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Get Treated for Erectile Dysfunction by Phoenix Marie!

Get treated for erectile dysfunction with Phoenix Marie as your nurse!

Getting Treated for Erectile Dysfunction- and Phoenix Marie is your Nurse!

In today’s world, erectile dysfunction (ED) is no longer a taboo subject. With the help of modern medicine, many men are able to overcome this condition and enjoy a healthy and active sex life.

If you are one of the many men who suffer from ED, you may be wondering what treatment options are available to you. One option that you may not have considered is massage therapy.

Massage therapy has been shown to be an effective treatment for ED. A study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research found that men who received massage therapy had improved erectile function.

The study participants were given a 30-minute massage three times per week for eight weeks. At the end of the study, the men who received massage therapy had significantly improved erectile function compared to the men who did not receive massage therapy.

If you are interested in trying massage therapy for your ED, you may be wondering who you should see. Phoenix Marie is a certified massage therapist who specializes in treating men with ED.

Phoenix Marie has been working as a massage therapist for over 10 years. During that time, she has helped countless men overcome ED and improve their sexual function.

Phoenix Marie is passionate about helping men improve their sexual health. She offers a variety of massage techniques that are designed to improve blood flow to the penis and reduce stress.

If you are ready to overcome your ED and improve your sexual function, contact Phoenix Marie today to schedule a consultation.

Imagine going to a doctor in Vegas to get treated for ED, and Phoenix Marie is your nurse! No this is not a fantasy, this can actually happen. Phoenix works part time as a medical assistant and part of her job is to treat men with ED, but not how you fantasize that she would. This is a fascinating and educational look at the male penis and why it can have trouble working– and how Phoenix can help fix it!

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Video transcription:

I just want to go back where they quickly. It is something that you said that you kind of like skated past you’re like oh, when I have their hard dick in my hand, they’re, like. Are you Phoenix, Marie, but you’re talking about this in some kind of like medically professional way, I’m assuming that’s when you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction correct. So how does that even work? Cuz I know nothing about how one goes into an office and like how does what happens so? As men grow, older I will say. Johnny Castle is totally cool with me, like biessing that he comes in here. His dick gets hard, no matter what that’s not the problem, but he just does it cuz it kind of makes the Jacqueline better makes erections better, makes the sensitivity better that you wider and longer too. So it’s just kind of that’s just the added benefit, so we brought it on and he was so sweet to be my like training buddy, because I needed somebody who was comfortable to do a training video for the office who better than Johnny Castle right I was like hey. You don’t mind. Being naked being filmed right and it’s what everyone’s like I was wait for you to start sucking his dick I swear. I was like no, but it’s just one of those things of guys really savvy. Be they come in and see me I help tell them what the best plan of action is. I guess is the best way to put it, and then we go from there. So if they have really severe IDI, we have something called a PRP injection which is a pee shot, dr. Reynolds demented, and it’s really neat like it’s the same that used for vampire facials. So if you yeah I was I’ve heard that before okay, so he actually been a bat too and then one day he got intoxicating injected his penis and he was like holy [ __ ]. This is amazing, so we went to Fairhope Alabama and actually learned how to do it directly from him. This peach pot, so you can use that and it heals all. The valves inside the penis Wow as men get older circulations an issue for everybody right, especially we like sugar. So if I have to use an artery, two main arteries called the pudendal arteries to feed that shaft to get hard and there’s Pike and platelets first thing that they can tell they have any heart issues or circulatory issues is EP, so I, basically medically diagnosed them with what’s wrong, and then we get to the bed part. Now some guys are straight from the get-go yeah, so I just want to let I know who you are and well okay, you’re about to spend $6,000 to treat your penis erection problem like come on in I. Don’t care about this later, like it’s fine yeah, gentlemen, come in from California we’re in Vegas right. He did not tell me that he knew who I was we we email back and forth he’s like all of a sudden like we were there’s a penis like pop, like in the old-school movies, where you have to stick your penis in built up right, then you let it down, but that’s a whole other thing and he’s all yeah so pump things fixed and he goes by the way. I joined your website. I was like I’m. Sorry. What and my ID was cured, everything’s working great, like I, really want to sponsor your website. I didn’t think that you were gonna, be the technician actually do the right child sponsor I thought. Maybe you were just being paid to talk about it and I was like yeah, be the spokesperson yeah. Actually, no, this is my job job I’m like well. Okay porn is Thursday Friday, Saturday, Sunday medical office, Monday Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, like Thursdays, are like my okay. If I have to go to LA to shoot, I will, but the most for everything is in Vegas right now, so right, wait. Okay, so sorry, I, just I need more detail, but this erectile disfunction thing cuz I. Just so you give them the shot and then do they get hard immediately like. Where is the you holding their hard penis in your hand? Where does that part come in that’s what I what’s funny so we’re gonna do just gaze wave, not the pea shot. Okay, so the pichia has like bite impressions into the corpus. Cavernos switcher there’s two main arteries that feed the penis okay right, okay, little arteries into the corpus cavernos. Well, the tip of the penis is the spongy. Oh, some it’s a gland, it’s where all their sensitivity comes from, so you inject the basis that spongy awesome, the head of the penis and then down the shaft twice, but we do a block because they don’t need to feel any pain, so it doesn’t get their penis hard. So, like the petroi makes the cover Jets. Those are the ones I’m like my performers use on set right. Those are horrible for you. They actually cause you get a penis humph enjoy done, and the injections only lasts at some point like one of our very familiar friends that has a penis pump, he was doing the injections three three times a scene to stay hard for like two hours for still than that, and he said mommy like it’s. It’s painful, like you, don’t understand when anyone got a penis pump, so they actually also caused ponies. Have you ever [ __ ], a dude with a crooked, dick I feel like so yeah? So some of the guys, even in porn and now I know that, like hey, you injected your dick started to curve and it didn’t curve before so when they inject it cause a scar tissue. So I had a gentleman that came in and he literally was 45 degrees mid-shaft. So from the base to the mid-shaft, it literally broke off 45 degrees because he started injecting with the trimix like the mel talent. Some of them used not all right and it really kept doing this and then one morning he woke up, and it was completely some white. We actually got him almost completely straight I’d say he’s more like this, not fully this but he’s more. Yes, he was so grateful because I mean imagine you’re only four inches total and two of it’s going the other way. Yeah they get hard I’m. Just like okay, that’s cool. It’s expected I have had that freak. That’s a little bit like halo, I, see what you’re saying so the them getting an erection is just like kind of a natural reaction to someone touching their penis you’re, not jerking them off to see if the edie treatment work, okay got it. I wished I didn’t know. That was a medical thing if you needed to test and you’re right, no I definitely need to clarify your hopes that right that was on me, but like we have a machine called a extra corporal shock wave therapy. It’s not electricity or anything like that, but it feels like somebody studying you on this side and it literally feels like a massage to a guy’s dick, so they’re, just jokers [, __ ] they’re, like oh, my god, hold on oh yeah. That feels really good I’m like and pre-c. So one day, no Phoenix Marie’s doing it and I’m massaging their dick. With this extra corporal shock wave therapy, so they’re like [ __, ] yeah like and now my dick I, don’t have EB anymore, some of them. If it mental cuz yo guys, are all mental right. Yeah yeah yeah I just help straight out. I’m all I can’t fix mental problems, I don’t mean to be mean, but a lot of men had, especially if they had one incidence of EB. You remember like how many guys don’t come to set and they’re doing great and all the sides, the girl says something gets in their head and now they can’t get hard the rest of the day. I think I feel like if anybody understands what it’s like for men to get into that head-fuck space and not to be able to get a boner. It’s people like you and me because we’ve seen that happen so many times they struggle a little bit and then they and then the wheels start spinning and you can see it while it’s happening and they’re like okay, just one minute, just one minute, I’ll be right back to go to the bathroom to like watch porn on their phone or saying you’re like it’s [ __ ] 15 is [ __ ] like kisser, or that makes them come early because then they get insecure. They don’t control it anymore and now you’re like so. How long is your refractory period, because I need to know if we’re ready to continue or do you need to like be replaced, and then the girl, the [ __ ] cuz? What we don’t like sucking limp dicks for 30 minutes to try and get you hard I’ve done it I’m not go get her on the set like if my dudes, my grinning heart I, will try my best, but when, after they come and you’re like okay, I’m gonna here for you to come twice, it’s a job. Okay, now mind you. If, like Johnny council came on me twice they’re like men, well, I’m gonna, just wait: yeah yeah, they’re gonna come back. Yeah I’m, like no new guys are definitely the ones and you deal with like the twisties, the babes, the Naughty America. It’s like. Oh we’re, gonna use this new do today and you’re like okay, it’s gonna be [ __ ] thanks! Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed the show, make sure that you subscribe. So you don’t miss a single episode and go check out all the other videos. I film, every single one of my podcasts and if you want to listen to the audio version I’m on iTunes and all the other podcast platforms visit, Holly, Randall and filter com to find out more.

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طفي المكيف

Ed would be cured if anybody saw her

I looove Phoenix Marie <3

Phoenix Marie is sexy and one of my favorite stars but she can be my nurse any day.

She could cure my ED by simply sitting on my face.

I’m 26 n on blue chew it’s amazing n really helps. Guys peak at 20. Sexually

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Phoenix Marie can cure my ED anytime!!

That wouldn’t help me at all nothing can. Mines never really worked

Oh and FYI, I make almost 6 figures a year around 93000, but I’m pretty sure if what you say is true, then that shouldn’t matter, right?

Sounds like you’re so cynical. Oh, this is what you think works, or this is what I’ll do to make it work!!! What if the guy REALLY likes you? Do you just revert back to , oh he knows who I am? I mean, get over yourself. You talked about how a guy you dated , the doctor, only later found out, what you did for a living so you brushed that off. Then the guys you dated on and off for years and then blamed the break up on that? Well, what is the common denominator? Maybe it is you!! I myself would lot to give this theory a try. I haven’t a thing to lose, nor do you. I make more than enough to support myself, and then some.

Honestly, I knew marie because of ryback’s youtube channel (feed me more guy). I knew she was a smart lady but in this video she really took it to the next level. Beautiful and intelligent. Keep up the good work.

The P-shot is STILL being studied @ U. of Miami Urology, though loads of offices sell that treatment as if it were definitive. Cha-Ching!$$$$ The results are STILL not conclusive. I’d NOT be getting my ED info from Phoenix Marie.

Phoenix Marie is one smart woman/lady, for sure. I would trust her, with my $6 G’s, most definitely. I loved this interview ! Another Great (Job) Interview by, Holly Randall ! 2:55; 3:44 = That was f#ckin’ hilarious, Holly ! 5:05 : Holy Crap !!! What a Story… (If it was a professional certified and licensed urologist, I still would have to do a (Walmart) lay-a-way plan to fork/spew out $6,000 though : not in one lump sum; more like a monthly minim payment(s) on a (or multiple) Credit Card debt(s).)

I’ve never been in such a sit., and I’ve never had to deal w/ Phoenix. But I’ve thought many times watching someone like Tori Black, Sasha Grey, Angela White, Lisa Ann, Jenna Haze, etc. — how long would I last in a sit. like that? And the conclusion is, every time, not long. At all. And it has nothing to do w/ ED. It’s just, come on. Angela White is all of a sudden mostly nude, rubbing up against me? How long am I gonna’ last? I have no idea how these guys do it, tbh.

How are you supposed to shoot a 10m scene w/ Kayden Kross? I wouldn’t last 10m, or even close.

I’ve always loved Phoenix Marie! She’s so fucking cool! LOL :-)

It’s quite simple and you can get it done in 2 or 3 weeks, ANYBODY can get as hard as a statue just by going through the new revelations by Mario Volpstein.

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