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Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy: The Truth About These Scams

If you're curious about Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction, beware of scams that claim to do Shockwave Therapy. Learn more about this treatment and how it can help you achieve better erections.

What is Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem that affects men of all ages. While there are many potential causes of ED, in many cases it is caused by poor blood flow to the penis. Shockwave therapy is a new treatment that uses sound waves to improve blood flow to the penis, potentially leading to better erections. Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive, painless treatment that uses low-intensity sound waves to stimulate blood flow to the penis. The treatment is typically done in a series of sessions, and there is no downtime required afterwards. While shockwave therapy is a promising new treatment for ED, it is important to be aware of scams that claim to offer shockwave therapy for ED. These scams often involve devices that are not FDA-approved and can be dangerous. If you are considering shockwave therapy for ED, be sure to consult with a qualified healthcare provider to ensure you are receiving a safe and effective treatment.
If you have Erectile Dysfunction and are hearing about a treatment called Acoustic Wave, Sound Wave, or Pressure Wave Therapy, then WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO TAKE JUST 15 MINUTES TO WATCH THIS VIDEO to save yourself from wasted money, time, and effort.

In this video we will discuss the FALSE CLAIMS of Acoustic, Sound, and Pressure Wave Therapy claiming to be the same thing as the proven treatment of Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction.

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Its important to understand that only FOCUSED and LINEAR SHOCKWAVE THERAPY has been clinically studied and proven to reverse Erectile Dysfunction. All of the data from research around the world, including clinical use for nearly a decade has proven the efficacy of treating vascular ED with shockwaves. Shockwaves stimulate the body to grow new blood vessels into the penis, which provides new pathways for blood flow to achieve a full and rigid erection.

Unfortunately, there are numerous providers claiming they provide focused or linear shockwave therapy, when in fact they are using an acoustic wave device and protocol that has not been proven to be clinically effective for the rehabilitation of ED. In fact, these providers even go to the extent of advertising the research done with focused and linear shockwaves, but use an entirely different machine.

The bottom line is if you want to reverse your ED, its important to understand the research before you make a decision on a provider. Don’t get caught doing acoustic, sound, or pressure wave therapy.

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Video transcription:

My name is Jon seda ger I’m, the co-founder and clinical director of lisara Medical Group in Southern, California and I’m here, to tell you that not all shockwave devices are created equal if you have a reptiles function and you’re looking to reverse your condition, then you deserve another truth about the false claims of acoustic wave therapy and the medical providers that are taking advantage of men. Just like you to save you from wasted time. Money and effort watch this video, as we will uncover the numerous scams claiming to do shockwave therapy. Let me begin by stating that focused and linear shockwave therapy are both unbelievable medical treatments that restore a man’s natural ability to achieve and maintain an erection without medications, needles or surgery. This treatment has been studied for over a decade all over the world and it truly reverses edy. Unfortunately, possibly the most widespread false claim is that acoustic, wave, acoustic pressure, wave or radial devices are the equivalent to shock wave devices. Again, let me be very clear: acoustic wave, acoustic pressure, wave or radio wave devices are not true shock wave devices, regardless of what many medical providers claim here are two links of data which go into great detail, explaining the differences of shock wave therapy versus acoustic wave therapy. The first is titled shock wave therapy, your specialist for focused extra corporal shock wave therapy. The second one is the art of shock, wave physics and technology, which also clearly describes both types of shock waves for focused and acoustic pressure waves in this research you’ll find that a true shock wave travels faster than the speed of sound, literally going 1500 meters per second or the distance of 15 football fields in one second, to put this into perspective, United States f1 fighter jets travel faster than the speed of sound and create a shock wave during flight just on a much larger scale than a treatment for UD in comparison, acoustic waves travel at speeds of approximately 10 meters per second, a small fraction of true shock wave. This speed does not break the sound barrier and no actual shock wave is produced. Unfortunately, the majority of clinics use acoustic wave therapy devices. They often call their treatments, something wave, whether it’s pain, wave, main wave, Joe wave, but really anything to differentiate themselves with the acoustic wave device. Most used is the stores medical D actor, which has numerous uses in the medical field, but this type of device has not been thoroughly studied and is not proven to be effective or safe in reversing Edie. For the long term. The reason the focus shockwave device is so effective is machine, allows us to control and focus the shock waves to such an extent we’re able to pass the shock waves through the outer rectal tissue of the penis without any effect or pain. The energy is delivered to a focus point inside the penis, where the blood vessels and soft tissue degeneration has occurred. This degeneration is known as the vascular disorder and is the root cause of erectile dysfunction. Acoustic waves do not penetrate they create surface level pressure outward causing redness and inflammation. Only in the outer rectal tissue not side the penis, where the rehabilitation needs to occur in order to reverse the edie. Another critical piece to consider is the measurement of energy sometimes referred to as the energy flux density, which is expressed in millas per millimeter. Energy flux is defined as the amount of concentration of therapeutic energy being delivered to the damaged tissue inside the penis during treatment. This is extremely important because low energy shock waves, typically under 0.27 millijoules per millimeter, is considered therapeutic for the regeneration of blood vessel growth. Furthermore, consistent energy to the damaged tissue depth and focus of energy is required to reverse edie. These variables can be controlled during treatment with a focused and linear device with acoustic wave therapy. You cannot control for these variables because the treatment requires physical pressure from the medical technician pressing the device into the penis to try and reach the desired energy and frequency ranges literally, the device is pancaking your penis during treatment to reach the desired measurement of what’s referred to as bar / hurts, while the majority of data and studies these clinics display on their website is true. Well, they don’t state is that virtually all the studies used either focused or linear, shockwave therapy, not acoustic wave, not acoustic pressure. Wave and not radio waves, for example, here’s one of our competitors showing over 25 links to research. Now most men will see this large amount of links and think Wow. Look at all these studies. It must be a great treatment and it is it’s a life-changing treatment. But if you read the data of each study, you’ll find under the section titled materials and methods that focus shockwaves have been used for treatment, not acoustic waves and one of the first studies featured on their web site. Titled low intensity extra corporal shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction a study in an indian population. As you scroll down to page 7600 16 in the bottom left-hand corner. As you’ve read in the details, you’ll notice, it states the treatment was using a specialized, focused, shockwave, probe, the omni spec II D 1000, another studied feature titled, an efficacy assessment of shock wave therapy on page 289 states extra corporal shock wave therapy was carried out with a duel with SD one device. This is a store’s medical, focused shockwave device, the exact device the lisara medical group uses for our treatment. This is not an acoustic wave device in another systematic review and meta-analysis of over 14 studies for focus shock. Wave therapy for erectile dysfunction a quotes. The energy flux density varied from 0.09 to 0.25 millijoules per millimeter. This proves that a focused shockwave device was used for these 14 studies and that acoustic wave device never touched a single man in this study. Another study can low intensity extra corporal shock wave therapy improve erectile dysfunction as you scroll down to the second page on 240 you’ll find that it states a focus, shockwave source. The on respect, II D 1000 was used during treatment. Another study to Dowe fill once daily in extra corporal shock wave therapy in the management of patients with Peyronie’s disease in erectile dysfunction. As you scroll down to page 191 you’ll find that these stores do list system was used, 4x corporal shockwave therapy. The dualist system is a focused, shockwave device. Another study initial experience with linear focused shockwave treatment for erectile dysfunction. It says it right here in the title: linear focus shockwave treatment. It has nothing to do with acoustic wave therapy in another study from the International Journal of Urology states that they use the e d 1000 immedi spec device. This is a focused shockwave therapy device, more research for low intensity extra corporal shock wave therapy as you scroll down to page 261 under materials and methods, you’ll find that it states using an energy level measured via millijoules per a millimeter. That means this was a focused shockwave device in not an acoustic wave device. One more example of research with the title does low intensity extra corporal shock wave therapy have a physiological impact on a reptile dysfunction, as you scroll down to the second page, you’ll find that it states a specialized focused, shockwave probe. The omni spec II D 1000 was used during treatment again, not an acoustic wave therapy device. Lastly, here is one more link which confirms that numerous studies have been performed and virtually all used either focused or linear, shockwave technology. As you read through this research and come all the way down to page six, you’ll find a systematic review of all the research. That’s been done using each type of device as you’re. Looking in the design section, you’ll notice, the very bottom: it quotes what type of device here’s a focus device, a focus device. The line goes down focused Dula. The sd1 focused, that is the exact device of the saara medical group, uses, keep going down the omni spec ET 1000 focused a linear device. The Renova device on respect 81,000, again focused focused more research shows that linear device linear another one focused focused, obviously you’re, getting the point that each study has been using either linear or focus, there’s, not a single one that quotes acoustic waves. The truth is we’re not the only ones angered by the old-fashioned, bait-and-switch tactics of acoustic wave providers even Canada. There are practices also bringing this scam to light. For example, this is sonic wave who states there are companies that are providing devices in training for edie clinics across the United States and are promoting high frequency, low intensity, sound waves to improve blood flow to the penis, but they are conflating this with the research that has been conducted using focused shockwaves. Practitioners and patients should be aware that the therapies promoted by this company, at least at this point, have not been proven to be clinically effective. Personally, we believe that most doctors offering acoustic wave therapy Heather patients best intention to mine, but have fallen into what could be perceived as a bait and switch tactic. It’s the same experience that many letdown and frustrated patients have fallen into feel free to call the many acoustic wave providers to confirm this and, for simplicity, sake, here’s what the device looks like when purchased from a reputable distributor in the United States I also encourage you to Google this device for the treatment of reptile dysfunction. You’ll find a ton of videos showing this device being used, but keep in mind this device has not been studied and is not effective for erectile dysfunction. Another very important reality you need to understand is that, while having a treatment done with acoustic wave device, there is a considerable amount of pain so much that patients need to apply a numbing cream with their penis 30 minutes prior to treatment and, after all, that hassle, it still hurts. Another big question is how many treatments should a man do. Lisara has built his practice on honesty by following reputable research, clinical data consulting with international doctors, who have used the right treatment longer than anyone. United States, one of the greatest sources comes from the European Society for sexual medicine, in the International Society for sexual medicine, who has come together for over 20 years to present new data in the fields of sexual medicine, twelve treatments or more has proven to increase effectiveness by a minim of eighteen percent. We highlight this important point because at lisara Medical Group, we provide all of our patients with a comprehensive 12 treatment protocol and we do so at a price, not all that much more than other clinics charged for six treatments which are done on a machine that is painful and ineffective. At this meeting, the researchers and doctors have studied and provided shockwave therapy have also come out to make statements that focused in linear shockwave devices are the exact types of treatment that continue to provide curative results for men with Eevee. There is not a single piece of research or evidence shared in regards to acoustic wave therapy. These researchers and doctors have stated that 12 treatments should be the absolute minim for the best results of shockwave therapy. At this point you may be thinking: why would any men’s sexual health clinic in the United States use acoustic wave therapy instead of the far more superior, focused or linear, shockwave device and I will leave that question for you to ask your neighborhood men’s clinic to avoid wasting your money time and exposing yourself to an intense and painful treatment? The simple answer is to go to a clinic that utilizes this superior focused, shockwave or linear, shockwave technology, there’s no pain, there’s no numbing cream and you’ll have peace of mind that you’re doing the right treatment. If you here in Southern California, hopefully, you’ll choose to come to lisara Medical Group. Finally, you may have come across the by your own device for at-home shockwave treatment. These are flat-out. Scams are laughable the device these companies are advertising our ultrasound devices that can be purchased for $150 at your local Walmart. Unfortunately, these at-home shockwave companies are selling them to you for thousand dollars. Not a single doctor researcher or scientists around the world has used this device in any research for edy. So please be wary of this. So let’s go over what we’ve discussed so far. Point number one: an acoustic, wave or acoustic pressure wave device is not a true shock wave device, regardless of what the many other clinics are claiming. Only focused and linear shock waves have been studied extensively for the treatment of edy. There are many clinics that are misleading thousands of men to believe they’re doing with the research states, but in fact they’re not even using the same type of energy, let alone the same machine point number two focused and linear shock waves, truly reverse a deep, because that energy can be controlled and focused where the degenerative blood vessels and tissue is inside. The penis point number three: while having a treatment done with an acoustic pressure wave device. There is a considerable amount of discomfort almost to the level of genuine pain, so much that patients need to apply numbing cream of the penis 30 minutes prior to treatment. Point number: four: the latest data reinforces our experience that, in an initial six treatment sessions can be somewhat effective, but the data also gives a clear indication that an additional round of six treatments of doing, 12 or even up to 18 is far more beneficial for success. A lisara we offer a far more superior tried-and-true treatment, backed by real research. Point number: five. If you’ve tried acoustic wave therapy with no resolve, we are not surprised, but there is still hope for you consider trying focused or linear shock wave therapy to experience the results that tens of thousands of men have received all over the world. We truly hope isn’t helpful for you in deciding to come, see us in Orange, County or Los Angeles, or to helping you find the right provider in whatever region you may live in. Reversing edy is far more than just providing a man, his ability to have sex it plays into our confidence our egos, our relationships, and for that reason we as a medical provider believe you deserve the know, the truth about your options. We wish you all the best and do hope. You’ll give us a call, and we do hope, you’ll find a way to reverse your erectile dysfunction.

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