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If you're struggling with erectile dysfunction, don't despair. There are treatments available that can help you overcome this problem. Take a look at this article to learn more about how to cure erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, is a type of sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual activity. ED can have psychological consequences as it can be tied to relationship difficulties and self-image. A physical cause can be identified in about 80% of cases. These include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological problems such as following prostatectomy, and drug side effects. Psychological impotence is where erection or penetration fails due to thoughts or feelings; this is somewhat less frequent, in the order of about 10% of cases. In psychological impotence, there is a strong response to placebo treatment. Apart from its importance as a common and distressing sexual problem, ED may herald important medical problems. ED is a strong predictor of a heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular events. We will discuss the prevalence of erectile dysfunction, and we will look at the causes and treatments for this condition.


The most common physical causes of erectile dysfunction are related to circulation and blood pressure. These conditions include heart disease, atherosclerosis, peripheral vascular disease, and hypertension. Diabetes, obesity, and a sedentary lifestyle are all risk factors for erectile dysfunction. In addition, men who have had a previous heart attack are at increased risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Psychological causes include anxiety, depression, and stress. In some cases, erectile dysfunction may be a symptom of a more serious underlying health condition. For example, men with diabetes are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction than other men.


The treatment of erectile dysfunction depends on the underlying cause. In some cases, such as with psychological problems, counseling may be helpful. In other cases, medications may be necessary. The most common medications used to treat erectile dysfunction are phosphodiesterase inhibitors. These drugs include sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), and vardenafil (Levitra). These medications work by relaxing the muscles in the penis and increasing blood flow to the area. In some cases, other medications may be necessary. For example, men with diabetes may need to take medications to control their blood sugar levels. In addition, surgery may be an option in some cases. For example, men with vascular problems may need surgery to correct the problem.

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that can be caused by a variety of factors. In most cases, it can be treated effectively. If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, talk to your doctor about the best treatment options for you.

Erectile dysfunction is something that millions of men struggle with, porn being the leading cause of it. Curing and reversing the effects of erectile dysfunction is possible, but means you have to leave porn and masturbation behind.

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Video transcription:

Hello viewers, I’m dr rahul reddy consultant andrologist from andro care, andrology institute, hyderabad, welcome to our channel today in this video I’ll. Tell you what what are all the problems we treat in our clinic and what are all the problems I am going to cover in in our channel youtube channel. So now, first thing, I’m an andrologist. Basically, I’m a urologist. I had experience in transplant kidney transplants. Later I came to this field, which is a different field from urology. Now what we’ll be treating in this field is, first, is erected dysfunction now most of the males may be, or whether they are unmarried people or freshly married people or old people. Now this is a common, very common problem in most of the males, this is, which is called erected dysfunction. So that means the ability to maintain or achieve or maintain, an erection which is called electrical dysfunction. This can be psychological. This can be a temporary problem. This can be a long term issue. We we we treat all these issues and second problem. What we treat is ejaculatory dysfunction again. This is very common. Seventy percent of males will have some sort of ejaculative dysfunction. Commonest of ejaculatory dysfunction is premature, ejaculation. That means people they ejaculate very quickly, then, when they try to have intercourse. If people are ejaculating less than two minutes time, then that is called premature ejaculation and apart from premature ejaculation, there are certain other things which are which are very important in ejaculatory dysfunction. One is delayed, ejaculation very few males they have this delayed ejaculation problem. That means they can’t ejaculate quickly. They take a half an hour, 40 45 minutes. It is which is disturbing for them because they can’t enjoy their sexual pleasure, so that is called delayed ejaculation. Even we treat that and third problem. What we generally treat is an ejaculation. This is very, very rare. One in ten thousand patients will have this kind of problem. This is called an ejaculation and ejaculation means people can’t ejaculate at all. That means they can have erection, they will have intercourse, but they can’t ejaculate. That is a very rare problem, but for the people who are having this, this is a nightmare, because nobody knows many, even many doctors don’t know. What is an ejaculation, how to treat it’s a difficult, different problem and third issue? What we deal is male infertility, so male infertility, it’s like exactly opposite to female infertility, now 70 percent of ivfs. So now, if you see there are so many ivf centers in india, if you see in metro cities, every street has a ivf center, but all these couples there are thousands of couples who are undergoing ivf treatment for infertility, but 70 percent of these couples. They have male infertility. That means low sperm count or low sperm motility or abnormal morphology, sperm morphology or some people. They have azuspermia. That means zero span. Corn. We deal with all those things and what can be done is in these people. Where infertility, there is spin related problems in 60 to 70 percent of them. We can make them normal, so these 60 to 70 percent of couples. They don’t need ivf procedure, we can just they can get natural pregnancy or sometimes, if they reach ioa range, then we can. They can go ahead with iu range because there is lot of cost difference between ivf and iui. Ivf will cost you around 2 to 2.5 lakhs, whereas iui will cost you only 5 to 10 000 rupees. So now, even if you reach that level from ivf range, if you reach to iui range, you will these couples will be saving lot of money. Stress will come down other problem. What we deal is testicular pain and prostatitis. There are so many males who are suffering with testicular pain in average. In my clinic I see at least seven to eight patients coming to me with long term testicular pain. That means, which is long term, means more than six months. They say always doctor. I am suffering from this test, like sometimes some patients come to me saying the doctor. I am worried about this testicular plane. Please remove my testis. That is what they say when they come to my clinic. So there are various ways of treating testicular pain. Only antibiotics just giving antibiotics and painkillers may not work for all types of testicular pain and other problem, which is again very common in mains. Unmarried means is prostatitis, so see this prostate gland is just below the urinary bladder. This is seen in all males. This is only a male gland. What happens is normally prostate. Enlargement is seen after 30 to 50 to 55 years, which is normal age related enlargement, but what we are dealing here is prostatitis infection or inflammation in the prostate. This prostatitis is a bothering issue for these people. I have seen most of the patients who have stopped working just sitting at home because of prostatitis, so we deal with this and last one is testosterone deficiency. Then there are so many young males who want to boost their testosterone, one for muslim growth and second one for sexual growth, so sexual improvement, but most of them are taking this over the counter medications and they are ending up with other side effects. So now I will we deal with all these things and in our youtube channel. I will try to explain all these things. If I explain all those things, probably you should get around 70 to 100 videos. I will explain all those things. What are the root causes how to treat how to avoid these kind of problems? How to treat? Naturally, what are the simple homemade remedies for these things so keep watching our channel. Please subscribe to our channel we’ll be posting videos on all these subjects, which are useful for every mail. At some point of your life, every mail will face one of these issues. That will be helpful. So please subscribe to our channel. You.

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I wish I wasn’t so weak but a beautiful woman telling someone not to watch p*** is like an oxymoron

Dr. Leigh, thank-you so much for saving my life…

I have stared NOFAP 7 months ago ,all my life aspects have changed radically to positive side …. but libido, sex desire and erection ability every day decrease …also ED still found with no improvement …. no morning erections or wet dreams …before stopping PMO ,and although masturbation ,I had wet dreams every 3-4 days and daily morning hard erection ….Now with the NOFAP I lost all of these things …WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING? ….I addicted for about 12 years

How long does it take to rewire ?

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Watching porn and masturbate for years causes premature E can nofap and reboot help me to cure PE??

Have you ever thought about providing sexual education on what real love and intimacy are as opposed to what pornography portrays? I think this can be really helpful for those who either never got the opportunity to learn the right way such as myself or for those that struggle to differentiate the staged acts from real life.

Hi Dr. Trish,
I would like to know your opinion on some TV shows such as Spartacus or Games of Thrones. Are these shows considered inappropriate if you are recovering from porn addiction?

I appreciate you talking about such things, what I see is there is a way of normalizing and justifying everything these days !

Oh, and Trish, don’t think I didn’t notice how nice you look here. The earrings? I don’t know if I’ve seen those before. And it definitely looks like you spent a lot of time on your eyes. It’s difficult not to think of you, especially while I’m here on the couch with a movie or book and you and your husband are off in that room. Love John.

Mam thank you ️, love and huge respect from our india..

Plus doing kegels regularly

Thanks Dr. Trish. The constant reminders is what we need. If you just say something one time, it could easily be forgotten. But regular reminders help us not only get on the right track, but more importantly, stay on it.

Yeah, I’ve been noticing that… I’m about to reach out my second month of Nofap plz keep praying for me and making amazing videos like this… to be honest I’m doing now what I’ve never done since I started watching porn… and all this time that I’ve been abstaining myself from it I’ve been feeling and noticing how brain is rewiring and getting back to the normal level of dopamine…. Moreover as you mentioned I’ve been feeling stronger and more in control of my actions and my life … and that’s priceless… and of course, I’m experiencing less erectil dysfuntion … I think I’m regaining the balance in my body and my life bit by bit, step by step… But I’m still working hard every single day because it’s like if a vicious enemy is chasing me and I gotta find the way to runaway and survive …. it’s a constant mental battle each day, and I’ve noticed it gets harder when I’m feeling exhausted or bored or depressed …. that mental state saps my mental strength and hacks my healthy thinking … so I’m trying hard to avoid that…

Again Trish, masturbation doesn’t have to be a problem for you. Use your mouth, tell the people. Use your brains, get in there with it. Really, it doesn’t have to be hard. I haven’t had five kids, but I know that. Love John.

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