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Erectile Dysfunction: How to Talk to Your Partner

This could be your partner's problem... You may not want to talk about it, but erectile dysfunction (ED) is a problem that affects many men. It can be difficult to talk to your partner about ED, but it's important to do so. ED can be a sign of other health problems, so it's important to get checked out by a doctor. There are also treatments available that can help. Talk to your partner about ED today.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection. It can be caused by physical problems, psychological factors, or a combination of both.

ED is often a side effect of other health problems. These include:

  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • metabolic syndrome — a condition involving increased blood pressure, high insulin levels, body fat around the waist, and high cholesterol
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • certain prescription medications
  • tobacco use
  • alcoholism and other forms of substance abuse
  • sleep disorders
  • treating ED

There are a number of things you can do to treat ED. These include:

  • Making lifestyle changes. This may include quitting smoking, losing weight, and increasing physical activity.
  • Taking medications. These include oral medications, injectable medications, and topical medications.
  • Using vacuum devices. These devices are placed over the penis and draw blood into the penis. They can be used for temporary relief or for permanent treatment.
  • Undergoing surgery. This may be done to correct an underlying cause of ED, such as vascular surgery.

You should talk to your doctor about ED if you are having difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. ED can be a sign of an underlying health condition, such as heart disease, diabetes, or depression.

Approach him with the mindset of helping him. You’ll eventually be the winner as well as him

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Video transcription:

Welcome to ease and ask game time. My name is adi. If this is your first time of watching our youtube channel, please click the subscribe button and like, and if you have any question, go ahead and send a comment, send a question and I’ll be able to get back with you now. Today’s topic that I want to talk about is going to be, is going to be for the ladies, it’s for the women and it’s how to talk to your partner about erectile dysfunction. Now a lot of us don’t want to talk about this because it’s a sensitive matter. It’s not something that sit down on the kitchen table and you discuss this kind of issue and the funniest thing you can’t even discuss it in the bedroom because you discuss in the bedroom. It causes another issue again, so you have to find a way around it to discuss with him, make him feel as the winner as well. At the end of the day, you become the winner too. So how do you approach it? These are some of the things I’m going to be talking about today. Now, what is the rectal dysfunction right, so erectile dysfunction is something that we get less. We talk less about it because it is stressful for the partners, wife or for the person, that’s girl or the person. Our lady is stressing for you, ladies already like and as a woman what you tend to blame yourself. First thinking it is you that caused it. You have nothing to do with that. You didn’t do anything wrong or you often blame yourself and you wonder if there’s something about you that causes the condition or maybe it only happens whenever he is with you. No don’t think about all of this and what happens as a woman, you guys think too much sit back there and lying on your bed, and you start thinking of what, if and what, if and what, if now what, if he’s doing well what if he doesn’t find me attractive, what, if he’s cheating or what? If it’s about the condition about me that gave him this issue right now, all of this you’re thinking about it and you are afraid to bring up the matter. Why? Because exactly what’s gonna happen? If you bring up the issue because I’m doing what, because it’s already stressful for him already it’s a little bit embarrassing to most men and as a lady, you just keep quiet and you get to let your mind. Take you away down the road of anxiety and worry, and there’s no one there to calm you down, because it’s not something that you really want to talk about at that moment, and one thing, ladies, don’t even call their girlfriends and talk about their husbands and stylists. For you, ladies, you share a lot of things with yourself right, but when it comes to this, you don’t share it with your fellow friends. So you want to talk to the person. That’s next to you, which is your partner right. So the next time that you’re wondering what to think. Don’t let negative thoughts. Don’t let you spring up, don’t do just don’t let it stop it right there! Okay! Instead, you want to educate yourself about what erectile dysfunction is and what are the causes. So you can save yourself and your partner on warranty stress. So you just don’t go all stressed out now. What is it, what it is and what causes it now erectile dysfunction is just straightforward. It’s this sentence: reptile dysfunction is a man’s inability to get and keep an erection long enough to have sex. Do the funniest thing. Every man will tell you, they don’t have an erectile dysfunction problem. Every man will tell you why, because they would not tell the ladies. It’s like a it’s a blow on on their mind ego, however men we tend to have this. We talk to our friends and when we talk to our friends, we really don’t even talk about it and okay. So, as we were talking about right, so it’s just not being able to keep an erection for long. That’s just one! That’s just a great thought assumption now at a point or another, every guy, including me as I’m talking to you, every guy we’ve experienced this often secretive problem. Now, ladies, you can bring your husband now you can bring your partner now. This is not where we need to talk now. We’ve experienced a secretive problem, but as a man, we will not come to our ladies to tell them that we’re having this issue right. So what do we do? We go and look for a quick fix now. What are the quick things you go to your friends like my friend. This thing is not doing the way it’s supposed to do. I think I’m getting older and I miss some of this, like the blue pill or the the yellow pill or the orange peel, or give me some of this medication that I can just use to get myself and what some guys don’t even talk to anybody, what they do they go to the gas station because at the gas station on the right side of that cam of that register, you see that little blue there’s a honeydew weight or stuff like that. You do this and you have a man and a woman there, so you look around for this food fix. Why? Because to a man, man, I’m talking to you and I’ve, been down this road, and I am talking to you now as a man you will not accept. It. Is eating it has a name. Everything has a name and as long as you keep denying that you have this, the problem will continue. You start looking for all these quick fix that can cause other issues for you. So the first thing is to accept it that this is what it is called and when what it is called, then you cannot look for a way or you can look for a solution. The other thing is that men we run away from the doctors. We don’t even go there and when we go there, we really don’t even talk about that and some of us when we go to the doctor. Sometimes we ask our doctors and say: hey: do you have any of those samples or the blood veals or these? So that have this thing? That is not. So we need to see your apology to exactly what is going on now, things that causes erectile dysfunction, number one, our stressful life, the kind of food that we eat. So all these hormones that we’ve been eating for all these lungs see all of these things they caught their dick. They cause erectile dysfunction. High cholesterol, depression, heart disease, right, diabetes, right, prolonged alcohol use and med and drug use. All of these things. They are all the contributing factors to erectile dysfunction. Likewise, medication, some medication like high blood pressure medication. They cause erector dysfunction. Now, as a man like, I said, we never accept that. We have this problem because it’s a blow on our ego now for you as a man and for the woman. If you want to understand more about erectile dysfunction, there’s so many causes, and there are different types of courses we have psychological causes. We have physical causes and we have a pawn induced cos operator assumption. I don’t want to go too much in depth to that I’ll. Just give you a general overview of what it is and the courses right now, if you need to understand more about erectile dysfunction, you want to go on youtube. I’m going to have the link at the bottom just check the bottom you’re going to see that link and that link is a detailed about. I can’t get it up now when you watch that video from the beginning to the end. They explain everything about director this function, the courses and everything that you need to know like the 10 000 feet overview of what director the function link is going to be at the bottom watch. It and- and you can see more about right now, so how to approach the topic with your partner. Now you want to approach this systematically. You want to approach it with the mindset that you are helping him. So, at the end of the day, both of you will be the winner. You understand so moving forward. So how do you approach it now approaching this number? One e.d already is a stressful issue, even though the man who has said diabetes trust me. I spoke to a friend of mine, it’s older than me, and I was talking about erectile dysfunction. Then you say: oh, I don’t have erectile dysfunction and he’s 62.. It’s a lie. Come on man, it’s a lie, and you told me that, oh what I’m not I’m as active as I’m acting asking all right, I’m not gonna, say anything. You have to have a name. You have to admit to the problem before you can get a solution right, so it affects young men and old men alive, especially the young ones. It’s like a blue on our ego man. We try to act, so it depends on what you call yourself as what you call young man now a 50 year old guy would call himself a young man as I’m standing in front of you. I am a young man, I’m a young man and I’m over 50. So I’m a young man. Now some people they are like 60 and they stick call themselves a young man so, depending on what you call a young man right now, these days because of the hormones and the stuff that we eat the stressful life and different kind of things that we have access to or all of these things men are boys from the age of 20 and up they are already having a wrapped up dysfunction. You need to go and watch that my video that I said I can’t get it up. You need to watch that video, and it would explain more of this to you. So at any age as an adult as a man, you can have erectile dysfunction. There are so many causes of it that causes it now, the other one. Is you approach the topic with a question such as? Is it me, did I do anything wrong? Am I not attractive now asking all these questions from your partner will send him the other direction and what that causes it makes him feel attacked. It makes me feel understood and the result can be what can be the end of that relationship. So how do you do this? So, ladies, instead of you taking this personally, you don’t have to take it personally. The next step is to discuss the issue out of the bedroom, not when you guys are having that moment that you want to discuss this. You want to discuss the other bedroom. Now, when you are discussing this, you want to put emphasis on the problem as a physical one, not a sexual one. Right now, one of the most relieving thing about chronic dysfunction for men is to find another one. Two three studies, I’ve shown out of ten men. I have erectile dysfunction, so you are not doing this by yourself. A lot of people are going through it. Okay, so don’t don’t worry now. The most relieving part is that reptile dysfunction is a treatable condition. You can treat it by using medication or you can use about product. Now, I’m going to put more emphasis on the harbour product as we go on in this video now, if you can de-personalize this issue and be logical and open right, man you’re just going to make things much easier for yourself and for your partner, so you want to talk about so the first thing you want to talk to your partner about is by helping you want to encourage him. How do you encourage him? I want to tell you hey what honey can you go see the doctor? Okay, so you tell him, go see the doctor right so for to test for any on the pressure diabetes. You want to make sure that your heart is good enough to do well to perform their fiduciary. You need in the bedroom. Now you want to encourage them to do it to eat healthy. Let’s have more protein, you want to tell them to cut back on, maybe alcohol use or drug use, and you want to encourage them to do what to exercise. You understand now, some men, they will do one thing they go through for the the blue pill or the yellow peel. Now, when you go for the yellow pill or the blue pill, they come with a lot of side effects. Now, don’t forget there are some medication that causes this issue. Now, when you look at the the the fine print of those medication, it tells you the side effect now you’re using another medication to cure another side effect and each of this medication, the calm side effect. Now the blood peel or the the orange peel, the converse, recycle like runny, nose, stuffy, nose, headache, bleeding nose, after effect, there’s so many underlying stuff that comes after it. Now all you can do what you can try a natural special herb blend now, what is a natural special health blend? So this natural blend right has been formulated with all the natural ingredients for a human anatomy, no chemical and it’s all natural. Now studies have shown since the beginning of men, we use herbs and all of these apps we did about thousands of years. They cure a lot of diseases from our body and they don’t give us any side effect now in our natural hubble blend that I’m talking about that, all the things that they have in it is a lot of these are blended together. Just for you, so some of the ingredients that we have in there are number one. Some of the things that I have in the natural blend, hubble supplement that you can use to do what to work on is your erectile dysfunction is epimedi. Now, what is epimedi heavy medi has been known for many years. It’s one of the most powerful aphrodisiac remedy for erectile dysfunction. We have maca what is maca. Maca is also known as the peruvian ginseng right. It’s a medication and plant, and it’s it’s excellent. In the aphrodisiac property. It is very powerful for both men and women. It increases libido and increases sexual desire. Now it functions supportively in case of central failure and erectile dysfunction. Next one is ginkgo biloba, so ginkgo biloba say have a cleaning effect on the blood and additionally, it improves the muscle tone in the wall of the blood vessel. So erectile dysfunction is you’re not getting enough blood flow to that place right, and what does kinko do it sends blood to that place? Now we have ginseng ginseng is one of the best natural aphrodisiac right. It is being used to escalate sexual desire and to improve sexual performance. Lesser galanga. It belongs to the same categories as ginger and it is traditionally used in chinese and indian medicine. As for gastronomy right mulberry, molasses, now more very molasses, they show a wide range of variety of beneficial properties for the human body. Now, more specifically, it helps fight diabetes as well as obesity right now, while promoting those proper functions of prostate and enhanced sexual health. It announces your sexual wear. Flower, honey, flower, honey, is high nutritional value. So maybe because it contains a wide variety of different substances, it contains calci, it contains magnesi, it contains zinc, it contains iron and contains copper. Now, flour honey contains boron which boosts the testosterone and metabolizes estrogen we have metal in it now nettle is a widely known herb for its healing properties. Right. It is rich in calci and potassi, so it contributes decidedly to the health of the bone and managing the blood pressure, because when you’re doing it your blood, it’s like racing, so it manages blood pressure. Now it contains vitamin c and k and therefore it encourages the absorption of iron and it stimulates the novel system. It exhibits. Antimicrobial anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties. Cola vera collagera, is known to be coolant. Now it contains caffeine. It contains your mind. It connects and means, and it contains anta and to cyanine now it stimulates the central nervous system and generally the whole body, now increasing alertness. When you’re doing this, you need to be very alive right now. It is mainly used as a natural anti-depressant, while showing good results in cases of diarrhea and dysentery. Now we have cinnamon cinnamon and it’s gonna, be it in men. It inhibits spiritual fatigue. So, like I said, if you watch that video, I can’t get it up. You’ll see all of this as the issue that causes this rectangular function, and this so cinnamon is enabling that sexual fatigue and it stimulates sex, drive in men. Now we have vanilla, so vanilla is also quite beneficial as it acts on the central nervous system and it combats sexual dependentations now other stuff that we have. There are royal jelly royal jelly, it promotes blood circulation and sex drive in men bee pollen, beef, pollen, it’s a protein sauce and include almost all nutrients that you need for the human body. Thus it has been characterized as a super food oat now oat increases the production of estrogen wasting. It stimulates your sexual desire. Can you imagine all the old meal that you eat, what it does in your body wow and we have home. So what I really want to talk to you about again, which is the hover splint guys. So we have this special hubble blend. You can order it at we’re going to have the link at the bottom, and if you take this opportunity you can get five percent off so go ahead and click on the link and you’ll get a five percent off right. Okay, so today I want to discuss it with you all over again right about this hubble blind right. It is called his and has gay time now it’s a special harvard blend. I’ve already explained some of the ingredients that we have in it and all of this that’s what we can share with you. Some of that ingredient is all natural and it’s cruelty free. It is a lot now. The reason why I’m going through this and the reason why I’m sharing this with you is because 2020 was a very great year. It was a year of kobe. It was a year that was good. A lot of people made a lot of money, but when it comes to relationship a lot of people, they lost their relationship now, a lot of men and women. Both of you guys who walk out of the house, you only see yourself, maybe seven, to 12 hours a day, even though you didn’t realize that you believe you see yourself every day, because the guy goes to work asian. A lot of things happen throughout those coffee season, because your wife and your partner that you don’t get to s, you taught that you guys know each other very well, but you guys don’t see each other very well, but you didn’t only realize that not until ever you started working from home now he’s working from you guys have seen yourself 24 hours a day. Now you tend to see who really your husband is or your partner or who your wife is for your spouse. You really saw each other, so it brought a lot of issues so at that time, because it was so stressful, you can’t go out. You can’t do this, you can travel. So all of the things they couple up together, it causes all these stress and things like that, and there was a lot of sex too a lot of babies too during kobe, so this year around, you can see a lot of people having babies right. Those are the effects of kodi. Now this is around right. So we now this hub of blend that I’m talking about. I have tried it. I have tried it why? Because 20 20, I was all about money. I wasn’t even looking at my relationship and my marriage, things were going downhill. I don’t realize why, because it saved my own marriage, save my own relationship and I, when I used it, my wife was what she was like blown away. I wasn’t the one blown away, though she was one of us. She was blown away and I can’t tell you how much these are gonna help me out and saved my marriage. Now everybody may have a different result, but I’ll tell you one thing: this is my own personal experience and trust me because of all these all of these ingredients that we have here they are all natural salt. They are herbs and when you use them they are always good for your body, so go ahead, and so what is this thing that I’m just talking about told you about all the stuff that we have in the other herbs and the blend and everything right? It’s this guy. So you look at it right, it’s small, but it’s mighty yeah! It is small, but it is gigantic. So this is like david killed, goliath right, so so looking at this right, and how do you use this? You take a teaspoon of this. So if you feel like you have there’s nothing wrong with you, like you, don’t have that e or anything like that, your sound, your everything right! You take a teaspoon of this 20 to 30 minutes before your you have you have your intercourse with your partner now and you’ll, see the side. You’ll see the effects of this. The effect is giant. I’m going to go through the effect in a few seconds now so that exactly what you’re getting from this, so you take that one teaspoon, maybe 20 to 30 minutes before the action and you’ll be surprised. Now, I’m going to show you all the things that this will do when you do what, when you take that teaspoon, however, if you feel like you are going through your this circuit problem that you don’t want to talk about right, you can use this a teaspoon once every day. At the same time, and any time during calls, you are always ready for it, because this stays in your bloodstream. It stays there for like 24, it’s just always in your bloodstream, and one thing I talked about this is it’s not like a blue pill that you use it? You have to be hard for like eight hours, and that is it. This is a mental thing, because these are all herbs right. So all you need to do is do think about it and you send a signal down the string and what happens you are ready as ready. So what do you benefit, and what will this do when you take that teaspoon? So I’m gonna go through it now. So what do you get now? What to expect when you use this a special harbor blend number one. It takes you from zero to a hero in 20 minutes, takes you to a zero to a hero in 20 minutes. Now it gives you that strong erection power of masculinity. It makes you that man that you used to be right now, not only that right, it got a delaying effect, which is what it stops. You a premature ejaculation, which means you’re no more a two minutes now you’re, no more a three minutes: man now you can go on and on and the good thing about it. It increases your sexual power. It makes you more strong right now. It prolongs the duration. It keeps you there, you understand, because men we always have to think about our partner too. We can come easily, but they don’t come just like that. So you have to be there. You have to do your fiduciary duty right now. It increases a number of sexual rounds, which means as soon as you’re done what happens. It is ready again yeah and that’s what it does right and it’s in your bloodstream for up to 72 hours. When you use this it’s in your bloodstream, it means one teaspoon. You can use the same one teaspoon and you can do it over about two three days still in your bloodstream. Now the other things that you can expect when you use this are number one again: it maximizes your libido. Now it gives you the ability to perform yeah. It gives you the ability to perform after orgasm, which means you come you’re ready all right, so it gives the men the ability to perform after orgasm and when they come they’re ready. All over again now, when I talked about maximize libido, is for the ladies, what you two can take some time when you take it, you maximize your libido, and both of you can be in that gay time now, no after side effect, none and what are you waiting for now? Click the link at the bottom. I’m gonna share a five percent code. Coupon code that you can get and yeah it can be delivered secretly, just send us a message that you want us to put and we can put it there and the good thing about this is that on your credit card statement, it doesn’t show anything sexual or anything like that. So go ahead. The discrete and thank you for watching. So if this is your first time again like share this video and click on the link and send us any questions, thank you for watching and have a great game time.

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