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3 Causes Of Male Impotency And How To Fix Them

If you're struggling with impotence, you're not alone. Here are three possible causes of this common problem.

3 Causes of Male Impotency

Male impotency, also known as erectile dysfunction, is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse. It is a common problem that affects men of all ages, but is more common in older men. There are many possible causes of male impotency, but the most common are physical, psychological and lifestyle-related.

Physical causes

The most common physical cause of male impotency is damage to the nerves, arteries, smooth muscles or fibrous tissue of the penis. This can be caused by a variety of conditions, such as:

  • Diabetes – Damage to the nerves and blood vessels caused by diabetes can lead to impotence.
  • Cardiovascular disease – atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) can restrict blood flow to the penis, resulting in erectile dysfunction.
  • Neurological conditions – conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease can damage the nerves that control erections.

Psychological causes

Psychological causes of male impotency include:

  • Stress – both psychological and physical stress can trigger erectile dysfunction.
  • Anxiety – performance anxiety or anxiety about sexual intercourse can cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Depression – depression can both cause erectile dysfunction and be a consequence of it.

Lifestyle-related causes

Many lifestyle factors can contribute to erectile dysfunction, including:

  • Smoking – smoking damages the blood vessels and can lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Alcohol – excessive alcohol consumption can lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Obesity – being overweight can cause or worsen erectile dysfunction.
  • Sedentary lifestyle – a lack of exercise can contribute to erectile dysfunction.
What the three main causes of male impotency are and what you or your woman can and can’t do to make “The General” or “The Pork Sword” stand at attention.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a female viewer who asks about a guy she recently met and fooled around with in the bedroom on two separate dates, but did not have sex with him because he did not get hard. They have a mutual friend who told her that this guy really likes her. While they were in bed together he told her how beautiful and desirable she was. He has been separated for a year from his wife and they have a kid together. She wonders if this guy is simply not that into her, not attracted to her or if he is simply not over his wife yet. She asks my opinion on contacting him because she does not want to appear needy, and what his inability to get hard really means.

“There are three main reasons why a man becomes impotent and unable to perform sexually in the bedroom. When “The General” or “The Pork Sword” do not stand at attention, it’s usually because 1) the guy is nervous and has performance anxiety, because he is tense instead of being relaxed 2) he’s simply not turned on sexually, or 3) he has a medical condition usually related to inadequate blood supply to his lower unit. Causes 1 & 2 can be taken care of by the woman making the man feel comfortable, getting him to relax and having him focus on allowing and letting the sensations happen to him, instead of trying to force a boner. For a man, getting an erection is all about proper blood flow to his flesh rocket by allowing, relaxing, letting sensations happen to him, and practicing infinite patience to let an erection and sexual eruption happen slowly over time. Cause 3 needs to be addressed by a medical professional.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

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Video transcription:

Hi I’m coach, Corey Wayne- and this is my video coaching newsletter and the topic of today’s newsletter is going to be three causes of male impotence. See that’s not an easy word to say. A potency, impotency I’ve got an email here from a woman, and she writes in. She had two dates with this particular guy and they really had a great connection and on both dates and ended up in the bedroom. The only problem was the general would not stand at attention, and so she wants she’s wondering what is the real cause of. Is this guy just not into her he’s this particular guy that she’s seeing he’s been separated with his from his wife for about a year? He’s got a kid with his ex-wife to be and she’s wondering is he’s just not into me. Is he not over his wife? Yet? Is it a medical? What’s the deal here so I have a quote that I wrote in this particular topic, because I think this is a topic that all men and women should understand and just like you can’t turn a woman on and over what you can’t make her fall in love with you like a light switch, it’s the same thing when it comes to guys and causing the general to stand at attention or not robots, and for a lot of guys, it’s a mental game. So the quote that I wrote this topic says there are three main reasons why a man becomes impotent. It’s not an easy word to say and unable to perform sexually in the bedroom when the general or the pork sword do not stand at attention. It’s usually because number one, the guy, is nervous and has performance anxiety because he is tense instead of being relaxed. Number two. He simply just not turned on sexually or number three. He has a medical condition, usually related to inadequate blood supply to his lower unit causes. One and two can be in care of by the woman making the man feel comfortable, getting him to relax and having him focus on allowing and letting the sensations happen to him. Instead of trying to force a boner for a man, getting an erection is all about proper blood flow to his flesh rocket by allowing relaxing letting sensations happen to him in practicing infinite patience to let in erection and sexual eruption happen slowly over time. Cause number three needs to be addressed by a medical professional. You can always get the magic blue pill. So with that said, let’s go through her email. Hopefully you liked I threw out like for the different names that I have for your lower unit. There’s all the ones I can. Think of so she says: hey Corey I’ve been watching your videos for about three months and I’ve. Read your book twice: I’m a woman, so I keep wishing you’d write a version for us. Girls well, I get asked that question a lot. What are you gonna write a book for women, but I mean at the end of day, if a lot of women that read my book and even though it’s geared for guys what women can take away from the book is what drives in the feel, what they feel, especially if a particular woman is always attracting the same kind of guy in their life, and they don’t really understand why they really go for one guy versus another, because once you understand how attraction works, you’re no longer just carried away by your emotions, and you can remain objective plus. If you understand, if you’re a woman- and you understand my book you’re able to tell which guys really get it and which guys don’t and that can really save every woman, a lot of heartache and a lot of heartbreak and we’re they because they can avoid getting into relationships with guys. They just really shouldn’t be giving the time of day -. It’s brilliant and I can testify that you nail the type of bait, no pun intended. Obviously the type of behavior that communicates all that is great about men. Therefore, you’re the only person I trust, to give me an honest insightful answer to my predicament I appreciate your trust and I will do my best to answer your questions here. I recently met a guy who I really like, and this rarely happens. We met on a night out and I sensed that we had a connection instantly like I’d known him for years, and it’s really great when you meet people like that with not only just lovers but friends or business partners or customers, it’s just really cool and you meet another human being and you just click with them. It’s rare, but those are really special and really enjoyable occasions that the way I look at it they’re preordained by the universe. It was meant to happen. There are no accidents, nothing in half, nothing in life happens by coincidence. It’s like life is happening not to you. It happens for you. He ended up. Staying with me, we talked all night with some interludes of kissing, fondling, etc. He didn’t get a hard-on at all which surprised me as he seemed to be really into me, so it’s possible that he is definitely really nervous and it’s also possible that he’s got a blood flow problem and therefore he needs him. The magic pill to get hard or he needs to lose weight and get in shape and I can speak from personal experience that, for me personally, I’ve had situations with with girlfriends, where I had a difficult time getting hard after a night of drinking and drinking a lot at 1:00 2:00 in the morning when I’ve had a lot to drink and obviously I’m speaking about what I was younger and used to do those things. Yeah I’ve had a hard time getting hard and sometimes I wasn’t even getting hard at all, because I was so [ __, ], shit-faced, I bet, I’ve had other situations. I I’ve had girlfriends that we just we had a great sex life. We made love all the time and I never had a problem getting hard with them. I’ve had other girlfriends I had one girlfriend who was very competitive into athletics and the sport. She did a lot of weight training, so she was an unbelievable shape, but at times when she was really masculine, it just turned me off and I had a difficult time getting turned on. But what was really great about this particular girlfriend is. She gave the best [ __ ] [ __ ] I’ve ever had in my life. She knew how to focus on the tip of my dick, the head of my dick and for guys, that’s where all the nerve endings are for women. All the nerve endings are on the outside of the body, obviously around the clitoris, that’s where they’re all concentrated and for women that want to get a guy hard if you focus like the old charms blow pot, or that was a Tootsie Roll pop. If you ever saw the old commercials, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop and I had this owl and a tree and he’s like one two three and then he bites into it. He says Klee, but what she did, which was so great, is that she just focused and I had like I. Would wake up in the morning and because we always went to bed naked together and she’d, be giving me a [, __ ], that’s how she woke me up in the morning and I’d be laying there relax, not really feeling horn or anything, and she just she was really [, __ ] good and after a few minutes my dick was so hard. [, __ ] cut diamonds as soon as it was hard enough. She jumped on top of me and started going at it and plus you guys just say, she’s the most amazing [ __ ] ass, oh god, she had the most I mean she was like I said she competed. She competed and Miss Fitness miss figure competitions and she won everything. She just had a [ __, ], unbelievable body, but at times because she did so much weight training. She just had that masculine a little too masculine vibe that she put out there and not a not enough feminine vibe in that it ruins the sexual polarity. But she knew how to get around that and she knew how to get might get me turned on and there’s other women that I’ve dated that were like the one girlfriend was talking about earlier, who we just [ __ ]. We would have would [ __ ] five times a day was just we really loved each other and we really had a great time together, but when it came to give him [ __ ], she was mediocre. She wasn’t that great at giving [ __ ], but she just had such a beautiful body and beautiful eyes. Beautiful, hair, I love the sound of her voice, she’s, a very sexual person. She was anytime, I put my hand, her pants was always [, __, ] wet, always ready to go, and just we had a great sex life and sitting here. Thinking about it, I remember she would come by mouth. She’d. Surprise me, she’s, like hey. What are you doing? Oh my god, I’m working. What do you think I’m telling she’s like well I’m in the area I was thinking about coming by and I would say something like well I. Think! That’s a great idea. You definitely should come by and maybe sit in my lap and we’ll see what pops up she’s, sorry naughty boy, and so she come by 10-15 minutes later she’d come in my office, locked my office door put my phone on mute and Hallie’s glass windows across my office, and it was like a four lane road there that was literally about 20 feet away, so he turned the lights off and had blinds up and stuff. It was kind of erotic, she’d, come by in the middle of the day, pulling my pants down and start giving me a [, __ ], and it’s great now I’m sitting there like King in the world, getting a [ __ ] from the love of my life at the time and then we’d have sex. In my office it was [, __, ], wonderful and you just that’s just kind of the way she was she was so feminine and so sexy that I’d never had a problem getting hard with her and then I had another another girlfriend that I dated it was [ __ ], beautiful she’s, like a [, __, ] she’s a model. She look like a [, __, ] supermodel. Just just imagine the most perfect body, the most perfect voluptuous body with double D boobs. You can imagine very sensual, very passionate kisser. She gave an okay [ __ ], but it came to sex cuz. She had she had back problems. It’s like I couldn’t keep her legs bent back very long, and it’s so for most most of the time it’s like when it came to having sex. It’s like mish position, our doggie-style, and that was it and that gets old after a while and you couldn’t I couldn’t keep her legs pinned back for very long, because their hips would start hurting because her spine was so jacked out, and so after I mean there were times that and plus later turned out that she was on antidepressants and I. Didn’t know that when she never told me that- and she was on it for several months and then she just kind of one day was like, oh by the way I’ve no longer taking antidepressants like your honor, you were on antidepressants and what happened was over the next several weeks, her behavior just totally changed. She went from being sweet and playful and I was getting along really great too. She was just [, __, ] and unhappy all the time and then plus on top of that, the fact that sex was like two positions, and that was about it, and it’s like it’s just a turn-off I remember but I just didn’t want to have sex with her anymore. And if you saw a pictures of this girl you’ve, you think of what you didn’t want. Are you serious I, just I wasn’t turned on and I didn’t want to have have sex with her anymore because it just got kind of old. That’s just it’s the way it is, it happens sometimes and I’ve had I said so it’s like I’ve had it happen. Alcohol can cause it how a woman is being, if especially eyes to the last one. It’s like she went from being sweet nice to just being kind of nasty and [ __ ] and trying to emasculate me all the time, because I’ve always been very successful and she was terrible with money. She was always broke all the time she had a fairly successful business. She just didn’t manage our money very well, it’s just the way. It is I mean it’s gonna happen sometimes, so it really depends upon the woman and women that are cuz really being able to get hard for a guy is about being able to relax and just allow it I. Just let things happen here. I had another girlfriend. She just literally, would sit down in a bed, and she would just push me back and she’s just say: just relax, honey and she’d go down on me and just and she knew how to get me hard, and it was just I. Remember the first time we made love this one thing that that she did. She went down on me right away and I was a little nervous. I wasn’t getting hard right away and I mean even happens to me, because those aren’t I was just like I was so into her, and but it’s like as soon as I started to relax and just let go because think about it. If you’re tense. What you think is gonna happen. Your blood vessels are gonna constrict, but if you’re completely relaxed it’s just like having an orgasm, it’s not trying to have an orgasm. It’s like letting the orgasm happen to you and when you do that, you definitely can last a lot longer and the more frequently that you have sex the easier it is to get a boner and the longer that you can last and for those guys that are watching us are worried about performance, anxiety or blowing their wad too soon, I did a video a couple years ago and I even referenced this in the book, as well called how men can have multiple orgasms. So if you, google, Cory Wayne how men could get have multiple orgasms watch that video and if you prepare yourself like I, did a video several months ago, if I could probably been on six months ago, women who make it easily a young kid first time you ever had sex he’s, think he’s gonna blow his wad right away. He follower I taught in my book, and he followed what I taught in the video how men can have multiple orgasms and he had a three-hour sex marathon in his car when he lost his virginity. He was totally surprised by it, but it’s like. If you get prepared, you can have a really great sexual experience so back to the email she says we talked and laughed and him asking all about me and he told me that I had a hot body, a beautiful face, smile etc. Anyway, the next week he messaged me to meet up. We did and the same thing happened with the Willie, like my girlfriend that I used to date, who was really game. Amazing, [, __, ] she’s, like you Willie’s all wonky and [ __ ] go down, I mean he’s like food. She really was talented and so for the ladies watching us, you really need to become good at being a snake-charmer. You really have to spend time focusing on the head sucking on the head and stimulating those nerves, that’s where all the nerves are and don’t [ __ ] squeeze the balls really hard. It’s like be very gentle. She continues on I, didn’t let on that I cared or even notice, and honestly I really liked this guy. So I can be patient. That night I met one of his good friends, and he told me that this guy really likes me I, don’t know he is mostly initiated the text so far, I would like to message him, however, I’m afraid to contact him in case I appear needy desperate, he actually doesn’t find me attractive, physically or I will end up annoying him. Well, at the end of the day, if he’s reaching out to you just let him do that see what happens. Wait, wait until you’re, 30 or fourth date, but when you’re in the bedroom with him, you got to focus on there’s a great video series. If you want to become really good in bed and having sex that becoming a good lover and understanding the opposite, sex is body you can. You can go to Amazon and get any of the DVDs that they have called the better sex video series and most of the models that they have. That I mean they’re, very explicit videos they’re, not very these. These models they’re not very attractive that are in them, but they’re doctors that do the videos and they’re really good they’re, really informative, that they have videos for teaching women how to give great [ __ ], how to be great lovers, same thing for guys to teach teach guys how to be great lover as well. Again, it’s called a better sex video seriously, but I got a couple dozen different DVDs and they’re really great. If you want to become a better lover, she says I know he has separated almost a year from his ex as she was unfaithful and they have a kid together. Maybe he’s not over her or maybe he’s just not into me. Well, like I was saying in the quote: I share at the beginning of the video he’s either got performance anxiety, which means you need to help him relax but she’s, just getting him to lay back in the bed, pull out some massage oil and give him an all-over body massage. But if you’re gonna give him a [, __ ] and go down on him, make sure you suck on the head of his [ __ ] like a [, __, ] lollipop suck it pretty hard. I do n’t bite him, but if you focus on those nerve, endings and swirling your tongue around his dick after four or five minutes, he should definitely get hard. And, if he’s not, then obviously maybe he’s got a Viagra Viagra would be helpful for him. They also have things that hold foods. Most of the most of the stores that release or is I think it’s nitrous oxide that it releases into the bloodstream. Those can be a natural remedies. Whoa pick up a bottle of those go to the Whole Foods, the people of Whole Foods, and ask him about it and ask him which ones are best. You can try a couple different things. She says. Please give it to me straight I’m, a big girl, you’re, a legend Corey. Well, I, don’t know about being a legend. I appreciate that I’m really just another guy and the only difference between me and everybody else. I just simply apply better success principles on a more consistent basis. Please write a book for women ASAP. My book is adequate. You can learn what you need to know as a woman and just flip the script flip it around. Thank you and all the best for your excellent work and into the future. So, like I said in this particular case, you got to look at the whole picture. You have a great connection with this guy, but if every time you get together, he can’t get hard either needs Viagra or he’s not relaxed, and you can help him relax by learning how to give him a really [, __ ] super fantastic [, __ ], because when I look at all the women I’ve dated and had relationships with and been with over the years, I would say about. 99% I have been with just their terror they’re, not very good. At giving [ __ ] and they’re not experienced even someone when you try to give them some direction on what to do it’s like they just don’t get it, and for guys when you come across a woman who knows how to give a really great [, __ ]. It’s far I’ll tell you what you really appreciate as a man. You really appreciate women like that. So definitely I would encourage you, maybe get some of the better sex video series and learn how to give a super [, __, ], Calla, fragile, istic, expialidocious, [, __ ], and if you learn how to do that- and he still just never gets hard at all, not even a little firm, it doesn’t look, doesn’t even expand a little bit. Then maybe there’s a medical problem there, because at the end of the day, if the guy is calling you and texting you and telling you how beautiful your body is, if he wasn’t that into you, he’s not gonna, be calling you. So it’s it’s gonna, be one of those three options, and so in this particular case, I would wait a little longer before you start reaching out to this guy, because you want to see how he is and if, after another two times they say, go out. Another two dates and the same thing happens. They say so you become really. You learn how to give a really great [, __, ] and just nothing happens. Ask him just say: do you have a wreck tile dysfunction if he gets pissed off in butter? Obviously he’s a little insecure about it. I just say: hey I’m, just asking I just want you to be happy. It’s just like I said you got to be honest and see what happens but I, wouldn’t if this guy was getting his dick was getting rock-hard. So he could cut diamonds and you were having great sex. I say: yeah definitely reach out no more than maybe once a week and ask him how he’s doing tell him he had a great time, the other night and you looking forward to seeing him again in the future and and then do nothing see what he see what he does with that see if he invites you on a date or not, but the fact that he’s not getting hard, it’s like you got a look at that. What are you getting out of this is that you got a lot of things that you want in a guy, but surely it’s not really happening and the greatest gift that you can give anybody is the gift of your time, and so, if I were you, I would definitely be keeping your options open. Well, I said: I dress it in the ways that I talked about and see what happens if he gets pissed off and butt hurt and offended and upset when you you bring it if you bring up the topic after three or four dates and he hasn’t be able to get hard on any of them. Well, what does that tell you about him? It tells me and he’s really incredibly insecure about it, because a guy that has a problem will do something about it, unless, of course, the woman is emasculating him all the time and putting him down and she’s, not very good in bed. Well, I said you have anyone even had sex with him yet because he hasn’t been able to get hard. So, if you’d like to get my help personally, the quickest way is to go to my website. Click the products tab, the top your screen on any page of my website and just follow the instructions for booking, whichever coaching options work best for you and I will talk to you soon. You.

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Happened to me in high-school when I was too nervous. Probably around the same time this video was released, before I knew of your work.

Cli Taurus

Thanks for info sir, my friend was also suffering from this difficulty. He used many allopathic medicines which shows action for very short time. After that, he took Ayurvedic medicines of Planet Ayurveda and after using their medicines for just 2 months, he got complete relief from erectile dysfunction.


You don’t need to use teenage euphemisms for the word penis. It makes you seem juvenile and cheesy.

Tip on single male when you marry your ED is sometimes caused by a partner who doesn’t even want to make an effort.. even if you communicate they won’t listen or even try. .

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I completely got my erections back by supplementing with Lugol’s iodine and taking a seleni supplement. It costs me bugger all and you take about 10 drops of the stuff every morning in water. It irritates your stomach but my erections are rock hard again. You can buy it off ebay the Lugol’s Iodine off ebay and you can buy the seleni supplement from a chemist or any supplement store.

Ladies, ‘don’t fucking squeeze the ball really hard, be gentle’ haha yes ladies, be gentle!



Oh, man! I just went trough the same thing… we went on texting constantly… great connection, loved the same music, nice deep conversations… first day it happened wonderfully…4 more times was about nothing… one more time was great…. but there was a problem with the “major” all the time… up and down… I feel bad for the guy… eventually I got upset and is nothing I could do…. I am sorry it did not work… now I feel bad for him…

im suprised you didnt talk about porn induced ed

People that say they have Porn induced ED more than likely just have low T induced by de-sensitization. No Fap seems like a really popular movement right now. But are people really starting a movement based on not jerking off? seems more like a personal preference than a methodology.

1. Circumcision
2. Circumcision
3. Circumcision

Could not find you covering prostate removal; perminant impotency. I adored someone that I met and could not have an erection. He became increasingly depressed over 8 months and told me he did not want a woman in his life. Perhaps let men know about other aspects of touch and emotional connections when you lose the ability of having erections. Love your videos.

IS watching those videos about better sex the same as watching porn? would it have the same effects?

Zma, nofap, tongkat ali, no porn

“And don’t fucking squeeze the balls very hard.