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8 ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION Facts EVERY Man Should Know: Get Harder, Longer Lasting Erections Naturally

If you're a man suffering from erectile dysfunction, then you should know these eight facts about the condition. By understanding ED, you can better manage the condition and improve your quality of life.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection. It can be caused by physical or psychological problems. ED can result in a loss of sexual desire or interest (libido).

ED affects about 30 million American men.

Most men have occasional bouts of ED. But if it happens frequently, you may have ED. With proper diagnosis and treatment, ED can be managed in most men.

Common causes of ED include:

  • physical problems, such as injury to the nerves that control erections, or problems with blood flow to the penis
  • psychological problems, such as anxiety, depression, or stress
  • certain medications, such as antidepressants
  • chronic health conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes


The main symptom of ED is the inability to get or keep an erection. This may happen even when you are not engaging in sexual activity.

Other symptoms of ED include:

  • trouble getting an erection
  • trouble keeping an erection
  • diminished sexual desire


ED is usually diagnosed by a primary care provider or a urologist. A physical examination and a review of your medical history are usually all that is needed to diagnose ED.

In some cases, further testing may be needed. This may include:

  • blood tests to check for diabetes, high cholesterol, or low testosterone levels
  • urinalysis to check for kidney problems
  • psychological evaluation to look for anxiety, depression, or other emotional issues
  • imaging studies, such as ultrasound, to check for blood flow problems or nerve damage
  • nocturnal penile tumescence testing to check for erections during sleep


ED can be treated in a number of ways. The most common treatment is oral medication. These drugs include:

  • sildenafil (Viagra)
  • tadalafil (Cialis)
  • vardenafil (Levitra)
  • avanafil (Stendra)

Other treatments include:

  • penile injections
  • vacuum devices
  • penile implants
  • counseling


ED can be caused by a number of health conditions. To prevent ED, you can:

  • manage chronic health conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure
  • eat a healthy diet
  • exercise regularly
  • maintain a healthy weight
  • quit smoking
  • limit or avoid alcohol
  • treat psychological conditions, such as anxiety or depression
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Erectile dysfunction can be a very frustrating and isolating condition to deal with. You are much better equipped to handle it when you are armed with the facts. In today’s video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses 8 erectile dysfunction facts every man should know.

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Video transcription:

What’s up youtube jeff, your stylo g and on today’s video, we’re gonna, discuss eight facts about erectile dysfunction. Every guy needs to know about. If you’re new to the channel, we release a new video every monday, thursday and saturday at 4 pm eastern discussing various men’s lifestyle topics such as style, grooming and dating. I invite you to subscribe, tap the notification bell and join us and to my returning friends like shawn hooks sub now, without a doubt, erectile dysfunction is a very embarrassing and frustrating condition to have to deal with and it’s a problem most men will encounter in some form or fashion throughout their lives, but just like any other problem or condition you’re much better able to deal with it. If you have the information and facts about it on today’s video we’re going to discuss both some facts and some myths about erectile dysfunction and hopefully you’ll feel better armed to deal with the condition whenever it happens in your life, so without any further delay, let’s hop right into it now. First up for the list of eight facts: every guy needs to know about erectile dysfunction is a very important one. You need to keep in mind that ed can be brought about by lifestyle choices. Now, a lot of guys when it comes to ed think I just had bad luck. I lost the genetic lottery or this is just a function of me getting older now, while those two things might play a part, your lifestyle choices can be even more devastating. Take, for example, if you’re not working out and you’re overweight. How you achieve an erection is blood flow to your penis when you’re, overweight, the blood flow to your entire body and specifically to your penis, decreases, thus much more likely leading to ed another lifestyle. Choice that can be a culprit is drinking alcohol. Alcohol also decreases blood flow. Drinking alcohol at the moment can cause temporary ed, but chronic alcohol use can lead to permanent erectile dysfunction and erectile dysfunction can also be brought about by recreational drug use. Yes, including marijuana and another lifestyle choice. You want to pay attention to not getting the proper amount of sleep. Poor sleep habits can lead to poor circulation and decreased testosterone, so when it comes to making sure you’re in the best position not to suffer from erectile dysfunction, make sure you pay attention to your lifestyle choice. Now with our first fact, we touched a little bit on how a lot of guys associate erectile dysfunction with getting older. Now, while it is true that it is much more common in older guys, I need you to understand that erectile dysfunction is not necessarily an age thing. Yes, ev can affect younger men. It might surprise you to know that erectile dysfunction is much more common in younger men than you think. 26 percent of men under the age of 40 experience some form of erectile dysfunction and over half of those younger guys, experience, severe erectile dysfunction and, as we said earlier, a lot of this can be traced to lifestyle choices. Younger guys tend to smoke more and indulge in recreational drugs more thus leading to erectile dysfunction, but some other reasons younger guys suffer from ed performance, anxiety, stress and depression. So, although it’s much more commonly associated with older guys, it is true that many younger men suffer from erectile dysfunction now without a doubt, erectile dysfunction is a very frustrating and embarrassing condition to deal with many men blame themselves and find it very difficult to talk about. If this sounds like you, I highly recommend you talk to the good people at today’s video sponsor roman roman is a digital health clinic for men. It’s a platform that allows you to be evaluated for diagnosed and received treatment for erectile dysfunction. All from the confident privacy of your very own home erectile dysfunction is much more common than you may think. 52 of men will experience some form of ed throughout their lifetimes, meaning more people would deal with erectile dysfunction than those that won’t it’s a new year, and with that being so many of us make resolutions. I challenge you to make a resolution to improve your sex life in 2022.. Treating erectile dysfunction, it’s very convenient when you work with roman. All you have to do is go to style and complete. A free online visit roman will connect you with a licensed u.s healthcare professional who will work directly with you to come up with a treatment plan specifically for your ed roman, can provide you with effective fda, approved treatment for ed, but this treatment is only available after you gain a prescription by their license: u.s healthcare professionals. After an evaluation, now not only the roman sponsors. Today’s video they’ve got a special offer for the stylo jeep family. Once you complete your online visit and, if approved, you’ll, get 15 off your first month’s treatment for ed. So if you’re, dealing with erectile dysfunction and want to kick off the new year by improving your sex life, make sure you hit that link in the description and get started with treating your ed with roman. Now throughout today’s video we’ve been discussing the physical issues that can lead to ed, and while it is true that the vast majority of cases are brought about by physical issues, it’s also very important to keep in mind that erectile dysfunction can be brought about by mental issues. Take, for example, anxiety. When you deal with anxiety, you have increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and increased fatigue, all which can lead to ed. Another issue can be depression if you’re suffering from depression. It can be a chemical imbalance that can lead to decreased sex, drive and decreased sexual function, and there’s also stress when your body is stressed out it’s in fight-or-flight mode. It will prioritize the production of cortisol. This cortisol does fight stress, but your body will deprioritize your sexual hormones that can also lead to poor sexual performance, not to mention what I like to call the performance anxiety cycle. If you have performance anxiety, it can lead to ed. Ed can lead to performance anxiety. So yes, while it is true, the main causes of ed are physical issues when trying to get to the bottom of it. Don’t ignore possible mental causes. Now, when it comes to dealing with ed, naturally, a lot of guys start thinking, hey, maybe I have low testosterone, but what I want to let today is testosterone has a very complex relationship when it comes to ed. Here’s what I mean, although in some cases low testosterone, can lead to erectile dysfunction in the vast majority of cases, there’s no direct relation. Instead low testosterone could be leading to low sex drive. If you have low sex drive, no erection just because you have a low sex drive, doesn’t mean you have ed, see what I mean very complex. That’s why, when it comes to dealing with ed, you may want to take a multi-faceted approach. Yes, it is worth investigating if you have low testosterone, but also make sure you’re paying attention to the other causes we talked about in today’s video because you don’t want to confuse low sex drive, that’s caused by testosterone with erectile dysfunction. Now one of the things you want to keep in mind when dealing with erectile dysfunction or even trying to figure out if you have it is to realize that ed can vary in his presentation. Here’s what I mean how edie looks in you may appear differently in another guy for some guys they may be dealing with what a lot of guys think about when it comes to ed. They just can’t get it up, but also a guy who can get it up, but can’t maintain an erection he can be dealing with eb as well. Also, you may be dealing with erectile dysfunction. If, yes, you can achieve an erection, but you can’t maintain it long enough to actually have sex another way. Ed can present itself. Your erection may come and go during a sex session. In another way, ed can present itself. Yes, you can achieve an erection, but is not firm enough to achieve penetration. So when dealing with ed, you want to keep in mind. It may present itself in various ways. Next up on the list of facts about erectile dysfunction is a very important one. It’s the fact that ed could be a sign of a more serious underlying health condition. Now ed itself in general isn’t dangerous, but it could be a warning sign that something dangerous is going on with you. When you have an erection. What occurs is that blood flow rushes to your penis, if you’re having difficulty achieving an erection, it could be a signal of poor circulation throughout your body may have a serious circulatory condition that may lead to a heart attack or stroke other conditions that are commonly seen with guys suffering from ed type, 2, diabetes and chronic kidney disease. It may also be a sign of hardening arteries or a signal of complications from prostate or bladder surgery. So, although ed is a very frustrating problem, you may want to talk to a doctor, it could be the sign of a more serious health condition and I specifically said talk to your doctor for a reason. That’s because attempting to treat erectile dysfunction on your own can be dangerous. Now. I know a lot of guys when dealing with health conditions like to get their google on or do their own research and try to treat it themselves, maybe take some supplements. The problem with that is supplements can be very dangerous. Over one-third of online supplements have been found to have potentially harmful ingredients or mislabeled ingredients also plan. Your own doctor can lead to another situation, supplements can have side effects or they can have dangerous interactions with already prescribed drugs. You may be taking now realizing you’re dealing with ed and wanting to get help for it. That’s a great thing, but don’t take it in your own hands. Trying to treat ed on your own can be very dangerous. Now. Next up, I want to share with you something that’s very important when it comes to erectile dysfunction. Yes, it can feel very isolating, but you need to know you’re not dealing with ed by yourself. It doesn’t only affect you. It affects your partner as well. Yes, dealing with erectile dysfunction is very embarrassing, but you need to realize you need to talk to your partner about it. You see. Not only could you be blaming yourself. She may also feel like it’s her fault. She may think she just doesn’t turn you on so just like it is with a lot of intimate and sex issues. You need to swallow your pride communicate with your partner. The most important thing to do have a frank and honest conversation about what you’re dealing with you’ll be surprised. If you have a good woman, she’ll be empathetic. She’ll want to be part of the solution, one of the great things about being in a relationship. You have a support system as embarrassing and isolating as e.d is. You can use her support just like a hammer home with every intimate topic, it’s very important to communicate. Yes, erectile dysfunction can feel very isolating, but you have to remember you’re, not going through it by yourself now, just as I mentioned in the beginning of the video erectile dysfunction can be very frustrating embarrassing and isolating, but just like any other problem, the more information you have, the better equipped you’ll be to solving that problem, so make sure if you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction pay attention to the facts and the myths we discussed in today’s video you’ll be in a much better position to deal with your erectile dysfunction.

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Your generosity towards my health issues is
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and here i am strong and healthy thank you dr
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