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Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Solutions

If you're struggling with erectile dysfunction, know that you're not alone. Causes of ED can range from physical to psychological factors, so there's likely a solution that can help you. Read more about the causes of ED and how to overcome them.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual performance. ED can affect men of all ages, but is more common in men over the age of 40.

The causes of ED can be physical, psychological, or a combination of both. Physical causes include:

  • Diseases of the blood vessels (vascular diseases)
  • Diseases of the nerves (neurological diseases)
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Injuries or surgeries that affect the pelvic area or spinal cord
  • Certain medications
  • Substance abuse
  • Low levels of testosterone

Psychological causes include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Relationship problems

Treatment for ED depends on the cause. In some cases, ED can be reversed. In other cases, it can be managed with medication or lifestyle changes.

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Video transcription:

We have to talk about what happened last night. You, let me down we’re supposed to be a team. What happened do why I’m Nick drove sorry when I said you should talk about it, then with me, Nick draw so steinberg and welcome back to have the balls to talk about it. So today we’re gonna talk about erectile dysfunction. So you probably see this. Is this one of the things you see the most common answer? We see a lot of it. I mean Justice Statistics about 30 percent of 30 year olds, 50 percent of 50 year olds, one in 250 year old, I’m, almost 50 has some some degree of erectile dysfunction. Do you have it physically or mentally, or it’s a mix? It’s a mix. Erectile dysfunction can be caused, of course, as a huge mental component, you need to be excited. You need to be in the mood you need to be in the moment to get an erection, lots of connections between the brain and the penis. It can happen. Hormonal II men have low testosterone levels for various reasons that can affect it. Nerve, nerve, damage, nerve, endings. We see that in diabetics in another neurological illnesses, blood flow, of course, high blood pressure diabetics again the people on different medications, so there’s so many different causes of erectile dysfunction and so many different treatments to match the causes and at what point like at what point, do you say? Is it mental or physical? At what point to you, I never say it’s always both and I always tell patients, there’s a psychological component to it and there’s a physical component to it, always both. So you could have both at the same time as both and and unfortunately often it starts off with some degree of a physiological component to it, and the psyche makes it worse. You have a bad night, you lose your experience, then you start to think about it and then the whole performance anxiety starts to can bring things crashing down Wow. How much does the woman there’s a woman play in this all at all, or is it just the man in his head, because I’m gonna go a little bit on a limb here and I open it up and I think this is one of the reasons why I’m happy to do this show with you, and it’s happened to me before and I realize. Well with one partner, it was a little bit stressful and anxious and then another partner, I’m yeah. That’s that that doesn’t help things. Obviously you can have a bad night had too much to drink, lose an erection. Then the woman thinks it’s her fault and then it goes back and forth, and then that plays strongly up here and it makes things worse. I think the best thing that can be is an understanding couple that works together to help deal with the problem, and it’s a sex is usually a a game of two and it takes two to make things worth takes to make things better. You think I find that men put a lot of pressure about that on themselves and I think some women to put that pressure on men as well. Do you do you see that a hundred percent, one hundred percent and sex is so out there today internet television pornography, so the expectations are huge penis size, penis performance? How long someone can last what guys should look like what woman should look like, there’s so many outside stressors and outside misconceptions that it just puts more pressure on both of us men and women like III, remember: I had a client I was training months ago. Who came up to me, told me Nick. He just started training with me. He’s like up to me. Oh my I’m, not as hard I could see this. How scared and nervous he was to talk to me about it to open up and obviously the guy smoked was out of shape and no cardio. How much does that play a factor in it? If there’s a huge factor in cause, I would say less a factor in treatment, because what happens is these guys come in they’re stressed they’re overweight. They smoke and you come in, say: okay, you got it. You got to work out. You got to eat better, you got to lose some weight and what’s their answer to me, can you prescribe me a Viagra that it’s a fix and it works, there’s no doubt about it on the short-term, but if you want things to stay healthy down below it still it’s the whole body. It’s the whole. It’s the whole you its psyche, its your shape, its your nutrition. It’s everything! Why do you think men are so afraid about it? Like I mean? Why do you think like it’s it’s funny, because when you open up a little bit about it I if you Satan and then then you realize more men, it’s happened to them, it’s normal and and normal, but it’s not something guys sit out in the bar and say: hey I lost my erection last night with my guys – right right. It’s it’s not no one’s proud of it, but it’s it’s. Hopefully, conversations like this can help guys feel more comfortable to talk about it. There’s like a stigma to it. That’s kind of like this. This negative manlihood on this matter. You got to be strong and often look at the dog and toughen I’m Greek baby I don’t have those. So what can somebody do like I mean if you people came up to me, I said: look I tell them, you train, you have a Jew train. Are you a hundred percent every time? There’s stays here. Yeah! That’s your best! Your time, your process, that’s gonna, happen and I. Think sometimes women can play a factor on your psyche. You’d be like. Oh, my god. It’s a [, __ ] or complain men. Women partner could be men men. The first thing you have to understand is there are good days and there are bad days right. Don’t freak out, don’t blame yourself either one of you either partner. That’s the most important thing. If I can get this out today to prevent erectile dysfunction because yeah there’s always degrees of it, but the psyche makes it worse. And if you start to play on that performance, anxiety and blaming game, it’s gonna make things at what point? Do you say? Okay, we have to do an exam. It depends on the story depends on the situation depends on the history. If a guy comes in and said, I was great. Until two weeks ago, I met a girl in the bar went back to her place. I was drunk and I couldn’t get an erection. That’s not if that’s, okay, generally not a physical cause, and sometimes I could play enough with the guy psyche to be like what’s wrong with me, I said guys completely normal, who have had no erections they’ve lost their erections just because of the performance completely 22 year old Wow and they think there’s something we haven’t when you’re also come see: 20 18 year olds, 20 year olds, 25. What did they tell you at health? They said they they’ve had problems for a year or two or or since last week. They’re convinced there’s something wrong with them physically and we do an exam and we do their hormone levels make sure everything is okay. Yes right and everything is fine, which I suspect but I think for their knowledge. Often they demand to know because they they don’t want to admit that there’s a psychological component to it and I try to convince these patients to go see sex, therapists, I, guess, that’s something: men, especially young. It’s probably like I, don’t want to go, see your sex therapist I’m, a hundred percent and I’m lucky enough to see the patients who are willing to present, but how many more are out there who who don’t come in because they’re embarrassed or ashamed and and live for years. I have patients who come to me. 10 years later, they’ve been living this with years broken relationships, they’re their wife left and their girlfriend left them because of sexual problems which affected their relationship and they were afraid to seek help, seek help and there’s help available yeah guys. It’s not easy, but you’d be surprised. A lot more common than people thing is just everybody doesn’t want, there’s that manlihood that’s attached to it wherever common, and you have a machine where you test something right, but we test something. Oh yeah, there’s a machine where you do a test. You said right, no, that’s a treatment! It’s a treatment, yeah yeah there are there. There are tests that we can do what we do. It doesn’t sound pleasant, but we actually inject the penis with a medication which causes an erection, it’s not painful, and then we do an ultrasound to measure the flow of the blood an d the penis to see if the flow is normal. So one of the common causes is not enough flow. There’s also something where the flow where the blood can it. We called it a venous leak where the blood leaks out of the penis too quickly, so you get hard, but it leaks out. All the cameramen are so there are tests we can do, but but often it’s not necessary. Now that we have great treatments 25 years ago, when there was no Viagra and injections and shock therapy that we have. We have many treatments, we’ll talk it probably another yeah, but now that we have great treatments, we don’t need to do a lot of these testing. We can just go right to treatments and start to help a lot of these people Wow, so guys, there’s so much more. We can talk about this and we want to hear what you have to say write it in the comment box. If you have more questions as well as I, guess what the? What can they do? What would be your last advice? You can give them Andrew about if a guy gets in that situation, two three things: one, don’t let it affect your psyche, yeah to get in good shape. Absolutely it’s good for the heart. It’s good for the penis same thing: I love that that’s [, __, ], simple, that’s good for the heart is good for the penis. Okay, the sole purpose of the heart is to pump blood to the penis. To get you in what can affect the heart can affect the penis and the third thing is seek help seek help, don’t wait till it goes from bad to horrible, seek help, nip it in the bud and and I know it’s a communication with your partner 100%. That I think that’s also open communication for the partners out there, yeah I know it goes both ways: communication both ways to be understanding. It’s not because of you. It’s it’s! It’s a quick thing just to say that we live very stressed: high stressful jobs and careers and kids and this and that it happened. It might happen. That’s sometimes your stress and just like you said, don’t let it get in your head, ten percent, and it’s supposed to be something that’s into me supposed to be something: that’s Pleasant, that’s that you enjoyed and not not let it become a holy [, __, ] and anxiety or stress, don’t let it take over your life because because it will awesome guys if you have any question, leave it in the comment box and you thank you so much cuz, even myself, like hearing all this and I’m sure we’re helping a lot of men and a lot of guys are gonna. Just that’s gonna be enough to reduce some stress out absolutely do this so guys. Thank you very much. Where can they find you Andrew? They can find me at Steinberg urology com Instagram is Steinberger ology. We also have a separate division called sexual wellness, Elna sexual illness, II L and a sexual wellness. Also on on the internet and Instagram, you guys have one. You could also check out my website. Nick Joseph’s, calm I want to thank you guys for watching next week. Another episode of, and you have the balls to talk about it. Grab the life grab life by the ball by the balls.

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Cardiovascular connection?
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Nick, If patient has Peyronies disease (scar tissue blocking blood flow thru vessels) no injection will work. Only permanent plastic implant or pump implant will do the job.

Try plant-based.

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ok, im 28 never had ED in my fucking life, I had the opposite Erectile explosiveness, until 3 weeks ago i couldnt get it up, freaked out, she makes jokes about it and i feel shit, she leaves, one week later she comes back, still couldnt get it up, she said are you sick? what the fuck. anyway she left and now im psychologically scarred but i know when i watch porn, i can get it up and c in 1 minute if i choose too, but also before sex with her, i have had so much stress about my personal life non stop for the past 3 weeks before her and still do now, but its easing up as of late, thankfully. i attribute ED to stress and also performance anxiety watching these dickhead porn stars making these girls squirt like fountains and unrealistic sex put me under pressure because i started comparing myself to other guys. no girls ever complained about my sex before but i just fabricated this fantasy problem by myself using my own mind take control of your mind, most powerful thing. working on reducing my stress, this ain’t happening again.

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