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1. Top 10 Homeopathic Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction: Get Harder, Stronger, and Longer-Lasting Erections Naturally!

Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction? Are you looking for a natural way to treat it? Check out our top 10 homeopathic remedies for erectile dysfunction. You may find the answer you're looking for!


Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder that affects men. It is characterized by the inability to maintain or develop an erection during sexual intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by physical or psychological factors. Physical causes include diabetes, heart disease, and nerve damage. Psychological causes include stress, anxiety, and depression.

Homeopathic remedies are safe and effective for treating erectile dysfunction. They are made from natural substances and are gentle on the body.

1. Arsenicum Album

Arsenicum album is a homeopathic remedy made from the element arsenic. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction that is caused by anxiety and stress. It is also useful for treating impotence that is due to physical weakness.

2. Caladium Seguinum

Caladium seguinum is a homeopathic remedy made from the plant Caladium. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction that is caused by diabetes. It is also useful for treating impotence that is due to physical weakness.

3. Lycopodium Clavatum

Lycopodium clavatum is a homeopathic remedy made from the plant Lycopodium. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction that is caused by anxiety and stress. It is also useful for treating impotence that is due to physical weakness.

4. Natrum Muriaticum

Natrum muriaticum is a homeopathic remedy made from the element sodium. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction that is caused by anxiety and stress. It is also useful for treating impotence that is due to physical weakness.

5. Phosphorus

Phosphorus is a homeopathic remedy made from the element phosphorus. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction that is caused by anxiety and stress. It is also useful for treating impotence that is due to physical weakness.

6. Selenium

Selenium is a homeopathic remedy made from the element selenium. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction that is caused by anxiety and stress. It is also useful for treating impotence that is due to physical weakness.

7. Sulphur

Sulphur is a homeopathic remedy made from the element sulphur. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction that is caused by anxiety and stress. It is also useful for treating impotence that is due to physical weakness.

8. Zincum Metallicum

Zincum metallicum is a homeopathic remedy made from the element zinc. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction that is caused by anxiety and stress. It is also useful for treating impotence that is due to physical weakness.

9. Thuja Occidentalis

Thuja occidentalis is a homeopathic remedy made from the plant Thuja. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction that is caused by anxiety and stress. It is also useful for treating impotence that is due to physical weakness.

10. Acidum Ph

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Hi, friends, I am DR Surajit Ghosh from Kolkata, West Bengal, India, practising Homeopathy for last 30 years (Chronic Diseases only) & attending only 2-3 new cases daily (Prior appointment is necessary). Welcome To My Channel “DR Ghosh Presents”. My e-mail: [email protected] GMAIL.COM. Contact: +917003600736. Thank You very much!!

Please note, while preparing contents on Homeopathy or Tissue Salt Therapy, references were taken from books of DR.H.C.Allen, DR.J.T.Kent, DR.W.Boericke, DR.W.A.Dewey, DR.G.W.Carey, DR. S. Lilienthal & Others.

@drghoshpresents: This video is about remedial treatment of Erectile Dysfunction with Homeopathic Remedies.

Following points have been described here : (Abridged for want of space; for complete details, view the video please)


What is Erectile Dysfunction?

During sexual act, if penis of a male fails to become stiff, large and fat or does not keep this state for a sufficient time (4-6 min.); or penis remains stiff, large, fat over a long time unnecessarily associated with pain and severe uneasiness, the person is said to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.

What are the signs-symptoms of Erectile dysfunction?

1)Penis does not become large and stiff enough.

2)For a satisfactory sexual act, penis does not keep hard and stiff rather become lax and soft during the act.

3)Penis does not get robust enough.

4)Penis is non-sensitive and cold.

5)Penis loses its angularity during erection.

6)Penis remains painfully stiff, large, fat over a longtime unnecessarily.

What is the anatomy and physiology of Penis?

Why does a Male get impotent?

Following reasons stand in the way to have a good erection :


Nitric acid for Erectile dysfunction:

Sexual desire too strong or no desire, with want of erection; painful spasmodic erections at night (Priapism). Subjects catch cold easily; urine smells like that of horse’s urine; desire for fat, Indigestible things like charcoal, chalk, pieces of brick .

Mezeri for Erectile dysfunction:

Violent erections with increased sexual desire; fine, pricking stitches in penis and at the summit of glans. Subjects too sensitive to cold air, all problems worse at night.

Phosphoric acid for Erectile dysfunction:

Erections without sexual desire; during coition sudden relaxation of penis preventing emission; milky urine; frequent, profuse, debilitating emissions; chronic effects of masturbation. Subjects weeps easily, abashed, despair of cure;

Fluoric acid for Erectile dysfunction:

Excessive sexual desire in old men with violent erection at night; pungent smelling sweat from genitals. Most appropriate for persons who attain premature old age; profound weakness; pain like lightening, comes suddenly, lasts a little, goes suddenly; unaffected by excessive heat or excessive cold.

Coni for Erectile dysfunction:

Iodi for Erectile dysfunction:

Hepar sulph. for Erectile dysfunction:

Caladi for Erectile dysfunction:

Argent nit. for Erectile dysfunction:

Erections are there, but they fail when coition attempted; want of sexual desire; genitals shriveled; frequent nightly emission; subjects impulsive, do everything hastily; great apprehension when getting ready to keep some appointments, diarrhea sets in. Time passes very slowly for them.

Bufo rana for Erectile dysfunction:

Quick ejaculation without thrills; spasms in limbs with painful uneasiness; aversion to coitus; impotency; masturbation or coitus causes convulsions simulating epilepsy, followed by profound sleep


Information for this video is collected from various sources. This video is prepared with bonafide intention free of cost for catering the info to members of public in general who MUST and SHALL use their own discretion and suggestions from their physicians before using the same in practice. Users are fully responsible for its use. Channel authority SHALL NEVER bear any liability to damage whatsoever arising out of its use.

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Video transcription:

Friends, I am dr sujit khosh. Welcome to my channel. Dr ghost presents top 10 homeopathic remedies for electrical dysfunction before starting this video. I will just mention one thing. One of my senior sincere viewer abu sufyan on 9th june has requested me. Actually he requested me to publish a video of electrical dysfunction with remedial remedy’s name, that is names of the medicines, because this video was already there prepared by myself some two and half and years ago, but that was a general discussion. There was no name of remedies for that reason. I am again publishing this with names of the remedies. Now, what is rectal dysfunction due to during sexual act, if penis of a male fails to become stiff, large and fat or does not keep this state for a sufficient time, four to six minutes or pennies remain stiff large fat over a long time, unnecessarily associated with pain, severe uneasiness. This person is said to suffer from erectile dysfunction. There is electrical, dispensary comes from both sides, either no functioning or over functioning both are dysfunction. What are the signs and symptoms of electrical dysfunction? One penis does not become large. Stiff enough number two for a satisfactory act: penis does not keep hard stiff rather become lags and soft. During the act number three penis does not get robust enough. Therefore, penis is non-sensitive and cold number five penis loses its angularity during reaction. Number six pain is remains painfully stiff, large fat over a long time unnecessarily. This is called piapism number six. It is another disease, but it is also electrical dysfunction. What is the anatomy and physiology of penis penis is the main sexual organ of a male. At the same time, it is the organ to pee, coming out of urinary bladder urethra penetrates the prostate and passing along the lower muscle, lower soft muscle of the penis. It opens up on glands sperms, having generated from testis accumulate in the seminal vesicle at the time of male orgasm sperm, calm sperms, along with the cement pass along the above path to discharge through the orifice of glands. Now let us look at the picture. This is this. Is the urinary bladder seminal vesicles siemens, actually sperm sperm to the other, fluid actually cement? The sperms are produced in the testicle? Then it goes through the vas difference and accumulates in seminal vesicle. Now, at the time of ejaculation, this sperm passes through this irithyll orifice, and this very urethral passage. This urethral passage going along the lower muscle of the shaft of the penis opens in the glands. This is the mechanism of penis physiology. Actually, what is the anatomy and physiology of penis this continuation? Actually penis is made up of three special soft muscle already. We have told that three muscles are shown here. This is the three muscles this one, this one and this these three muscles erotica pass passes along the muscles lying below note this. This is the urethral opening is coming then just lower muscles along the lower muscles during and ordinarily, masses are soft and lacks. These muscles are generally soft, lacks and cold during sexual excitement due to psychological and nervous signals. Arterial blood flow through the muscles increases, but veins remains constricted, so muscles go larger, fatter and firm, see there are supplies of arteries and veins. Also, here now here during when excitement is coming, the artery is open and brain is closed. So blood comes and it is stacked, and this just remains closed within these muscles and muscles become fat, stuff, fatter, larger form, then pennies become sexually able to perform sex. During this period, penis is flooded with eight times blood from compared to ordinary. After the act, an enzyme is released and it relaxes the vein now the veins is relaxed. Extra blood drains out and pain is get back to its original relaxed and soft state. Now here an information is given that is, after the act, penis returns to normal lax form, which is a sign of normalcy. Otherwise, if penis remains larger, fatter firm for a long time, person suffers from a painful disease called priapism see penis hard soft hard, large fat, it’s important, but it is important for the particular period, not beyond that. If it is continued beyond that, that is will be disease. Why does a male get important main and most common cause of importance of a male atherosclerosis? These plaques accumulate in the artery to narrow down voids space inside this is the artery. This is the artery through which blood comes into penis. Now plaque is formed within this domain and therefore the blood flow falls down, especially after 15 years of age, resulting in insufficient blood flow that supply to penis, leading to erection failure that is at the late age. The sufficient of blood supply is lessened, and there is clogged I mean this block formation in this alumin, so blood flow minimized. Many physicians consider that a male needs just 3h for a good direction. This is a good number of physicians view. What are the three numbers? Number one head number two heart number three hormone, meaning an active brain that is brain is stimulated. The stimulation is most important that the person is stimulated. Good supply of blood blood must be there. If the patient suffers from anemia, it will be difficult and the hormone is still on so brain or in this head heart blood flow- and this is a hormone following reasons- stand in the way to have a good erection number one: depression: depression, stress, anxiety, alcohol, addictive drugs, side, effects of modern drugs, high bp money, side, effects of the drugs taken for high bp allergy depression, anxiety, prostate problem, ibp itself- that previously it was effect of the drug for idp ivp itself. Also, a problem here: high cholesterol, sleep problem, 11, number, 11, diabetes, nerve damage, obesity, diseases of nervous system like parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and prostate malignancy. So many reasons are there, which disturbs the performance or rather cause erectile dysfunction. The various images are relevant in this matter. Please go through it and this aesthetic means whatever are aesthetic. These are controlled by exercise physical exercise. If you perform physical exercise, your depression, stress, anxiety will go, obesity will be restricted and step problem will also go so please. For this reason, you have to perform at least 20 to 25 minutes of exercise, so that few drops of sweat comes over from your body. Please keep in mind number one artery supplying penis is narrow, so, due to high blood pressure or due to high cholesterol, importance comes fast, cardiac travel stroke that is cerebral stroke comes later, so impotency may be warning signal of the of some impending serious trouble. Please read this line if you do not understand the significance of this total line paragraph. This is very very important thing that is impotency or rather id is a precursor sign of some serious troubles. Coming ahead, please listen to your sexual partner many times. A male cannot feel about his own shortcomings, since he remains of distracted due to financial hardship, mental pressure, various matters of family, but it is your sexual partner that is maybe your wife or your friend close friend, who first feels the change in the angularity of the election of your penis. If she reports something in this matter, do not avoid her in male-like impertinence generally, male persons are so proud. They do not. They do not look after I mean they do not pay heed to these wives or his lady friend’s opinion, but listen to her carefully. Maybe this is a change. This is a chain. This change is a precursor of some grave danger, imminent, console physician if required. This is another important point: do you experience morning, wood early morning, erection more or less regularly? This is a very general symptom common to every individual, every evil, individual young man. This is this should be there this morning. It should be there towards dawn just before rising from, but every capable male should experience erection. This is called morning mood morning. Wood must be there. If it is not there, then there is some trouble. This is a healthy sign. If it doesn’t, one doesn’t feel it that is rather matter of concern. That is the matter of thinking that why it is not there. This is an abs. This is an involuntary act not related to any sexual excitement. Mental depression, anxiety, that is, it must be there morning, would must be there. That is why, if some otherwise healthy male does not feel it, it means this morning over a prolonged period. He must consult the physician another very, very important instruction. So please keep in mind that all these points are very important in this regard: severe side effects of so called eddy treatment. True treatment of impotency should be as per reasons. We have already mentioned 16 reasons, but in most of the cases, treatment follows a fixed line where primary aim is to gain a long erection, by hook or by group as such selection of drugs hangs around either viagra levitra or cialis result long suffering from side effects like breathing difficulties. Chest pain, uneasiness, long erection of penis without any purpose that is, in most cases the for prominent and quick action. The doctor, what happens they not? They do not go to the behind of the problem. The root of the problem, but most of them uses this type of medicine, common medicine just for penis power and standing viagra, levitra officialis. But the problem is this: if these are used without proper reasons, the result will not be fruitful. The patient will suffer from the side effects of these medicines and long election purpose less. That is when erection is required. There will be no reaction and it will not be effective, so result, loss of money, loss of time, loss of health and unhappiness and troubles. Please do not go for this whenever you go to treatment note whether the doctor is asking questions regarding your health overall health and is going actual cause of this exercises that stimulate sexual power. Rather, these are most important because this you can do life long. You can do lifelong. It will give you real real power and help all the exercises assumes that increase blood flow contraction, relaxation of lower abdomen shoulder upper arms, namely sit up push up, crunches, chinning, etc. These will give you power, but this power will come gradually and it will be permanent, don’t go for quick result, it will not be there. I mean it will not stay in your health number two fast walking. You can walk also fast. That will also help to stimulate your actual power. Kegel exercises. This kegel exercises are very important. Things interrupting urine flow by contraction of pubic oxygen muscles over and over increases retention. Power of semen releases holds up. Cement helps the semen. This can be practiced even in sitting in chair lying on bed, virtually anytime in different poses just contract. The muscles by which urine is held up for a few seconds, then relax the muscles again contract, and so on practice this you can practice this in the date every day several times several times, no one there is no restriction and it will help swimming swimming. Another thing gives you sexual power. There are some simple exercises have been shown: nitric acid for electrical dysfunction, sexual desire, too strong sexuality are too strong or no dear, with want of erection, painful spasmodic, erection at night, pear, prisms subjects, catch cold, easily. Earrings smells like that of a horse’s urine desire for fat, investable things like charcoal chalk pieces of chalk. These are these: are the patient, personal or rather individual symptom. This is the disease symptom both should match for the medicine. Then only medicine will act. Measuri for electrical dysfunction. Violent erections with increased sexualities are fine breaking stitches at penis and at the summit of glands subjects too sensitive to cold air. All problem was at night phosphoric acid for electrical dysfunction, erections without sexual desire during caution, sudden relaxation of penis preventing emission milky urine frequent profuse debilitating emissions, chronic effects of masturbation subject: whip easily avast despair of cure, fluoric acid for electrolytic function. Excessive sexual desire in old men with violent erection at night, pungent, smelling, sweat from genitals, most appropriate for persons who attain premature old age, profound weakness, pain likes lightening comes suddenly lasts. A long little goes suddenly unaffected by excessive heat or excessive cold. That is this person. Persons of fluoric acid can perform a lot of tough work either in heat or in cold. These are general symptoms. Mind is very. This is very, very important things. The person’s general symptom is very soon. It must match with the patient. Otherwise, the medicine will not act in that person for erectile dysfunction. Painful semi, similar emission instead of normal, pleasurable thrill sexual desire without erection and insufficient erection pollutions with subsequent excitation, even when merely dealing with the women. The person is dealing with the woman. There is subsequent reaction and discharge of prostatitic fluid during every motion without lashing has thought that is prosthetic. Fluid is discharged during every motion. Without any lascivious thoughts. There is serious disease. This is actually more than electrolysis. It is. I can that’s called it’s a general big disease. Sexual disease is called that is called anytime, even during just passing urine during passing stool during passing, even flitters, the sperms or the remain discharges iodine for electrical dysfunction, complete loss of sexual power, testicles, atrophied, often shift genital, sweat subjects feel relieved during and after eating fill loss of breath going upstairs. Hipper salt for electrical dysfunction, erections fable, but sex disease are increased desire of prostatic fluid during urination or defecation subjects very chilly over sensitive, physically and mentally, so it copiously without relief calori for actual dysfunction. Swallowtoria spermatoria. This is general symptom. One of the gel disease, spermatory sparmatudia means passing of flashing of spermatic, fluid or other cement any time other than actual sexual act. That is formitoria that is passing during urine, passing of stool or without any excitation. This is bad type of disease. Sparmatoria is more than erectile dysfunction from sexual exercise desire to lie down sleep which relieves advanced cases of seminal weakness without reduction, but with great mental depression. Total loss of sexual desire, argent, nitric, argent nitram for electrical dysfunction. Erections are there, but they fail when question attempted want of sexual desire, genital sibled, frequent nightly emission subjects, impulsive do everything hastily great appearance and when getting ready to keep some appointments. Diarrhea sets in that is nervous idea. Time passes very slowly for them. Bhufu rana for electrical dysfunction, quick ejaculation without thrill spasms in limb, with painful uneasiness, aversion to quasas importance, masturbation or coitus causes convulsion, stimulating epilepsy, followed by profound sleep with this video ends. Please, if you feel any difficulty just write down in the comment section, I will certainly respond thanks for listening and viewing you.

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