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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment That Works!

Looking for a new erectile dysfunction treatment? Check out our latest article to learn about the latest options available.

̃New Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction affects millions of men, but finding an effective treatment can be tough. Recently, a new erectile dysfunction treatment has been developed that may help men suffering from this condition.

The new treatment is a form of gene therapy that uses a virus to deliver a gene to the smooth muscle cells of the penis. This gene causes the cells to produce a protein that helps to relax the blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow into the penis and resulting in an erection.

The treatment is still in the early stages of development, but it has shown promise in animal studies. human trials are expected to begin within the next few years.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, talk to your doctor about all of your treatment options, including the new gene therapy.

New Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

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Video transcription:

Midday. Then, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, there is help for you this afternoon. Andrew from Wasatch medical Murray is back on the show to tell us about this treatment. Don’t put it off guys? This is easy. Yeah,. This is so easy guys have taken the pill for so long for a deep,, but. They don’t have to any longer. We use something called acoustic wave therapy,. It’s clinically shown to improve blood flow, essentially repair damaged blood vessels, reversal wrecked out dysfunction and keep guys off the pill. Andrew is the word getting out. Are you getting a lot of questions about this treatment. Yeah, all the time they come to us and say how do I get the street without any side effects? I we show him the clinical studies. We show what this treatment can do. Can we are helping a lot of guys talk about those clinical studies to their several down on us, 42 page at Wasatch, medical clinic, dot, com., Cambridge, University and dozens of others. They tested this? They did x-rays on the blood vessels they show. It works, reverses e D and safe, no side of safe and no side effects. That is incredible. What’s the other question, they ask you how the treatment works. Is it painful? How does it work? How long does it take a treatment is about 10 minutes really easy. You might do a few of them over 2 to 3 weeks. You’re done. There’s no pie, pain, there’s no down time and no sight of what issues can this cause in your life? It can wreak havoc. I know in relationships. The absolute we’ve been talking, the men for so long get your dd fix, but it has a significant impact on the relationship on the significant other EDF X 2 people. So it’s huge emotional, stress. So. If women are watching right now, they may be there guys are watching it in the afternoon. How. Do they bring this up with their guy? Well, I think they often are has to because they think they might consult the man. I. Think it’s a compliment to the relationship to say: I want to be more intimate. Let’s get the reptile dysfunction, fixed and think about that 2 to 3 weeks from now. That’s pretty easy. You can do it and I’ll tell you it’s worth and ladies can can to go in with their guy happens. All the time really does go up says come in yet the consultation with the doctor. Initially they come in it’s a joint decision. End. They’re usually very happy with the results as well. So maybe you- because this is tough to talk about- you- admit that yes, it’s hard to talk about for a lot of people, but you walk out with more confidence. Is that what you’ve notice. Yeah, generally they’re a little bit skeptical embarrassed, because this and sense of self-worth and ego up,, but when they realize they don’t have to be a slave to those pills and the pre planning and the headaches. function back in the bedroom,? It’s a good deal. Do we need to mention to people the Valentine’s days, yeah, coming up yeah, well,, the average guy 2 to 3 weeks you’ll be ready to go before Valentine’s Day before the end of January? That’s pretty quick. This is a long, lasting solution, so yes be ready for Valley. I. Did you think 2 to 3 weeks, like that’s it? That is it that February ready for spring ready for summer I know you have a couple locations. We do Murray and St. George. So if you’re in southern Utah,, we can get you in there as well and a deal for viewers we do so if you are struggling with eating or your man is struggling. That number on your screen call us now we will do the assessment. The exam for free you meet with our medical, doctor. Also, a special gift that produces instant results in the bedroom,, a $500 value, that’s a great 1,, 9,, 0,, 1, 8,000 or you can go to.

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