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Homeopathy Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction: The Cure for Your Sexual Woes

Homeopathy offers gentle and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction without any side effects. If you are looking for an effective and gentle treatment for erectile dysfunction, homeopathy may be a good option for you. Homeopathic remedies are safe and do not cause any side effects.

Homeopathy Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that affects men of all ages. While it is more common in older men, it can occur at any age. There are many possible causes of erectile dysfunction, including physical and psychological causes. Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that is based on the principle of like cures like. That is, a substance that can cause certain symptoms can also be used to treat those same symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are made from a variety of sources, including plants, minerals, and animals. Homeopathic remedies for erectile dysfunction are made from a variety of sources, including plants, minerals, and animals. Some of the most common homeopathic remedies for erectile dysfunction include: • Agnus castus: This remedy is made from the fruit of the chaste tree. It is often used to treat sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction. • Avena sativa: This remedy is made from oats. It is often used to treat sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction. • Caladium seguinum: This remedy is made from the plant Caladium seguinum. It is often used to treat sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction. • Damiana: This remedy is made from the leaves of the damiana plant. It is often used to treat sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction. • Ginseng: This remedy is made from the root of the ginseng plant. It is often used to treat sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction. • Lycopodium: This remedy is made from the spores of the Lycopodium plant. It is often used to treat sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction. • Natrum muriaticum: This remedy is made from sodium chloride (salt). It is often used to treat sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction. • Phosphoricum acidum: This remedy is made from phosphorus. It is often used to treat sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction. • Selenium: This remedy is made from the element selenium. It is often used to treat sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction. Homeopathic remedies are available in many forms, including pills, powders, and liquids. They are typically taken orally. Homeopathic remedies are not regulated by the FDA, so it is important to choose a reputable brand. If you are considering trying a homeopathic remedy for erectile dysfunction, talk to your healthcare provider first. Homeopathic remedies are not right for everyone.
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Video transcription:

Hey guys welcome to my channel I’m Dr.
Rena, Malik,, urologist and pelvic surgeon,, and today we are going to be answering your
questions about testosterone replacement. Therapy. I asked all of my instagram followers what
specific questions they had regarding testosterone, replacement and I brought along a colleague,
today, Dr., Jonathan Clavell from Houston, Texas, who is a specialist in sexual medicine and a
urologist like me, who’s going to be answering some of your questions about testosterone replacement,
therapy. He has a great youtube channel called Clavelluro which I’ll link down below and you
can find him anywhere on social media with @clavelleuro.. He is awesome because he not only
does this in english, but also in spanish. So for anyone who speaks spanish make sure you check him.
Out watch his videos because they are outstanding. thanks so much dr clavel for joining us, we’re so
happy to have you well. Thank you, dr malik. For me it is a pleasure to be here with you and I’m
honored to be part of your youtube channel. Oh my gosh, that’s so sweet! Thank you! So much well
it’s an honor to have you on our channel too. So today we’re talking about testosterone,
replacement therapy, and we all know that testosterone is extremely beneficial, but how can
men know when they need testosterone replacement? So the best way to see this, and usually this is
usually. What I tell guys whenever a guy shows up into my office, I usually tell them so think
about this way. Let’s say like when you were 21 years old and dr malek, you can probably remember
you’re, probably in college we felt invincible. You could be either studying all day working
all day. Then you can go, go to the gym play sports. You could then go be partying all
night up until two o’clock in the morning and probably at two o’clock in the morning. You
probably even have the urge and the desire to have sex. You can even maintain an erection
and. Then you can go to sleep three hours later. You can do the exact same routine. How are
you able to do that? It’s probably because of testosterone. So whenever I tell guys like what
happens, when our testosterone starts decreasing, we start getting moody, we start getting sluggish.
You know we have low energy. If we go to the gym, probably we’re not going to get the same results.
That we used to have before sometimes a sex drive can decrease. I have so many guys who tell me
doc, I’m just not interested in sex and sometimes our erections can get a little bit weaker, yeah
absolutely, so those benefits with testosterone are really far-reaching and all the areas you
talked about, including when I see men, a lot of them, tell me that they feel clear in the
brain a little bit of less decreased brain fog. Of course they get the increased libido
they, get better results in the gym, and so there’s just all these really great benefits to
testosterone replacement therapy. That is correct and that’s. That is why it is so important that
you know once we start noticing these symptoms that we go check, get them checked out. I mean the
testosterone levels vary so much like the normal range is between 300 and about a thousand, so
and everybody’s different. I have guys that, for example, I have a patient who we call him andy
, and we call him andy 600. Why? Because, as soon as he’s below 600 he’s knocking on our door he’s like
hey doc, I think I’m low. I think I need a refill and the same thing happens with guys who can be
at 350 and they still feel good. So again, it really depends on how you feel if you start noticing
these symptoms. I think it’s time for a checkup. Yes, absolutely so my audience often wants to know
are there, certain foods or activities that you can do that can help boost your testosterone, naturally
are there, certain things that you recommend. So, yes, I mean most of the time in terms of
activities, probably the most important thing so there’s multiple research studies that have shown
that better sleep can help increase and boost testosterone if we exercise specifically weight,
lifting and and basically just weight training, especially those bigger muscles, like the back
the legs. Those can help boost testosterone and probably something that’s very difficult for
us here, at least here in the united states, is reducing our stress levels. When we are stressed,
cortisol levels will rise and a cortisol has been proven to be a competitor with testosterone,
in, our bodies and that can actually lower our testosterone levels in terms of foods. That
one is a little bit tricky because again, there are some studies that have shown that soy-based
products, like tofu and edamame, those can lower testosterone. Then there’s other studies that
show that completely opposite. Usually soy based products can actually boost testosterone levels
so. Those can be a little bit tricky. However, the most important thing is try to stay away from
processed foods, high, those high sugar, those trans fats, those can actually lower your testosterone,
levels and also alcohol consumption like chronic alcohol consumption, can actually affect those
glands that we have in our brain that stimulate our testicles to produce testosterone and it
can also affect testicular size as well, so chronic alcohol consumption is usually one thing
that we want to avoid yeah. I think a lot of people are always looking for sort of a magic bullet.
Like, one magical thing: that’s going to make their testosterone better, but there’s really
nothing like that. It’s the whole package. You have to really invest in your sleep, get some good
exercise, avoid endocrine disrupting chemicals in your environment and all those things together.
Can improve your testosterone, but it’s not like you can just eat oysters and your testosterone is
going to automatically get better. That is what I tell my patients, which, most of the time they want
to get as natural as possible and one other thing that can actually help. I mean there are multiple
minerals and vitamins that can actually help. But again this are still like controversial, most
of the time. What I tell guys just try to keep that diet as balanced as possible, make sure that
you’re eating healthy and that can actually help you out. What about vitamin d? Does it have a
role in boosting testosterone? So with vitamin d, there are some studies that have suggested that
vitamin d can actually increase testosterone. Again, I mean vitamin d is healthy for our bodies, so even
if it doesn’t help. I think it’s good to ingesting vitamin d. Go outside. Sun can actually
help with vitamin d as well, so just try to eat and keep the healthiest lifestyle possible and
I think that can actually help. You keep your and boost your testosterone levels. I can’t stress
it enough how important it is to actually get outside and get true sunlight. There’s, not a single
supplement out there. That’s going to replace this, the vitamin d that you can get from actual natural
sunlight. Our lives in these modern worlds are so filled with all these fake led lights and they
really make it so that we can go our whole lives without really going outdoors, and so even if
it’s 30 minutes a day, taking a walk outside to get that sunlight and, of course, protect
your skin use sunscreen when you go out, but it’s really really important for so
many health benefits benefits, in addition to increasing your testosterone, potentially well
definitely and and just because I’m married to a dermatologist, I have to add to that.
Please have sunscreen whenever you do that, definitely, and don’t forget to reapply your
sunscreen either. Definitely definitely so a lot of guys want to know if my testosterone is
low and I need testosterone, is it safe for me to take testosterone replacement, so that is the one
million question that, despite decades of research, some believe that testosterone therapy is still
unsafe. When I counsel my patients, I usually try to explain to them like hey we’re, not trying
to, add anything additionally to whatever your body used to produce we’re just trying to keep you
within that range that your body used to keep you before us right, we’re not trying to add anything,
additional we’re just giving you something that your body used to produce and it’s not producing
anymore. In terms of other things that we have to keep, because I know like whenever we
talk about testosterone therapy, is it safe or not one of the things that pop up is always prostate
cancer. Can this testosterone therapy cause prostate cancer? I want everybody listening to us
right now, there’s one thing I want you to remember from this entire talk is testosterone. Therapy does
not cause prostate cancer. I’m going to repeat that again. Testosterone therapy does not cause prostate
cancer and also, even if you had prostate cancer before you had a prostatectomy, so your prostate
got removed, or you had radiation therapy and now you’re cured from your prostate cancer. It is
probably safe for you to be able to get back on it and in terms of testosterone, cardiovascular risk
that’s. Another thing that many patients, for example they show up to my office. They tell
me but doc. My cardiologist he’s concerned about me being on testosterone therapy, usually what I
tell them is. Several years ago I was invited to write an article about what are the controversies:
between testosterone therapy and cardiovascular risk, and while I was doing my research, I only
found two studies that showed that testosterone therapy could lead to heart attacks or strokes
and. When I started looking deeper into those, those two studies have been noted to be flawed.
However I mean again, this is a hot topic, so you can imagine like all the news outlets and
media, where saying and putting out that testosterone therapy could lead to heart,
attacks or strokes. However, there’s actually been more than 20 studies that I was looking into
again. This was like three or four years ago, I’m pretty sure, there’s even more research now and
there’s, multiple studies showing completely the opposite- that testosterone therapy can actually
decrease the risk of cardiovascular events. So again with testosterone therapy, we keep our bones
healthier, we keep our muscles healthier. We have more energy to exercise and those things will also
contribute to us having a healthier lifestyle and therefore reducing that risk of cardiovascular
events. So usually what I counsel my patients is like hey. Yes, there were two studies that
suggested that the testosterone therapy could increase your risk of cardiovascular events
but most of the time it’s actually pretty safe. Yeah, absolutely I mean our american urological
association guidelines basically say that it’s completely safe and is because the data is so poor
on this that it’s really there’s no conclusive evidence that it causes any cardiovascular events
and. Also in regards to the prostate cancer thing. Well, we know that we’re even giving it to men.
When they’ve had prostate cancer in the past. After a certain period of time when we know
they’re free of disease, it’s actually safe to give those men testosterone too. So it’s not going
to cause a recurrence of prostate cancer in men who don’t have prostate cancer anymore, the most
interesting part of it all is like. There are some some trials right now going on and there’s some
research on patients, even with metastatic prostate cancer. So they do interval. Treatments with
testosterone and patients are doing fairly well. So it is actually surprise. It’s actually surprising
how much data we’ve been able to collect in the past few years and how and now we have more
confidence to be prescribing these medications to our patients, a lot of guys who want
testosterone or feel like they need it or end up needing it clinically need it. They want
to know. Is it going to fix my erectile dysfunction? I love this one rina, because how many men
show up to your office, with the chief complaint of erectile dysfunction, they’re already on
testosterone therapy and they’re just disappointed, or even more so they’re disappointed, because
they’ve already gone to low t clinics with their only complaint was erectile dysfunction. They
were started on testosterone replacement therapy and again they are not noticing those results
so. Why does this happen? So usually, whenever I talk to my patient, I usually I you let them
know. It’s like hey, let’s define some terms here to everyone. Seeing this video. There are multiple
types of erectile dysfunction, there’s psychogenic, there’s vascular, erectile, dysfunction, there’s
neurogenic and there’s also hormonal erectile dysfunction. So psychogenic is usually when you
are, just not focused in the act. It is the most common type of erectile dysfunction in younger
men. You are more focused on your penis than your partner you’re, trying to pump yourself
up in the middle of sex instead of focusing on your partner. So that’s I see that so often in
my office, but that’s a topic for another day. Then we have the vascular, erectile dysfunction.
Which again is the most common type of ed for older men and that’s when we start having problems
with, either blood flow getting into our penis or the blood flow is just not staying trapped inside
our penis, and then we have the neurogenic one, which is the nerve, related erectile dysfunction,
most commonly happens after back injury, or you have brain injury. Also it can occur.
After the prostate gets removed for cancer. The nerves are just not able to innervate those
blood vessels that bring blood flow into our penis, and then we have hormonal erectile dysfunction.
Which is when testosterone is low. Most of the time, however, this is actually related to the sex
drive more directly than the actual blood flow issue. With the penis. I have many men who come
into my office for eb and they flat out tell me like doc, I’m just not interested in sex, so out of
all, these types testosterone only helps with one. Maybe two there are some. We know that
testosterone can also help improve blood flow throughout our body. So there are some that you
know believe that it could. It can contribute to vascular erectile dysfunction, but it’s
certainly not the cure. So whenever we talk about erectile dysfunction, it is so much more
complex than testosterone. That is why it is very important that you go see a urologist, you
know, a sexual health expert like dr malik myself and there’s multiple others across the nation, so
that’s the best way for for me to put it that way. How about you? What do you think you said it
perfectly, but I would say that be really careful of these low t clinics. I mean not all of them
are bad, but a lot of them will give you like the works and that’ll include like shockwave and prp
and things are still considered investigational and they will charge you an exorbitant
amount of money for things that are a lot cheaper, like intracavernosal injections or medications
that. You can actually get a lot more affordably when you go to a regular doctor, and so there
is a little bit of concern just like they’re, giving you testosterone, saying
that your erections are going to get better that they’re doing all these things that you
may not be the right candidate. For so just be careful. That is so true. I mean I have so many men
who. I I usually ask them: it’s like yeah doc. I’ve been going week every single week to this clinic
to, get to my testosterone. Show I’m like how about you give yourself testosterone, shot and usually
they’re surprised they’re like can I do that and I’m like? Yes, you can. I mean these are
you, know cheap medications, so you can get in most in many pharmacies, even if you don’t
have insurance. These medications tend to be very affordable and you can do it yourself, there’s
it’s! No, there’s no rocket science to this. You can do it yourself at home, yeah. I have patients who
you know who do it twice a week, because they they they had some effects with once a week
and they do it twice a week and they do it at home, like it’s totally totally reasonable. So what
about yeah? What about? What about side effects with testosterone replacement? What are
what should people be concerned about so with with testosterone replacement therapy
I mean that sometimes I can actually increase dht, which is a an acronym for a very
long word that I’m not even going to mention it can increase fat in our sebastian’s glands
sebaceous glands, so we can actually have acne. There are some people that are very sensitive to
testosterone levels, especially when there are in the super physiological levels. That means that we
are above the normal range and you can have acne some there are some people can start noticing:
some breast swelling or some breast tenderness, which we call gynecomastia the way the
reason that happens is because testosterone gets converted to estrogen in our bodies. That’s
just, a natural process that happens in our bodies, and there are some men that can start
experiencing that, and there are medications that we can give you to avoid you from having that side.
Effect there’s also when you’re in those higher levels, there could be an increased hematocrit
so. Basically, the red blood cells inside our veins and our arteries are gonna start to
increase, and this can sometimes lead to headaches and but that can easily be managed with a regular
blood draws or sometimes even just decreasing the dosage or, like you just mentioned before, instead
of using a very high dose once or twice a week, we can probably do what we call micro dosing
so. You can do a lower dose more frequently and that way you stay within a normal range. Instead
of you being on a roller coaster and another one. That’s very important: if we give you
exogenous testosterone, it can lead to testicular atrophy, so the at the testicles can actually start
getting, smaller and hence sometimes that can lead to infertility, yeah. That leads right into my next
question, which is: can you have kids while you’re on trt, so when, given most forms of testosterone,
this can suppress our hpg axis and our ability to produce our own testosterone so the way the way
this works? Is we have two glands in our brain that one? Let’s call it gland number one, which is the
hypothalamus that will stimulate gland number two to start producing. The gonadotropins
which are two hormones that our bodies that our brain sends to our testicles
to start producing testosterone and healthy sperm. When we give you testosterone, your body kind,
of like goes like on vacation they’re like well. Probably you don’t need me anymore, because I’m not
producing what I’m supposed to do so they just go to europe. They go on a vacation, right and and
what. I, and usually what I tell them is like hey. You need your own production of testosterone to
start, producing your to to start producing healthy sperm. However, the most the other
thing that we need to understand is like for us to maintain our own production of sperm. There
are actually medications that we can give you, along with testosterone, to help with that.
One of those medications, for example, is hcg. Remember that I said that there’s two hormones
that our brains, send to our testicles. One is fsh or follicular, stimulating hormone which keeps
our. It gets nutrients to the sperm to be healthy and the other one’s luteinizing hormone, which
is lh and that’s the one that actually helps the testicles to start producing testosterone well,
this, medication hcg, which, by the way is considered still considered off-label for the use in men.
Which is very important for us to understand, but hcg is an analog to lh to that luteinizing
hormone, so they’re, basically the same thing so with hcg. What we’re trying to do is trying to
overstimulate the testicles to start producing its own testosterone. For example. I am one
that for younger men who want to maintain their fertility and they also want to boost
your testosterone levels. Hcg can actually be given as monotherapy and and there’s another medication.
Which is clamofien also considered off labor for the use in men, but that can also help stimulate
our testicles to start producing testosterone yeah. Absolutely I definitely use some clomiphene
I. I guess I haven’t used hcg. I thought it was pretty expensive and difficult to get. Is
that accurate, or am I inaccurate on that? So, just until recently, until two weeks ago, it was
actually fairly easy to get. Usually we were able to get it through compounding pharmacies and power
was, one of the ones that was able to get this and unfortunately, a few weeks ago, empower received
the, cease and desist letter are basically saying that they cannot produce this medication anymore
however. There are still some other compounding pharmacies that we can get it from, but yeah this I
think is going to be a problem in the near future because it can get expensive if you go to regular
pharmacies, yeah, yeah well, good to know a lot of people hear this terminology, bio-identical
testosterone, and I wanted to get your thoughts on that. So it’s funny, because even yesterday we
were texting about this about this bio-identical testosterone. I’ve talked to so many people about
this, so bioidentical testosterone for everybody who’s. Reading this. This is just a marketing
tool for many clinics to to guide you into coming in to see them so that they can
give you this more natural testosterone. I have two disclaimers exactly so there I have two
disclaimers for everybody, who’s listening to us, so there’s no testosterone used in testosterone,
replacement therapy, that is natural. They are all made in a laboratory and all testosterone used all
testosterone that we use is molecularly identical to your body’s, naturally produced testosterone
was once it enters your bloodstream. So I know like this bioidentical testosterone again is a
term that for testosterone that is made identical to the molecular structure.
That, the human testosterone produces. However, all testosterone once it gets into your
bloodstream, will be molecularly identical to to your body’s natural testosterone.
You will be able to absorb it, so most men that come into my clinic. Then they tell me it’s like
hey doc. All right, the are the testosterone that you’re going to prescribe. Is it bioidentical
I’m, like all testosterone, is bioidentical? Just I mean there’s no or there’s no such thing as
bioidentical testosterone, they’re all made in a lab and they’re. All most of them are actually
safe. Yes, exactly 100 completely agree hard, cosign. So last question I have for you is what
if somebody wants to get off testosterone replacement? Is there a specific age or cutoff
or? Can they get off testosterone replacement? So the quick answer to that is: yes, I mean, can
you get off testosterone? Yes, should you get off testosterone? Probably not there’s many people that
believe that testosterone is only a medication given for erectile dysfunction. So sometimes I
have guys who are in their late 70s, late, 80s or, for example, they’re widowed, unfortunately
and they don’t have a partner and they’re just not interested in seeking out a partner, they’re
like. Well doc. I probably don’t need testosterone anymore, but we have to remember testosterone.
Also helps with our energy. It helps with our mood. It helps with our bone structure so usually for
for. These guys who are older. We don’t want them to start getting osteoporosis or osteopenia and
their bones start getting weaker and brittle. So usually what I tell them, it’s like hey, try to keep
your testosterone as much as you can, because again it it helps you keep a healthier lifestyle and
one other thing. Usually what I tell my guys is: is there an age for you to stop? I just
tell them. There’s two ways that you can age. You can age gracefully or you can age as a grumpy,
old man you choose and most of the time they try to age, gracefully yeah. Absolutely I completely
agree. I think especially the cognitive changes and people really feel like their brain
is clearer and they feel like they can be more active, be more energetic. They can go to
the, gym and get muscle and like it just it really changes their lives. So I think they really most
men. That I see are very, very happy and actually don’t really want to get off of it, because unless
they’ve forgotten it’s been so long ago, since they started that they forgot what it was like
before, but in those beginning times where they still remember how tired and foggy they were
they’re pretty happy to be on it. I I completely agree, and again I mean most of the time I mean
I’ve, been surprised even guys in their 80s who have bigger muscles than I do so it is possible
to, age, gracefully, yeah, absolutely well, thanks! So much jonathan, it was awesome to have you on. I
will link all of his socials below make sure you check out his youtube channel. As always, remember
to take care of yourself because you’re worth it.

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