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Erectile Dysfunction - Don't Let It Get You Down!

Erectile dysfunction can be a frustrating and embarrassing problem. But it's also a common one. Learn more about what causes it and what you can do about it.

Erectile Dysfunction – Why it Happens and What To Do About It

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection. It can be caused by physical or psychological problems.

Physical causes include:

  • heart disease
  • clogged arteries
  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • metabolic syndrome – a condition involving increased blood pressure, high insulin levels, body fat around the waist and high cholesterol
  • parkinson’s disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • hormonal disorders
  • chronic illnesses such as kidney disease and liver disease
  • injuries or surgeries that affect the pelvic area or spinal cord
  • certain medications – for example, antidepressants, blood pressure medications, antihistamines and some peptic ulcer medications

Psychological causes include:

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • relationship problems


There are a number of treatment options available.


Oral medications such as sildenafil (Viagra), vardenafil (Levitra), and tadalafil (Cialis) can help improve the quality of erections. These medications are generally safe and well tolerated.

Other medications that can be used to treat ED include:

  • intraurethral pellets of alprostadil (MUSE)
  • injections of alprostadil (Caverject, Edex)
  • vacuum devices that draw blood into the penis and cause an erection
  • surgery to repair arteries or remove blockages
  • hormone therapy

Psychological therapy

Psychological therapy can be helpful for men with erectile dysfunction. This can include:

  • counselling
  • sex therapy
  • cognitive behavioural therapy


There are a number of things that can be done to reduce the risk of developing ED.

  • maintain a healthy weight
  • eat a healthy diet
  • exercise regularly
  • quit smoking
  • limit or avoid alcohol
  • manage stress
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Video transcription:

The word erectile disfunction go humiliation, Viagra, ashamed, hello, there lovers and friends today, I want to talk about something that one in four men will experience before the age of 30, erectile dysfunction. Aka EDD does not get discussed as much as it should, which is why today’s video is all about covering it from a variety of different angles and perspectives, but in support of your time, if you came in search of a specific bit of information check out these time codes alright. So this is a cross-section view of the penis. You might have an experience where even someone where you get embarrassed you get made fun of and teased about, and joked around with I felt like I was doing something where I wasn’t doing enough, while leaving the arteries free to do their thing and maintain the erection. Alright, let’s get into things. Edie is a spectr disorder, meaning some men have problems getting it up. Others have problems, keeping it up some experience, it frequently well for others, it’s just once in a while, some men suffer from psychological edie, but most is from physical edie and no matter where you fall on the spectr. Please know that you are not alone. As a matter of fact, 47 million men in the US alone have experiences with a wreck tile dysfunction. That is why, when the founders of giddy a new FTA class to medical device developed by urologist and engineers to effectively treat Edie reached out to me to say, hey, can you start this conversation with your community? I didn’t just say: yes, I said hell, yes, and furthermore, it was crucial that my community did not just listen to this information, but I wanted them to be heard, but before we dive back into that conversation, I want to give all of you a little crash course on why some dicks don’t get or stay hard all right. So this is a cross-section view of the penis that right there is the deep dorsal vein. Then you have the arteries corpora cavernosa and the urethra okay. So this is what the penis looks like when it’s the arteries dilate pushing blood all up in the penis, which makes a corpora cavernosa fill up the deep dorsal vein, then compresses, but it leaves the urethra open for ejaculation problems in achieving or maintaining an erection are often caused by insufficient blood flow into the penis, meaning the arteries aren’t pumping enough blood in or too much blood flow out of the penis, meaning the veins aren’t compressing enough, so blood seeps out. So that is how erectile dysfunction happens and up next I asked the group why it happens. Being pressure from the partner can play a big role in it, especially if it’s something that’s happened before. If your partner doesn’t know really the proper way to respond, and it’s kind of I think about it, unintended then it came, it can kind of I think make it into a recurring problem. Those physical things, yes, diabetes, I think Parkinson’s was one of them. There might be a physiological block if the prostate is enlarged. That can block blood flow I think also. It can be like a mental thing where you might have an experience. What even says someone where you get embarrassed or you get humiliated in some way, because you can’t perform well and then the next time you have an experience at that with another person, you have a hard time getting it up, which they think is like another branch of erectile dysfunction. Besides be a big, chronic or medical, so Edie, because Edie right, yes, yeah, it gets in the way of itself if it happens and it’s not for an actual medical reason. It’s an emotional reason, the psychological reason and then, if it happens again, then you go into a new relationship with that. In the back of your mind, as a guy and you’re like ah man, is it I’m really into this girl, but am I gonna be able to perform because I had that problem last time, even if it was just one time it sits in the back of your mind and so that if it does crop up and your to communicate with a person about that, then it makes it really awkward, and then that exacerbates the problem. Sometimes the issues is mental, where you’re not really attracted to that person yeah and it may not just be a physical attraction. You may be physically attracted to over to something else about who’s, not it’s not there. What I thought was really fascinating about that discussion is that whenever we bring up Edie, it’s usually the mental causes that get so much attention, but statistically it’s only ten to twenty percent of Edie that is caused by the mental. The other eighty is physical and so I put together a list of different physical causes for erectile dysfunction. You’ve got certain prescription, medications, obesity, clogged blood vessels, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, tobacco use, alcoholism and other forms of substance, abuse, sleep disorders and enlarged, prostate surgeries or injuries that affect the pelvic area or spinal cord and Edie can be the side effect of several other health conditions like diabetes or heart disease. All right. So at this point we have covered what is erectile dysfunction. Why does it happen? And now I want to talk about how it makes those struggling with it feel I think as a man, it’s kind of like a test to your manhood. It’s like every time, I’m about to like go in the bedroom and perform am I gonna pass or I’m, making a fake now biologically I’m made to perform to have a penis to get a read, and if you can’t do that, it’s like it really, it makes me feel more like diminished, makes me feel less of a man and it’s giving performance anxiety things like that. So it really does matter. I think it does at least to me personally and also like being come from a closer out. Mexicans come from that kind of culture. It’s it’s very much he’s more! So things like that, so it’s even more! You got even more pressure on your shoulders to perform well and to do otherwise, like everyone’s gonna know and like it kind of and people look at you differently, just because you can’t do a certain activity. So in my eyes and in my family, my friends it doesn’t, it hurts me a lot. Does that flash in your mind everyone’s going to know like that little sentence yeah because because, like it’s so yeah because I get studies, it’s mentioned so much and like I’m, like I, hear I, hear stories about like other men who are like in their forties, like we can lobby just with that, I mean my family and they like they like they roast them like to the point where it’s so you Jesus, like I, don’t want to be in their position because, like that mean people are talking about it, I mean I, mention it in conversation and it’s either like. Oh, it becomes like an understanding like Maya, and we share experiences about what happened or it can go. The reverse, where you mentioned before words like you, get made fun of and teased about and joked around with, and then it like internally represses them and causes more of an issue down the road. There’s. Definitely more performances already for me just because, like I said before, the stands are held way higher and you do have to be more dominant, I think I. Think it closed really good. That’s how it works top to bottom in blah, blah blah levers. A table is very dominant over the bottom is very submissive, and you have to take control the situation if you’re a top, so there’s even more pressure on men to perform even better arts avatar to do what you’re supposed to do as men were fixers we’re, doers and we’re like I can I can conquer this, and when it’s your own body that you’re trying to conquer in the moment it’s Louise, it’s like you’re, really working at it and and like when it happened to me when I was younger. That was my immediate response, but now that I’m older I know that it’s like okay, take a step back, be about the intimacy and I, have the wisdom of what is masculinity and it’s actually it’s my mind in my heart and my soul, it’s it’s less tied to that physical action. Now, on the flip side of the coin, 28 million women and 4 million men are currently in a relationship with someone who suffers from erectile does function and unfortunately, 75% of women blame themselves for it. S o I thought it was crucial to ask people who have sex with men. Howie D has made them feel my first started getting my partner about like two and a half years ago. That was an issue that came up like he was. He was in school so like there’s a lot of his mind and when it came time for us to do things and he wasn’t like hard or he like, couldn’t stay hard, it was like I felt like I was doing something or I wasn’t doing enough and I had to work to detach myself from that, to not bring so much guilt and so much stress towards him, because it he checks his masculine masculinity. But at the same time it’s like you do still feel her within an intimate situation. I’ve grown to not take those things as seriously and I’ve also just advocate for different ways of having sex. To like it’s not like just about your penis I. Think that I’m gonna forget about that too. The fact that we don’t need like penetration to enjoy it because I know a lot of the men were saying earlier, like oh, you want to perform. You want to satisfy and there’s so many other ways. If you’re sleeping with a woman, I mean you’re sitting with another man, you can stimulate someone else without using your penis and still satisfy them and still meet that goal. I wish it wasn’t such an unhappy. There wasn’t such a heavy importance on that I’m like if you can get a guy hard, but it does kind of feel like that’s how that they’re, like into you I, think the worst thing they could do is try and put the pressure on to fix it right now, mm-my or or it’s like. Oh it. If it’s not fixed in the next ten minutes, then it’s they put the blame on them and they verbalize that it’s their fault and you’re like no. It’s not your fault, there’s nothing to do with you. I, like I, don’t know most times or like when it’s having me a few times. I didn’t even necessarily understand the reason why I was just not able to get aroused, but the pressure that was then put on me to essentially try and make this thing happen was unsurmountable, I, think also building on that. Just not judging it. Like you mentioned. What’s wrong with me, what’s wrong with you, we have that inner judge in our mind or that critic that wants the judge and analyze and figure it out. But that’s like exactly what you don’t want to do in that moment, like you said you just need to take a moment, may be internalized like okay. What’s your motivation behind this reset take a couple of deep breaths and then revisit it and then, like you mentioned, your rhythms will sync back up eventually because it could have been so many different other factors that had nothing to do with either. One of you I think it’s really important for them to just communicate like and to let them know like hey, something’s, going on or I’m just not in the right headspace. Or can we take a minute cuz? Really their reaction, like the person who is experiencing it, I feel like it’s on both, but their reaction can kind of turn it one way or another. I’ve had an experience where it happened to someone, and it was our first time having sex and they just kept trying to make it happen and like I was I was the one that was like do you or do you want to stop like we can? We can take a break and they got mad they’re like stop asking me if I was stopping. That’s just like turning me off and like well. All of this is good like a tantr, and it was just super uncomfortable for them to have reacted. That way and I it came from embarrassment like I, knew that I I wasn’t looking down on them for it. If the girl is a compassionate person and the type of person that you want to be having sex with it, they won’t make you feel like [, __ ] about it pretty [ __ ], if they do don’t have sex with them. That’s just trash like until now, Edie has been a couple’s problem with the guys solution, meaning if the dude in the relationship suffering from erectile dysfunction did not want to go to the doctor. There was nothing their partner. Could do about that? Well, giddy is trying to fix this because it is non prescription, meaning anyone can bring it into the bedroom and start that discussion. What let’s go on ahead and start the discussion about giddy right now. Now you might be saying to yourself: Shan isn’t giddy just a standard [, __ ] ring and the answer to that question is nope penises aren’t round, so neither is giddy. It fits to naturally mimic the pressure that occurs in a natural erection. Giddy applies pressure to the dorsal vein and allows blood to enter the corpora cavernosa, while leading the arteries free to do their thing and maintain the erection. Also, unlike a standard ring, giddy leaves the urethra unencumbered so that ejaculation is pleasurable business as usual. In short, giddy is an effective treatment of Edie. That, unlike other forms, does not leave you with any side effects. You only gotta buy one, so you don’t gotta break the bank and finally, you do not need a prescription to get it. All you need is access to the Internet hold on a second cuz. You guys know I love me a deal and giddy would like to extend a special promo offer of $99, which is 40% off by clicking on the link below clearly I am sold, so I asked the group if they would feel comfortable or compelled to use a product like giddy in their sex lives. If you have issues with that and you’re offering a solution, I’m sure should understand our lease now make compromise to agree with having the horseshoe or the giddy I think. The biggest thing with that is just having an open mind being willing to try something new yeah, what Java always open for you, but it has to be mutual and I. Think communication is key when it comes to something a new experience, but also, if you’re, with a partner for a while. That’s kind of like one of the secrets to success right is I, mean figuring out new ways, new things that try and to keep it new and fresh and exciting. I think you just be like. Well, let’s break out some toys yeah one for you, one for me: yeah. We both get to have fun year, but I’m gonna try this new one on and that I think that mentality, where you’re playing together is way more fun than like. Let’s have earth-shattering sex, you can get there, but with that being the end goal of your time, but it’s too much pressure yo. Thank you so much the group just for sharing for your truth, for your compassion and in spirit of what they have done in this video I implore. All of you to start the discussion down below in the comments section I want to hear from you what do about Edie? What experiences have you had about? Edie and, above all else? What is the most important thing that you wish? The public knew about a wrecked-tile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a normal part of life and should be discussed and respected, like any other emotion that humans ghost goes through and whether you’re going through it yourself or someone, is it’s important to be compassionate for that person and understand that that might not be happening to you, but it could happen to you so having that compassionate is important because you could be put in that situation. I would say for if you’re experiencing, erectile dysfunction check with yourself before anything else, because in this situation, you’re in are you comfortable I do I, do your relationship with the other person and like how you interact just make sure that you try and check with yourself give yourself that opportunity to to take your time. Don’t rush it and just live in that space. Erectile dysfunction is not anybody’s fault, and it’s nothing that you should feel bad about. Just take a deep breath, communicate with your partner and figure out how you want to keep going from there. Whether you want to take a break, stop it’s all good you’ll, be okay, I read, tell dysfunction, should we be taking lightly or any question of the road, because happiness is without. You should definitely look into. Why and for yourself kind of in that third perspective of you and of yourself and your partner and see and try to pinpoint what the issue is. Erectile dysfunction has nothing to do with you proving how much of a man you are erectile dysfunction. Everything happens to the best of us. So there’s a lot of tools and pharmaceuticals to help you with that. It’s not gonna be a life sentence. You can, you can get up out of it.

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Thank you Dr Oiwoh on YouTube for your kind gesture towards my ailment called erectile dysfunction your medication really make me great.keep saving lives doctor….

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