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Accutane: The Cure for Sexual Dysfunction?

If you're struggling with sexual dysfunction, you may want to read about Accutane. This medication has been linked to sexual side effects in some people. If you're considering taking Accutane, be sure to talk to your doctor about the potential risks and benefits.

Accutane Causes Sexual Dysfunction?!

Accutane is a powerful drug used to treat severe acne.

Some side effects of Accutane are sexual in nature, and can cause erectile dysfunction and decreased libido.

However, it is important to remember that these side effects are rare, and that the vast majority of people who take Accutane do not experience them.

What is Accutane?

Accutane (isotretinoin) is a powerful medication that is approved for people with severe acne that does not respond to other treatments.

It is a vitamin A derivative that works by reducing the production of oil by the sebaceous glands in the skin.

Accutane is typically used for a period of 4-5 months, and the vast majority of people who take it see a significant improvement in their skin.

What are the sexual side effects of Accutane?

The most common sexual side effect of Accutane is erectile dysfunction.

This means that men taking Accutane may have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection.

In addition, some men may have reduced libido (sex drive) while taking Accutane.

It is important to remember that these side effects are rare, and that most men who take Accutane do not experience them.

Are there any other side effects of Accutane?

Accutane can cause a number of other side effects, including dry skin, chapped lips, dry eyes, and headaches.

In rare cases, Accutane can also cause serious side effects, such as liver damage, birth defects, and mental health problems.

Bottom Line

Accutane is a powerful drug that is approved for people with severe acne that does not respond to other treatments.

Some side effects of Accutane are sexual in nature, and can cause erectile dysfunction and decreased libido.

However, it is important to remember that these side effects are rare, and that the vast majority of people who take Accutane do not experience them.

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FDA Feedback

I was on a six month plan to use isotretinoin (brand Myorisan 30 mg) for acne treatment. I was experiencing symptoms that were likely to occur when taking the medication, but about two or three months in I started experiencing symptoms that were not presented to me by my doctors or on the papers that I signed. I experienced erectile dysfunction, genital anesthesia, weak orgasm, loss of libido, and loss of nocturnal erections.

I remember the first time my girlfriend was giving me a hand job and I couldn’t feel it. I remember the first time I woke up and had this feeling like my penis wasn’t there. I remember when it would take 10 minutes to get an erection. I remember when I would touch my penis with my eyes closed and couldn’t feel it. I remember when I’d look at women and didn’t feel that spark. I remember when I’d orgasm that it didn’t feel satisfying and hardly any sperm would ejaculate.

I would call my doctor and tell him what I was experiencing. He would tell me that isotretinoin didn’t do that. I told him how I found forums where others were experiencing similar symptoms. “Stay off the forums.” On the final check up I presented a research paper about SSRIs and isotretinion causing sexual side affects (…) with the doctor saying this was the first time he’d ever heard of such a thing. This was coming from a dermatologist. It makes the link with isotretinoin use and suicide more understandable. It’s even noted in this article that a 24 year old male that committed suicide said in a final email “Anything to do with the opposite sex isn’t psychologically appealing. I used to have to try and stop myself from thinking about girls all of the time; now, I could hardly care less.”

Once I was off the medication, my orgasm intensity came back after a few weeks, my nocturnal erections came back after a few weeks, and I could get an erection within a minute and maintain it.

For the next 6 months after stopping the use of isotretinoin, I had to figure out my libido problem. Turns out my estrogen levels were quite high. I reduced my intake of soy protein isolate, which has a lot of estrogen in it. I became an ovo vegetarian. After a few months my levels evened out. I was horny again! I I started having sex with a new partner and quickly realized that with oral and vaginal sex I still had genital anesthesia issues. This was the case for masterbation as well. I continued looking for answers.

It was May 2019, almost a year after I stopped using isotretinoin that a realized that all of those awful days waking up with no morning wood, those times when it’d take 10 minutes to get an erection to have it disappear moments later, those times where I could hardly tell that I had an erection, those times when I saw a women I logically knew I was physically attracted to, yet felt nothing. All of those experiences were sexual trauma. I had to find a way to heal from sexual trauma.

It was tantric meditation that helped me release the trauma, and generate more sexual energy in my body. Through this meditation that I posted to YouTube (…), I’ve been able to heal from genital anesthesia and low libido.

I now have an extremely healthy sex life. I am at peace.

These symptoms need to be communicated to prospective isotretinoin users. More studies need to be done on this medication. Sexual dysfunction needs to be taught in the doctors office.

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Video transcription:

Hello friends, hey today, I want to tell you about my experience on accutane. It’s a pretty wild experience to have taken such an intense, very much approved and used drug over that’s been used since gosh, maybe the 70s or something like that. It’s been used for definitely over 40 years. I am now 28 years old right now, I had acne. Ever since I was about the age of 17. It got really bad around the ages of 19 and 20 to the point of where I didn’t really bother trying to date. Anyone because I didn’t I just figured out. No one’s gonna want to date, someone with this much acne and it was around the age of 24 that I my acne was in a pretty good place. I had been taking minocycline and doxycycline for many years of my life and those would help sometimes not really fully fix the issue or make all my pimples go away and I also tried topical creams, benzoyl peroxide and many products similar to that, and eventually I figured well I’ve heard about accutane. Why not try it I’ve known friends that have taken it and are in a pretty good place with their skin health, and it sounds like it’s intense and, of course, I have to stop drinking alcohol, and that’s that’s okay. If this, if this makes it go away fully, then I’m I’m, all about it and so I started taking it in November of 2017 I. Remember my lips becoming very dry near the beginning of the experience and and I remember my doctor specifically saying that there are no permanent side effects and so I asked again so there’s nothing that persists after taking this medication, and she said no, and this person was just a phenomenal doctor- I really loved her her presence. There was the only time that I saw her throughout my entire experience and yeah as I was saying, I kind of experienced dry lips I noticed that kind of parts of my skin would feel more dry than usual. The acne was still there like a month into the experience and I knew that this would be a six-month process and I was beginning to date. Someone at the time and I remember it was maybe in January of 2018 so about 3 months, maybe -, half three months into the experience where I noticed that when I was getting a [, __ ], that I didn’t feel as much as I usually would and I just attributed, maybe to that to it being a newer experience in our in our sexual relationship and maybe that just the medication could dry out the skin a little bit and thus making it not as sensitive and I figured well this that sure this is. This is some sort of side effect and no, no one had told me anything about any types of sexual side effects, not at all. I was warned about suicide ideation and that some people have committed suicide on this medication and that my doctor said well, if you think about it, someone with like really bad acne, the art could be depressed and who knows what else was going on in their life? I was like okay yeah. That makes sense. That’s like pretty good reason, and then the sensitivity continued to go away. I remember when I would masturbate that it kind of took a while to get an erection and in a way that if that definitely was not happening before and and my girlfriend and I at the time she was on a completely separate. She was on the a mood medication, and so that was also affecting her sex drive. So there was also there was some interesting sexual problems going on in our relationship, then, and I would even start to notice that it was hard to get erection when we had sex. That I didn’t feel as much when we have sex and I still didn’t fully catch on to the to the damage that was being done by this medication. Of course, I was really thankful to not be drinking alcohol on it, and I would focus a lot on that positive and how my body was feeling better, because I was off of a minute, cycling, a medication that couldn’t take gosh, just the energy out of you, but then at this. At the same time, this this medication was just slowly just killing me and just like destroying my insides, like I, could just wake up and feel it in my body just be like oh yeah, my body. Doesn’t this not the normal and that relationship ended around April of 2018 and so I wasn’t having sex at the time? So I was masturbating, more and I. Just would remember those mornings when I would wake up and I wouldn’t have morning would be bored I just would wake up and just kind of have just a flaccid, penis and I was like wait. This doesn’t this doesn’t feel right and beforehand. I would have never thought about the idea of maybe like the idea of missing morning wood, because it’s like take it for granted. It’s it’s like. Oh, yes, this is a thing that, like as a man, I experience normally and I thought. Oh no like this is it like is this? Am I permanently changed by this? This was terrifying. I had terrifying experiences in the mornings of April in May of 2018, where I would kind of wake up and I would be in kind of like an almost anxiety attack, type of mode, and so eventually I asked my dermatologist hey. These things are happening. I was experiencing general anesthesia I. Looked that up on the internet, I found out about that I was experiencing weak orgasm, didn’t know that was possible. I finally learned what erectile dysfunction was that it was something where it takes a while to get an erection, it’s hard to hold an erection, and then I also noticed that my libido was going down so I just wouldn’t think about having sex really want to have sex or look at a woman that I would normally be like yeah, like I, would have sex with that person and I just and I wouldn’t feel it in my body I, like logically think yes, I, would love to have sex with that person physically just like, but then then I just wouldn’t feel anything and I would walk around just this, this asexual kind of experience- and it was as I, brought that to my doctor. He said: oh that doesn’t happen on accutane, oh I haven’t read anything about that and I would go to forums and many people are experiencing. This people have experienced this experiencing this for years, I found a [ __ ] letter that a kid wrote to their parents before they committed suicide. Talking about how they have lost complete interest in the opposite, opposite sex, and they didn’t really see a reason for living and they were on accutane. It’s and my doctor told me to stay off of the internet and just not to worry about it and then oh yeah I can dry some of the skin and make it less sensitive. Just like kind of what I was thinking near the beginning and I was like there’s a difference between losing 5 to 10% of sensitivity versus 60 to 80% of sensitivity. It would take me like 5-10 minutes to of just like vigorous, like masturbate before I would come, and when I came, it felt like this, like just sad dribble of of an experience of like whoa. Let’s have like a normal hour guy somewhere, it’s like holy [, __ ]. What yeah it’s it was insane. I I would permanently kind of develop this negative association with waking up in the morning and wanting to masturbate like wanting to be like okay, no, this time it’s gonna be different. This time it’s gonna be different out of focus on my on the sensitivity so much and like want to make it happen that and then it would just be disappointing. Every time I, eventually I finished out the accutane, because I wanted to be like this. Is it like? I have done four months of this I will finish it out six months and then I will move on with my life. I’ll never do the skin when I finally got off of this stuff. There was that, oh well. Actually there was about the week before I got off of it where I was I was taking mushrooms and during my experience there was this moment of checking in with my body, I was doing a meditation with myself and I just felt inside my body that my that everything, internally or especially the liver, the liver, gets affected by accutane a lot. That’s like you’re, not supposed to drink on it and I could feel that section of my body just being just a week and not cared for and I could feel like. In my in, like my dick that there was just there was the like blood flow like wasn’t able to get to that area, it was really interesting experience, and so, when I final ly got off with stuff and I had the final check in with my dermatologist I told him, everything I told him about how there’s I found this study in Canada, where they listed these sexual side effects in Bullock. It’s a long list on people that were taking accutane and sexual side effects that they experienced and and I just kind of like gave him he’ll like it. I mean very just like these are matter-of-fact. This is what’s happening. You denied like listening to me and did not give me any empathy and I like made sure the nurses, like writing this [ __ ] down I printed out that Stata study gave it to him and when I left the when he left the room before I did on that appointment. He didn’t even take the study with him. It was like a three page study Wow what the [ __ ] this is insane and so I it took me about. It was, it was actually yeah, it’s crazy. It was about another year until I realized that I experienced sexual trauma through that I thought sexual trauma. That means you have to be assaulted. You have to be right. No, it can be different range of things. This was a certain type of sexual trauma that I was experiencing, and so it wasn’t until kind of my next sexual partner that I fully kind of wanted to get to the root of some of these things. So I found out that my estrogen levels were really high and that’s my loss of libido started to come back because I like changed my diet. Accordingly, I was having a lot of soy protein isolate which can raise estrogen levels and also when I got off of accutane. The weak, orgasms went away and kind of my erectile dysfunction went away as well, but the general anesthesia and the low libido kind of stayed, and so thus figuring out the low figuring out how to get my estrogen levels back to a good spot, meaning my libido come back, which was great but the general anesthesia remained, and it was a very difficult thing to get through with many sexual encounters. Since then, I kind of had a realization of like holy [. __ ], like is my dick, just not gonna, feel good for the rest of my life, and it took me trying so many different things and figuring out. Isn’t this another like body like estrogen level like vitamin level thing and I would just try to get everything on point and I eventually came to Tantra meditations and specifically the root chakra tantra meditation, the one where the sound is ROM? And it’s like a red triangle and focusing on pleasure and just the idea of bringing that pleasure around me and then out to the world into the universe and then beyond that and bringing it back slowly like broad mindfulness, back and lowered the stress of having like a sexual experience like whether it be masturbating or like penetrative sex I would just be more present with my body and somehow like like within it seriously within a month. My sensitivity went like almost back to where it was before, and it’s with even more work. Since then, it’s like it’s at a great place. It’s incredible! It’s unbelievable and so I wanted I want to tell this story and spread it to as many people as possible one to like. Let’s stop using accutane people like there’s other ways, there’s other natural, topical treatments, there’s diet, changes that can be done. I don’t have dairy anymore. There’s there’s exercise there’s other types of like personal hygiene that can be kept up and I wanted to spread the news to those that are on these forums that there is a way back to where you were before so I will be posting this on many forums to let people know that there is hope, because I lived that experience. I thought that I would never be able to really feel much in my dick again and if there’s any other follow-up to this video I might share that Tantra meditation I might share some other info. This is the story and it’s another reason to question the medicine that has been created. The the medicine that’s out there, that’s even been used for many years on millions of people bring to light what that’s really happening. So thanks for listening thanks for watching love yourselves out there, it’s gonna be great.

What users commented:

2022 UPDATE: I’ve created an online course to heal from sexual dysfunction, and it’s available now

Bruh, im 16 , my doctor give me roacuutane ,20 mg , im on day 11 now and i haven’t seen any sexul problem, should i leave the drug ? Please reply me

Has anyone recovered?

You are so right, there are other ways to handle acne. Diet #1. We have to be our own health advocates. Most doctors just want to right you a rx and send you on your way.

Thank you for sharing! It’s crazy how in other countries obvious medications/ ingredients are banned or at least a warning is clearly given but here in the U.S. they just get away with feeding us poison. Even in vitamins.

I’m sure you’ve done this but go see a urologist. Not much comes out sometimes. With acne it makes you look younger.

thank you man this means the world to me

I’m only 9 days in and the ED is hitting me as well as lowered libido, Is 9 days long enough for these side effects to be long term?

Has anybody that has been experiencing low sex drive on accutane gotten their blood work? I got my blood work done and everything was normal but I still have a low sex drive.

One and a half years post Accutane still suffering I hope I go back to normal soon

I actually don’t know, but maybe something such as Mario Volpstein’s homepagw reveals the closest thing there is to rotating back again the hands of time, try go’ogling him to think if it could be an approach that seems reasonable to you too.

Im experiencing all this side effects now. Im 3 months into the medication. I dont have issue of being hard but I cant ejaculate lol. It takes forever or sometimes it just doesnt happen. Im worried its freaking me out

I was going to go on this next week. This video convinced me otherwise. My acne is moderate at worst and im not risking a life of sexual ruin for this fuck that

Does any of the girls with vaginal dryness and loss of libido see improvement? I can say that relaxing and meditating helps, but the side effects are still here… I’m also considering trying Maca powder or ginseng…any success with these?

Who all has had their symptoms get better with time or resolve completely? How long did it take and what were your dosage? Has anyone also had any issues with penile pain or pain in that area? Im about 8 months after accutane and still no change, I took 60mg a day for 5 months.

Short answer- yes it does, both the European and Israeli labels have been updated and state that it most definitely can cause sexual dysfunction. Fun fact- At the doses given, it acts as a chemotherapy drug that is cytotoxic and is extremely poisonous.

did you recover, it’s been a while now?

It’s been 2 weeks since I started the treatment,

I noticed after a week that I lost all erection and I no longer have any libido!

My dermatologist told me to continue

I don’t know if I should trust him, I have very severe acne but this drug is so violent.

In just one week! I spent 2 hours trying to stimulate myself I can’t do anything, I have absolutely no sexual desire.

Do you advise me to stop the treatment now, if not, is there a risk that it will stay for life?

Bro everything gonna be fine…just give it some time….u body get cured by itself in few weeks after to get off from Accutane…just don’t think bout it. I no this feeling, it kills u but don’t think bout it. Every one gets fine after feww weeks.

What is the best way to achieve total control over my erectile dysfunction? I read loads of great reviews on the net about how exactly Erectodom Secrets can help you last longer in bed. Has anybody tried this popular erectile dysfunction natural treatment?