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Erectile Dysfunction: Type 2 and You

Welcome to our latest chapter on erectile dysfunction. In this chapter, we'll explore the causes, symptoms, and treatments for this condition. We'll also provide some tips on how to manage erectile dysfunction and live a healthy life. Thanks for reading!

Erectile Dysfunction

If you have diabetes, you’re more likely to have erectile dysfunction or impotence. It’s also more common if you’re overweight, have high blood pressure, or have high cholesterol. These conditions narrow your blood vessels and can lead to low blood flow to your penis.

Erectile dysfunction can also be linked to other conditions common in men with diabetes, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. These conditions narrow your blood vessels and can lead to low blood flow to your penis.

Erectile dysfunction can also be a symptom of low testosterone levels. Low testosterone can be caused by other conditions, such as:

  • type 2 diabetes
  • obesity
  • Pituitary gland disorders
  • certain medications

If you have low testosterone, your doctor may recommend testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone replacement therapy can:

  • Increase your sex drive
  • Help you get and keep erections
  • Increase your energy levels

If you’re taking medication for your diabetes, your doctor will closely monitor your blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels can damage your blood vessels and nerves. This can lead to erectile dysfunction.

If you have erectile dysfunction, talk to your doctor. They may be able to prescribe medication to help. In some cases, surgery may be an option.

Chapter 18 from Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital’s series of diabetes videos Type 2 and You – A Guide to Living with Type 2 Diabetes

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Video transcription:

Men with diabetes have got a risk of developing sexual problems. Most people will never get them, but unfortunately, you are at a higher risk than you would have been without diabetes, whether it’s gaining an erection or whether it’s keeping one long enough or hard enough for sex. This is known as erectile dysfunction. There are lots of causes of erectile dysfunction, though some of which are related to diabetes, some of which have got nothing to do with it. Another thing that people forget about is that with type 2 diabetes in particular, and with increasing weight, men’s testosterone levels themselves can fall. This can cause problems with erections, but it can also pause called problems with your feelings. How interested you are insects, for example, and so, if you find that your interest has really dropped off, that can be a sign there’s something wrong as well. So, even if the mechanics work, if the feeling is gone or if your urge to have sex has gone, that can be important too and again, it’s actually very easy to treat. So it’s worth bringing it up. If the doctor forgets to one of the commonest causes of erectile dysfunction or erection, problems in men with diabetes is actually problems with the blood vessels, so the plumbing to the penis gets damaged and affected, just as the plumbing to your feet or the plumbing to your heart can get affected, nobody’s embarrassed to talk about angina attacks or pain coming from the heart, but people just don’t want to bring up the fact that the blood supply to the penis isn’t as good as it used to be. This is important for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because getting because treatment is available and getting treatment will help you get your sex life back and make you feel better about yourself. Just improving your blood sugars makes a big difference there. It’s also important, though, because damage to the blood vessels and the penis can be a mark of there might be damage to blood vessels somewhere else, and so, if you bring it up, we’ve got the heads up. We’ve got a red alert in advance. Maybe we should have a double check of your cholesterol, your blood pressure, your heart and there’s somewhere else that I get worried about as a doctorate in the heart, so problems getting erections x be a clue that there are problems brewing in the heart as well. That’s why it’s important to get checked and early there’s lots of other causes of erectile problems, though so I’ve talked about the plumbing. That’s the blood supply to the penis. The nerve supply can also get damaged, and that can be a little bit more difficult to control, but actually just improving your blood sugars makes a big difference there. How does that process, though, when you discussing that with diabetic mouse? What did I tell Tony to look out for? Is it as a diabetic? All I do? Is she asked me, do I have any problems with erectile dysfunction in my simple answer? Is that if it was different, I would be honest with her? It’s no point in trying to hide behind it. If you’ve got a problem, you’ve got to talk to the people who are looking after you. If you’ve got any concerns about your ability to get erections or your interest in having sex, the first thing to do is: go and talk to your GP. U GP will be able to do a very simple blood test. First thing in the morning to check what your testosterone level is and we’ll have an answer as to that bit straight away. If the testosterone level is okay, though it may be due to other problems, and so then you’ll be referred to a speCialist or starting, a treatment becomes great worrying your great glory to people like the husband or the wife, and sometimes they don’t communicate about it and that doesn’t stop. Doesn’t stop one worrying about the other, for instance a a chap and go in and see the doctor in come out sister. The boy showed you: how did it go so, following all right, end of conversation doesn’t stop his partner worrying about and what she thinks might have been going on. If you’re worried about your interest in sex or your ability to have sex or get a new action I suppose the first thing to do is admit it. The second thing is to talk to your partner, and then the third thing is ideally to go together to talk about it with your GP.

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Clean up your diet. Stop eating all junk food and stuff with added sugar. Also bad quality oils. Eat simple whole foods and avoid snacking Have 2 or 3 complete meals of healthy foods. Allow a fasting period whenever you can. 14, 18, 24 hours. It will allow your body to clean out the gunk. In the USA, there is too much sugar in everything, and the food industry will feed you any crap it can get away with. Type 2 diabetes can be totally reversed if you stop stuffing yourself with bad food and sugar.
I am 70 and have been pre diabetic, and have had erection problems, but just after stopping sugar for 10 days, already my erections have improved, and my clothes are fitting more loosely. It’s all diet related.

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