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Fix Your Weak Erection Now!

If you're struggling with a weak erection, there are things you can do to improve your situation. Check out this article for tips on how to fix a weak erection.

How to Fix a Weak Erection

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem, affecting up to 30 million men in the United States. While there are many potential causes, it often comes down to poor blood flow to the penis. This can be caused by physical problems like heart disease or diabetes, or psychological issues like anxiety or depression. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to fix a weak erection and improve your sex life.

One of the first things you should do is see your doctor. They can help diagnose the underlying cause of your erectile dysfunction and recommend treatment options. If your doctor thinks your erectile dysfunction is being caused by psychological issues, they may refer you to a therapist or counselor.

There are also a number of things you can do on your own to improve your erections. One of the most important things is to stay healthy. This means eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and managing stress. If you smoke, quitting is also important, as smoking can damage the blood vessels and make erectile dysfunction worse.

In addition to lifestyle changes, there are a number of treatments available for erectile dysfunction. These include oral medications like Viagra, injections, and vacuum devices. If you’re not sure what will work best for you, talk to your doctor about your options.

With the right treatment, most men with erectile dysfunction can enjoy a normal sex life. If you’re struggling with this problem, don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about it. They can help you find the cause and get you on the path to treatment.

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01:15 Erectile Dysfunction vs. Weak Erection

02:45 Leading Causes of a Weak Erection

04:50 5 Ways to Fix a Weak Erection

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Video transcription:

So you’ve got an erection.
Congratulations. That is, brother. But hold on. One second
thought. It doesn’t feel quite as strong as it usually does.
Usually it’s hard to steal, but this time it feels more like
it’s filled with potatoes.. What is going on?. You’re totally
turned on your partner is hot as hell. She is ready for action.
Ah,. But your penis feels, like your lazy, couch, potato friend
barely, paying attention to the conversation, bro. It is time to
whip that penis into shape so that you can rock her world and
feel. Like the superstar said you are and spoiler alert. This
video has got surprises. So stick around and find out Hello,
I’m Caitlin, V. sex and relationship coach and penis
expert. It’s. Very it’s true athlete. Internet. I am the
preeminent expert on penises on YouTube. I. Dare somebody to come
to me and tell me somebody else. It’s, a crown I wear proudly
today I’m explaining what causes weak, erections. And, then I’m
going to share five easy ways to turn your weak erection into the
rock, hard,, powerful sex, god sort of steal that you have always
wanted and always deserved. First and very important, we’ve
got to differentiate between a weak erection and erectile
dysfunction. A weak erection can happen to anyone,. Even guys. That
Don’t have anything necessarily wrong with them. Chronic Edie,
however, is an ongoing issue. It’s marked by a consistent
inability to get erect and maintain an erection. Long enough
to enjoy intercourse. So. If you are experiencing continual
erectile difficulties,, you should speak to a healthcare
provider about your treatment. Options. That’s, it. A weak
erection is more like a case of the Mondays for your deck.. It’s
Cause can be physiological, like maybe you’re pre diabetic. And
this is blood. Sugar related or the cause can be emotional, like
maybe you just got fired or are under some stress at work,
you’ve got some unresolved issues or hang ups with your sex
partner.. This can be solved with just some basic coaching, check
out, my highperformance male coaching, program. If. You want to
have a high performance number between your legs,. It can also
be circumstantial,, like maybe you have trouble staying hard
when you put on a condom because of decreased sensation. And
lastly,. Your weak erection could just be a random reminder. That
Your body is getting older, like Roy Kent, or any other aging
athletes,. Sometimes it’s gonna move a little slower when it
gets put in the game. And, then it’s gonna rely on Jamie chart,
they’re gonna have a complicated relationship, everybody’s going
to grow at the end,, we’re all going to cheer,. Everyone gets to
be happier and better satisfying,, and can we please
get more sex scenes in the next season of Ted last. So, it’s the
one thing, I, really want, I just want to watch Roy can’t lay pipe
one of the leading causes of weak erections is actually the
plaque that builds up in our blood vessels. As, we begin to
age, it gums up the pipes, so to speak,, and that prevents quality
blood flow to your penis,. Making for weaker less erections. But
there is a really cool option for treating that plaque in your
penis. And, that is, low intensity, shockwave, therapy,, essentially, a
shockwave is sent in to your penis, and it travels so fast
that. It causes a little vacu behind it. This is a process
called cavitation. And. With that little vacu causes little
ruptures, little tiny micro traumas,. It doesn’t hurt, it’s
not something that you would even notice., But it causes
little traumas to the actual plaque and to your actual blood
vessels. And. What happens? Is the plaque gets destroyed, your body
carries, it away. And, so do weaker blood vessels, your body
also carries those cells away. And in the process,. It begins to
build new blood vessels,. This process causes a little bit of
damage,, but it’s damaged that your body is very capable of
healing. So. It actually invites your body to come through and
heal. And. When your body does that,, it actually builds back
better. What’s even cooler about that, is that my friends over at
the Phoenix created a device that allows you to do this at
home,. It used to be that you had to go to a men’s health. Clinic
And pay a whole bunch of money and spent a whole bunch of time
in, the car. And. Maybe you were like even hiding it from your
wife or your girlfriend,, which I do not recommend. Now you can
actually just treat yourself in the comfort of your own. Home,
Which is awesome. And. If you want more information on that
the link is in the description. Below. And yes, I do make a
small percentage off of every sale from the Phoenix and I
really really support them. If you are a subscriber to my
channel,, which you ought to be that I don’t do a lot
of promoting for other people’s stuff. And, that’s because I got
my own stuff that I like to promote because I’m dope and I
made it for you. And. This is one thing that I can actually
promise to the guys who have we corrections out. There makes a
hell of a lot of difference. And with that in mind,. Maybe you’re
not ready to go straight to the Phoenix. Let’s talk about five other things
that. You can do to help strengthen your erections. No
Number one, strengthen your pelvic floor. Your soft
direction might be caused by low blood flow and a weak pelvic
floor.. It also is the reason that your erection used to look
like this, but now it goes to a gas tank on fo. Now it’s pointing
to like gas tank headed towards Fe. Then pelvic floor is a
community of muscles in your groin,. They support your
thrusting,. They support your sex organs,. They support your
bladder. Good news to you,. I have a whole video on how to
strengthen your pelvic, floor. I, actually have many videos on how
to strengthen your pelvic floor because it’s really important.
So check that out for the deep dive. But real, quick after this
video, just the next time you go pee, try to stop your urine.
midstream. The muscles that you’re using to hold that urine
back are an important part of your pelvic floor and they will
help you to activate and learn how to strengthen those muscles
by tightening them and releasing them. Again, go watch my other
videos on exactly how to do. That., And, good news for y’all
who work out, hip thrusts and hip abduction. Machines can also
really help to strengthen your pelvic floor and increase the
health inside of your pelvis.. Which brings me to number two,
quit porn and learn patience. If. You watch a lot of porn, there’s
a good chance that you are teaching your body to only get
rock hard when presented with increasingly extreme and
outlandish porn scenes. So. If you spend six hours a day
watching Slovenian gangbang food bite porn,. It is therefore not
shocking that you would have trouble getting hard when
attempting missionary with your chaste Procrit. Essentially,
you’ve got to reteach your brain and your balls. How to get
stimulated by normal as human touch and real sexual encounters
instead of just virtual ones., I number three, go for a walk.
Yeah, I said it. That is right.. It can be that simple. Walking
more can increase the strength of your erections.. And Harvard
study found that just 30 minutes of walking a day reduced Edie
issues by 41%. If. That is not a good reason to go for a walk.. I
Don’t know what is. And, while you’re walking,. Why not walk
into a local gym and workout a little bit throw weights around,
get on the elliptical,? Your erectile strength is often a
reflection of your overall health. So. If you’re doing
cardio and lifting weights,, you will be increasing blood flow
throughout, your body, you’re, going to be lowering your blood
pressure, you’re, going to see less weak erections and more
hard stallion,. Ask directions. And on that note,, let’s also
talk about booze and cigarette s both affect your ability to get
and, maintain strong erection. So. If you are leaning into those
vices a little too hard, just think about your penis health
and cut back. Number four, change your sleep habits. Number
one,! Are you getting enough sleep just enough hours per
night,, but equally as important? Number two,? Do you suffer from
sleep, apnea or any other obstruction to your ability? To
Get enough oxygen while you sleep. Because, if you don’t get
enough oxygen in your blood,, you have lower nitric oxide levels
inside of your blood. And. That directly affects your ability, to
get hard. So. If that’s you definitely talk to your doctor.
Look into those little like nose. Strips, get a CPAP machine like
whatever! You have got to do, because it’s actually not just
your erections,, but your whole body needs a oxygen rich,
regenerative deep, sleep. And last, but certainly not least,
number. Five, stop winking off. So much similar to porn
masturbating too much can cause erectile issues when it’s time
to perform with a partner. So. If you are coming every day or even
multiple times a day,, it is no wonder you’re going to have a
hard time getting hard for actual sex. I mean,, your balls
and body, does don’t have an infinite supply of all the
fluids that are needed to make great erections happen. So if
you are a prolific masturbator I, don’t know that I’ve ever put
those, two words before prolific illustrator, but if you are one,
it, takes a bit of restraint and strategy to be a good sexual
partners. So. If that you’re gonna have sex, soon, you
may just plan ahead and refrain from jerking off for a few days,
saving, all of that energy and fluids, and all that for your
partner. Alright,. So now we’ve isolated some of the causes: of
weak erections. I’ve. Given you some options for addressing them
and, your penis is ready to achieve those stallion level
erections that you and your partner have always dreamed
about. And, whether you implement these five techniques or not,
and. I. Think you should,. You can also incorporate the Phoenix
into, your penis health routine, because a little tune up is
great and everyone wants a super powered super strength. Penis.
Alright,, that’s it for me: today. I’m, Caitlin, V., Thank, you so much
for, subscribing to my channel. And I will see you here. Next

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