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5 Common Mistakes That Make Your ED Worse - Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Don't make these 5 common mistakes that make your ED worse. Learn about simple, effective treatments that can help you get your sex life back on track.

Erectile dysfunction treatment – 5 Common Mistakes That Make Your ED Worse

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common problem for men. It can cause a range of emotional and physical problems, and can be a source of great stress. If you’re struggling with ED, you’re not alone. Here are five common mistakes that can make your ED worse.

1. Not Talking About It

ED can be a difficult topic to talk about, but it’s important to open up to your partner or doctor about what you’re going through. Not talking about ED can lead to relationship problems and make it harder to get treatment. If you’re feeling embarrassed or ashamed, remember that ED is a common problem and there is no shame in seeking help.

2. Ignoring Your Physical Health

ED can be a sign of an underlying health problem. If you’re experiencing ED, it’s important to see your doctor to rule out any underlying health conditions. Many health conditions can cause or contribute to ED, so it’s important to get checked out. Some common underlying health conditions include diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

3. Not Exercising

Exercise is important for overall health, and it can also help with ED. Exercise can improve blood flow, which can help with ED. It can also help to reduce stress, which can be a cause of ED. If you’re not sure how to start exercising, talk to your doctor or a personal trainer. They can help you create an exercise plan that’s right for you.

4. Smoking

Smoking is a common cause of ED. Smoking damages blood vessels, which can lead to ED. Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your overall health, and it can also help improve your ED. If you’re struggling to quit smoking, talk to your doctor about ways to quit. They can prescribe medications or refer you to a smoking cessation program.

5. Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol can also lead to ED. Alcohol can damage blood vessels and make it harder to get and maintain an erection. If you’re drinking too much, try cutting back or talking to your doctor about ways to reduce your alcohol intake.

ED is a common problem, but it’s important to seek help if you’re struggling. There are many effective treatments available, so don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about your options. Remember, you’re not alone in this and there is no shame in seeking help.

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When it comes to health issue, we are often our own worst enemies.

You see this in a lot of cases and with a variety of diseases. People who know they have high blood pressure and high cholesterol don’t change their diets and keep eating lots of fried food, for example.

Erectile Dysfunction is no different. Here are a five things you may be doing right now, today, that are making your condition worse.

You’re Eating (and Drinking) The Wrong Things

Caffeine. Alcohol. Nicotine. Drugs. Excess fat. If you indulge in any of these on a regular basis, the sad truth is that you’re making your ED condition worse.

Even if you do other things to improve your condition – even if you take medication to offset it, those things will be less effective than they could be unless you dramatically reduce or cut down on the items listed above.

You’re Not Eating Enough of The Right Things

Here’s a short list of foods known to increase your vascular health, which in turn, will improve the quality of your erections: whole grains, green, leafy vegetables, fruits (especially watermelon and blueberries), and oysters.

If you like everything on that list, you’re in luck. Eat more of all of those and you’ll see your ED symptoms diminish markedly, and possibly even disappear altogether.

If you’re not currently eating any of the above, then you’re definitely making the problem worse.

By itself, diet may not be able to completely cure your erectile dysfunction, but it can make a huge difference and have a tremendous impact on the quality of your erections.

You Work Too Much

Stress is a very big contributor to ED. If you’re working too many hours, or if you don’t take the time to unplug and decompress, you’re only making your condition worse.

We were simply not cut out for long term exposure to the kind of stress that our modern lifestyle subjects us to. Because modern life is so stressful, you’ve got to make time for yourself. You’ve got to take the time to unwind, because guess what?

If you don’t do it for yourself, no one else will do it for you. Your boss isn’t going to give you several bonus days off to unwind, so if it’s going to happen at all, it’s going to happen because you make it a priority.

Be good to yourself and find a way to take the time. Yes, making it a priority can be a challenge, but you’re worth it, aren’t you?

Your sex life is worth it, isn’t it? Of course it is, so what are you waiting for?

You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Yes, too little sleep can impact your sex life. Did that after just three days with no sleep, you’re prone to having a psychotic break?

It’s true, and not only that, but lack of sleep is a major contributor to depression, which is another big cause of erectile dysfunction.

You Don’t Get Enough Exercise

When you strip erectile dysfunction down to its barest essentials, ED is a circulatory condition. Your penis gets and stays hard by virtue of the amount of blood that flows to it.

More blood flow equals firmer erections. Less blood flow equals weaker or even nonexistent erections.

It’s not too difficult to guess which of those choices most men would prefer, and the good news is, you can do something right now, starting today, that will help you improve and increase your blood flow to all parts of your body, including your penis.

Unfortunately, the best way to do that is also something that most people really don’t like to do. Exercise is something that almost everyone acknowledges is both good and necessary, but in practice, few people actually make time for.

You should. If you do, the quality of your erections will improve, so even if you’re not all that excited about exercise for its own sake, do your sex life a favor and make regular exercise a part of your weekly routine.

We recommend exercising three times a week. You may be surprised by the relatively low frequency of exercise, but that’s because we also recommend finding a sport you’re passionate about and making it a regular part of your weekly routine as well.

It doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as it gets your heart rate up, and that you enjoy doing it, because let’s face it,

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