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Erectile Dysfunction? No problem! Dr Oluranti Adekunle has the solution!

Are you experiencing erectile dysfunction? Learn about the causes, effects and treatment options from Dr Oluranti Adekunle.

Erectile Dysfunction/ Impotence: Causes, Effects & Treatment – Dr Oluranti Adekunle

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is the inability to get and maintain an erection. It is a common condition that affects men of all ages, but is more common in older men.

There are many possible causes of erectile dysfunction, including physical and psychological factors. Physical causes include:

  • nervous system problems, such as Parkinson’s disease
  • hormonal problems, such as low testosterone
  • injuries to the penis, such as from prostate surgery
  • surgeries or treatments for cancer, such as radiation therapy
  • drugs, such as alcohol, cocaine, and certain prescription medications

Psychological causes include:

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • relationship problems

Erectile dysfunction can also be a side effect of some medications. If you have erectile dysfunction, it doesn’t mean you’re not interested in sex. It can be frustrating and embarrassing, but it is not a reflection on your manhood.

There are many treatment options available for erectile dysfunction. These include:

  • oral medications, such as sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), and vardenafil (Levitra)
  • injections into the penis
  • vacuum devices that use negative pressure to pull blood into the penis
  • penis pumps
  • surgery
  • counseling

The best treatment option for you will depend on the cause of your erectile dysfunction and your overall health. Talk to your doctor about all of your treatment options, including risks and benefits.


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A Father’s Day Special of The Orchard International with Dr Oluranti Adekunle.

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Video transcription:

Women are more open when it comes to

their health than men

the men from mao. They don’t talk about their health

and. This particular thing that we want

to talk about. According to studies in nigeria, let me

even limit it to nigeria in 2016, it was discovered. That

57.4 percent of men suffer from ed

I’ll. Tell you about it, and our doctor is already in the house to tell us. About


This affects the man in a way that


maybe women. We may not be able to

understand it deeply, but we also suffer the effect they affect them. More because

to them

this is part of what makes them a man tonight we have a doctor in the house

who is going to be telling us about it because hope is not lost for anyone, that

is suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence. They too are the same

erectile dysfunction or impotence in a short while be coming out to tell

us more about that, and by the time we are done, I want to

believe that help would have come to the

men and, of course, to the marriage institution because

anyway. You look at it when it affects the man in the house. The marriage

institution is also suffering in a way. We hear a lot of things as persons as

pastors wives, during counseling. When you talk to couples and if you are

very sensitive, you may be able to identify

the cause of the problems they are

having. It may be that the other room has not been active because of this problem

57.4 in 2016 is quite a high percentage. So

I’ll be bringing all doctor

oluretti ade congley welcome. Back

Doctor oluwatiade cooley is the ceo of medispec nigeria limited

amerispec is a manufacturing company that specializes in cutting-edge medical


in, the following specialties, cardiology, andrology, neurology, orthopedic

nephrology and aesthetics, using shockwave, radial wave a microwave

thermotherapy technologies. Madispec head office is a maryland

united states of america. Dr laurenti is a graduate of college of

medicine university of ibadan, a member of the american society of


medicine dr olura tadekule, is a sex therapist for his experience. In


On the issues that concerns the other room

ladies and gentlemen. Please join me to

welcome dr uluwati adi kunli doctor good evening. Thank you so much

for honoring our invitation. It’s a great pleasure to be here and let

me start

by profusely thanking the orchard international

for inviting me to be one of the guest

speakers tonight. It’s a going to be a wonderful night for

each and every one of us

and. I hope. At the end of the day, everybody will have something to take


by the grace of god

thank. You very much. Thank you very much doctor this topic

has had, but thank god that experienced men like you are in this field to be

able to counsel men, because men are usually shy when it comes to issues like

this, but tonight, please, we wanted to lay it there so that many of our men can

benefit from this talk I spoke about before I added you to the stream about

what. I read in a 2016 study in nigeria that 57.4 percent of men suffer from

erector dysfunction. What exactly sir, is erectile? Dysfunction

Thank, you very much

language. Yes, I will. I will erectile dysfunction

is repetitive inability to keep or have

a strong direction, firm enough, for

sexual intercourse. Let me come again

repeated inability to keep

or have an erection

strong enough

for sexual intercourse. It could be total inability to have an erection

it could be his consistent ability to have an erection that is the manhattan it doesn’t last

and. It could be that it’s a tendency for the man to have

a record

and, usually in sexual medicine, there’s a timeline for this. It’s really within six


we talk about it, so erectile dysfunction and impotence

they are the same thing. Let us clarify that, like you, said

it’s just repeated inability

to, keep or have an erection strong enough for sexual intercourse

which could be total

inability that, since the man is not having an erection at all


direction comes on about it’s inconsistent

that is he has strong direction but it’s

not consistent or there’s a tendency to have an

erection for a short period

and. Usually we there’s a timeline for it, which is

really six months that is essentially

what. We call erectile dysfunction, in other words, if it just happens, maybe

once and if it happens once in a while that the man is not able to achieve

a strong direction for sexual intercourse, it doesn’t mean that a

one-time thing that the mass suffers from erector dysfunction

it has to be repeated. It has to be a repeated incidence

okay, a repeated incidence, so in case it doesn’t matter, it could be two or

three times

six months: okay, okay

thank, you very much, sir, and from what

you have said now: erectile dysfunction

and importance. They are descending, it’s just another word: absolutely

what is the cause of erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

there are so many causes

but. Basically they are into two forms. We talk of organic

and inorganic

organic, in the sense that it affects is caused


health-related diseases, like


heart related diseases

then cases like previous surgeries of radical

prostatectomy injuries. That is

uh, let me sorry


attack to me- is surgery of the prostate from cancer of

the prostate

is, the the surgeon goes in. They move out. A lot of things

apart from the prostate around

there are some tissues around the prostate

that should be due to network challenges. Doctor will join us

again, but so far what he has told us is that erectile dysfunction

and impotence. They are one and the same, and that a man is not able to get it. Up

Once twice twice does not mean that he’s suffering from erector dysfunction, it

has to be a repeated condition or incidence for lysismos. Then you can say

that. This man has erector dysfunction. Doctor is back in the studio, yes

welcome back

you know. I said they are organic and inorganic. I was talking about the

organic, that is health related issues. I’ve talked about heart, conditions


diabetes mellitus, then public injuries, some surgeries

then inorganic, which is not related to any health issue


depression feeling of guilt

you, know, could be

a cause of any one of those could be a cause of erectile dysfunction, so it’s

either organic

or inorganic, but we found out that over the years that the people who have

organic problems

right, because they are not able to perform depression, sets in

anxiety sets in

the feeling of guilt sets in. So you just need to cancel the patient very well to

know. We are the patient for fauzi, so you can have a patient having the two


both, organic and inorganic okay

how. Do they affect

the the self-confidence of a man


is? The marriage affected by this you see the the

issue is that

it brings a lot of problems in homes. It is the self-esteem of a man to have

an erection

and once that is not there any slightest seizure in the home

the man feels because he’s not been able to perform. That is why the woman is not

able to respect him and somehow we are getting to a trend. In

The society now

we disc overed that a lot of younger men have this issue and is causing

a lot of problems in newly married homes, which

is very very frightening. We are talking

of men and

in the attaches a lot of men, you hear

that. They have issues at home there and there, but deep within

you find out that they have this problem under underlying problem. The man has

elected this function, he believes he’s not being he’s not been respected

at all and usually the woman might have her own reason for behaving one way. Or

The other but once

the woman is not able to perform properly in the other room. The

Self-Esteem in the home is gone and it’s

bringing a lot of problems. That’s why I said I really thank you for bringing up

this topic

because people don’t want to talk about it, but we see quite often that has

created a lot of

problems in homes, most especially

the young families, the the older

families, can understand. Most of them can cooperate, but the

younger ones is a big big problem which most people don’t know

that younger men. Have this trouble

problem? It’s very very alarming. We see it in men in the attaches. Nowadays, hey are you saying? That

Older men suffer from meat more than younger men

and. What is causing this? If other men

are, the one that’s supposed to suffer it more, why the prevalence in young men in

nigeria these days has it been identified

what is causing this

that’s a very good question. You see what happens is this normally

what we are discussing? There are different pathways

through, which a man can have


you have the blood supply. You have the nerves, you have the hormones

but. The blood supply is the major cause of erectile dysfunction

if the

blood vessels, the caliber of the integrity of the blood vessels, are


the blood flow to the male organ will be compromised


normally the

diameter of the blood vessels go to the penile region, male organ

very, very small, so in older men

what you have is that because of age

the integrity of the bloods of the blood vessels are compromised, thereby the

blood flow to with the compromise. If the blood flow is compromised to any

parts of the body, it should be mostly

affected in the male organ because

the vessels, there

are tiny

so, you have it more

in, the older age group, from what are we considering as other

men now sir

for? What which age range are you yes

let me say categorically

if? You are going to go by the whole

standard, you say you, you give a statistics. That

57 percent of men in nigeria

that could not be educated because most

people don’t go to hospital that that statistics could be more than that

but. It’s a good thing, wow that we have


it could be more than that. It could be more than that

I’m, not in a position to see but usually

we, say 50 of men

have erectile dysfunction men. When we talk about men, we are talking of anybody

above 18 one time, but we’ve seen it early, but it’s not


you know young men under 30 we’ve seen them remember that one is not common but

once. We have seen mostly now men in the

attaches the lifestyle

they. Take a lot of

alcohol smoking


you know not

going for exercise. Then

You know when you take fatty meals


lifestyle is contributing to the younger men

but, usually naturally, by the time you

are 14, 50

the integrity of the blood vessels

become compromised, so the blood supply

naturally, even without having any

any health issue

most men

that have erectile dysfunction. They don’t have

they, don’t have a health issues it’s

just it comes naturally, that’s why we need to talk about it. It’s not a stigma

it’s, not a stigma at all, but in some health conditions, if you take

10 diabetic patients, then 10 diabetic, who are men

you can be sure, seven or eight

have erectile dysfunction. If you take people with heart, diseases

let’s say: 10 men, you can be sure 4 or 5 have erectile dysfunction, but usually

with age

erectile dysfunction. The incidence increases so

if, a man is

17. You have that chance likelihood of the patient having erectile dysfunction

if. The man is about 80, there’s that

likelihood, that the man will have erectile dysfunction

so. That is just it. Okay, thank you, very

much. When we get to the treatment that we ask certain questions, but then coming

to the home. Now what should be the response of the wives

in all of this

when you, because the man himself, we know and the wife too

we know that there’s electro dysfunction. So what should be the response of the

woman? How can she help a man in such a case

yes? That’s a very good question

the man

to start with should

come out boldly

to. The wife

she come out clean to the wife that he has erectile dysfunction

most men

because, it’s the self-esteem. They don’t want the woman to know

they, hide it, but she will know anyway, but she will know anyway. That’s the


she will know anyway, but they should

come out boldly that this is the problem

now to the wife

the. Wife should be very, very supportive. It is not that time that the woman


be antagonistic it is not that time that the woman

should you know

not be supportive to the problem

the woman

should talk to the husband and ask

what are the nursing things to do

they need to go to the hospital you see. Unfortunately, most men


they seek for self-help and those drugs they have

side effects

they have their complications. They sex, enhancing drugs

yes sex enhancing drugs. Yes, some men take those drugs without the

knowledge of their wives. I want to tell

you that they don’t want their wives to know

so. They take those drugs

that’s what they see every time they take those drugs without

the knowledge of their wives

and. Those drugs are, they are harmful

if. You go to

government hospitals. Nowadays, the busiest clinics are the renal


that is

people with kidney diseases, and usually, if you ask the history from patients

why, they have this kidney disease. They must have taken some drugs other

habs for one thing or the other. It might not be

for erectile dysfunction, alone

you know so people should be mindful of what they do

or, what they take

so. The best approach is to go and see a physician


the man has elected this function, no

need for self-help in this case, but the woman should be very supportive

encourage. The husband

encourage, your husband tell the husband, it’s a natural thing and thank god

that’s there’s a solution to it. Now okay

there is a solution. All there are

solutions tell us what what are the options

available to demand

okay? Yes, the options available to the man in

such with such a case are that when you go to the hospital


doctor will see the patient and then

there are so many options for treatment

you have the drugs which I will not mention

you? Have the drugs

you have the

the injectables that is the

injections to the male organ

you? Have the vacu pump and you have the prosthetics. Implant


There is a new

technology. Now all these ones I’ve

talked about they don’t address the caus e of erectile


they, don’t treat they don’t cure

erectile dysfunction, but there’s one there’s a new modality for treatment

however is for only vasculogenic erectile dysfunction. That is the cause

of erection. Before we go on hello, sir, before we go on to

a new technology now you have mentioned that there are drugs implants

injectables and all that can it be reversed. Naturally, because we mentioned

that one of the causes of it is diabetes. Can if the diabetes and high

potential, for example, is taken out of the way will a man get himself back

can it be reversed. Naturally, the older men are. There are some things they can

do, naturally, that we restored in death in the integrity of the blood. Vessels

Your question is in two parts. You are asking whether the modalities of

treatment, I mentioned

whether, those modalities can reverse effectively. Erectile dysfunction am I


is that what yes? You mentioned, that that there are drugs that inject who’s fine

what, I’m asking is. Does it also include natural remedies

are there things, naturally, that the man can do without taking the drugs? That

Will, reverse erector dysfunction. Remember the integrity of the blood


let me say something what those modalities of treatment: are


they! Don’t reverse elected this function to number, if you

have it you take those twos which is

only temporary. But, however, let me go to your second part of the question

there. Are so many things a man can do that can help

in the management of erectile

dysfunction in terms of diet

you know take a lot of vegetables. You you avoid alcohol

you, don’t take cigarettes

you, avoid all these stimulants. All these stimulants, that

these young men, take

they really affect the integrity of the blood vessels, and then you engage in


exercise is very very necessary. It will help the blood flow to the

pelvic region. So when you do exercise you

take a lot of vegetables, you avoid

fatty meals, cholesterol, intake. It helps in the management, however, to answer your


specifically it does not reverse erectile dysfunction. It does not

it does not

so. If all those will not reverse it. Are you saying this new technology, can

reverse erector dysfunction? It can only reverse vasculogenic

erectile dysfunction

it’s, not all electric dysfunction, so you break that measurement


vasculogenic erectile dysfunction. Is that erectile dysfunction caused

by you know

problem within the blood vessels

okay, because that’s what we are talking about and is the major cause of all the

causes of erectile dysfunction is a

major cause when you talk of hypertension, there’s a problem with the


of blood vessels because of hypertension, when you talk of heart diseases, there’s

a problem

with blood supply to the male organ to the melligan. Because of heart diseases

when, you talk of diabetes. Mellitus

There is a problem with blood supply to the male organ

because of the problem, so it’s a major

problem, so that is the only one. This treatment can address. If a patient has


prostate operation cancer prostate cancer operation before it will

not benefit from this therapy

if, a patient has had pelvic injury like accident and then

resulted into erectile dysfunction. You will

not benefit from it

and. Let me just give you a scenario: we had a patient recently, a 42 year, old


who came in. Unfortunately, he just had about us. He

Came in

he came into the clinic. What happened to him was that he took the

these afrodasic drugs, one of them I

don’t know he himself cannot remember so

so a couple of years ago, when he took

the drugs

he had prapism

what. We call practising is that a

patient has erection and refuses to go down

so when you go when that occurs, it

becomes a surgical problem, so it was rushed to the teaching

hospital in lagos yeah

so. What the soldier would naturally do is to open up and release the clot

so at the end of the day. What happens the sealing process there? That’s what we

call fibrosis so the boy the man

now has permanent erectile dysfunction


coming to us. Now we cannot handle it. So it’s so. I want to say it’s not every


of erectile dysfunction, so this young man came in so it was so pathetic. And

Because of this

he said he couldn’t marry because he knows he

has. This problem


he didn’t want to get married because of this


having said that I had to

tell him. I can’t tell him that the way out, if you can afford it, is

having prosthetics so


that, is by the way so the only solution we have

is this new technology, which is already

in nigeria for vasculogenic erectile dysfunction

already in nigeria, is it approved or is, is still at this testing stage

has it been tested. Is it approved? Yes, I had an interview

about three years ago on a television and the just like you asked me

the the lady. They asked basically said she read because on our website

we put, it there

that not yet approved that was


so. Normally, that is fda approval you need

fba approval and for you to get fda approval. It takes time, but we have it we

have the approval which we got in 2020., okay, but in nigeria, as a today

a study, has been carried out university college hospital in bandung

and the success rate

when. You talk about efficacy and safety

of, shockwave therapy, in

in, india, patients in nigeria, using shockwave technology they found out that

the success rate is 86.4 percent. In that italian

yes. In that interview, I said, the

publication will be out. I said it’s going to be around 90., but their own

publication came out. They say it’s 86.4

percent, so that is where we are. As a today, it’s approved by fba

it’s, a we’ve done clinical trials on it in uch, and the results is fantastic very

significant 86.4 in any studies anywhere in the world

is, highly significant. In fact, the

research carried out in


was presented in new orleans in may last month

when. We had our american session of

sexual medicine conference because it is

the reference point in black in black men


it is the reference point that we are using


the studies in usage right now, so it is approved. I can say that okay in nigeria

yeah that’s good, to hear and I’m sure that

the men who are affected and hearing

this. They know that there’s there’s hope. It’s not. Over


You have mentioned that this

shockwave technology will not be able to help those that have the

organic right. Our patients are mostly diabetic


okay them he’s working for them, but he doesn’t reverse the diabetes his

electrical dysfunction. We are talking


okay, don’t get me wrong. Okay, the shockwave therapy

does not

reverse their diabetes. It can only reverse their directed

erectile dysfunction, okay, and we tell them to maintain healthy lifestyle, after

reversing their

erectile dysfunction and then to control their blood sugar. Very well. So it’s so

simple. If the blood sugar is not well controlled, it will affect the integrity

of, the blood vessels. Okay, I will come

into that the way this therapy works is amazing. It’s quite different. Because

It creates new blood vessel s, so new blood vessels are being created, it turns

demand to a younger person. So blood

vessels! Yes, yes, absolutely in the middle of god

that’s, a process watch what your body is supposed to do


is, what the machine triggers it’s. It’s your natural body, response

mechanism it talks. It takes over it’s

your body that takes over the therapy. So that’s why

is it like a surgery. Does it come with

pain? No, no! No! No! We say no pills

no surgery

and it’s painless

no peace

no injectables

no surgery, no anesthesia and it’s painless

the patient most patients. They come from


working place and take the treatment and go back

so. It’s the the therapy is not to

reverse hypertension. It doesn’t please it’s just the ed

so. If your hypertensive, you take your

drugs for high blood pressure. If you are diabetic, you take your drugs


diabetes, but it will reverse the erectile dysfunction for the for the men

who. Don’t have any health issues, so it’s a straightforward thing, so it

just addresses

the cost of the problem. There are two questions that I

will still want to ask you and I want to

ask all our viewers. If you are here with us, please you have any question put it

in the comment. Section

Now, sir, did this help other men up to what age

of men can this technology help? Let me see

right away, there’s no limit to age


yes, we have treated, I think we have tweeted, but they don’t come

quite often

men in their late 80s 88. I think 21 of 90. yes

okay sir


80s, yes, yes

but. Let me say, let me say something okay

okay. Who does that yeah? I want you to just state it here

yeah. That is

there is no time that you say that a man is too old to have sex yes

there’s, no time

okay. Well, that’s just what

it’s! It’s part of the health of this I

see. We have a healthy home okay

there’s. No, you are saying that this

technology can help men of all ages exactly absolutely absolutely and you

have treated a man of 88 years old 90



nigeria about three years ago

we had highest at 86., but recently if

somebody knocked me or somebody would want to ask that what is

90 still looking for may I say


that is that is already and the wife may be around the 80. Something too

I’m, not the wife might not be. It is something

the. Wife might not be at something, but some of them have younger wives. I will

say that okay yeah, some of them are that

let’s, be realistic. Some of them have younger wives. That is just the truth

and they think

. So it’s it’s. So this new technology can help a lot of

men is

no surgery, no peace is painless

but. Is it pocket friendly? It is

very very


friendly? Yes, let me say something:

I work with the manufacturing company to start with, and this particular company

pioneered this technology that is made spec

they’re using shockwave technology, to

treat erectile dysfunction, so


being a nigerian

I. Let them know that we cannot

because the consumables are very very

expensive, because that is the problem lies the

machine is there expensive, but what the pressure is going to take. But

The company has been so friendly to us

in nigeria at least they’ve subsidized, the cost


the shock

the shocks that we apply the cost that is why

right now. Can you believe it nigerians

now call us from outside the country wow

when they when they are coming home, they

want to have the treatment, because

abroad it’s

the courses

is, very, very high, at least over 300 or 100 percent of what’s the cost is

in nigeria, so that is just is he’s he’s pocket friendly, he’s pocket. Friendly

Okay but

you won’t want to give us a maybe a range

because, I’m coming from. No, no yeah, let me say, something

I am

working for the manufacturing company some hospitals have bought. The machines

it should be wrong for me to start talking about the price

the doctors are taking for the the cost for the treatment. I it will be

very very wrong

so it’s when they go to the hospitals. They will tell them how much they take

so. That is just it, but it is friendly. In

Any way, I’m going to go ahead and scroll your


is. Any other thing that you want to add to everything that you have told us



what. What I would like to say is this

if any man has

erected this function. It’s not death! Sentence

And, I’m happy

it’s! Not that sentence! There’s a solution, there’s hope. There’s a new hope

which. Is this shock with therapy? So, and I want to say, I want to advise


the. Women need to be supportive at home

to, their wife to their husbands. When

They have this problem. It is very, very important



let them know. That

It is not good

to go to

to go for self-help. If a man has erectile dysfunction

you should try as much as possible

to visit the hospital and then from there the doctor will know the best

thing to do

thank you. I have a question here. I didn’t say: that

lifestyle is a cause

of erectile dysfunction? What I said is it’s a risk. Factor

A risk factor. Okay, it’s a risk, there’s a

difference between risk factor, because, if you

take a lot of alcohol

if you take you smoke, you don’t exercise, there’s that tendency for you

to be obese and then, when you

have obesity, the the the integrity of the blood vessels could be


so. The lifestyle of a thing is very important

even after the patient has received. The

Treatment because, like I said

new blood vessels have been created

that is the mode of that therapy. When you create those new blood vessels, and

you go back to smoking

you you drink alcohol

then, you don’t exercise

of course

the risk factors will come back, thereby affecting the integrity

of the


please I didn’t. Say

Lifestyle is a cause because the

medicine, when you are saying course you can identify

that this. That’s why I said organic and

in organic, but there are risk factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction


thank, you very much doctor, I’m going to add on mr mr

uh. Maybe she asked some questions for

you before we round off for this evening. Okay, hello

hello. Thank you so much doctor unity. We are so grateful for having you at the

orchard. International god bless you I

just want to ask. Is there any no side effects to this technology to this


thank you? That is very, very important

. Let me see this. We pioneered this technology in

2010, so this technology has been in the

market since 2010

up to today. Up to today, no reported side effects, no adverse effect to this. Like I

said, it’s your body, natural body, response mechanism that takes over

what your body is supposed to do as a


you know. There are some enzymes that usually

there are stages for creation of blood

vessels, but if, by one way or the other, your body is not

able to initiate that process. This

Machine initiates the process so no side effect at all. If you

the publication

has come back from uch efficacy and safety


throughout, the studies in usage, no no reported

side effects at all or in any of the pati ents. So that’s a very good question


are you in all parts of nigeria, oh presently

the machines are just in lagos


it’s our intention to have the the machines all over nigeria, because it’s a

global thing it’s a global problem, it’s

supposed to be everywhere, because the protocol of treatment needs

the machine to be very close to the patient

because. It’s not a one-off treatment, the

patient visits. Yes, the patient visits the clinic 12 times. So, if you are coming

from five times within how many months within two months or three months, that

is six visits

six visits within two or three three weeks, then there’s a break of

about four to six weeks that another six

weeks, it’s very painful when pressure

is called from

northern parts of the country, even though some of them do come

for this for the treatment all

the way from the north. But we know with time the machines will be

available in every corner of nigeria. But

For now we have it

we have the machines in about four

centers. Thank you very much. Doctor

This is

eye-opening, I believe for many of the men that are watching us and those that

we watch the replay. Thank you very much

for, coming on this program to tell us about director this dysfunction. The

Causes the effect of it on demand on the marriage and, of course, the good news

that there is oh

there’s treatment available. We can’t thank you enough, sir. God bless you sir

for coming on this program, I’m going to

hand over to pastor mitchell. Thank you very much for having me

thank you very much for having me

okay sir you’re welcome, sir yeah over to you man

thank you so much. We’ve learned a lot

from our doctor doctor. Thank you so so much. We cannot appreciate you enough. And

We believe that these knowledge we’ve received soon. It will go a long

way to build relationship in the other

room and even within the husband and wife

thank you so much. I love honor and reward you excitingly and we believe

to have you soon again, maybe on some other thing, but we also give testimony

when. You come back that things are

happening better in the other room. God bless you, sir. Thank you so much we

appreciate it

thank you and thank you more greater increases

and. I regard the entire family over there

thank. You very much. Thank you, sir.

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I would like to thank #drosaye for all the time he had to put into his work,I’m unable to stop thinking of how I could continue living with the erectile dysfunction,however what’s destined to be will be, I kept praying and also receiving marital support and energy, and my prayers were answered through Dr osaye,I’m considering he’s just the better doctor and I recommend him.