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1. Erectile Dysfunction: The 5 Main Causes

If you're experiencing erectile dysfunction, it could be caused by one of these five main factors. Learn more about what might be causing your ED, and what you can do about it, from the experts at Androcare Institute.

5 Main Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get or keep an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance. An estimated 30 million American men suffer from ED and the incidence increases with age. While most men will experience occasional episodes of ED, persistent ED can cause stress, affect self-esteem, and contribute to relationship problems.

The causes of ED can be physical, psychological, or a combination of both. Physical causes include conditions that affect the nerves, muscles, or blood vessels involved in erections. Psychological causes include stress, anxiety, and depression. Here are five common causes of ED:

1. Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of ED. Men with heart disease, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol are at increased risk for ED. Atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, can also cause ED. Atherosclerosis occurs when plaque builds up in the arteries and restricts blood flow. This can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

2. Diabetes

Diabetes is another common cause of ED. Men with diabetes are at increased risk for ED because diabetes can damage the nerves and blood vessels involved in erections. Diabetes can also cause other health problems that can lead to ED, such as kidney disease and vascular disease.

3. Neurological Disorders

Certain neurological disorders can also cause ED. Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and spinal cord injuries can all damage the nerves involved in erections. This can lead to ED.

4. Medications

Certain medications can also cause ED. Medications that can cause ED include antidepressants, antihistamines, and some blood pressure medications. If you think your medication may be causing ED, talk to your doctor about switching to a different medication.

5. Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a condition that causes the penis to curve. This can cause ED by making it difficult to get or keep an erection. Peyronie’s disease is usually caused by injury to the penis. If you have Peyronie’s disease, talk to your doctor about treatment options.

If you think you may have ED, talk to your doctor. There are treatments available that can help. ED is a common problem, but it is not a normal part of aging. With treatment, you can still enjoy a healthy, satisfying sex life.

5 Main Cause of Erectile Dysfunction | Causes Of Impotence | Dr Rahul Reddy | Androcare Institute

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Video transcription:

Hello viewers- I am dr rahul reddy from andro care, andrology institute hyderabad today in this video we will be discussing about what are the tests needed for erectile dysfunction evaluation. This will help you in understanding the causative factor or root cause for your electrical dysfunction problem. So now, generally, we do three types of tests. One test is a blood test which is a hormone test. Generally, we need five types of hormones. These hormones are fsh, lh, prolactin, testosterone and estrogen, but estrogen is not necessary in everybody, but sometimes in obese patients. Our patients who take alcohol regularly. In them this testosterone, estrogen ratio, is abnormal. That is why we do estrogen in them and thyroid test. Apart from these blood tests, additional tests, like homocysteine vitamin d, vitamin b12, even these things are lipid profile, basically, cholesterol, evaluation. Even these things are useful, but not necessary in the primary visit. We do only these hormone tests and along with hormone tests, then we do two types of vascular evaluation things, because when, in the previous video we discussed about the various causes of erectile dysfunction or various types of erectile dysfunction, so here so based on the type we have to do the test for hormonal cause. We have to do hormone test for vascular evaluation. We need two types of test. One test is to find out whether this vascular cause is generalized cause, which is there on all blood vessels in the body and our second test, whether the penile blood vessels, whether the blood vessels in the penis are damaged or not. That is to identify that. So we do a scan called penile, doppler, p9 doppler will tell us whether this is generally. There are two cylinders in the penis whether the blood circulation is okay in these two cylinders of the penis or whether there is any blockage, whether there is any leakage of blood. Your opinion, doppler test, will tell us- and third test, will tell us whether this this problem of vascular erectile dysfunction is it related to any other generalized vascular problem. So that means suppose if a patient is having severe hypertension- and there is severe vascular, stiffness, then same stiffness can cause erectile dysfunction in penis. So that means it stops blood flow into the penis so same way, diabetes. There is generalized vascular damage, small vessel damage, so this same small most of the pineal blood vessels are smaller medium-sized blood vessels, so any damage there can cause erectile dysfunction. So these three tests, one, is hormonal evaluation. Second, one is pineal doppler and third, one is generalized vascular evaluation. These test three tests will tell us what is the root cause for your erectile dysfunction and once there is ah once this one, then it’s very easy to treat, and actually, if it is vascular problem, then you can advantage is this vascular problem is always progressive. That means, if you neglect this, the vas as the vascular problem goes on. The damage will be severe, so treating it at early stages. You can cure the problem, but once you identify it and very late stages, where already there is significant damage in the penis, then you can’t cure this problem. Then either you have to be on lifelong medications or you need some expensive treatments like shockwave therapy or penile implant surgery. So always, ah, if we can evaluate in early stages, it gives us important need important need for immediate treatment so that we can cure the problem. Ok, viewers- if you have any doubt regarding this ed evaluation generally most of the people- are scared about penile doppler. Generally the moment you search about search in google for pineal doppler. They say you have to give an injection to the penis, but this injection is a micro with a micro, syringe, very small, like insulin, syringe, it’s a painless injection and it’s safe. If it is done in most of the safe center good diagnostic centers, it is safe and second thing: what is important is not. Every radiologist can do a penile doppler study and you need a good radiologist who has experience in this penile dopplers. Even in hyderabad city, there are only 10 to 15 doctors, who can do this penile doppler properly, so get it done in a because this test can’t be repeated again and again so get it done from a good diagnostic center or a good andrology center. So if you have any doubts regarding this evaluation or anything regarding to men’s health post, it in comment section we’ll try to po will try to make a video on that. So, okay, viewers, thanks for watching us, please subscribe our channel so that you will get continuous updates regarding men’s health issues. Thank you viewers. You.

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