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Erectile Dysfunction? We Can Help! Causes + Treatments

Looking to improve your erectile dysfunction? Check out our latest article on causes and treatments.

What is Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED), or impotence, is the inability to consistently initiate or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. It can be caused by psychological, physical, and medical reasons. This article will look at some of the most common causes and treatments.

Psychological Causes

Psychological causes of ED can include:

  • Stress – both mental and physical stress can contribute to ED
  • Anxiety – men with anxiety disorders may experience ED
  • Depression – depression can both cause and be a result of ED
  • Relationship problems – difficulties with a partner can lead to ED

Physical Causes

Physical causes of ED can include:

  • Hormonal problems – an imbalance of hormones can lead to ED
  • Injury – an injury to the penis, pelvis, or spinal cord can cause ED
  • Nerve damage – damage to the nerves that control erections can lead to ED
  • arterial insufficiency – a condition in which not enough blood flows to the penis can cause ED
  • venous leak – a condition in which blood leaks back out of the penis can cause ED
  • Peyronie’s disease – a condition in which the penis bends abnormally can cause ED
  • Sleep disorders – sleep disorders such as apnea can lead to ED

Medical Causes

Medical causes of ED can include:

  • Diabetes – diabetes can damage the blood vessels and nerves that control erections
  • Cardiovascular disease – heart disease can lead to ED
  • High blood pressure – high blood pressure can damage the blood vessels and nerves that control erections
  • High cholesterol – high cholesterol can damage the blood vessels and nerves that control erections
  • prostate problems – an enlarged prostate can press on the nerves that control erections
  • Side effects of medications – some medications can cause ED as a side effect


The treatment for ED will vary depending on the underlying cause. Some common treatments include:

  • Psychological counseling – for psychological causes of ED, counseling can help address the underlying issues
  • Medications – for physical causes of ED, medications such as Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra can help improve erections
  • Surgery – in some cases, surgery may be necessary to treat physical causes of ED
  • Lifestyle changes – quitting smoking
Hey beautiful humans,

In today’s video,we discus erectile dysfunction.We gal about the causes and treatments available.

Most men tend to suffer in silence and shy away from discussing this bothersome issue.

Guess what,in this video I throw more light on some of the things that lead to erectile dysfunction.

I hope you are able to learn much from this video! This is the very first of my medical series! Don’t forget to share your opinions and ask questions in the comment section! Don’t be shy!! Know you are not alone!!!

Love ,


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Video transcription:

Hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel, hey felicia here, guess what we’re talking about today. Yes, erectile dysfunction, I know miss. I know most men are suffering from this and then who most tends to suffer in silence. Let me reintroduce myself, so I am dr feliciano currently in the urology department of my hospital I’ve seen quite a number of men reported a clinic with this issue, and then I just decided to shed some light on it. Okay, I hope I’m able to explain and educate you guys on the courses and the approach and the treatment of this issue. Okay, so it always too much time, let’s get right to it. Yes, what is erectile dysfunction, so erectile dysfunction is the persistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection which would be fair enough for you to have a sexual intercourse. That is basically that so before we jump deep into our main topic, I would want us to talk or discuss such a response cycle. So the special response cycle is made up of four phases: the excitement and phases, the plateau phase, the orgasmic phase, a resolution phase. So during the excitement is you’re, happy you’re excited you’ve, seen something you’ve watched, something your partner has touched. You someone is touching somewhere. Your heart’s feet is high. Blood begins to feel wherever available. So for men the blood begins to fill the penis. So you are so excited. You are ready for this. So for the plateau phase there is a surge in assignments like everything is actually speaking, then during orgasmic phase muscles contract involuntarily, so so the malware exactly to release them and the woman will have vagina and contraction of the vaginal muscles. The resolution is when everything goes back to normal, then next I’d want to talk about the anatomy of the penis. So if you can see there are two big circles and a small circle. So in the two big circles they are called a corporal covenant. So these two big circles have an archery. You see the small dots inside those are trees and it has smooth muscles around it too. So around this big circle are small small vessels called venus. So what happens is and hold on the very small circle there you see that shape inside. That is, your urethra urine passes there. So during the excitement phase, yes, there are trees. The smooth muscles of the arches, relax and blood begins to fill it up. So you see, there’s a surge just push your blood into these arches and, as blood begins to feel these arches. It expands and it compresses on the small small small vessels are hunting it. That way. Blood is not able to live. Yes, blood, that’s not leave we have so so many causes. So our want is that, with the psychosocial causes like anxiety and sexual response, anxiety, relationship issues, stress depression. Yes, all these things, if one suffering from them could lead to erectile dysfunction, two we have the vascular causes. So if there are any issues with the vessels, you could also have an erectile dysfunction. One major thing is atherosclerosis, so what happens in atherosclerosis is that cholesterol plaques build up in the walls of the arteries which then leads to hardening and narrowing. When this happens, not enough blood will be able to flow through their attributes. For you to have an erection. Basically that then also anybody suffering from diabetes. Diabetes also affects the vessels and the nerves and then also some diseases like chronic liver disease, chronic kidney disease. Yes, all these problems could cause one to have an erectile dysfunction medication, so certain medications are seen to cause erectile dysfunction. Examples are beta blockers that are diuretics and also anyone with an enlarged prostate. Sometimes you put them on certain medications, and one of them known as finasteride could cause erectile dysfunction or yes, trauma to your pelvis or a fracture in your penis, or an injury to your spinal cord could also lead to erectile dysfunction. So another cause is when you have certain hormonal issues like the testosterone levels, hyperprolactinemia all these issues. When you have them, your doctor will be able to diagnose and let how to go about it. Yes, also note that most men with diabetes tend to have erectile dysfunction, 10 to 15 years ahead of any other man. Yes, yes, it’s one major issue. So the moment you notice, you have an issue like this: don’t stay at home, just walk to the hospital. There are special doctors trying to help you solve some of these issues, so the doctor will ask you some questions, examine you and ask you to do some investigations, which will help us and get to know the root cause of your erectile dysfunction so for the treatments one out want to start with lifestyle modifications eating healthy diets and society met a lot quitting smoking quitting taking alcohol and trying to lose weight by exercising these simple things could be done to help resolve your erectile dysfunction. These overall medications are known as supposed to direct raise five inhibitors, so what they do is they will cause bacterial walls to relax and dilate and more blood. We’re able to fill the penis for an erection to occur and a very common example is tirodinophil or Viagra. Yes, but know that Viagra cannot be taken more than once and it usually lasts for four hours and also simple side effects are headaches. You can have some facial, flashings runny nose and you should not consult your doctor before you start ticking, because sometimes, when you’re taking certain medications, you are not allowed to take Viagra. So it’s always best, not just that’s by itself. You should see a doctor who would then prescribe it for you to start using it. The other options are a vacu hollow. So another thing is that you really throw supports to trees. So these and these supposed trees are inserted through the urethra to cause an erection. They usually start working between five to ten minutes. Yes, another thing to other the self-injections, so these injections, normally you inject the copper carbon also it does actually dilatation and then in feeling of blood and the erectional case. The other option is the penile implant. So this one, your doctor, will take you to the tear tattoo and set a machine which will help you achieve erection and last, but not the least sex therapy or seeing a therapist in general to talk about your issues. Whatever you may be going through. Seeking therapy helps too. There are certain misconceptions I would want to clear. So one of them is and people thinking that men below the ages of 30 can’t have an erectile dysfunction. It’s they’ve been studies showing that even younger men between the ages of 20 to 30 could have this issue. And another misconception is: there: are natural remedies to these days? No, there are no natural remedies, just walk to the hospital and your doctor will be happy very happy to help you resolve it. Yes, another misconception. People usually assume that the fact that you are having an erectile dysfunction means you are infected. No having an erector dysfunction does not necessarily mean you are infertile before we diagnose and man has been invented. We would have conducted certain investigations to have come to that conclusion. So, yes, they are not the same. This is the end of the video. If you have any questions or concerns, you can kindly put them in the comment section and I’ll be willing and happy to help you, okay and, if you’ve been able to watch after this point, I believe you’ve enjoyed the video. So why don’t you just subscribe? So you get to enjoy many more amazing videos as to thank you so much for watching and thank you so much if you’ve already subscribed, don’t forget to like and comment and share. Okay, so see ya in the next video bye.

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