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Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatments

Are you struggling with erectile dysfunction? Read our latest article to learn about the causes and treatment options available to you. Don't suffer in silence any longer, find out what you can do to improve your situation.

Causes And Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual performance. An erection occurs when blood fills two chambers in the penis called the corpus cavernosum. The cause of erectile dysfunction may be psychological, physical, or a combination of both.

Psychological Causes of ED

Psychological causes of ED are often related to performance anxiety. Performance anxiety is the worry that you will not be able to maintain an erection or will not be able to perform sexually. This anxiety can cause ED.

Other psychological causes of ED include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • guilt
  • low self-esteem

Physical Causes of ED

Physical causes of ED are often related to circulation and blood pressure. These conditions can interfere with the ability of the penis to fill with blood.

Other physical causes of ED include:

  • atherosclerosis
  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • obesity
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • prostate surgery
  • side effects of medications
  • sleep disorders

Treatments for ED

There are a number of treatments for ED, including:

  • oral medications
  • injections
  • surgery
  • vacuum devices
  • lifestyle changes

Your doctor will likely start with the least invasive treatment and move on to more invasive treatments if the first treatment does not work.

Learn about the causes and treatment of ED from a Clinical Pharmacist with over 15 years’ experience in clinical Pharmacy DR. Oteng Asamoah.

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Video transcription:

Hello, lovely people welcome to azure

wellness where you learn proven ways to

healthy living this is your lady salome here today, we

have a very important topic to discuss. Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction

or? Do your partner suffer

stay tuned as today we are going to be discussing

this very important topic

here with me

in the studio I have

dr, asamwa otsing dr alting is an elder of the church. Of

Pentecost he’s a clinical pharmacist, who

has been practicing for the past over 15 years. Now


And orton is married to his lovely wife. Gifty or ting

they are blessed with three lovely

children edith, christian and nathan. The thought is really passionate. About


Based on that he has have two youtube channels, one in english


they spring life and health channel, and then one in also the ghanian

language akan youtube channel. I’m going to put all the

links underneath the video so that you

could check it out. If you don’t

understand the english he have in ghanaian language to help and I’ll say

welcome to azure wellness

thank you so much for having me alrighty. Is there anything that I missed

out in the intro

no? You said everything I have a community pharmacist

I called you here, because I wanted us to talk about this

very important target, ed or erectile

dysfunction before it was like in men who are older, that normally experience

this, but right now, when you read more

articles, even younger people as young as in their 20s 30s, are starting to

experience. This condition. So I thought

that it was necessary that we discussed it

so, then what is it in the first place

when we’re talking about maybe eddie, as is a short for erectile

dysfunction, as you said, and it’s also the same disease state that we used to

refer to as impotence some people still

call it as impotence and according to the american urological


ed, is the inability, to

achieve or obtain

uh erection, and also maintain that erection for successful

sexual intercourse. Okay. So with that said from the

definition, does that mean there is less

like a spectr that people could go from

different stages, all the way to

impotence? Or how would you sing

that’s really not a spectr as long as there’s, not the ability, to

achieve erection

, you have edi and maybe

the only reason why you may call

it as a spectr is. If somebody is able to achieve erection upon you, know

prolonged stimulation and also the erection not being strong

enough, but ed is needed as long as you cannot obtain erection strong enough to

have, a successful sexuality, because you have idi, however, way you describe it

so that is you’re not able to keep it until you have sex, that’s what

so, then what are the causes of this

condition since now is very, very prevalent

among. Even younger men

right, like you alluded to

hitter two recently

I mean before it was just a disease of older men. Yes, but now

because of the fact that other diseases of older men have become

diseases of younger men. Eddie has also caught up with young people

and. That is because

some of the courses that we used to see in older men are now in younger men

and. I I call the courses in a very huge

or large groups, and then we can talk

about the individual examples. So I will talk about one one group called the

psychological course and for

psychological courses we’re talking about something to do with your mental

health and whether depression anxiety

or anything of the sort, like stress leading to usually for that cause

temporal inability to achieve reaction, and then also from that we move on

to a hormonal course. The hormonal causes the existence of low testosterone. Levels

You know testosterone is something is a hormone that is required for

successful sexual intercourse in men and if your levels are very low, that can

lead to erectile dysfunction. So that’s another huge cause. There are huge causes



medication use, which comes with some of the disease states that we try

to treat with medications. There’s also

neurological courses, basically on causes that are from your nerves, you


again, linked to some disease states that are

occurring in the nerves

and, then also there’s a vascular cause. The vascular cause, I think, is the huge

is. The is the most common cause of ed, which basically comprises of the blood


issues that we have so your arteries and your veins are compromised. And

And, then. For that reason, blood flow to the penis is not enhanced and that also

causes haiti there are other causes. Also that we can also talk about like alcohol

use and illicit drug use, so if somebody is doing cocaine, somebody’s chronically

alcoholic now, if somebody is using

amphetamines or any of those bad drugs, they are obviously gonna end up having

erectile dysfunction and that’s one of

the reasons why younger people are also guessing getting. The course

and apart from that

we, can go to the individual examples of some specific courses, so these are the

groups of courses that are enumerated

but. We can talk about, for example, if we talk about a vascular course, okay,

for, for that you have people with diabetes being the

ones that are most often affected people with diabetes, as well as people

with heart diseases. If you have heart

disease or any issues with with your your cardiovascular system, that can lead

to eddy, because most of the heart

diseases are also accompanied with plaque formation

you know: high cholesterol levels, leading

to plaque buildup in your veins and your arteries, and for that reason they become

your arteries become narrowed and once

they’re narrowed. They stop blood or they prevent huge blood flow to your penis

which. You need for erection to to happen so heart disease as a vascular cause and

when. We also talk about diabetes, apart

from, the fact that diabetes also leads to plaque formation and narrowing

of the arteries diabetes in itself is also a risk factor for endothelial

misfunction dysfunction. So your the lining of your arteries, where you

produce, what we call nitric oxide, a substance that is required. For

Dilation of your blood vessels, your

blood vessels become wider when nitric oxide is produced and when that

endothelial system is compromised. When your blood vessels are complements

because of diabetes

then, you cannot produce a nitric oxide

as much and as a matter of as a result of that, you cannot get. Dilation

You cannot get enough blood flow to your penis and the other parts of the body. So

Those are some of the specific causes

related to the vascular course. There’s also


I mentioned high cholesterol, there’s also obesity, obesity or being overweight

uh, prolonged overweight. I don’t know how to say prolonged

obesity a long time for so many years exactly being obese. Yes, that’s the right

way to say being obese, for so many years

I mean this for a long. A short time has even not helpful, but at least

bear it down and that that’s where we

want to be so being obese for so many years can lead to erectile dysfunction


other other things like tobacco use. Smoking can also lead to erectile

dysfunction and smoking is linked, to

again plaque formation in your address and narrowing of your bloo d vessels. So

That also leads to the vascular

course, where you have erectile dysfunction, so younger people who have

been smoking may have this problem, and also I mentioned alcoholism, yeah and low

testosterone. Obviously, and sleep disorders have been also known to cause

erectile dysfunction and obviously depression and anxiety

wow. The list goes on and on and on and on and on there’s so many courses here

so now the talking now that we know the courses. What would you say

some of the things that we could do? To

Remedy the process, because I know specifically of course

when. Let’s say it comes to testosterone

levels. So if you could go in like that, like specifically what we could do

to help, okay, thank you, yeah, so for to be able to mitigate the causes, and

the risk factors for erectile dysfunction or impotence. The some of

the things that we mentioned can be

prevented. For example, if you are diabetic, you have to stick to improving

your blood sugar levels. I was listening to it. Another doctor

that was saying that

most of the time when we tell diabetics that

uh. If you don’t work out you’re going to

go blind, you can get your legs amputated, you’re, not going to tell the men that

you’re also going to become impotent

and. Then they found out down the line they are like. Why did you need to tell

me? If you had told me that I was going

to be inputting out of taking care of my blood sugar levels? Okay, right now, yeah

so that would have been a higher motivating factor for controlling blood

sugar, but most people don’t say it until

it’s too late. So if you’re a diabetic one of the major things to do to protect

you as a man and your manhood is to keep

your blood sugar levels under control, so that is one. The other thing is because

uh. Erectile dysfunction is mostly a vascular disease. You want to make sure

that, you are preventing high cholesterol

buildup by eating right eating the right kind of foods. The plant-based diet and

and also exercising

to ensure that you have optim blood flow. You have optimal nutrients, that you

you can draw on to make your

testosterones, and also your nitric oxide and stuff that you need to

you know to be sexually active and

strong in certain sex, and another thing is to also lose weight and show optimal

weight. We can’t say this a lot

I’m not much any more than we can. We can say obesity and being overweight is

linked to several disease states, but for men, especially as we’re talking about

erectile dysfunction. You make sure that

you keep your weight in check and then, lastly, make sure that you are physically

active access as routine, not just when

we talk about physical activity. People think that, oh, I I wake up at my job I

work all the time. No, that’s, not physical activity, we’re talking about we’re

talking about intentional activity

setting, a time apart to exercise, maybe 45 minutes a day or 30 minutes a day or

even, if not every day, three times a week, something that you, you swear, you know

doing something intentional! That is what

I mean by physical activity. Doing all those things will help prevent

erectile dysfunction

great great great, well, viewers. These are things that we

could prevent, especially high

cholesterol diabetes. These are things that diets could fix

and. That is what we’ve been talking

about, so men out there who are listening to us, if not for any reason

to, avoid erectile dysfunction and problems in the bedroom

please lower your blood glucose lose weight and bring the cholesterol levels

down doctor that you would say that specifically you

wanted to say something before

yeah before we go that. I also want to add, especially because in our population

we have a lot of people with high blood

pressure, and that is also not of course. So since you are telling men to reduce

their blood, sugar

levels cholesterol levels, I want to add that let’s watch out for our blood

pressure tooth a lot of

men, especially younger men, these days, 30s, 20s 40s

50s, are getting high. Blood pressure

hypertension is a major cause, and I also throw in that. There’s also

another cause that I didn’t say: injury, to

the penis, if you have any injury that could cause scar tissue buildup, that can

also help lead to reptile dysfunction, and if you have had a prostate surgery

some people

because of complications of the surgery they may have had damage, to

their nerves and the the penis

is innovated through the prostate. Also and once those snaps are cut due to

surgery. You could also end up with that, but definitely lower your blood pressure

yes. You can go ahead now. Good because

you see sometimes two people. The thinness

ed is the first sign that you have high

blood pressure, people who think they

don’t even have high blood pressure, or they have not been diagnosed yet most of

the time. So I know when people come to

you, that’s one of the questions that they will ask you

do you. If you have idi and you’re

worried about that side. The question is: do you have high blood pressure and

sometimes? They don’t even know they have

it, but the ed is what is pointing to them. Having that high blood pressure

so with that, dr? What are some foods? That

You recommend for sexual health, especially in men

as. We are talking about this.

We are not saying: go out there and eat just this. Food

This food is, in addition to overall

healthy diet right that that’s a good question

and as we, I also want to add the point

we just made- is very important. Yeah yeah. There was a doctor that I also saw

and, I think one of the videos I watched

he. He actually made a very profound statement, and I really liked it. He said


we always say that

the way to a man’s heart is through the word, the stomach or through the body. If

You want right, but when he desisted he said that

the way to a man’s heart in other words

if. You want to attack the heart or, if you want to see that a man is going to

have a heart attack, then you go through

the penis

oh wow, and that is profound because that’s exactly what you said that that

means, that for anybody that sees

erectile dysfunction it’s a prelude to major cardiovascular events without a

smoke or a heart attack, because the the vessels, the blood vessels in the penis

are, very small, so any small change, in

your blood in your body will show up in the penis

that’s erectile dysfunction when your

heart has not just seen it yet. But eventually, if you don’t stop, it’s going

to go to your heart or your brain you’re

going to get a stroke or heart attack or any other. So that’s a very good point. To

Do in there yeah now going to the the foods that will help


erectile dysfunction. When I did my research, I saw a lot a lot of foods. That

I mentioned. I try to make sure that once that are repeated on several places, are

the ones that I choose

and so we’re going to go up through, maybe about 12 of them. If we have time

okay the first one is coffee

coffee and

I’m, not really a big fan of coffee, but

listen yeah

I’m, trying to I’m trying to start

drinking a little bit at a time. The caveat is, if you have problems with your

kidneys. Coffee may not be a good thing

for you. So, apart from that coffee, according to studies, two to three cups

of coffee a day boost a man’s erectile function through the action

of you know

making the blood vessels relaxed so that blood flow can go into the penis. So the

first one is coffee in the interest of time I’ll run through it. A little bit if

you have any questions on anyone we can

go buy. The next one is dark. Chocolate, dark chocolate seems to be another one

it’s. We could call it an aphrodisiac

right yeah, since we don’t want to get

you know

high blood, sugar or anything. If you want to eat your dark, coffee and dark

chocolate just ensure it’s not sugar

uh yeah. I would say dr seem to that. I always say 72 percent cacao or higher so

that. There is no sugar in it. 72

Percent good thank you

all right and the next one is oatmeal


now. The coffee and the dark chocolate has flavonos, which is important. For

Those now oatmeal also

uh helps it’s. I will also call that also an

aphrodisiac right, oatmeal, also has

l-arginine, that’s a substance that is used in the synthesis of nitric oxide

which in turn

helps to relax the blood vessels and let blood flow in there

right. So oatmeal is one thing that also

helps the other thing is we go to a group of

uh foods that are called a nuts right

several nuts would help, but these specific nuts I saw that I think will

help men, the first one is a pistachios

I, don’t know if it’s a nut but I’ll

group it in the pistachios

[Laughter]. Now you can’t whether what something

is fruit or vegetable but yeah pistachios, right, pistachios, also have

a lot of l-arginine as well as walnuts, so walnuts pistachios. They have a lot

of, the l-ignites that are needed for nitric oxide synthesis and then we also

can talk about almonds. Almonds are also a great source, of

vitamin e and hdl and folate, as well as all the other nuts that you can you can

eat, but this group of nuts and for those

men who are from africa. We all know about tiger nuts right. You can buy

tiger nights on ebay or non amazon or whatever we call it a

target, or something like that right, yeah

all right, the next one is the fruits

so we’re living the night, we’re going to

the fruits for fruits. We know about watermelon, it’s a common thing that most

people know watermelon, also has

citrulline, which also enhances the production of nitric oxide as well as a

lycopene, which is an antioxidant, also helpful helpful with your prostate

health and also we also have apples apples also or it’s a flavonoid as well

as, blueberries and oranges. So apples

blueberries and oranges are flavonoids that also also produce substances that

help with your erectile function. Now, let’s move on to the next one called

garlic, I’m not so much, I’m not so much a fan of garlic that’s

because. It seems to be

used for everything. People will come to me and ask me: I have high blood pressure

where’s, your garlic, but your pressure is

too high, that garlic cannot bring it down. So I always frown on

garlic. But if you include garlic in your diet, it is fine. It’s not going to break

down your your numbers in in one shot or anything, it’s good. It’s just

going to help and in edi you using

garlic has been known to also help just because

it stabilizes your

cardiovascular system. Garlic has also been known to be a blood


that is why people also kind of use it a lot. But the thing is you have to make

sure that you don’t cook it too much. If

You could eat it fresh, it’s even better. So it depends on how you add it to the

meal, but, like you said, if your blood

pressure is too high, just don’t depend on garlic alone, talk to your doctor

yeah exactly

exactly, all right and the next one is the hot chili peppers or hot purpose

now. If you, if you, if you laugh something habaneros

you know all those hot chilis, yes, I have

also been known to boost

erectile function

and the way they do that yeah. I found out the way they do that is

while, it bends your mouth when you eat

it in the night, when you go near your wife, it helps there’s a substance called

capsaicin in there that apparently

capsaicin helps stimulate the pleasure status in your brain so that you enjoy

your sex more. So that’s for hot chili’s


the other one is

fish and go to the fishes. I’m going to talk about

shellfish and oysters for that matter. Oysters have also been known to have

substances that are helpful in the

synthesis of testosterone. So if your perception levels are low, maybe eating

well cooked oysters may help you produce more testosterone and then

uh still on the finishes we have salmons or any of those huge or large fish

groups mackerel, as well as tuna. Those big fish groups also

contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids and those also help in

blood vessel relaxation and also

substances that help produce testosterone. For you to be able to have

a good erection with selfish, for example, they also

produce, zinc and zinc is also important

in. A special performance cycle


the next food group is what I call the

greens the greens. We talk about vegetables right all the time for

diabetics and stuff

now. If specifically, we can go to kale kale

has also been known to boost your nitric

oxide levels kale and apart from kale there’s. Another green called spinach

spinach is also known to have a lot of nutrients, a lot of vitamins and in

particular. It’s high in nitric oxide levels and magnesi, all of which are

important there’s also folic folic acid also is high in


so. Now, let’s move on the next one I’ll have here is a extra virgin olive


I mean in my research. It says olive oil, but

extra virgin olive oil

is, better right

and. That is also known to help in the

synthesis of

your cholesterol, your good cholesterol, which happens to be the backbone of most

of, the hormones sexual hormones like

testosterone. So if you have to eat or oils that help you, then extra virgin or

olive oil will be the ones to grow, so those help in male testosterone


and. I think that would be there’s a few others that don’t

necessarily help with erection, but we talked about first lately. Some

At that time we could also talk about

those yes

definitely. This is a long and extensive list of foods

and, even if you say you’re going to eat

within this food group you’ll get a lot to eat

so the men out there please make sure

you’re incorporating some of this

healthy food in your diet. What I would say about the oats meal is that make

sure, it’s still cut organic so that you

don’t get a lot of glyphosate in your bloodstream and that also will cause a

lot of issues for you. So that’s a very

good point. You brought up it’s saying that any of the food groups that we have

mentioned stay away, from

processed ones, even if it’s fresh, don’t get canned fish. I mean you are losing

the whole thing, so everything has to be

as much as possible natural state yeah

okay yeah. Yes, we are bringing our

conversations to a close as a pharmacist. I just want to ask that there’s some

supplements, that someone is eating


but. They want to add it in there so that at least it will boost things

up a little bit

yes there. Are

A few supplements that I would recommend

but. Then again, I still have involve your provider or your

physician in any choice you make, because some things can interact with your

regular medications. When it comes to

vitamins, I mean dietary supplements, that’s the most important interaction

with other medications or even other

disease states. So with that statement out of the way I’m going to

bring out three of them

and, then we will talk about them. The first one is what we call dhea, which is

dihydroepi androsterone this

chemical is used in the body to produce

more testosterone. It increases a woman’s libido and man. It helps with erectile


and, though it has been

studied a little bit. It is known to be

safe and, and the only thing is as a side

effect- it causes acne

so if you use it and you have acne that that would be the reason why the other

thing is another

substance that I actually alluded to earlier called l-ignite, which is an

amino acid. The l-I-g-9 also helps boost your nitric oxide levels. Because

It is in the pathway of nitric oxide

synthesis and when you took those supplements

you, basically are able to dilate your

blood vessels in your penis to allow blood to flow in there. So that is

another supplement that you could

also use as a man, but then again it also has a few side effects such as

nausea cramps and sometimes diarrhea, and the caviar. The the thing with this is

don’t ever use this l-ignite. If you are taking any of the

pd5 inhibitors, which is either a Viagra or Cialis, if you are taking any

of those, please don’t take l arginine, because of

uh serious risk of interaction

and the last one is jensen. Jensen has also shown to

help improve sexual function

and, actually improve erectile function,

there’s also a cream made out of geneticism that is

used for premature ejaculation, but for judge jensen

uh. It works on a short-term basis. You cannot dwell on jensen for a long time

so. If the men are there who stops at

your gas station or your pharmacy to buy stuff just watch out, you can do well on

jesus for a long time. The head, the side effect with jensen, is headaches

and, sometimes also very good. We watch that also for insomnia

if you’re on dancing. You could have

problems with sleep, and those are the three major ones

that are out there that are fairly steady and fairly safe, but then again, if

you want to use any of these make sure you bring it to the attention of the

doctor or your pharmacist, so that they

can check for interactions with your regular medications or disease states

before. You use them, there’s one other one that is

from an african tree back called yohimbe, but that I I didn’t even want to mention

it, but I know some of the viewers may

know about it, and you say why are you going to stay so I just have to make

sure. I bring it on. Yohimbi has a lot of

side effects. As a matter of fact, the only time you use yohimbe is, if you are

on an anti-depressant, maybe some of the esters arise. And

That is causing your your issues, your regular dysfunction, that is when yohimbe

is actually indicated so, if you’re not

on a medication that is causing idi the is out, and even if you’re on a

medication and you need to use id make

sure again, you talk to your doctor because it can cause

heart palpitations or it can

cause your heart, hard to race. It can cause

reading problems to hard reading problems, and you don’t want to get

that in yourself

it could also cause an anxiety, anxiety in people who take this. So if you

were asking me, I wouldn’t suggest you

wouldn’t be at all, but I just want to make sure it’s out there for people to


yes okay

so. That is also great, that we have these supplements that we could use to help

with ed and, as we mentioned anxiety, and

depression there’s another one. I want to throw in ashwagandha

it’s, also an adaptogenic that has also been seen to help with the anxiety kind

of part if somebody has psychological

issues but, as we said with any supplement, you really want to talk. To

Your doctor, even if it’s natural, it

doesn’t matter what it especially somebody who is taking other medications

just to avoid the interactions and cause

any issues you might say this is natural. It doesn’t matter it’s natural, it could

cause interaction. Please talk to your

doctor, dr. That was really really great. As we

bring our conversation to a close where

could people find you. If someone is looking out, I want to talk to doctor

thing. Maybe I have something going on

well in the interest of privacy and stuff, I’m just gonna leave

you, with my email

and phone number. You can post on your

in the comment section

right. If you want to follow my channel as you

said earlier always on day, spring

life and health channel, as well as, if for those who are gangnams, you can

look out for

ghana gmac health, ghana from green channel, and we have several disease

topics that we discuss all the time and we can also contact you through there


and I’ll say what will be your last words for our viewers, those who have

watched this video until this time- are

like? Okay, that’s, and that what would you say to them? Someone with eb

good. Thank you for the opportunity, and I want to say men out there and

as a matter of fact. Women who are

watching for their men, because some women have to watch for your men



what you have to know is ed, is it is listed just like any other disease

and. So if you have erectile dysfunction, you don’t have to

hide and keep it as a problem. That

Nobody should hear about and go through

uh problems, especially though for those

who are married and depression can lead to depression because of that

so. What I would encourage you to do. Is

Seek help talk to your doctor, most of the doctors out there

know. They treat people all the time

and. If you talk to your doctor, talk to your pharmacist talk to your

cardiologist, especially, and those who

are diabetic, make sure you talk to your endocrinologist. Make sure that you seek


because remember that if you don’t solve that problem, you are not only having a

problem to yourself

you’re, also giving another person a problem and as

as much as they can contain. The issue.

It would be better off if you get the problem resolved and there are several

uh ways of treating idi and there’s no need to hide anymore

like. In the past, where people never said anything about it, so please seek help

ask questions. Talk to your your nurse, your doctor, your pharmacist, whoever you

are comfortable with and ensure that the

problem is solved, and if you are going through any issues, we say that stress

can also lead to eating right. If, for any

reason stress is getting you there make sure that you seek help because

it’s better to do that than to let life

be miserable, just because of what you’re going through

definitely great great advice

so. What I also want to say that the women please, if your man is going

through, this support him

don’t kind of pull him down any time that he tries oh

you, better juniper, please just give him

the moral support so that as he seek treatment, so that will bring happiness

to the whole family

well. Thank you so much for watching this

video. Please, like this video share it and subscribe until we see you in the

next video remember this is ezra

wellness where you learn proving ways to help to live in. Thank you for your time

and. Thank you fo r having me today. Thank you. Thank you.

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Almighty erectile dysfunction, taking away people’s happiness

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Diet and exercise are important in helping to prevent ED and other diseases. The women can help the men by keeping the right food at home – no sugary drinks, and also exercising together to reduce stress. Let’s encourage our men to boost their self-confidence

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