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China’s BIZARRE Erectile Dysfunction Cure

In China, there is a bizarre cure for erectile dysfunction that involves drinking the urine of pregnant women.

Yes, you read that correctly. Pregnant women’s urine is said to be packed with nutrients and hormones that can help men with ED.

The practice is called drinking mother’s milk and it’s been around for centuries.

According to a 2008 study, the pregnant women’s urine contains estrone, a type of estrogen that can improve sexual function in men.

The study found that estrone levels in the urine of pregnant women were 10 times higher than in non-pregnant women.

In China, the practice of drinking pregnant women’s urine is known as shui ji niao or water chicken urine.

The urine is collected in a special container and then drunk by the man suffering from ED.

Some people believe that the pregnant women’s urine contains other nutrients and hormones that can improve sexual function, such as progesterone and prolactin.

While there is no scientific evidence to support these claims, the practice is still popular in China.

If you’re thinking of trying this bizarre cure, you should know that there are some risks involved.

Pregnant women’s urine can contain harmful bacteria that can cause infections.

It can also contain high levels of hormones, which can be dangerous for men with certain medical conditions.

Before you try this cure, you should talk to your doctor about the potential risks and benefits.

The Bottom Line

Drinking pregnant women’s urine is a bizarre practice that is said to cure erectile dysfunction. There is no scientific evidence to support these claims, and the practice can be dangerous. If you’re considering trying this cure, you should talk to your doctor first.

The Iron Crotch is a form of Kung Fu, where the practitioners train by hitting themselves in the where. It’s born out of traditional Chinese medical practices, but is most likely a product of paranoia surrounding mens virility. Here’s what they do, and why.

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Video transcription:

This is a different kind of ball sport. Would you have the balls to take on this sport, the cajones on these blokes? Do you have the stones to take on this kung fu style? Okay, I’m done this is just one of the things you can’t make up. My first experience with this whole ball punching fiasco is when I first got my first teaching job in china. I walked into a classroom of absolute chaos, these little boys about eight years old running around punching each other as hard as they could in the balls all while laughing. It was like a kind of game, they’d hold each other down and punch each other in the balls and then move on to the next victim. It wasn’t a bullying thing. It’s like everyone got their own fair chance. I got vietnam level flashbacks of getting punched in the balls. When I myself was in second grade, I threw up and I had to lay down in the nurse’s office. This was no laughing matter. I thought my balls had either traveled into my stomach or had been vaporized. That’s how much it hurt not in china. No, these kids were training for something much more powerful, something that I didn’t have the testicular fortitude, for they were training to be disciples of the iron crotch. And yes, I said that correctly there is a type of kung fu called the iron crotch back then I thought it was something kids only did, but when I was wandering around a small rural chinese village, I noticed a crowd beginning to gather an oh goody. My favorite thing it was a traveling village circus. These circuses are incredible: it’s when people come from out of town and set up different sort of attractions and stuff that people can pay money to to view. Usually it has some sort of sob story at the end about how some one of their members has cancer or one of their kids needs to go to school or something and then they ask for handouts. But anyway I digress. This one had some sword: swallowers some flame spitters, typical, acrobats people, balancing on chairs and things like that. It was always a sight to see, but then something new, something new came. Two men stood in golden chinese silk garments and, after bowing one of the men turned to punch the other man in the balls. No fight ensued, no laughter in the crowd. No, this wasn’t three stooges. These were just iron crotch masters. The other man proceeded to recover immediately and kicked the other man in the balls bowing to the crowd they erected a sheet and behind the sheet they attached weights to their balls. Then they proceeded to show the crowd how much weight they could swing from their sack, as I grimaced and winced in the crowd. No one else reacted. That way. Little did. I know that this was a chinese phenomenon. China’s iron crotch monks believe that if you repeatedly punch, kick or attack one’s balls, the practitioner will become stronger. It’s said to be passed down from ancient kung fu practices that time has all but forgotten. I remain a bit skeptical on this. As many historical things have actually been lost in china due to german mao’s destruction of the country and its history. During the cultural revolution from between 1966 to 1976, where chinese citizens were encouraged to burn, destroy and purge any history of china that wasn’t communist history, this left a massive vacu of people in china trying to find a purpose and meaning in a country, that’s already destroyed its own past. A good example is the amount of people in china that will tell you that foreigners- and I mean people that don’t come from china, so it could be talking about japanese people or american people or russian people. They say that foreigners can’t eat chili, peppers or spicy food, because chilies and spicy food in general comes from china, I’m not even joking. If you go around china, they’ll say you foreigners, you can’t handle spicy food, but it’s not widely understood in china that chili’s are actually a new world food from south america. I mean I’ll, be honest with you. I actually got to a point where I was starting to think that chili’s or spicy food was in fact chinese food just because of the amount of propaganda people forced down my throat when I was in china anyway, it was introduced to china, chili, peppers and spicy food around 1400s or 1500s via the silk road nope, not in china. In china, it’s ancient chinese cuisine and your unrefined foreign palette cannot handle. It same goes for corn and all the other new world foods. The thing is when you delete history, people make their own and it’s usually made up with the aid of the chinese government to aid their own narrative. So usually, these bizarre theories have come up with an effort to kind of promote nationalism or china’s rich deep history. People often forget that china they they like to tout themselves as having a 5 000 year history, but in fact it was just warring factions that were constantly land grabbing and expanding it wasn’t one cohesive country. I mean the government even says that chinese people didn’t evolve like the rest of us, like from africa, but instead from their own stock called the peking man. I kid you not science be damned anyway. A ton of these superstitions and weird practices are born out of the fact that they were all but destroyed by communism. I mean there are things that we’re held on to like tai chi, there’s this cool thing that old men like to do where they whip this massive top with a huge chain, and it sends echoes throughout the parks and in china. That’s pretty cool this dude that we filmed actually seems to be quite the master. You have chinese board games. You have go things like that cricket keeping. You have people gathering together to play instruments and music and things like that. But the thing is: I’m gonna call [ __ ] on punching yourself in the dick. Is an ancient chinese art form these masters, who swing around huge amounts of weight from their members, or they get whacked with logs or line up to be kicked and punched in the willy. It’s more likely about china’s hang up on men’s virility or the lack of being able to use your penis properly. You’ll see this with traditional chinese medicine. There’s ancient chinese cures for everything under the sun many times they’ll be using endangered animals as the cure. You guys have all heard of tiger penises and pangolin scales and rhino horns. This all comes from the fact that there’s a lot of paranoia surrounding the fact that men are not virile enough. So this idea that men are like hmm- I don’t think I’m going to be viral enough for this woman or that’s the reason that my wife’s cheating on me or whatever, there’s all these excuses that they make to buy all of these ridiculous traditional chinese medicine cures, as I edit this video I’ve had the pleasure of watching a lot of erectile dysfunction ads in on chinese media and, oh, my gosh. Some of these are absolutely amazing. The old white monkey job hiring the fake american doctor as usual selling. Those imported from america pills, eh selection of nature, made for better 100 imported from the usa, patient of brand. The powerful core competitiveness of caymans each box of kmax is in the united states fta gmp and usp certified. In many cases, it’s just people that suffer from erectile dysfunction. This hang up about having to use natural remedies coming from endangered species is still something that’s very prevalent within china and it’s to the detriment of endangered species around the world. The reason that people like to use these mystical methods is because it’s grapevine, it’s word of word of mouth. A lot of these traditional chinese cures. Don’t come from ancient texts at all the whole chinese tiger, penis myth it’s going to make your penis bigger or we’re going to make your penis work better. This is fairly modern stuff that gets passed down you can. You can actually see this. You go around. China they’ll have different cures for different things. Based on what area you’re in and they’ll say, it comes from some ancient text that was passed down from some place near beijing or wherever, but in fact it’s just something that an old wives tale of cra it was created in the countryside and then passed around through word of mouth. Also, you can see this in the prevalence of men’s hospitals around china. It’s something I had never really seen when I was in other countries the amount of non hospitals or places where men go to get their penises checked or to get aid with their whole erectile dysfunction problem. It’s the absolute scale of it is insane. Every town every area has some sort of men’s hospital and you’ll be inundated with ads for men’s hospitals when you’re in china, and they claim to fix all kinds of penile problems. Little clinics around china will offer medicinal penile massage to help clear up any issues. I’m not joking. It’s just like a place where you go, get your penis massaged because they say it’s necessary to to make sure you don’t get erectile dysfunction and all this kind of stuff. But the thing is: I’ve always put it down to diet, exercise, smoking and drinking the average chinese middle to older age. Male he’s dealing with a lot of this kind of stuff, whether it’s erectile dysfunction or the fact that he can’t keep it up or maybe he’s premature ejaculation. All of this stuff usually is tied to the lack of physique and the fact that these men are not very healthy. I mean the average man that deals with this kind of stuff is very inactive, smokes a ton of cigarettes. I mean, if you’ve been to china. You’ll know how many cigarettes chinese people smoke, especially men and a lot of chinese men are binge drinking alcohol. So it’s not like having a couple beers after work. It’s binge drinking alcohol because that’s what you do in china when you’re trying to uphold your guanxi or your connections or because of work, you have to drink absurd amounts of alcohol to prove that you’re, manly or trustworthy, and it’s just very unhealthy. A lot of people die from this. So the fact that this martial art of dick punching pops up claiming to cure men of this element would not be the easiest cell in the world, but I totally get it. The amount of snake oil that I’ve seen being sold in china for virility issues is absolutely insane, and at least punching yourself in the balls with a brick is free and it can be done within the privacy of your own home. Well, actually not with the iron crotch masters, because these guys, let it all hang out, there’s nothing to hide. In fact, if you’re gonna massacre your own manhood with tree trunks and build up years of scrotal calluses, well, there’s nothing to hide. In fact, if you’re gonna, if you’re gonna massacre your own manhood with tree trunks and build up years of scrotal calluses, why not swing gold bars from your balls? For the crowd? I mean you may not be able to get it up, but pulling a car with your dick is pretty cool. I guess.

What users commented:

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Coming across the great dr gboya on YouTube was a blessing to me he help me eradicated ED with his herbal medicine. Thanks for helping doc God bless you…,,.

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How do you even get into this? I feel like after the third or fourth attempt I’d be curled up on the ground covered in sweat

When you delete history goverments create their own:
” I’m looking at you.

They want to get virile? Eat more garlic. Have garlic fried rice and put garlic sauce on the chicken. Just use mouthwash to wash away the bad breath, and you’re good to go.

This seems like it was inspired by Jackass videos.

Man, I feel really bad for the Chinese men. Of all the things to worry about, your dick is the worst. Unlike lung problems or thyroid disorder, there are a lot of social/psychological issues that go along with erectile dysfunction

ow!! My balls!


LOL, until recently I hadn’t realized that Mario updated his favorite way to tackle ED and it’s a relief! Although what he previously suggested was pretty good, it was a real pain to follow… go’ogle Mario’s Thunderous Erections, you’ll see why it’s so much easier and potent now!

It kinda reminds me of what happened here in Africa a few years ago where the parents where concerned that there 5 sons would have trouble having kids like they did when they where young so the got a sangoma (highly respected healer among the Zulu people of South Africa who diagnoses, prescribes, and often performs the rituals to heal a person physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually) basically a witch doctor who did a spell requiring stuff some of what stood out as unusual was the required foreskin but anyway the sangoma then ordered them to go and rape an strong and terrifying animal and the sangoma then picked a crocodile, but the 5 guys where scared of dying so the sangoma then threw muti (traditional medicine usually something that’s a mix of plants and trees that have similar effects as shrooms) into the water so that the crocodile would be paralyzed and it seemed to work untill the 5 guys already chest deep in water found out that crocodiles live in groups and ate the 5 men the local people attempted to kill the sangoma for messing up the spell but local police intervened and basically said the f’ed about and found out why you don’t play with man eating animals.

Thirty seconds used to be the longest My husband reach because of early ejaculation issues,but now My husband can go 25 mins after using dr udoka on YouTube herbal meds

In contrast, ive tried Horny Goat Weed, and that DEFINITELY works

It seems a lot of this is for show, there’s lots of room for fakery when you’re wearing loose clothes, long
“, etc.

No wonder why they are all damaged. The semen in the sack is all messed up.

damn! you are such a source of misinformation and propaganda. anyone who has studied history knows that China has been ONE UNIFIED COUNTRY for thousands of years.

What a great way to develop testicular rupture and many related problems (all the way up to cancer). And I am not even joking.

“I mean, I get it, pulling a car with your dick is pretty cool
” -Laowhy86

IDK. I think you’re just jealous of their insurance covered handjobs.