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If you're struggling with erectile dysfunction, you're not alone. Learn about the causes of ED and what you can do to treat it.

The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual performance.

While most men occasionally fail to get an erection, or lose one prematurely during sexual activity, some men suffer from these problems regularly.

Sexual dysfunction in men is often a result of an underlying health condition, such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol.

Certain medications, injuries, surgery, or psychological issues can also cause ED.

Risk factors for erectile dysfunction

There are many potential causes of ED, and they can be either physical or psychological.

Some of the most common risk factors include:

  • Age: The older you are, the more likely you are to experience ED. This is because as you age, the blood vessels and nerves that are responsible for getting and maintaining an erection begin to deteriorate.
  • Obesity: Being overweight or obese can cause ED. This is because excess weight can lead to conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, which can damage the blood vessels and nerves that are responsible for getting and maintaining an erection.
  • Smoking: Smoking cigarettes can damage the blood vessels and cause ED. This is because smoking causes the blood vessels to narrow, which can prevent blood from flowing to the penis and cause an erection.
  • Alcoholism: Alcoholism can cause ED. This is because chronic alcohol abuse can damage the nerves and blood vessels that are responsible for getting and maintaining an erection.
  • Drug abuse: Using drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, can damage the blood vessels and cause ED.
  • Psychological issues: Psychological issues, such as stress, anxiety, and depression, can cause ED. This is because these conditions can lead to the development of conditions like anxiety and depression, which can interfere with the ability to get and maintain an erection.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction

There are many treatments available for ED. The most common treatments include:

  • Oral medications: Oral medications, such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, can be used to treat ED. These medications work by increasing blood flow to the penis, which can help to get and maintain an erection.
  • Injections: Injections, such as alprostadil, can be used to treat ED. These injections work by increasing blood flow to the penis, which can help to get and maintain an erection.
  • Vacuum devices: Vacuum devices, such as penile pumps, can be used to treat ED. These devices work by creating a vacuum around the penis, which can help to get and maintain an erection.
  • Surgery: Surgery, such as penile implants, can be used to treat ED. This surgery is typically only recommended for men who have not responded to other treatment options.

If you are experiencing ED, it is

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Video transcription:

Okay, hi guys hi guys hi guys. How are you hi guys

it’s me your girl again in the house, it’s st your girl, welcome guys let’s

talk about it come on guys. Where are you come on in come on, come on, come on, come on in guys

hi guys today we are going to be having a lovely topic

so. Today’s topic, hi guys come on in. It’s me, your girl again in the house


estigar in the house. Well, today’s topic is called

what causes erectile dysfunction, so simply means why your mouth would not

work. Why is he sleeping so why does

your mouth slip? What causes erectile dysfunction? Okay

So? We are going to talk about it and I’m going to give you

different reasons and things that could cause erectile

dysfunction different things that could make your manhood not to work

okay so on this topic it can cause by it can be

by anything. A lot of things can cause your manhood not to work

not to function. Okay, so not until you diagnose these things to know why is it

not working

you will not be able to find solution. Okay. So if you want to find solution, to

your problem, you need to know what causes the problem

so by. So you can find a solution. Because

If, you don’t find. If you don’t know what causes your problem, you might never be

able to find a solution

I say this all the time and people think I’m joking now

before how to get a solution

know. What caused the problem

and then? How to find a point? Please guys share this video

we are going to be talking, about

erectile dysfunction, the causes of erectile

dysfunction, what causes

erectile dysfunction, and in this topic we are also going to be maybe talking

about the benefits of intimacy the benefit of s. Okay, children might be

watching this video with your parents

I’m not going to be loud about it. So we’re going to talk about the

benefit of s, the benefits of

s intimacy, rapport intersexual we’re going to talking about it as well

there’s a lot of benefits around this

that’s. Why? I tell people no matter the disagreement. You are

having with your partner

or, with your husband. Never ever put your intimacy into it. Okay, if your

husband come knocking

open up open, don’t leave it close because you’re angry

because intimacy can also you know


the. Strife of the stress intimacy can make things

go well intimacy. Can

You know make your relationship function, better

oh hi kelly, welcome in the house

so. It is very important. This thing so as to know

how to keep your relationship going like. I said, a lot of a lot of men, are

suffering from erectile dysfunction, it’s not their fault. When the first

thing I say to people, you need to talk

about it. If you have an erectile problem, you need

to talk about it

if, you don’t talk about it. You might never just find a solution

causes of erectile problem in out of four men. Three men is having

this: issue

women tend to go to their gynecologist for help than men

and. Most of men are dying in silence and

it’s because of pride. My man, my brothers, do not allow pride

to make you become disabled. If your motherhood is not functioning, you are

you are physically. Disabled

What is the essence of being a man if you’re erection, if you’re, not if you’re

not, erected

if, you’re erectional, it’s not it’s not

functioning. Thank you. Sister christine welcome in

the house. It’s very important for your

mountain to function. If it’s not functionally my brother, you

are disabled

so, don’t allow pride. Put you down as not to talk. About

You, know problems that you are going

through, see a doctor

speak to people that matters that knows what’s up about your situation

and you’re gonna get killed, but if you

don’t talk about it, that cure might just never come all right, I might be too late

so. Please men swallow your ego and talk about

your problems when you’re having

erectile dysfunction when your manhood is asleep

okay. When your mother is asleep even if

your woman tried to do everything seduce you

you know play those plates and

everything and see. If it’s not working

it simply means you need a deeper help to get a deeper solution

don’t be ashamed, but maybe one thing you

shouldn’t do don’t tell it around too much to your friends

I have seen a situation whereby a man

came to me

with erectile dysfunction, meaning his manhood, not the walk

he told his friend and the next and the

friend did not went back. I started. He said his wife has not had

intimacy with him for about a year

and. His best friend now went back and starts sneaking

and wowing, his wife. You understand until unfortunately, they

succeededly did it

and she began, she became pregnant. Who are we going to blame? Is it the lady

or, the man? So if you want to tell your

problem I’ll tell it to people that matters

it’s only to those that has cure for

your problem

do, you understand so never ever sit down. There

And just share your problem

to people who do not matters share your problem to those that have cure to your

problem. Don’t talk too much

because sharing your problem to people that does not have answers to your


tend to add more problems to your

problem. Okay, that’s my little advice, all right! So now, erectile dysfunction


causes of erection problem most in in most common men, is based on emotions

okay stress tiredness anxiety, depression over drinking

thinking too much these things can cause erectile, dysfunction

it’s called ed, so I’m going to keep it

as easy

so. If you are suffering from ed, which is erectile, dysfunction

you should seek for cure. There is a cure

for it, but not until you talk about it, you might never have a solution

and that might just bring you down as a

man okay. So the best way to be a man is call out

come. Out

And talk about your needs. If you need a help

it help in any angle of your life, talk

about it to people that matters

to those people that have cure for your problem, not to just any health person

because, you want to talk

okay all right. So it’s not a big deal. It’s not on your

stake is not

something to be ashamed of. If you are having

a non-functional thinking, because your

thinking has got a solution, but you need to talk about it to those that matters

okay out of five course. I received a different men, three of them are

suffering from this, and I decide to talk

about it today

okay, so it’s very important distance

so as to know

what to do and how to to cure your problem

if. You don’t know those things you might

never just have a solution

on how to relieve yourself from the stress

you are going through, because it can be

very very depressing becoming very kind

makes. You become very angry unnecessarily and your wife who doesn’t

even know why you are angry

you, understand: okay, hi, princess patty, it’s nice to have you in the house

so. It’s very please share guys share

this video and let’s have more people to

listen and contribute their opinion as

well. So it is very important

you know the cost of a man’s manhood, not walking

if. Your motherhood is asleep what is the

reason and then let’s get a cure. That’s what our topic is all about. Today

The, causes

of, erectile dysfunction is called eddy in abbreviation eating. You can go to

your doctor and say doctor, I’m suffering

from ed. He or she already know we’re talking

about okay

okay. So that’s that so most time eating most often when

blood flows

in, the penis is limited on the nerves can also cause an eddy

yes when you are having low erect low. If your erector is not erected properly, it

simply means that you’re having a low

blood flow to your erectile, that’s one of the reason

yes, with stress or emotional reason, if you’re, having stress or emotional

reasons, can also cause you not to have

that thing and function and well, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are sick

it can also mean that you’re having

some emotional stress, you are distressed mentally

and, for that you need to disassociate

disassociate yourself

from whatsoever. That is giving you stress

so as not to make your erector

dysfunction temporarily to become permanent

because once it becomes permanent, it’s


okay guys. So it’s better. You look for a cure

than sitting down and be ashamed. Because

You are trying to be a man. That’s know how to be a man. Look for a


before. Somebody has come and cultivates. What’s your episode

okay? Okay guys! Are we there? So it’s very

important for us to know where we have a problem

what’s, the cost and what’s the solution so how erection works, I’m going to tell

you guys how erection work? Okay during sexual arousal, the nerve, system

wakes up

releases chemical, that increase blood flow

into, the penis okay? This is what makes

the manhood now together. This will make your penis to erect

blood flow into two erections that’s

what makes the chambers in the penis to answer you when you call

made of spongy muzzles, your penis is made of spongy

so. To have this thing function. Very well

the blood flow has to go directly. It has to get there if it doesn’t get

there. It might be here. Psychological


Mental effects, emotional distress, but don’t just stay there, and

do as if it doesn’t it doesn’t matter, it

does matter

okay. Yes, it does matter. If you sit down and tell yourself your problem does not

matter your problem will remain there

don’t, be ashamed, never be ashamed

to. Talk about your problem with those that matters

if you talk about your problem, with

those that doesn’t matter. You will never

get a solution rather you’re going to have more problems. To

Your problem, so don’t go around talking

about. What doesn’t exist to those it doesn’t matter

you understand. So that’s that. So what are the same terms of ed

symptoms of ed one with erectile dysfunction? It is hard so

get or keep an erection that is not

working. Okay, when you are having sexual

intercourse when you’re having s

intercourse your erect, your your your erection

seems to go low, it will come stand in a

while and then it goes low. If you don’t have a patient woman, she

can slap, you in the process, because

women will tend to become levels in that


other moments, especially when the heart is high

when. That odd is high. We can lose it all right. So before you get to that, you’re

receiving a

hot slap in the process make sure you get it right

okay hi, mr christie. So what do you say apart from seeing a

doctor? Is there any other way? Someone

Can be cured? Of course, and

thank you sister, my beautiful doctor, write down. Thank you. Thank you. May god

bless you

so yeah. There is a lot of what do you guys think

so? What do you think can cure someone

from erectile from ed erectile dysfunction? What do you guys


first of all for you to get cure? You need to first of all diagnose

the kind of ed. You are having okay. Is it psychological? Is it physical


or psychological dysfunction? So it’s when you know

it is classified in suicide, physical


and, psychological dysfunction, so once the kind of ed you’re suffering

from, that is what is going to determine

the kind of cure, you are going to have all right

that’s. What’s going to tell me the kind

of cure you are going to have

because, you can never kill an am a physical id

you can evaluate physical id with a psychological kill. No psychological

this erection erectile

dysfunction will be cured with erectile dysfunction

so. That’s one, mr christie, I’ll answer your question

yeah first, you need to know what kind of

erectile dysfunction are you having like what is causing your manhood, not to

wake up when you want to do the thing when you want to to your

chicago is not answering. You why

you need to know why you need to ask yourself the question and talk to your


so. Why talking to your doctor they’re

going, to diagnose you to know the kind

of idi you’re suffering from why your mind or your kidney your

chicken blood is not working so causes e.d, which is erectile


can result from health problems. Okay, emotional issues

or from both some known risk factors are one of them

like I said before, but if you’re over if

you are over the age of 50, you are tend to witness or experience

this kind of situation, as well

yes old age sometimes play roles in that sector or in that factors

but. When you are above the age, we are

around the age 50 you are above 50., your chicago tend to want to go on

pension. Yes, it is possible if you’re around the

age, 50 and check out the lights it very

very sharp one day, you don’t know what god has done

for you okay

but. That is not a yastic. If you are around age 50

and, you are having this issue, you can

always, see a doctor and get immediate

cure. Don’t keep quiet if your mom, if you’re

if you’re chicago, is not working. Don’t

Keep quiet

talk to the doctor talk to those that that matters and you’ll get your answers

all right. So, like I said, number one is around if

you’re around age, 50 number two

having high blood pressure like high blood sugar

diabetes cancer cause ed diabetes, can

still make your chicago to sleep. Even when you see that fine girl, your

shutter bullet will just sleep

one name, you understand so so there are baptist cancer causes. So I

advise men to reduce the level of that

sugar intake reduce the level of your sugar intake

because. This can also affect you physically and psychologically okay

so number three having cardiovascular, disease

if you’re having a cardiovascular

disease. This can also cause

and cause an ed erectile dysfunction. Okay, number five, having a high


if you’re having a high cholesterol, can also cause erectile

dysfunction cancer. Make your your your

chakra blood not to function, no matter how you wish

it functions

it can also make it not to function. Yeah number, six, smoking tobacco is not good

for your for your manhood. First of all, those of you who are lovers of alcohol

sorry lovers of tobacco think about it

so what you are doing to

yourself. This can also cause

your shakabla your thingy, not to answer you when you call

okay, and if you don’t want this to

happen, it’s best

it’s best. You avoid tobacco all right smoking so avoid smoking, another one

using drugs or drinking too much alcohol. Some some drugs tend to have

side effects

and. Sometimes their side effect can be that it can affect your y our your

your, your erection. Yes, some drugs can affect your erection, so you have to

learn to avoid such things

whatever drugs. You are taking tend to ask your doctors

or. Read the prescription and see what’s

the side effects

don’t just take any drugs without asking or knowing the side effect of the drug

you’re taking

it can be dangerous or dangerous. It can

be, dangerous or dangerous to your health. I said: it

can be dangerous

or dangerous to your health, so it’s very important to know and read the kind

of drugs you’re, taking don’t just take

any kind of drugs. That’s why I tell people before you take any kind of drugs

make sure you read the contents don’t

just say because it’s paracetamol whatever you just want to take it to

read the contents and make sure you know

the kind of drugs. You are taking

so as not to put yourself in trouble, okay

so number, seven being obese, yes being obese. Obesity can also lead. To

An ed

ed, like I said again, is erectile. Dysfunction

Obesity can also lead to having from chicago

yeah if you have obesity to also make your chicabola

not to work well. So if you want to have

a functional chicabula, a functional penis, try to be

on your moderate size, don’t be overweight

because. That’s going to affect you as

well! Some people are fine, but in most

cases obesity causes erectile dysfunction most times yes it’s

causes it. So it’s good to regulate and know, and stick around your bmi it

saves, you a lot of stress and others and then lacking of exercise as well

don’t be layabouts

don’t, be lazy. If you are lazy, this can affect you

thoroughly. This can affect you totally. Okay, no, no, no you’re, good, you’re, good you’re

good, you’re, good

so, yeah, okay, okay, so, like I said this can affect you thoroughly huh. Somebody is visiting all the way from

another country and she said no. I want

to watch this life and direct and she’s trying to show up but however

that’s fine

hi, it’s le quinn, good evening. Everyone hi hi, it’s nice to have you in here

guys. Please share this video and let’s

contribute. This topic is deep. We are going. Deeper

We are going to go raw. I made a video this afternoon about

. What causes vagina vagina? What was the topic again? Can somebody

remind me

what causes vagina? Ah, my head, I don’t know how they just come. You know

what causes vagina. What was the topic

again anyway? The video I made this afternoon

after that video a lot of people was you

know. I’ve been calling

asking questions and someone said oh, I was both focusing on the ladies what

about, the men

and. The a lot of questions were coming

in, so we’re going to touch all those areas

so, please guys. Let’s share so the

afternoon topic was what causes vagina to smell of it, to have an

offensive smell

yeah. So today’s this evening topic is what

causes our chicago not to work well. Ed

What causes erectile dysfunction. So, like I said, lack of exercise, the last

one lack of exercise can also cause

your chicago to work. Well. Okay, thank you. Mr christie. Yeah lack of

exercise cancel cause the shuttle bella

not to work. Well, so try to do it at least 30 minutes a day. Yes, 30, minutes

a day

thank you slicking yeah. Thank you. I have that 30 minutes a day

no matter. How busy you are try to and indulge yourself in exercise if you want

your shaka bulla, to walk away to do that

thinking very well. If you like doing that, thinking

eh make sure you do 30 minutes exercise

a day, at least if you lie down for a moment at night before you

know, no matter your age or your shakira

will, just sleep

if you go sleeping, I’m telling you the facts

if, you don’t want somebody else to be

afraid to be healthy to be sharper your

tomatoes out there make sure you give your wife that thing

the way she likes it

so, don’t be lazy, make sure your shakabla is working. I’m telling you the truth


okay. Yes, you have to learn to do that. So it is not easy. It is not easy to be a

man to be a man

is by this one by your biochakabula and by your brain

you understand. So if you have mouths


if, your mouth is sharp even sharper than a lady, smart and your chicago is not

working. My brother, you are disabled

you, are not a writer, but you can become a writer if you don’t look for solution

so having an idi having a non-functional dick

is, not a shame, but not seeking for help

is the shame all right. So if you don’t want to be

hiding under shame and lose your pride

tomorrow look for help if you are having an

idi, if you are suffering from a tomorrow

call, your doctor

say hi doc, I’m having a problem, I’m suffering from an ed, it’s called ed

you can’t talk. English

You can’t speak too much like me. I’m not english, say doctor. I’m suffering from ed

I need help when you say eddie, they already know what you mean

so e stands for. Erectile and the d

stands for dysfunction so mean doctor. I’m suffering from

erectile dysfunction

and, your doctors will sort you out. Yeah, never be ashamed to look for help. When

You need help, that’s what I’m saying

okay, so yeah! Erectile dysfunction is common

among men out of 100 of me at least 60

percent of men are suffering from erectile. Dysfunction

There are a lot of handsome and cute men

out there and you see them single. You think why

you think they don’t like women, but most

of them is because they’re suffering

from a.d and they don’t know what to tell it to

but, I’m here to tell you

that it’s not a yeastic. It’s not a shameful thing

but. The shameful thing about it is when

you refuse to call out for help. This thing is curable. There is cure for

distance, it’s not everything which they

do it won’t be. Everything which

they cause sometimes

ignorance can make us have permanent

damage in our body. So when you are suffering from these things

go and look for medical help, if you have

gone to look for medical help and they do not succeed

then, you can come back and contact me

and. Let’s look for spiritual help. Okay! Yes, go for phys for spirit, for

physical help

submit! Your doctor seek for advice. If there is no cure coming from here, or

there from the doctor

or. If you have tried everything and it’s

not working contact me privately, my number is on there on facebook

and. Then you and I will work together

and. You get your spiritual help. That means spiritual. Sometimes, if you

have headache it might be physical or

spiritual for those of us who are spiritual, I know

what I’m talking about. So if you’re

having an eating

problem and your your motherhood is not responding when you want to jack, jack

you should know that you need help so go and seek for help

where. It is needed, it can be that

physical or spiritual. I can also psychological, so don’t just

sit down and say: well, it doesn’t matter

it does matter, okay, ladies, if you see guys who are


young private calories around 40, I don’t see when they go

younger than 40 or something that is

still single, ask yourself. Questions

Though this guy might be suffering from erectile dysfunction

yes. This guy might be suffering, from

erectile dysfunction, I’m telling you so don’t just say you see a guy dropping

sweets and if you even have a guy in

your house who is suffering from erectile dysfunction

don’t rule him out. It’s not the end of

his life as a lady. You can join him unhealthy or help him or support him to

look for care or help

oh hi, messy patrick washington, from manchester hi darling nice to have you

in here

please share my situation. So it’s very important. You talk about these things

ladies. If your man is suffering from erector dysfunction, meaning

say in chicago, sometimes you go. Walk

Sometimes go walk! It’s not nice to manage me. I cannot manage

and, I’m sure a lot of ladies will not

manage. Okay, it’s a lot of fun to start going, out

there to be looking for one man or the


right. There join your husband or help your husband to seek for help

okay, see, what’s in, be your home is

better than what is not your own, seek for help and try to get cure. For

Your husband, so maintain

not to talk about it. But if you are his wife or his lady, that your

husband thinking is not working with

what, you expect

help him seek for help. Don’t leave him there, because if you go to james

james may not have all the quality you

want from a man, your husband might have it, but it’s only comma

everybody has got to come in their life

his. Only command might be. Erectile dysfunction then help him seek

for help

don’t speak him down, don’t look down on him and don’t run away from him

because. At the end of the day it has a

cure. Okay, my man is having this problem. I will

call you. Yes, please call me

call me anytime. If I’m free I’ll pick your call. If I’m not free

leave me a message and I will call you

okay at any time like I said this thing is common amongst men never

be ashamed to talk about it, but talk about it with the right people

our tago

I’m telling you. I don’t want you to experience what that brother experienced

he went to go and tell his best friend

for a year now he has not been able to shakable his wife

his best friend, acting pitiful right I

went to his back and started his best friend’s wife

so, the extent of finally sleeping with his best friend’s wife

and, even stephen impregnated, her okay, sometimes some two minutes, sin can

be, very dangerous or they’re quite

dangerous, so don’t be carried away by sin. Instead

Of don’t ever use a temporary solution to cure permanent problems is impossible

look for permanent problem to cure

permanent permanent solution to cure permanent problems

do. You guys understand that so it’s very important hi, oh yeah, it’s

nice, to have you in here

so. It is very important to look for help when you have to look for help

don’t, just ignore and say it doesn’t

matter or be ashamed of your problem. If you are ashamed of, your problem

your problem will put you down. Please

Please, I’m telling you okay, so that is that now symptoms

we’re going to talk about the symptoms of the symptoms of what

is, symptoms of symptoms or

how, you could know say your mind- will not walk. Symptoms

That shows that you’re you’re not

erecting properly symptoms that show that your

your, your penis does not function. When

You call your chicago

does not raise when you say raise, you have to be command for when you say

raise, you have to stand like this

when, you say raise it, don’t stand like

this! You look for help immediately. Don’t don’t don’t pity! Him

If you’re pissing that thing you make

you old, you become disabled. Disability is going

only when you can’t walk away you can’t

talk when you’re all this is not working

my sister, my brother, it can also be a

disability. Look for help fight, because permanent so

what are the symptoms. So the symptoms of erectile dysfunction


it’s hard to get or keep an erection that is firm enough for sex

it goes stand. Go blessing, no stand so

that’s one slip so that you’re suffering from an ed

okay, your penis will stand and to be as

if he’s not standing like he stand, but it’s not very hard

it should be hard to be able to

penetrate to dive into that ocean. This should be hard

okay, so if you’re having it semi in the

middle, it’s not enough, you can always

get, you can get better. Yes, I’m telling you

from experience it can get better. I’m saying it’s because I have a lot of

clients. It can get really better

okay when ada becomes a routine and brother. Some problem, your primary

care provide

or a holologist help. So that is, you can go and look for

neurological assist, help get

autologic help and you’ll be salted if you don’t get that cure

look for that means, but make sure you

don’t remain like that. So

Always talk about your problem to the right people, like I said the right


okay ed might be a major problem of vertigo

or of a cardiovascular sign. Yes, a.d might be a major sign

of yeah for but your catholic sign cardiovascular jesus this one because my


let’s laugh a little. It may be a major warning sign of cardiovascular sign

cardiovascular and not british cardiovascular side

all right. So yes, aed can be a major sign of cardiovascular sign

so. If you’re having this counsel be a

sign that you are above sulfur, you are suffering from a cardiovascular, sign

but you’re having cardiovascular

sickness okay.

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