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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment - The Best and Worst Foods for Your Sex Life

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment - What Are The Best & Worst Foods? Solve your ED problem now and find out which foods can help or hinder your treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. It can be caused by physical or psychological factors. Physical causes include diabetes, heart disease, and nerve damage. Psychological causes include stress, anxiety, and depression. Treatment for ED may include medication, lifestyle changes, or surgery.

What Are The Best Foods?

There are certain foods that can help improve your erections. These include:

  • Watermelon – Watermelon is rich in citrulline, an amino acid that helps improve blood flow. Citrulline is converted to arginine in the body, which is needed for erections.
  • Oysters – Oysters are rich in zinc, which is necessary for testosterone production. Testosterone is the hormone that helps maintain erections.
  • Pomegranates – Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants, which help improve blood flow. Antioxidants are also good for overall health.
  • Nuts – Nuts are a good source of L-arginine, an amino acid that helps improve blood flow. They are also a good source of zinc.
  • Fish – Fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for overall health. Omega-3 fatty acids also help improve blood flow.
  • Garlic – Garlic is a good source of allicin, an antioxidant that helps improve blood flow. Allicin is also good for overall health.

What Are The Worst Foods?

There are certain foods that can worsen your erections. These include:

  • Alcohol – Alcohol can dehydrate the body, which can lead to erectile dysfunction. It can also increase anxiety, which can worsen erections.
  • Caffeine – Caffeine can increase anxiety, which can worsen erections. It can also dehydrate the body, which can lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Sugar – Sugar can cause blood sugar spikes, which can lead to erectile dysfunction. It can also cause inflammation, which can worsen erections.
  • Trans fats – Trans fats can cause inflammation, which can worsen erections. They can also increase cholesterol levels, which can lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Processed meats – Processed meats can cause inflammation, which can worsen erections. They can also increase cholesterol levels, which can lead to erectile dysfunction.


Eating a healthy diet is important for overall health. There are certain foods that can help or worsen erectile dysfunction. If you are suffering from ED, try to make sure you are eating plenty of the good foods and avoiding the bad foods. If you are still having trouble, talk to your doctor about treatment options.

Thank you to The Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine for allowing us to share this video, follow their page here…

Erectile dysfunction is a problem far more common than most realize, but what many people may not know is that the problems in the bedroom can actually start in the dining room.

Learn the best foods to help with erectile dysfunction as cardiologist Dr. Robert Ostfeld joins “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll on The Exam Room.

Food can play an enormous role in determining whether a man will struggle to get and maintain an erection. Certain foods can help immensely while others will only keep you down. Dr. Ostfeld will go over the best options and why E.D. may be the first sign that there is something far more sinister going on with your health!

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Video transcription:

– I spent some time on Google before we hopped on here together, today. And I was looking, I said, well,. What are the most popular
foods that we here in the US are eating? And I came up with 10 of them. And. If you don’t mind, I was hoping we could just
kind of go down this list and you could give me the
thumbs up, thumbs down as to whether or not these
foods could contribute to ED. – Okay. Sure. – All right. Let’s start
with number 10,, the burrito. – I’m, assuming that, you
know, with a burrito, we’re talking about a lot of
animal-based food,. You know, like a lot of meat and cheese
and sour cream and that. So from my mind, and you
know, you could extrapolate, I saw The, Game, Changers,, awesome, movie,, recommend it to everyone, and some of their work
helped influence. Our study and Dr. Aaron Spitz, the
urologist in that movie, is gonna, be part of our study. The,, so yeah,. So even extrapolating from that, to me,. That’s a thumbs. Down. -, Next, one., Donut. Could a donut contribute to ED? – Yeah,. It’s hard to find a situation where donuts are helpful.. So I would give that
a thumbs down as well. – Well, number eight on the list,, the good old fashioned
peanut butter and jelly. – You know, I’m, a little
more mixed on that one. You know,, peanut, butter, if
you just have a nut butter, you know, without all the, ’cause. Sometimes you get it and it’s got all this
other stuff thrown into it,, but sometimes it’s just a nut. Butter. And it could be,, maybe it’s
not wholegrain bread, you know, with a little bit of a jelly,. Maybe that’s sort of a kind of even, but I’m sort of being super optimistic.. I can’t imagine that the
average peanut butter and jelly sandwich is like that. There’s, probably a lot of white bread and a ton of the sugary jelly and not the more healthful nut. Butter. So I’m gonna give that
like a sorta thumbs down, like 45 degrees, down., -, 45, degrees., Okay., Here’s, number, seven. Can, you get the blue box
blues in the bedroom? Good old-fashioned, macaroni and cheese. What, say you?, -, I, say thumbs: down., Super fatty cheese, and you know, white carbs,, simple refined, carb, pasta., -, Ice, cream, milkshakes,, the dessert menu. Thumbs up, thumbs down for ED? – I mean, thumbs, down. And if,, you know, like, honestly, from my hypothesis is,
although. This would be weird. Like if you’re on a date and there may be
something happening later,. You might want to have a
salad as part of your dessert., Now I. Don’t know if that
would impact anything in other ways,, but to me that would seem to
be stacking, the odds the best in your favor, myopically,, just from an erectile function, standpoint. – Gentlemen, be sure to
listen to your doctors. A lot of irony in this one. Number five,, the hot dog. – Oh, yeah. Well,. That’s definitely part of the erectile dysfunction: starter kit. The, highly processed
meats,, you know, it’s, I. Do not think, that to me,
is like two thumbs, down. – Fried chicken comes in at number four. – It’s,, you know,, it’s
like kind of a bummer., Like,, I’m sort of hoping that
one of these things will be at least sort of neutral,
but. I would,, fried chicken, I would say, is a thumbs. Down. – Number three, I’m, not sure that this
is gonna get any better. Number three, French fries., -, Yeah, I’m, just gonna just
stay like this,, and you know, I’ll change. If I need to., – All, right, number two,, hamburger., Any, changes?, – No,, no changes from my standpoint. I mean,. You could talk
about the saturated fat,, the heme iron,, the Neu5Gc,, the cholesterol, that’s in
it,, you know, whatever,, like maybe,. If they put, I, don’t know,, sometimes people put
mayonnaise on their hamburger, or the white bread, bun. So for me,. That is a hands
down, and thumb down. – And, the number one most
popular food in America,, pizza. What, say: you, Dr., Ostfeld?, -, Thumbs, down,, but,, shocker. But, you know,, it’s funny,, like, the fellows where I work at Montefiore,. They have this EKG conference, every week. And they get pizza,. You know, comes when they have EKG conference, sort of like kind of incentivizes them to come to. The conference.. But I made sure that one
of, the pizzas is vegan. So, there’s like five, six pizzas,, but one of them is vegan and it gets eaten and it’s got all kinds of
vegetables and has a tomato sauce and everything else,
everything’s, the same. It just,, it doesn’t have cheese. It has a ton of vegetables, on
it. So, it’s kind! Of, I, like it ’cause I, think it’s a little healthier. And. Also. It keeps them
thinking about nutrition and nutrition-oriented stuff,
even during EKG conference. ’cause I wanted to drill into their heads and into their patients’ heads. So to me, with the cheese, all the saturated, fat, the
white flour,. It’s a thumbs, down. – And. What about if somebody
got it with vegan cheese,? Would you feel the same? Way? – I, probably would. I’d, have to see what’s
in the vegan cheese. Some of them are healthy.. Some of them have a lot of fat. And I mean, certainly,, you know, from perhaps an ethical standpoint or environmental standpoint,
that’s, certainly a plus,, but it’s not necessarily a
plus from a health standpoint. – Well, I’ll tell you
what’s a plus is the fact that you have people who are
going for that veggie pizza. I mean, people,, you know, up until I started hanging
around other vegans,. It was like people see a veggie pizza and they run the other direction. People, who haven’t run in years,, somehow find it in them to
run in the opposite direction to their pepperoni pizza. So good on you, sir., – The, Usain Bolt of pizzas. – I’m, telling you what, man, I’m, telling you what. I’m, telling you what right now, viewer,. If you want to learn more about this, I, highly recommend, checking
out Dr., Ostfeld’s presentation at the International Conference
on Nutrition and Medicine. That’s coming up July
15th through the 17th. Your presentation, I love this title. Erectile Dysfunction,
the Long and Short of It. Fantastic. – Oh, thank you. You’re, very generous. It’s been interesting,. You know, preparing for the talk. I, get to learn a lot,, so I’m excited to share the information. – Absolutely., And, I’m, sure you’re gonna go
far more in depth on things than you and I got an opportunity
to discuss here: today. Dr., Rob, Ostfeld., Thank you
so, very much,. My friend. You are amazing, as always. -, Well, you’re, incredibly generous., I love being here with you
and I love that conference. It’s phenomenal. And, in person,. It’s terrific. It’s the highlight of the year. So, and I’m sure it’s gonna
be amazing remotely as well. So. Thank you so much for having me.

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I sincerely appreciate you Dr Obulor on YouTube, I wonder what could have become of me if you weren’t the one who handled my case.thanks for curing my erectile dysfunction with your herbal medication, am grateful #Drobulor

I sincerely appreciate you Dr Obulor on YouTube, I wonder what could have become of me if you weren’t the one who handled my case.thanks for curing my erectile dysfunction with your herbal medication, am grateful #Drobulor

I have a trick that the good doctor can use at his EKG conferences. He can jokingly remind people there each time that patients eating healthy diets will greatly reduce our revenue and therefore be sure not to tell any patients about healthy eating. A reverse psychology type of thing. But it’s a good reminder that cardiologists are biased towards what makes them money, the expensive procedure, and away from the nutrition solution that has been proven to work.

I’m eating kale. I notice definitely the nocturnal penile tumescence in the mornings. I will eat 2 ounces of kale daily and it’ usually at two servings at separate times of the day.

I say this because it’s just a sign of increased blood flow. This increased blood flow I believe has many benefits we do not yet fully understand. On the other side, people on the standard diet or recovering from it have reduced blood flow in all organs of the body, and the full scope is not known but can’t be good.

Stay healthy on whole food-plant based strictly, and include kale if possible. It’s by far the best whole plant food for increased blood flow.

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Number 1 is pizza yet they mark it as number 8 ?

crap interview! we’re not all highschool kids that have no knowledge

Uh we are omnivores?