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Cure impotence & Erectile Dysfunction with Hypnosis

Improve your sexual life with EnTrance Hypnosis. This short and inviting sentence is designed to get users interested in learning more about how EnTrance Hypnosis can help improve their sexual life. By reading about the benefits of this therapy, users will be more likely to try it for themselves and see the positive results.

Improve impotence & Erectile Dysfunction ► EnTrance Hypnosis 50 Therapy Session.

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, is a type of sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual activity. ED can have psychological consequences as it can be tied to relationship difficulties and self-image. A number of physical and psychological causes have been identified. Among these are cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, neurological problems such as Parkinson’s disease, and hormone imbalances. In most cases, ED is caused by a physical problem. However, psychological factors such as anxiety, stress, and depression can also lead to ED. ED is treatable at any age. Treatment depends on the underlying cause. In some cases, medications or other therapies may be needed. EnTrance Hypnosis 50 Therapy Session is one of the most popular methods to help with Improve impotence & Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, is a type of sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual activity. ED can have psychological consequences as it can be tied to relationship difficulties and self-image.

A number of physical and psychological causes have been identified. Among these are cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, neurological problems such as Parkinson’s disease, and hormone imbalances. In most cases, ED is caused by a physical problem. However, psychological factors such as anxiety, stress, and depression can also lead to ED.

ED is treatable at any age. Treatment depends on the underlying cause. In some cases, medications or other therapies may be needed.

EnTrance Hypnosis 50 Therapy Session

EnTrance Hypnosis 50 Therapy Session is one of the most popular methods to help with Improve impotence & Erectile Dysfunction. This therapy session can help you:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve communication with your partner
  • Explore the psychological causes of ED
  • Learn new techniques to help you achieve and maintain an erection

If you are struggling with ED, EnTrance Hypnosis 50 Therapy Session can help you overcome this problem and improve your sexual health.

EnTrance Hypnosis presents: Guided meditation to help improve impotence ► EnTrance Hypnosis 50″ Therapy Session.

Many cases of male impotence and erectile dysfunction are psychological.

Learn how to relax and cut through the metaphoric Ivy that can stop you rising to the occasion in this 50″ guided meditation from EnTrance hypnosis.

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What is EnTrance?

EnTrance Hypnosis is brand of premi quality hypnotic, guided meditation recordings to begin your self-help journey to happiness.

What we do:

Quite simply, we help you relax. Self help meditations for healing.

The secret to an enlightened life and mental euphoria is simple. Complete mental relaxation to calm the inner and outer minds.

Our audio sessions will help you heal your life, change direction and become the authentic you.

The you buried under years of conditioning built by parents, schools, work and the grind of daily life.

How we do it:

Our sessions use hypnotic scripts and aural encoding to promote a state of Trance.

A natural state of relaxation and focused awareness which can open an experiential communication between your conscious and unconscious mind.

This ancient practice (commonly known as hypnosis or meditation) allows positive change within yourself. A deeper mental harmony can be reached when we are able to listen to our deepest truth.

Ongoing personal issues and problems can be resolved, and the psyche can be developed purely by reaching this enhanced state of relaxation.

By listening along to our deeply relaxing suggestions, you allow yourself to grow your own inner potential, to reach your greatest achievements.

It really is that simple.

EnTrance isn’t only about you setting yourself on the path for optim mental, physical and spiritual health – it’s about keeping you there!

EnTrance Hypnosis for YouTube uses all three of our hypnosis voice over artists. Mick Crudge, Stuart Newman and Hollie Kamel. Single voice over sessions can be purchased via our web store:

EnTrance Hypnosis sessions are produced in high end recording studios by audio professionals and are amongst the very best quality hypnotic recordings available.


50 minute Hypnotherapy Session

A collection of 100 x 50 minute therapy sessions; Includes paraliminal section.

30 minute Hypnotherapy Session

A collection of 100 x 30 minute therapy sessions; No paraliminal section.

Gym Health Hypnosis

80+ x 20 min Hypnotic therapy sessions with upbeat music for use during light exercise including housework.

Mini Meditations

24 x 15 minute (approx’) short but extremely powerful guided Mini-Meditations with positive hypnotic content.

Relaxation Library

100 x colour themed (Chromotherapy) titles optimised to unleash the power of your unconscious mind.


50 unique versions of Sleep meditation in this library. Listen at bedtime to help induce deep, relaxing sleep.

Sleep Music

35 versions of our bedtime music library for you to slip, gently into a graceful nights sleep.


50 key Frequency Meditations, based on the Chakras frequencies, Solfeggio and Nogier scales, Isochronic and Binaural beats and Brain waves patterns.


Please never drive or use machinery when listening to EnTrance.

EnTrance can be listened to at home, at the work place (desk), a place of leisure, even on public transport (provided you’re not the driver!).

For the best results, always use high-quality stereo headphones. These recordings contain healing frequencies which will not play back on TV or low-quality speakers/earplugs.

Use for a minim of 30 days to forge new, positive, healthy habits.

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Video transcription:

Welcome to in trance relaxation library

whilst a product is designed to use

anywhere for immediate relaxation care and common sense should be used. These

Recordings are of a hypnotic nature, I

should not use whilst driving or operating machinery. Please seek

professional advice if you are receiving

treatment for any clinically diagnosed disorder before using interrupts. Before

We begin this journey deep into your subconscious. Mind on you to note. That

Self hypnosis, like Hall hypnosis is a

voluntary, and if, for any reason, you want only to become why the way you can do so

easily and calm at any point before we begin you may wish to loosen any tight

clothing or Footwear

insurance is produced to be listened on. Stereo headphones, you may wish to close

your eyes for each session or fix it

daydreams there on a comfortable spot in front of you until your eyes are closing

whichever is the most comfortable for

you to relax. Okay, make yourself comfortable now place

your arms comfortably at your sides on the arms of the chair or in your lap

close. Your eyes now take a deep breath in through your nose and slowly exhale

all the air out of your mouth as you relax, take another deep breath: in

through your nose and out through your mouth as you, relax even further continue, breathing deeply becoming more and more

relaxed with each in every breath. As you continue, breathing deeply and relaxing

more and more, we are going to go on a magical journey as you relax I want you to imagine, you’re standing at the edge

of, a great pool of water as you look down into the brilliant blue water you

get, a feeling of peace and relaxation coming over your body, the water looks

very inviting to you and you have a powerful urge to place your feet. Into

The pool I’d like you to imagine placing your right foot into the pool

the water feels nice and warm as it covers your foot. Your foot is flooded

with a warm relaxing feeling more relaxing than anything. You have ever

felt before

now. You place your left foot into the water and it is men with the incredible

warm relaxation as well now I want you to imagine that you start wading into

the pool at first very slowly up to your knees and as you do this, the warm

relaxation travels up your own course and your car’s up to your knees. Just warm relaxation as you travel deeper into the pool. There is no fear at all

just the warm relaxation your body needs. It’s like the pool is feeding your body

nourishment, but it is always needed, but has until this moment been unable to

find relaxed relaxed up to your waist now feel the muscles

letting go as the room. Relaxing water hits them slowly. You travel deeper into

the pool up to your belly. Now you feel the muscles in your stomach and lower

back relax as you journey deeper and deeper up to your chest and upper back, relax, relax up to and above your shoulders relax relax. The water is now covering your entire body up to your

neck with wonderful relaxing warmth. There is no fear, as you venture further

into the pool. The water is slowly rising up past your chin, as your face starts to

relax into the magical warmth. You realize that you can breathe naturally

all under this magical water and there is no fear at all. As the water rises up

past your cheeks and nose relaxation takes over your body as you venture

further in past your eyes. Relax I passed your forehead. Relax I’ll pass your scam until your entire

body is suspended in the wonderful, warm relaxing water. Now, as you are floating there, in total relaxation I want you to

imagine a brilliant gold coin is shimmering at the bottom of the pool

in a moment. I will begin counting backwards from 20 to 1 as I. Do this I want you to imagine drifting deeper and

deeper down towards the bottom of the pool

when? You do this. You will feel no fear, as you can breathe. Normally in this

magic water. You will also feel no pressure at all just an increased amount

of peace and relaxation, as you travel deeper and deeper into the pool, 20 deeper and deeper 19, 18, 17, more and more relaxed. As you go, 16 15 you are getting closer and more relaxed with each count

14. 13 12, the coin is getting clearer and your body is getting more relaxed. The

Deeper. You go 11, 10 9. As you get closer to the coin, you realize that it is

attached to the lid of a large old wooden, trunk

8, 7:6, deeper and more relaxed. Now the coin is almost within your grasp

five, four three even more relaxed. Now two and one

as your hand reaches out to touch the coin. You feel more relaxation, then you

have ever felt before, as you gently pull on the coin in your mind’s eye, I want

you. To imagine that the lid opens and a brilliant golden light pours out of the

dr. The light covers your entire body, making it even more relaxed. This golden

light represents all of your potential in life, all of your creativity, all of

your strengths and all of your potential for good health happiness and prosperity

it is available to you. Now, for the first time ever and in this relaxed state of hypnosis, you are able to draw from it. To

Change your life in positive ways. You never dreamed possible, visualize a playground slide in your

favorite color, see large sea wonderfully standing ready for you. It has a very

warm and inviting feeling you are looking forward to begin your journey

down the slide looking forward to journey into total relaxation

at, the bottom of the slide. You notice, there’s a big white fluffy, mattress, it

looks, so very, very comfortable and cushiony you’re, looking forward to this

slide down and landing softly and comfortably on the bed pillow. So, let’s begin to count from 20 down to 1 as I do

this, you will descend further and further

into relaxation and peace. Remember. You are completely safe on this

slide it is cushiony, and so it feels like smooth silk across your body as you

slowly slide down. This is a peaceful ride down as if you are quietly slipping

into, a wonderful dream state where your mind remains alert, but your body is

totally and completely relaxed. Let’s begin now


you begin to gently drift down this comfortable silky smooth slide, 19, sleepier and sleepier 18 sliding down down towards complete relaxation and people, 17, relax and soul. Tired now 16 seek deep sleep 15. You are so comfortable and relaxed. 14. Your eyes

will not open, 13, deep, deep


12, deeper and deeper completely relax the hands safe, 11 even be personally

ten. Halfway down this life, now more and more Allah, nine tire tire ain’t breathe that clean air in and feeling so good, seven, relax more and still, six just feel all your cares. Just melting away

letting go completely five, just very, very real for floating now three deeper and deeper, almost at the bottom of that billowy bed

below, – wha you often how landed onto that wonderful

soft bed feel it hug. Your body feel yourself completely and deeply relapse. You may find that your mind why

Instagram Stillwater and that’s fine any much to the difference. Really your

promises will be listen, listen to every muster, say regardless and you can know

that every time. You say the word, the word and London Swiss food from this

amazing moment you can realize this was your idea

whenever. You do hear me say the word Berlin London soup order. You have to

food stylists to the sound of my voice, every night

you bees alone. What we thought you really don’t! As a

star uses in cities very rare now, forever you’ll notice, some more

beneficial deeper, more renowned results. You will always either eventually what

issues and also notice, not regret. There will be nothing except the distance

house and music when you’re, conscious of sources

my god, maybe pigeons clothes on the

floor and all other flavors, the very positive and happy thoughts and feelings

to the design of what you will achieve, but a persistent you put this very

powerful program, you are developing severe and any problems of minds is related. Canon believe is so low by that

very same mind. You have the solution to your problems. Already Austin are any

shades of gray; essentially they are all either dark or light without mine. You are developing yourself already. Imagine now a drawbridge that comes down

behind, your eyelids. It makes everything feel secure and quiet fill one

drawbridge after the next coming down, making your inner experience quieter, and

quieter. Now what you need is a radio to make. You feel a little bit more relaxed

and even more comfortable. This isn’t just any radio. It’s a special one. That

Only plays the songs that you love and carry with you in your deepest wound. We

Will begin from number 20 now and count down to number one during each longer

the radio will play a part of the song and then move on to the next

reaching. A favorite number at the end number one so now at number 20 plane just loud enough in the background for

you to make out a note or two Marco to a song, think about it and then name that listen now think we’re that

soulful or what the clothes might mean to you. Your subconscious mind will feed

the radio directly now and we’re in for a treat just hear the first few notes in

your mind and try to name and hear the song playing on the radio. Let’s move on

to nineteen now here the notes, one two three and in your mind, decode, which song

your subconscious has fed into the radio, listen or no and let’s move to 18 again fill the clue or hear the first

few notes of a song in your mind and then begin to sing the song in your head

hear. The radio play it now and slowly. We will move on to number 17. I am going

to, stop counsel with you now and you will count down to number one on your


17 see here the radio. Many many years ago, two monks in the scheme to return li

util to a great rain had fallen now, and the main street of the town was flooded

a beautiful lady system best curved sealants asteroid cross filler to begin

with, but couldn’t because she was afraid that she would damage her clothes

40 old among hooch amazing. Ever and despite his religious vow to never touch

a woman, 30 gently lifted the woman off the grow, their wage into being carried

her safely across the flooded street to

the other side 12. They listened as she laid here

the younger monk said: nothing

but had a little is so fire in his face, but it could have boiled with the water

around him

all day. They continue to walk. The younger monk continued to display his

angry face

finally. The younger monk stopped turned to the older Monken said. How could you

have done a great way to relaxants and put some distance between you in your

situation? How could you have let us now

do that I begin a countdown from live on. Their vows forbid us from touch at this

time into a positive relaxation. Smile to remove stress, I, carried that, let’s begin

now a long time ago. 490 are still carrying her in your heart, 498 497 that feels poverty. Knowing you have some time

for yourself, I focused my conscious, my hundred and ninety I desire, not what I

may fear, 100 and so I 5 success so much time in the room to relax in 494 493. Adapt yourself remember given into a relish food, a love the people with whom

death is not surrounded. You 492 491

you, don’t even really have to count now. It just happens automatically from 190 489

488 487. We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thing in reused when we

created them 400 names in us on your to full experience. We can have is the

mysterious before it is the fundamental

immersion on who donated stands at the cradle of true art, 430 science, 481 480,

479, 478, 477, 476, 475, 475, 475, 472, 471, 474 hundred and 69

468 467 466, 465, 464, 463, 462, 461, 460, the unconscious mind, controls all

automatic bodily functions, it controls breathing heart rate, respiration and

perspiration. It is in control of all body functions that are not on a

constant, conscious control. As a matter of fact, if you try to control these

automatic body functions consciously, you will either fail or properly cause them

just not to work right. For example, have you ever thought about your breathing if

you are walking long and you decided to concentrate on your breathing. You will

find that it disrupts the whole process before you started thinking about it, you

are breathing, just fine, breathing automatically. Your unconscious

mind was managing quite well without any conscious effort, your unconscious mind

knows, how to measure how much oxygen your body needs and then automatically

lets your lungs and your diaphragm know what the right speed and death of

breathing is required. But when you start thinking about your breathing

consciously, you don’t know if you’re

breathing fast enough or slow enough or deep enough or shallow enough. It’s not

until! You start thinking about something else that your unconscious mind can take

back control and handle things perfectly. So if you don’t think about your

erection your unconscious mind will make

one for you. This is a simple process, but some people make a mistake. If I told you not to think about your breathing it

would be difficult for you to do that. It is difficult to not think about

something by trying not to think about

it. Here is another example: try not to think about pink elephants. Try harder

and, really try not to think about pink elephants

as long. As you try not to think about

pink elephants, you can’t help it. You just keep thinking the pink elephants

but. If I told you now to think about another kind of animal like cows, you can

take your attention away from the pink elephants watch how well this works

let’s think about cows, some cows and brown, and some are black and white cows are female, and people can get milk from

them. They also have cars and the cars get good. Creamy milk from their mothers

male cows are not cows, they are balls so now we’ve learned that the unconscious

mind perfectly controls all automatic body functions and among these are the

ability of men to get and sustain an erection. We also know that the

unconscious mind does best when left alone to do its job. If you think about

an erection, it will only get in the way of the unconscious mind

doing what it knows how to do. It knows how to give you a perfect erection

anytime. You need one. We also know that it’s almost impossible

not to think about something. If you start thinking or worrying about your

erection, it only gets in the way of your unconscious mind, providing you with a

good strong erection. So what you need to do is give your unconscious mind all the

information, that it means to provide you with an erection whenever you need one

you know that you can’t just talk to it and say okay unconscious mind. Give me an


because, then you’re, thinking about it again. This is what you do. Your subconscious mind is structured. To

Automatically, respond to certain things, the more strongly that you are aware. Of

These, certain things, the more abundantly the subconscious mind gets the

information. It needs to provide you with

a, good, strong and long-lasting erection. This information comes through the five

senses. When you want to have an erection, all you have to do is focus on your

partner, give them your 100% attention and you will have a 100% direction. It is that simple

but. How do you give them that kind of

attention? This is how use all of your five senses, and why do you or with them

allow yourself to use touch, taste sight, smell and hearing saw them. This is the secret when you are with your partner

really use, your senses notice the touch of their skin, the taste of their skin, their scent or perfume. The way they look and the sounds that they make really allow your senses to be filled, with

these, wonderful and pleasant, sensations

these are the signals that your

unconscious mind needs to receive. It uses these senses to get the information

it needs to produce a good, strong

long-lasting erection

when. You are with them really notice

their touch, taste, appearance scent and the sounds that they make. Maybe there is

some particular thing that you like about them best focus on that aspect, of

your partner. If there is some particular thing that strikes she was being

sexually attractive, is it their hair their eyes? Their figure really allow yourself to enjoy that part of the

experience. As you do this, your own conscious mind will respond to these

things and send all the proper signals

so that you function perfectly focus on them

that’s the secret notice, how it feels to touch them notice, the sensation of the

touch and how they respond to it. Some places may be smooth and cool. While

Others may be rough and warm explore. All of the sensations, be a great Explorer notice, how they taste when you kiss them

enjoy the taste of lips and skin some places may be sweet

another salty, enjoy seeing all the things that you don’t usually get to see

until the next time you are together. This way enjoy how each path smells notice. The scent of their hair and skin

all of these very unique smells, send very definite signals to your nervous

system. Some of these smells are produced by glands that are specifically designed

by nature, to communicate to your nervous system and produce an erection. Some of

these smells are almost undetectable by the conscious mind and are called

pheromones. Let yourself relax and tune into the chemical DNA that makes you

attracted to each other enjoy all the sounds that they make and the body’s

movement and rhythm as it moves. Next to yours

as you focus on them. Your body responds reliably and consistently. You will be more confident when having sex your

confidence will extend throughout almost all aspects of your life

. Now each of these ideas has made a vivid

deep and permanent impression on your subconscious, mind and each day in your

daily life you become more and more aware of the full, powerful and creative

expression of these ideas. You you


, it’s time to come back to the prison

balance of this deep relaxation. The subconscious mind will begin to

transfer all of the beneficial new

learnings that you’ve made silicon sheis, mind the emotional mind and the physical

body, and as the unconscious mind now, begins

to start that transfer I will begin to bring you back in just a few moments

you’re going to wake up. I’m gonna count from one to five

and. It accounts of five you’re gonna, come back to the here in there feeling

wide awake, feeling, wonderful in every way, feeling so much calm and then before what start, to wake up and emerge from

hypnosis to feeling wonderful awake in every way. Three come back to the here

and now and sense in the room around you for your eyes are beginning to open

there, as you wake and five eyes wide open, wide, awake feeling, wonderful in

every way. Thank you for using in trance you

you you.

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How about one for increasing libido?

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So do you have to watch these videos in any particular order?

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Thanks for the tips! You can also google Mario Volpstein’s website for even more techniques. It’s like learning how to tap into that
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