patient
needs? Now. This tends to vary according to the
condition, you’re treating,, say, for example, if you’re treating erectile
dysfunction, you may only need one treatment
if you’re treating something like Peyronie’s Disease. Then we tend to
recommend three treatments. However. It does vary from person to
person how many they need and once you’ve got your result: we
recommend maintenance, every 12 to 18, months. Now in terms of
how long. It takes to see results with the P Shot?
Some people get an instant result, and this is down to
the volume. That’s been injected on the day,
the, platelets actually start working at three weeks and they carry on working to
get their full result at three months. So. This tends to be the
time when we discuss the results achieved and decide whether or not
it would be worth having a second treatment. I. Don’t recommend having
treatments more frequently than this, because you don’t know the result. You’ve
Achieved from the first treatment prior to this. So, just in summary
the P Shot is an effective, safe, treatment. We have good success with it
in clinic. We’ve had some fantastic case studies in the press. So if you
would like to find out more or to book a consultation with
me, please call or email the clinic. Thank you.

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