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Female Sexual Dysfunction: Causes and Treatments

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Female Sexual Dysfunction Causes and Treatments

Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is a common problem that affects women of all ages. It can cause a variety of symptoms, including low libido, difficulty becoming aroused, difficulty reaching orgasm, and pain during sex. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to FSD, there are a number of treatments that can help.

One of the most common causes of FSD is low levels of the hormone testosterone. Testosterone plays a key role in sexual arousal and desire in both men and women. In women, testosterone is produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands. However, levels of testosterone can decline with age, after menopause, or if the ovaries are removed.

Other potential causes of FSD include psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, or depression. Relationship problems, such as a lack of communication or intimacy, can also play a role. Certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, can also lead to FSD.

Treatments for Female Sexual Dysfunction

The most effective treatment for FSD will depend on the underlying cause. If low testosterone levels are to blame, testosterone replacement therapy may be recommended. This can be done via injections, gels, or patches.

For psychological causes of FSD, therapy may be recommended. This can help to address any underlying issues, such as stress or anxiety. Couples therapy may also be helpful if relationship problems are contributing to the dysfunction.

There are also a number of medications that can be used to treat FSD. These include flibanserin (Addyi), sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), and vardenafil (Levitra). Each of these medications works in different ways, and some may be more effective than others.

In some cases, lifestyle changes may also be recommended. This can include exercises to improve sexual function, such as kegel exercises. Quitting smoking and reducing alcohol intake may also be helpful.

If you’re struggling with FSD, talk to your doctor. They can help to identify the cause and recommend the most effective treatment.

This video is part of a 2-hour lecture on sexual dysfunction provided by Nelson Vergel, author of Testosterone: A Man’s Guide and founder of and For more information on female sexual dysfunction causes and treatments visit:…

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Video transcription:

This is say, I have to say this is the most difficult part for me and not because I’m a man obviously, but it’s because the data is all over the place still struggling with getting products approved. Even the definition of female sexual dysfunction is more complex, obviously, with men we’re looking an erection is a mechanic thing right, we’re measuring in females. Obviously, it’s different. It’s about arousal, orgasmic, function, vagina, health and dryness, etc, accumulation. So there are many factors and believe it or not. Different studies have defined that sexual functioning women differently, so the FDA has had trouble pinpointing one good measurement tools, they’re gold standard for for female sexual dysfunction, but it’s getting better because at least we have one product that proved that open the door is not a very effective product, but at least you gotta prove so. I think that discussion about female sexual function is is increasing because of that we needed a product to prove I’m. Sorry. This is a little busy, but in at least one reference. 43% of American women suffered for sexual dysfunction over 15 million or more women highest proportions between 18 and 29. Young women, why? Because they’re also having more sex – and before the childbearing years, but also older women, have especially postmenopausal women a lot of problems. Many women can reach orgasm with the clitoris being stimulated, but only half of the women regularly reach orgasm in intercourse. I saw Netflix special on on this researchers and women and female activists. Talking about this, and many women in that special have never had an orgasm doesn’t even know what it was, and it was basically all related to their the male lack of ability, because it really is about create oral stimulation, so that, for me, in this, in the whole, special was the main point of God the fact that male suck at simulating women male thug, making a woman comfortable and connect spiritually and intimacy wise with women, which is part of this arousal. There are many things that we as men are doing wrong when it comes to, and we tend to be a little selfish and we tend to reach orgasm quick and not do our job to make sure that’s not the case, so we’re not the first ones, but the last ones to reach that point. So it’s very complex and I do have to say that women have also been very understanding and polite, because obviously nobody wants to charge up reaching orgasm, sometimes when they taint. So that was also very evident in that in that series that I saw the fact, so we may compel to have to lie just not to hurt their partner’s heart about their performance so and a lot of women in that in that, in that program, found orgasmic pleasure by themselves with toys and all that because they actually could stimulate their clitoris. So I was I was fascinated. I thought it was an amazing special if you can look into Netflix, because I saw it’s not only talking to doctors, but, ladies, that have the activists there add to this now there and you were telling me how that whole world you may want to say some of that yeah. So it’s actually not only. The fact that that we are a sexual partners are failing. Women. Women are not speaking up as much because, obviously there’s a male ego. Okay and as I said sexual performance anxiety is, it tends to be associated with judgment and that’s that’s a nation. So there are different variables in the female sexual functions that desire disorder, libido lack of libido. There are also arousal disorder, a persisting ability to attain or maintain sufficient sexual excitement, an orgasmic disorder, persistent difficulty, delay or absence of orgasms after sufficient stimulation in pain, disorder, persistent genital pain associated with sexual intercourse. So there are many factors involved, sometimes after obviously yeah I think I’ve been working in this field for a while and sometimes I wonder that having sex, a good sex and in great performance, of course, for both partners. It’s almost a miracle there’s so many variables involved, not only mental physical medications. Stress judgment, taboos that it is almost if it’s an amazing thing that when two people can have good sex, one both reach, orgasm and both are are stimulated and happy about it. If you have that in your life, embrace it take care of that other person, because it really is not as common as people think you hear from your friends that everybody’s having fun, but sometimes you hear more new stories on what they’re worth I’m sorry I gained got a little distracted there, but I’m a gay man by the way so, but I did date, women very successful. I was 24, so I know a little bit of that, but I also know as a gay man. I can’t take the female side to like an explorer, so I do think that it’s both ways so anyways, let’s not get too into that because make some people uncomfortable. Oh you guys are young, you don’t have the hang-ups we used to have back to the days. So menopause is it’s a obviously an issue. There, vascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, pelvic trauma just like men. Basically, we are we’re humans. We have the same the same issues when it comes fluctuations in the levels estrogen test from hormones could be a cause of sexual dysfunction. Obviously, a fluctuation occurs. Monthly and you’re in pregnancy that can affect sex drive in postmenopausal women. Sex drive may be reduced because of estrogen levels decrease. We do have some products and creams that that can do that. Sex drive may also be reduced in women who have both ovaries removed. For obvious reasons, hormonal issues, basically a reduction of says a sex drive, may result from inside the depression, etc. Problems in the relationship, kids, I mean being tired. Taking care of kids. Is it’s a big problem? We in my world I used to do a lot of research. We used to complain a lot about the fact that we don’t have enough women in any the. In any studies about anything we wasted HIV, researching new research, all that where the women there’s only ten percent women I mean the world is not ten percent women. Well, we’re not doing enough to bring women in where women and and after studies were done and the sociological aspects they found out that women were taking care of people. They didn’t have time to go to a study. It really wasn’t about not wanting to join. A study was basically their ability timewise to join a study, because it’s a luxury for women, and so their studies get bringing basically child care all that stuff transportation doing things to minimize, but I I think we got the maxim we ever got to was twenty percent, so that that happens to hear when it comes to female sexual function. Alright, so breast cancer survivors to have a lot of issues testosterone for women and compounding is the only source of cast-off from product from women. A company tried to approve a testosterone gel like ten years ago. Libby gel was called I was very hopeful, but they did not get approved their bidding medi because the end point was really based on name point: a definition of sexual harassment that was poorly defined, so the company- basically let it go, which is good for the compounding industry, because we’re the only ones providing this treatment for women which have we have good data. It’s not like. We don’t have data on the fact that improves sexual funk, a libido mostly and very low doses. Obviously not like me in 20 minutes so continuously pellets can also work and any power is gonna get into pellets. Combinations are only with testosterone, but estrogen progesterone DHEA we’re only talking about one hormone. Sometimes, that can be provided for women and side effects too much testosterone, masculinization, Beach, fuzzy peach hair like Beach Plus air, but did I get that wrong little hair message where you go back beach person, Beach passive clitoral enlargement, minstrel issues, basically I mean iriya either too much administration administration’s actually ceased to happen, so, but those are that dose is too high. So obviously all the doctors prescribing female testosterone, all the creams. Here are doing so because the y’re very educated- this is a this- is not an easy field to get into. We will have a training session with a physician that does basically female related sexual health and products. The sweet spot for women for testosterone, if these doctors are targeting is about 10 percent of the male, so the sweet spot from optimal testosterone for a man is roughly 600. Maybe 1200 nanograms per deciliter closest österlen for a woman is somewhere between 60 and 120, and that’s the top range and one thing I’ll share with you, which is why a lot of these doctors going to do this for a long time, no more than what’s out there in the data, but most women that I’ve had the opportunity to screen being on the clinic side, which is hundreds and hundreds of them even in their 20s, have a very low testosterone and we don’t- and it’s mostly American women, there’s not anything official on that, but we’re there’s theories floating around the fact that, along with me on birth control, very young in this country, birth control is like even a young man. Anabolic steroids, it’ll disrupt their own endocrine system. So by the time that female is in their sexual peak between the 20s mid-20s, their testosterone is extremely low. On talking, single-digit numbers, we see all the time, give him a little bit of cream and getting them into that upper range of 60 to 120 changes their entire life. Unfortunately, this hasn’t spilled over to the academic realm as it. Yet it is now starting to get their mean cap. You learned at the last conference, but only pockets. A woman and doctors know about this okay, so these are basically saying the social efficiency symptom sense. Man fatigue, lack of sex, right pain, loss of hair, increased body, fat decline in a rice, whole disorder, depression, etc. Viagra for women they’re, actually some references, some studies out there they show they can be effective. It improves by channel pictorial and Gorge min lubrication. That’s what people 5 inhibitors in there to increase in Orem and only if a penile tissue, but also the vaginal and pit world tissue 84% of success rate increase in seen to sick female sexual dysfunction, but it’s not a provide a date for this purpose, but it can be prescribed through, obviously compounding what’s the dose for women. Usually it’s actually seen as men in five to seven milligrams, a day of tadalafil or 25 milligrams. Why I, don’t really some best known but say Alice goes tell Phil can can also be provided honestly by general atrophy. A decrease of 50% of flow to the vulva after menopause can be restored by estrogen therapy. Regular intercourse also maintains well when you’re having by general atrophy, is very hard to maintain regular intercourse. Other products are saturating, a proof product, a therm I, don’t know how well they’re doing sell wise to improve the atrophy issues and the dryness and the DHEA. Can you can you talk about products that we have here? That could deal with the general lack of en during this -? Absolutely in fact, we just brought on a new medical science liaison that you guys will have the opportunity to meet probably in the next month or so is dr. Michael Krishnan who’s, an OBGYN sexual female sexual health doctor, and we are, we ever meet up kickoff meeting next week with Shawn and I were going to be expanding. Our women make it a women’s health catalog, that’s going to include a lot of vaginal suppositories, including DHEA, even diazepam, which is vali benzodiazepine, some progesterones that can be inserted in the vaginal cream, using the Pearl topically to help with not only vaginal atrophy but dryness and pain, and then also libido. So we’ll have just a global urology catalog and a weight management. We are gonna. Have a women’s health catalog in the next three months, that’ll be very comprehensive and address a lot of these issues before I move on I thought. I forgot to mention these two booklets that we have. We fro clinic optimizers. This one is about pb5 inhibitors, which, if it has bunch- and this one is about the anon injections, it also has a section on patient implication on I’m sure and basically to give patients but yeah we’re trying to produce more of these. They were very successful. Doctors love that especially to give out to their patients – very hard to read, so don’t concentrate too much on it. There are three columns in this in this table: medications associated with female destruction. This dysfunction there’s a desire disorder which I said actually sexual desire, arousal disorder, which is staying excited, aroused while having sex and orgasmic disorder, not reaching orgasm, and these are the medications that may affect that effect. Each one of those variables- and you have obviously amphetamines you have empty- has to mean suspecting arousal, you have statins and blood pressure medications affecting desire. You have antiandrogens or hormonal contraceptives. You were saying affecting desire. I haven’t seen the date on testosterone, but that’s very interesting. What you said tamoxifen, which is for breast cancer affecting or any desire, arousal contraceptives, even ultra-low potency, affect both to psychotropics, like country, presents and basically is appearance, ID medications, all of them effect, most of an effect sexual desire and arousal and orgasmic issues liking. Men, men also experience a lot of lack of orgasms, aromatase, inhibitors, chemo, obviously, and histamine agent. Two blockers like for heartburn or even allergies, can affect desire. So that’s why I said before music actually a miracle, sometimes as we get, especially as we get older as we get older, we may know women tend to take more medications for different reasons. Okay, so they treatment for sexual disorder in women, and this was a really good reference. I found a really good review. As I said, there are so many praising sweetness of sexual dysfunction, wellbutrin transmission to be currently present because it doesn’t cause sexual dysfunction nor in men or women. It’s very stimulating, so sometimes it some people like taking it because of that Viagra and miss Ellis and benefit women was sexually abused by SSRI or antidepressants in general. Female genital sexual pain disorders are complex and they need basically a lot of psychological support to group contantly therapy. So also another thing that has been tried: mindfulness based interventions, direct masturbation, is recommending for lifelong. No more spare me another another spare me is basically lack of orgasmic reach. An orgasm and I was I said before in that special I realized that a lot of- and these were young women too, were unable to reach orgasm by maceration local, vaginal estrogen therapies, recommended and prefer over systemic or oral estrogen for the treatment of urinary syndrome of menopausal related. Basically, painful sex is called this manure yeah, but my general dryness is a primary concern. Osteen Isis drug is also prescribed for painful sex or what we call this reunion, transdermal testosterone with or without estrogen therapy has been shown to affect be effective in the short term for loss sexual desire. This is the only drug approved it was approved in 2015 for libido in women. It had been declined once or twice he for a small company bought it and a lot of women activists got involved. So I got approved eventually, which I was I was surprised because they only really increased sexual intercourse by 10% in treated patients and the side effects were like dissonance. You cannot have alcohol with this drug, which really was out a good date really I’m suppose have a nice glass of wine to relax and in fatigue and nausea is a side effect in a tea. So the company has this tough things to know. So, basically, it’s all related to the side effects. What works in a very small subset of women that he may cause sudden or long unconsciousness alcohol should be avoided when taking ID or moral conceptus may interfere with that. He actually increase the blood levels of the drug and goes no side effects, and he may interfere with a lot of other drugs too. So this was made by a company for safety. I mean they didn’t do it. So it’s not, as you can tell us, I’m, not I’m, not very fun drug to it’s, not the drug. That’s gonna solve this problem, but at least it opened the market you’d open the market from once. One drug is approved. Companies- hmm- let’s go for that. Let’s go for that indication because now there is obviously one really ineffective drugs, I gotta prove so that gives hope to other companies to look into. So there are the companies soaking in two different options. You may want to bring that up. Yeah yeah, there’s there’s a lot of drugs in development of one. As we know, there’s doctors are serving embraced, androgens, it’s a South China for women, which again is a compounded option, not available commercially. But now you have several companies that are looking at different peptides. You guys are familiar with peptides in the form of some orlon, and so the gh are peas and BCG that we make there’s all kinds of different peptides that do different things in the body. One of them is called dermal Amitai, pt 141, which actually is analog of hormone. They have your body that determines skin colour, melania, tan or melanin, so people take that peptide black black market source to get tanner a byproduct of that drug actually is PT 141, which causes not just mechanical performance function and men and women. So blood flow to the penis. Let’s go as in vagina, but also libido enhancement, and it works very, very well and it’s been on the black market for a long time and other countries have used this I know several people who have tried it over many years and works very well. Now you have a pharma company in the US who’s about to do. I, think they’re, making it to three days today, yeah so they’re about to bring it to the market, is a new drug. Sean has actually found a source for the raw material, so some that we’re looking at compound for urologist and the female market as well of course, will make it different and what the commercial manufacturing companies come out with and that’s going to be a blockbuster drug for women’s sexual function and men as well. There’s some side effects to the clear, as it says, like flushing, and moving and nausea numbers time you tanning for about 10 minutes, but nothing, and why I don’t want to talk about this product because I really don’t have any data, but I just found out this morning that there are five different formulations of the screen cream. So I’m gonna, let Jason think over this one, the multi this one there’s a little more complex because he has five components or depending four or three depending on so most complex pharmacies make some form in this crane. Female sexual cream. Cream cream is another common name in the industry, but basically is a combination of several ingredients that provides some physiological and some psychological enhancement in the female sexual function. So some of the ingredients you guys recognize, sit in it, though, which is Viagra. What is what I ever do that ever blocks the breakdown of nitric oxide or cGMP? Well, the same thing works for female tissue, whether it’s the clitoris or the vaginal lining fills with blood and part of that blood flow has to do with your sexual function and successes of sexual function. So things like a large names identify those enhanced, nitric oxide cGMP bring more blood flow. Some of the other ingredients in there help with sensation, which is another important aspect, and then probably one of the most important ingredients would be the testosterone it’s vaginally applied, occurs receptor sites in the vagina. Just like there isn’t the penis directly for testosterone to inhibit some action on increasing libido and function. Then, of course, some of that will get systemically and go to the brain where the other receptor sites are located that are going to increase, not only that drive or that desire to have sex in that response to sexual stimulation. So screen cream is very, very popular in these niche areas, where progressive doctors and patients have discovered it because again, there’s nothing like this commercially. It’s only available at compounding pharmacies, but it does work very well and the reason I know this. That worked it with several compounding pharmacies over the last decade and I work with several clinics that use it. I’ve talked to many many women or the husbands of the women that are using it, and it does work very well if it’s applied at their at the correct dose or they apply enough of it. So- and this is a perfect example of a compounded product- something that you can’t get commercially that’s completely customized, you can go to ten different, compounding pharmacies and probably have ten different variations of this formula: different ingredients, it’s very prescriber, / consumer, driven which, if you recognize in our other fields, that we have done classes on it’s a reoccurring theme that a lot of these products come from the doctors and even the patients that do their own research and get the doctors to prescribe these things. So it’s a very interesting product and I, don’t think here at empower. We’ve maximized the opportunity, because I went to the menopause conference and you guys an email on and also the other pharmacy had worked at. They say they utilize. A lot of this there’s a lot of women on this, so being that we came from kind of a men’s health urology background as a company and we’re just a bulking into the Wellness female medicine market. The last couple of years, I think there’s a ton of opportunity here, especially after the menopause conference and seeing how progressive even institutional OBGYNs are prescribing things like this into social and for women’s, so there’s a whole new market for us to open up. I’ve heard this question before no, it’s a it’s a topical cream and the doses in there are low enough to where basically apply it. Topically you’re gonna get absorbed and absorption directly into the receptor sites in the area you apply in addition to a little bit of systemic, but when you eat something orally, it’s got to go through the digestive tract and the liver, and a lot of the enzymes in that process will break down and the gate most of the ingredients. In there. Women do respond to oral pde5 inhibitors. They respond to oral l-arginine, some of these degrees or levy a much much higher dose for it to pass digestion to become systemic, whereas a cream wolf. You.

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