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Erectile Dysfunction? Try These Natural Cures!

If you're struggling with erectile dysfunction, you're not alone. There are many natural and effective ways to treat this condition. With patience and perseverance, you can find a solution that works for you.

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Erectile dysfunction and impotency have evolved into a lifestyle disorder. Today’s way of life has only exacerbated the problem.

In today’s video, I’ll discuss simple lifestyle adjustments as well as various home treatments that can be used to improve erectile dysfunction.

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Disclaimer: This video should not be used to replace any medical advice or treatment. Lifestyle changes can impact erectile dysfunction positively, but you also need to contact your medical doctor for advice.

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Video transcription:

What’s going on everybody in today’s video, I will be making a drink that can help men who are currently struggling with erectile dysfunction. So I will be showing you what I’ll be using to make this drink as well as I’ll, be telling you about each individual benefit of every ingredient that I am using in this drink. Please watch the video throughout its entirety, because I also need to tell you how often you should take this drink and how you should take it. The first ingredient is watermelon and watermelon is a wonder fruit when it comes to erectile dysfunction. It is more likely to induce great erections for a longer period of times, and that is because it does almost the same thing as erectile dysfunction medicines. The second ingredient is papaya, papaya is high in vitamin c potassi, antioxidants and fiber, and all of those maintain arteries health and enhance blood flow. So when you have a better blood flow that will equal to better erection, third ingredient is ginger, and you might ask why I am using ginger. Poor circulation has been linked with erectile dysfunction in men and ginger has a positive impact on that, because it helps with blood flow as well as circulation, use some baking soda to wash your fruits to ensure that all the dirt is gone from them, and if there is any bacteria, the baking soda will also help to cleanse the food properly. I’m going to show you how you can use this baking soda to wash your fruit. What you need to do is to pour a small amount of baking soda in the container that you’re going to use to wash the fruit when you do that. Just pour some water inside of the container and then use your hand to stir the baking soda, that’s settling at the bottom. It’s now time to add your fruits to the pan guys and if you notice that it does not have enough water, you can always pour more water inside of the pan, because you want to ensure that your fruits are washed thoroughly and you need the right amount of water to wash them. You need to rinse the fruits once more, so change the baking soda water and use fresh water to rinse the fruits I’m going to be using half of the melon, so cut your melon in half and slice it into desirable pieces. Make sure that you peel your papaya cut it into two and remove the seeds, and then you chop your papaya so that it can hold into your blender next thing. We’re going to do is to chop the ginger as well. If you have a high power blender, you don’t have to cut your fruits as small as mine, but I chose to cut mine this size because the blender that I am using is not a high power blender, so I have to cut the fruit to match the blender. So what I am doing here, guys I’m just adding the watermelon to the blender and I will not be using any water, because the watermelon already has enough water inside of it. So as soon as I am finished, adding the watermelon I’m going to go ahead and start blending and you will see that it produces its own juice. Can you see that guys? No additional water is needed and when you do it like this, you get more nutrients. If your blender is a little stubborn, you can use a fork to stir it, and then you start blending it again, because that’s just how some blenders are when you’re blending the watermelon guys, if it’s not blending as fast as you want it to, you, can always adjust the speed of the blender. I turn the blender down, because I want to make sure that all the juice is extracted properly from the watermelon, so you can adjust the speed of the blender as you go along, so I’m just going to look inside right now, and that looks just about ready, so I am going to turn it off and add the other ingredients, I’m about to add the watermelon skin to the blender. It’s also known as the rind, the rind in the watermelon, contains citrulline and citrulline is an amino acid that definitely promotes blood dilation into the vessels. So this is another good reason why watermelon helps with impotence. When you add the watermelon rind to the blender, you will notice a change of color and that’s a good sign, because that tells me that the citrulline that’s needed for blood dilation is present, so don’t mind that the color has changed, check the blender to make sure that the watermelon rind is properly blended and then go ahead and add your papaya. Each of the ingredients that I use in this video are very important, so ensure that you don’t skip any of them and take your time to follow the instructions properly. When you add your papaya, you blend it just as all you blend everything else and make sure that it’s blend appropriately now it’s time to add the ginger. To that, that’s the last ingredient, we’re going to go ahead and add it to the blender. If you don’t have the ginger that I am using, you can use the organic ginger powder, but I prefer to use a fresh ginger, because I believe that it has more benefits when you use it like that. This looks just about ready guys. So I’m going to turn the blender off and then I am going to strain. It straining, of course, is optional. So if you can drink it like that without straining it, then it’s more nutrients for you. If you are not able to drink it. Looking like this, then you could go ahead and strain it. So as soon as I am done, straining it, I am going to pour it inside of a glass so that you can see what it looks like. Even if you stir in this drink guys it is so powerful. You will still get the benefits from it, so don’t mind if you can’t drink it without straining it. What you need to do is to drink this on an empty stomach at least three times weekly and make sure you wait for at least an hour before you consume any food, so this should be inside of your body working before you eat. Another thing that I need to mention is: if you’re smoking, you need to reduce the amount of smokes that you’re having per day it’s even better. If you don’t smoke at all, reduce your alcohol intake change. Your diet make sure that you’re eating better foods and exercise as often as possible. Once you do this, you should see a significant difference in performance. Please give this video a thumbs up guys, so that youtube can recommend it to other guys who are experiencing the same issues as you are. If you’re new to my channel go ahead and click that subscribe button for access to exclusive content, see you in the next video guys.

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LOL, until recently I hadn’t realized that Mario updated his favorite way to tackle ED and it’s a relief! Although what he previously suggested was pretty good, it was a real pain to follow… go’ogle Mario’s Thunderous Erections, you’ll see why it’s so much easier and potent now!

I sincerely appreciate you Dr Obulor on YouTube, I wonder what could have become of me if you weren’t the one who handled my case.thanks for curing my erectile dysfunction with your herbal medication, am grateful #Drobulor.

I sincerely appreciate you Dr Obulor on YouTube, I wonder what could have become of me if you weren’t the one who handled my case.thanks for curing my erectile dysfunction with your herbal medication, am grateful #Drobulor.

Dr Obulor, your wisdom and your knowledge in making these herbal medicine has enticed me into believing herbs is the major key to mans life as it’s natural I am really cured of Ed and my p***s can work really good thank you so much Dr.

Dr Obulor, your wisdom and your knowledge in making these herbal medicine has enticed me into believing herbs is the major key to mans life as it’s natural I am really cured of Ed and my p***s can work really good thank you so much Dr.

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