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Fix Erectile Dysfunction Now - Diabetes Sufferers Need Not Suffer Anymore

If you have diabetes and are struggling with erectile dysfunction, there are steps you can take to improve your condition. Read on to learn more and find out how you can fix your erectile dysfunction if you have diabetes.

Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. It can be a sign of health problems. Diabetes is one cause of ED.


High blood sugar levels from diabetes can damage nerves and blood vessels throughout your body. This damage often affects the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis.


The symptoms of ED can vary. They might not happen right away. They might happen only occasionally or happen more often over time. The symptoms might be:

  • Trouble getting an erection
  • Trouble keeping an erection
  • Reduced sexual desire

Risk factors

You are more likely to develop ED if you:

  • Have diabetes
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Are overweight
  • Smoke
  • Do not exercise


ED can be a sign of a more serious health problem, such as heart disease or diabetes. If you have ED, talk to your doctor.


The goal of treatment is to:

  • Reduce or manage health conditions that can cause ED
  • Increase blood flow to the penis
  • Increase sexual desire

Your doctor might prescribe medicine to treat ED. These medicines can be taken by mouth or injected into the penis. They can also be placed in the urethra at the tip of the penis.


You can lower your risk of ED by:

  • Exercising
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Quitting smoking
  • Limiting alcohol use
  • Managing stress
In this video, Stephanie Wolff and Kelvin Walker from The Novus Center explain the different ways to fix erectile dysfunction if you have diabetes.

You can find an overview of how diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction and also the existing treatments to overcome erectile dysfunction if you have diabetes.

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00:00 Overview

00:19 How does diabetes cause erectile dysfunction

01:35 How to treat erectile dysfunction if you have diabetes

01:41 Viagra (The Blue Pill)

03:32 Trimix Injections

04:05 Surgery

04:46 Shockwave Therapy

05:26 Hormone Balancing

07:14 The P-Shot

07:52 Which treatment is best for you?

08:39 The minim protocol



MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: These videos or any videos on “The Novus Center” YouTube channel does not provide medical advice. The information, including but not limited to, text, graphics, images and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only. No material on this channel is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this channel.

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Video transcription:

Today, we’ll be explaining how to treat erectile dysfunction if you have diabetes and if this is what you’re looking for, please do stick around until the very end, we’ll show you exactly how to get a free personalized treatment plan to help reverse this condition: hi, I’m kelvin and I’m one of the wellness professionals here at the nova center and I’m stephanie wolff, pa and ceo of the nova center. So how exactly does diabetes cause erectile dysfunction? Well, I always have this common way of explaining diabetes by using the mucinex commercial. So for those of you, who’ve ever seen the mucinex commercial he’s that big green mucus, boogery guy, I like to think of him as a sugar molecule. However, I did have a patient yesterday who had never seen a muse next commercial, so I had to explain it as an apple think about your big sugar molecule looks like an apple and your blood vessels are basically the diameter of a pencil so you’re trying to fit this huge apple into this little pencil. It just doesn’t make sense. So now I want you to envision the blood vessels of your penis they’re. As small as the diameter of a pencil, so if you have all this sugar running around you’re, no longer getting that rich oxygenated blood through this small little pencil diameter to feed that tissue of your penis, what you have is you have this apple, going through basically breaking apart your blood vessels. So if you’re breaking apart your blood vessels, you no longer have strong healthy blood vessels to feed your tissue. Therefore, no blood, no tissue, no erection! There are a few different ways to treat ed. If you have diabetes, most doctors prescribe viagra or what you guys know as the little blue pill, or perhaps it’s levitra or cialis, whatever name it is it’s actually what they call a pde5 inhibitor, and just to give you a little bit of background of what a pde5 inhibitor is it actually blocks? What’s called cgmp, I know I’m throwing out all kinds of words at you. Cgmp is actually an enzyme that will cause calci to be blocked from the cell, and when you have a flux of calci in the cell, you get vasoconstriction, so no blood flow is flowing through it. So this is the body’s natural process you’re going to release nitric oxide, which then releases something called cgmp. The cgmp is going to block calci that way you can have vasodilation. So what does pde5 do? Well, the pda5 enzyme itself is going to make sure you’re not walking around with an erection for 24 hours a day, but as we get older, we produce less nitric oxide when you produce less nitric oxide. That means that you’re no longer creating that chemical reaction, which means that you’re no longer blocking that calci. So they had to invent viagra and levitra and cialis this pde5 inhibitor. So they can go in there and basically hold off that calci. So you could sustain an erection much longer or basically back to when you were 20.. When you were 20, you were able to get an erection and maybe it last for a couple hours. Maybe you had a short refractory time, but as you get older you’re no longer able to do that. So that’s really why these pde5 inhibitors were invented so that you could actually sustain an erection for four to six hours. Then, of course, there’s the trimix injections. Trimex injections are basically a chemical compound and they have three different types of chemicals in them which are all vasodilators. So once you inject the trimex, it literally takes 10 minutes and you have an erection, there’s no thought process behind it. It just happens, it’s a vasodilator and then it lasts for about four to six hours. So the gentlemen that do use trimix. They are able to have multiple sessions or shorter refractory time if they want to, because the medication is doing the job for them and then don’t forget that there’s surgery surgery is exactly what you’re thinking there is both a inflatable and then there’s a semi-rigid contraption and what they do is they actually will place it in between your corpus cavernos? If it’s an inflatable one, it’s the best way for me to explain. It is kind of like one of those balloons that you’ll see outside of a car dealership and you’re responsible for pumping it up when you’re ready for it, whereas a semi-rigid is is basically like a prosthetic so like it says, you’re semi-rigid, but it’s surgery and then, of course, there’s shockwave. Therapy. Shockwave therapy is using acoustic, wave or sound waves, and what sound waves are known for is breaking up microplaque and promoting something that’s called angiogenesis, which is the formation of new blood vessels. So now you’re optimizing the amount of blood flow through these new blood vessels and feeding new tissue regeneration. Now, with shockwave therapy. We both have in clinic as well as an at home, using what’s now called the phoenix. If you’d like to learn a little bit more, you can go to Then of course, there’s hormone balancing, so hormones play a huge role, no pun intended in erections and the reason. Why is because I’m not sure if this, but as you get older, your testosterone starts to decline. Just like my estrogen starts to decline, but what’s most important about all of this is that testosterone is a potent vasodilator, it’s responsible for creating your nitric oxide. So remember when I was just talking about the pde5 inhibitors and why they were actually brought to the market. They were brought to the market because, as you age, your testosterone starts to decline, which means your production of nitric oxide starts to decline, which means you don’t have as much vasodilation as you used to the other thing that testosterone does. Is it acts as a natural calci channel? Blocker again, I know that you remember, I talked about it in the pde5 inhibitors, the more calci you have in a cell, the more vasoconstriction you’re going to have in your blood vessels. So, as you age, remember, you’re, producing less testosterone, which means you’re producing less nitric oxide, which means that you’re holding on to more calci you’re, not getting rid of it so that you can have vasodilation. So that’s what testosterone is going to do for you, but testosterone is not a one-stop shop there’s so many other hormones that need balancing in your body, growth, hormone, estradiol, dihydrotestosterone, dhea, there’s so many other players. The best way that I like to explain. It is think about it. Like a symphony, you have all these different musicians, creating this beautiful music. What happens if all the flute players call in sick? You no longer have the same song. It’s the same thing with your body. Don’t forget about the p shot, so the p shot is using your prp or platelet-rich plasma. This is your own blood, so you come into the clinic. We draw your blood, we spin it in a centrifuge and we remove the platelet-rich plasma. Your platelet-rich plasma has all your growth factors, your own stem cells and your healing properties, which really help to regenerate that tissue in the penis, as well as the blood vessel formation. So we have a lot of gentlemen who come in here who do not only shock wave therapy, but they’ll do the p shot at their last treatment and then, of course, they deal with their hormones but which of these treatments. Should you actually do? Maybe you don’t have the time or the money to try all of these treatments, and maybe you shouldn’t be trying all these treatments, so we have a solution. Just for you, novus is the nation’s leading sexual wellness clinic. We have a 95 success rate with reversing erectile dysfunction, all due to our standard protocol in treating patients for patients who have erectile dysfunction. We have three separate protocols, first of which is minim. Protocol second is preferred. Protocol and third is best protocol. If you want to skip ahead and check out your own personalized protocol, go to, we’ll explain the minim protocol, the absolute minim, our patients need to reverse their diabetes induced erectile dysfunction. Now, let’s talk about the minim protocol for diabetes. This is going to include a novus 90 minute hormone, medical evaluation. Your diabetes comes first and it must be under control and what that means is having a hemoglobin a1c of under 7. So if you don’t know what your hemoglobin a1c is it’s time for you to be evaluated, remember, diabetes destroys your blood vessels, so we have to repair your diabetes first. So I need to see your entire blood panel, which includes your hormone levels, your cholesterol, your a1c, your vitamins. I need to know how to balance and optimize your hormones, which will then help to regenerate your tissue and blood vessels, as well as strengthen your sexual function, libido, energy and overall health. If we find anything, that’s alarming in your blood test, we need to address it immediately. If we’re going to help you improve your sexual function. Remember if you have diabetes, then you do not have a good environment to grow healthy tissue and blood vessels in so we need to address this first. Obviously, we can’t explain everything here at once. So if you want your own personalized treatment plan for your erectile dysfunction and an explanation on what to do and when to do it go to, we’ve left the clinical studies to the topics we’ve discussed today in the description below. We hope this helps you.

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Dr Obulor, your wisdom and your knowledge in making these herbal medicine has enticed me into believing herbs is the major key to mans life as it’s natural I am really cured of Ed and my p***s can work really good thank you so much Dr ️

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I really Appreciate your Good work Dr Ogoh on YouTube,  Thanks for Curing my #Ed . No more  pains and sleepless night, thanks  #drogoh

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Your service toward humanity is indeed a great one Dr Ogoh, I’m permanently free from Erectile dysfunction after taking his medication. Thanks to Dr Ogoh on YouTube

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